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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

ALERT: Fed/Russia/China/Dollar Crisis Plus Q&A

Get out of the banks now!

Call for silver prices. 406 889 3183'


  1. Replies
    1. it doesnt matter *what* they do,
      they still owe us: no agreement. no harm. no Contract = they owe us.
      they cant get away from it, too many of us innerstand that what theyre trying to do is against spiritual law and we are standing for what is right.
      i, for one, dont forgive, dont have to, and also: require restora-tion. my choice.

    2. Forgiving does not mean we do not expect consequences, and justice. Many times the forgiveness is more for you than the perpetrators!
      Forgiving is a gift from above and should not be dismissed so casually.
      Do you not see what the world is preaching? Do not forgive do not forget, Law, Law, Law.... This is what i am seeing. Quite the opposite of what Mashiak taught.
      Luke 6:27-36
      6:27-36 These are hard lessons to flesh and blood. But if we are thoroughly grounded in the faith of Christ’s love, this will make his commands easy to us. Every one that comes to him for washing in his blood, and knows the greatness of the mercy and the love there is in him, can say, in truth and sincerity, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? Let us then aim to be merciful, even according to the mercy of our heavenly Father to us.

    3. this whole damn-ed thing needs to be ground to a halt.

      it doesnt matter what new name they give what they do, theyre thieving.
      theyre thieves. and will pay back everything theyve taken and so: be.
      sWITCHing around all these names and calling it asset-backed, gold-backed, currency, money, bonds, financial, digital.... doesnt change anything, its all the *same thing*. a rose by any other name is still a rose.

      we, man, have God-gifted right to trade in hard-goods with one another without their interference... without them thinking they deserve a piece of everything... lets just say Lucifer *did* actually get a short time to run the world God create-d... its still Gods. and we get a choice who we serve.
      we owe them nothing for services we dont want.
      and what man do we cause harm to? no man.
      where is the agree-ment? there is no agree-ment... its all threats, force, and violence with them... even merrderr.
      what peace do we break? we break peace with no man.
      we owe no man.
      we cause harm to no man.
      theyre liars.
      they are the ones breaking peace. not us.
      they are the ones who owe others and have not re-paid what they owe. not us.
      they are the ones who cause harm to others intentionally. not us.
      they are liars and they are thieves.

      and when are they going to admit to the American people that Washington, the District of Isis/Columbia is FOREIGN to the American people and that everything to do with it is also FOREIGN including "Trump", The "FIB", "Congress", "Legislation", The "States", The "Military", and The "Elections", and that American man is under no obligation to any of it?
      Which one?
      without that its all just more GASLIGHTING.


    4. a follower,
      appreciate your sincere sentiments.
      Gods forgiveness only covers those who are repentant though, and not every one is repentant. jesuis said youll know them by their fruit.

      as for his disciples: john 20:22-23 (refs) ...he breathed on them, and saith unto them,
      Receive ye the Holy Ghost: Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.

      he also said he doesnt pray for the world -- john 17:9.

    5. As We All Know "The Truth" Is Their Biggest Enemy. And The Truth Will Destroy Them All.... Their Governments, Their Willing Participants And Their Enforcers. Most Of Whom Can Easily Be Tracked By Their Own Admissions On Google, Face Book And Every Other Social Media Outlet. The Simple Truth Will Destroy Them All.......
      The One World System Controlled Under Electromagnetic Pulse Torture / Gang Stalking And Several Other Names, Is So Illegal And Ungodly That Their Is A 100% Media Blackout On This Subject In America And In The Nation's Of Their International Partner's In Crimes. This Technology That Was Stolen From The Nazi Regime And Nazi Concentration Camps When The Americans Moved The Scientists And Doctor's From These Concentration Camps To America For The Purpose Of Continuing Their Work. Now These Murdering Murderers Are Bragging About Their Ability To Affect Our Pain, Sicknesses, Fake Euphoria, Wants, Desires And Many Other Sick Un-Godly Sadistic Acts. Only Within The Last 70 Years Or So, Has China Freed Itself From Being The Slaves Of Britain And America. So It Goes Without Saying That I'm 100% Confident That China Has Mastered These Same Systems While Keeping The West At A Safe Enough Distance. But, Not To The Point Where They Have Enslaved Their Nation And Abuse Themselves, Families And Citizens. As You Can See China And Russia Will Stand Together.
      We Will Not Have A Country Left If We Don't Continue To Remove These Suicideal Criminals. You Know The Type Who Kill Themselves To Avoid Facing Justice, This Is What We're Dealing With, Only It's Our Country They Will Destroy To Avoid Being Held Responsible For Their Continued Criminal Acts.

      The Following Is A Copy Of My Communications Attempts With Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, Belarus, Afghanistan And 80% Of Africa:

      We Are Millions Of True Humans And Real Americans Who Have Been In America For Hundreds Of Years. We Are Seeking The Assistance Of Your Great Nations In Bringing Our Illegitimate Broken Government In America To True Justice. We Simply Request A Series Of Hearings In Your Courts Outside Of Americas Illegitimate Governments International Criminal Syndicate. We Are In Great Protest Of The Weapons Used Against Us By Our Government In America On American Soil, Including The Millions Who Are Also Effected By These Same Weapons Around The World. We Demand Justice By Any And Every Means Necessary. We In No Way Choose To Question Or Interfere With Your Laws And Traditions. We Simply Seek To Form And Strengthen Our Relationships And Communications With Your Great Nation Without Any Interference From Our Broken And Illegitimate Governments Here In America. If This Request Is Outside Of Your Fields Of Expertise Then We Would Greatly Appreciate Any And All Referrals.
      Thank You In Advance For Your Time And Consideration.
      Auston E Matthews "The Resistance And Correction"

    6. yes, the GANGSTALKERS truly need to be hung by the neck until ded in every one of the TownSquares in America like our state national ancesters did with the horse thieves in their time.

      info about GANGSTALKING has only been being dribbled out for years, but i believe more and more will be coming out soon, comprehensively. it seems it is being carried out worldwide, not just here.
      they are paid to terr er rize innocent people. it seems it is intended to be a SUICIDE PROGRAM. i now wonder if its also connected with all the suicides being connected to the cv.
      from what i innerstand (presently) GANGSTALKING is hooked in with the MK ULTRA Program(150+) that, itself, collectively, is being referred to by some as synonymous with SOUL-SCALPING. a Satanic practice.
      yeh, SOUL. SCALPING.

      Forget it.

      and these little bitches do it to little sons and daughters too if my info is accurate.
      and to our elders and sick loved ones.... who it looks like often times have been made sick by the same ones?... medically and otherwise abusing them, the helpless???
      and veterans.
      anybody. anybody theyre told to.

      THESE people are the SOUL WHORES on the earth.
      a five dollar crakk whore has more dignity than these worthless SkinSac GANGSTALKERS and "HANDLERS".
      They will do anything for money.
      THEY ARE COWARDS. LIARS. LOSERS who accept money, favors, privileges, andor immunities to follow people around, make false reports, build fraudlent profiles to be used in fraudulent "courtcases", use electronic torture, hack account, intimidate them, lie about them, break into their homes and cars, participate in setting up scenarios to harm people, including physically, medically, socially, financially,...and so forth.

      it seems very similar to what COINTELPRO did to black Americans during the civil rights movement, what the Sta zizs did, and what the STAY BEHIND UNITS did in Italy during Operation Gladio/other.

      i literally cannot wait until all the info comes out about this.
      i believe so many puzzle pieces that havent fit together before, will fall into place and it is likely an important KEY to our innerstanding of just exactly HOW all this evil has been worked upon us and by whom.

      They forfeit their rights just like the horse thieves knew theyd be hun gh for stealing a mans horse, but chose to do it anyway.

    7. will have to re-listen, but mycatholicredpill on rumble has a short video up about something about "Pope" Francis doing world-planning with Xi and. also receiving BILLIONS $$$$$$ from the CCP, since 2014.

    8. also, it seems that Israel's Congress is contemplating passing a law to punish people who talk about jesuis to others, with time in prison.
      [reminds me of (refs): rev. 2:9 and 3:9.]

    9. • the video about israel putting people in prison for talking about jesuis is also on mycatholicredpill on rumble: "Situation Update 3/21/23".
      • mcrp: "Brought to you by Pfizer....." has a link to another video "pope held hush-hush talks with Pfizer Chief..."
      • but its mcrp's own video entitled "Pope Held Hush-Hush Talks with Pfizer Chief (See link in descript - Pope Rancis loves us to death)" that talks about the Pope and CCP: WORLD WIDE CONSPIRACY ABOUT COVID HAS BEEN IN THE WORKS FOR YEARS involving schwab/Swissyland, xixiping ccp/bejing, pfizer/new york, popevatican/rome.
      'that there is a china-vatican accord that funnels billion$$$ and billion$$$ of dollars from bejing to rome: now confirmed by 2 indep. sources....'
      'guo wengul accuses vatican of receiving 1.6 BILLION$$$ every year in bribes since 2014 from CCP.'

      the announcer said Francis is referred to as POPE PFIZER.

    10. announcer saying Catholic groups were being Funded by GOOGLE to attack other Catholics online who were against the vakks.

    11. mcrp: 'remdesivir: known to cause kidney and liver failure, now heart failure --published to do so: BUT THE ONLY DRUG AUTHORIZED TO TREAT CHILDREN WITH COVID IS REMDESIVIR.'
      from the "Biden to be impeached?" video around 3 min mark.

    12. Patents for electromagnetic frequency control of the subject

      Raytheon BBN Technologies is in contract with the Department of Defense and DARPA develops Parallel computing software used for predicting outcomes based on calculating all information similar to the concept of astrology and predicting patterns. Vannevar Bush founded Raytheon and was the head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and Manhattan Project. Alsos Mission and Operation Epsilon was a US and UK joint operation where they "imprisoned" Nazi scientists working on the German nuclear weapons project which included the Nazi scientists Werner Heisenberg, Horst Korsching, Karl Wirtz, Walther Gerlach, Erich Bagge, Kurt Diebner, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker. The Nazi scientist Heinz Schlicke worked for Allen-Bradley a division of Rockwell Automation and specialized in electromagnetic emissions and was president of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The modern day electronics are emitting electromagnetic emissions or radio frequency interferences using geometric structures for the purpose of hacking into the human nervous system. US Patent 6506148 under Loos Hendricus G. is titled "Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors" and his other patent is US Patent 6,238,333 titled "Remote Magnetic Manipulation of nervous systems" and both support the scientific basis for using electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronics to manipulate the human physiology by hacking the human nervous system. Erich Traub was a Nazi virologist who was brought into the United States and worked at Plumb Island which is believe to be the source for Lyme disease. IG Farben was a chemical company that developed the deadly chemical agent Zyklon B used by the Nazis for carrying out genocides. IG Farben was redeveloped into several chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer. Alchemy is used for covert chemical warfare on society. The Nazis were also financed and promoted by some American businessmen and companies like Henry Ford, Chase Bank, General Electric, IBM, and Standard Oil. Henry Ford awarded the Order of the German Eagle under the Nazis for distributing Nazi propaganda in Europe. IBM developed electronic tracking for Nazi concentration camps.

      I think DC (a reference to direct current and as in water and ELectricity) is a decoy to throw us off the role that MANHATTEN
      EYE LAND plays in all this

    13. Here’s just one technique of how subliminals are delivered within the written language.

      It deons’t metatr in waht odrer the ltetres are palecd, as lnog as the fsirt and lsat ltertes are at the bigennig and end of ecah wrod.

    14. more GREAT info shelby!... yure tare-in it up gurl.
      i have a book title i will have to remember to see if youve heard of it. but there are two large qppendices in the back that are almost unbelievable, about Patents on this kind of thing: remotely messing with peoples brainwave energies for MindKontrol, Electronic Torture, and other horrors theyve been using on people, sons and daughters, elders, sick people, people who "know too much", non-consensual experimentation by Military/Medical/ other, and Veterans since, the 60's and 70's -- that theyll admit to anyway. and this book is about 10 years old!
      the non-Consensual Experiment Subjects are called "Targeted Individuals"; who are so-called "Gangstalked"... but its dribbled out that its not usually Gangs, but likely involves something called INFRA GUARD(??); and there is at least one other similar Corporate Contract Organization.
      its a Suicide Program: Isolate the Target. Blacklist, cause them to become Homeless... lie about them....who knows what happens after that. the object is to get rid of them though. merrderr. if true and in present looks like it is.
      then also i guess obummer left 250 StayBehind Units/Offices[?], similar to the Stay Behind Units set up in Italy under Operation Gladio. dont know if thats true but it will be coming out, i believe.

      this whole fikthy merderring mess needs to come down and every damned one of these worthless pukes needs to stand trial under our American common law system, before God and the people and receive our judgment.
      everyone has to have a trial though. since its now proven over and over that these worthless sukking pieces of crap frameup the innocent for the wrong-doings they themselves do.

      the EMFS, ELFS, PIEZOelectric, microwaves, scalar waves, and other brainwave interferences, it seems, weaken the blood vessel walls and create brain aneurisms that burst.
      if so, God: please send those brain aneurisms back to, upon, and into ALL the senders/ participants and let it be the senders who bear the damage caused by what they create and so: be i say:

  2. Do “banks” include retirement accounts, where if I take an early withdrawal, I may face a 20% penalty? Which is fine, because of 80% of something is far far better than 0% of something. But I’d like to confirm if the suggestion is to get out of retirement accounts (401K, etc.), as well.

    1. In other words, does the statement “Get out of the banks now!” include retirement banks?

    2. I think he means any financial investment banking facility. You can transfer you 401k to a silver or gold 401k account too and depending on the amount you have to transfer you usually can get some free silver too. I'm not sure if it's penalty free but might be as it's staying in a 401k account just backed by bullion. You'd have to call Paul's number to see if he can offer it, but I don't think so. Companies like Birch Gold come to mine though I know there are several of them that offer it. When I typed in 401k bullion account Birch Gold was at the top on bing and it mentions about rolling it into it, and investopedia has a link to an article about it.

    3. I looked into that option, in the past, last September, and didn’t like the outcome. You’re still looking-up your balance on a computer screen, and it’s dependent upon a third-party. Taking out a withdrawl, even if you’re penalized, and then buying gold/silver, you have it in your hands.

  3. The Crime Cartel known as the "Federal Reserve" and their digital currency passport "Patent".

  4. Now take a good look at the streets on this map

    Ever find the 7 sisters CONstellation in the sky?
    I have a think once or twice

    Mass hypnosis and the entire world under the SPELL

    Honest Abe MY ASS and the same goes for Wahington who Could not tell a Lie

    You can stay in it, I'm out

  5. Commenting on the "questions I recieve" blog post from Anna which is yet again stating wrong things as claimed Facts.

    Annas contrived simplification:
    "Not only did they change Yeshuah's name, they changed his Father's name, too.

    Yeshuah's native tongue was Aramaic, so when he spoke of his Father in Heaven he used the name "Allah". "

    The real Aramaic is:
    "The word is thought to be derived by contraction from al-ilāh, which means "the god", and is linguistically related to the Aramaic words Elah and Syriac ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ (ʼAlāhā) and the Hebrew word El (Elohim) for God."

    When details matter, its best to be Accurate, or it damages the rest of the NARRATIVE/S. Keep trusting the wolf in sheeps clothing at your Own Risk.

    1. Underneath the Vatican in a tunnel that is 1,500 miles long from there to Israel was a Bible that has 777 Books in it and our King James version has 66 Books. This and the Gold with Receipts to what Country it came from. 650 Military Cargo plane loads of it have been sent to every Country from which it came from including the US... The Vatican is the Bank Nation State, DC is the Military Nation State, and London is the Management Nation State. The Problem with J6 is what took place at the Capital was in Foreign Territory. Why do you think they want to make DC a State... We have all been lied to about EVERYTHING.... Every System we have is Rigged.

    2. Once upon a time in Wonderland a Jack of Knaves told the story "Underneath the Vatican in a tunnel that is 1,500 miles long"
      Was it 28 archbishops that Saint Charlie slew with a single shot from his diamond studded automatic hand held howitzer?
      An amazing amount of evidence has been presented in support of St Charlies' fable - a photo of a soldier sitting atop some gold bricks in a skip that was first seen several years prior to the claimed date of the illegal heist.
      Send me a thousand dollars and I'll send you a 50 carrot diamond.
      Honest. :)
      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Got some?

  6. Dang this comment hits home don't it Stramer.

    "The ones screaming for the Fed to lower rates and go back to QE are the ones who can’t use the BTFP or they are gold bugs who need to be right that this is it, this is the day they get vindicated for years of being myopic putzes thinking only gold is the answer."

    Quoted from:

  7. And make note of their so called Plan IT tary (hmm sounds like Parliamentary BULLSHIT) alignment
    Goin to the plan IT tarium as school children helped solidify this massive 'shift' in CONsciencenous to fit the narrative they were creating the plan for

    Hmm SPACE to take the village idiots to where no man has gone before
    Hence the fake ass space landing BULLSHIT
    And the TREK of the hollywood STARS to take the plan IT of village idiots in to the future of their GOLDEN GLOBE of their unGODly
    and their new and improved UN Agenda
    Witch by the way they have planned out to the year 2050
    For instance check out CMAP for Chicago the birth place of the
    EARTH CONstitution and Saving the Plan IT BULLSHIT all of witch is linked to their WORLD PARLIAMENT/GODVERNMENT

    MY ASS

    And remember now those same dumbed down village idiots called pol ice
    when you read the link above and how they will bring the poles pillars together
    Reminds me of all those working as ICE agents

    I was advised while back to put a contact on my phone that referenced ICE

    How bout that another I-CE
    And how about the drink called Hi(eye)-C
    And the origin(al) flavor was 'O'range like the orangatang orange man prancing around the stage today as some savior
    And when he took office he rewarded some 'code talker natives' with some medal I believe it was
    Minute Maid - flip the m's = 33
    And by golly gee Coca Cola, CC = 33
    And their 7/11 ICEE drinks

    Mechandizing to the masses their wares and their shift in to full spectrum dominance mode right after WWII with their tell lie vision creators, producers and actwhores in tow spreading their diseased ass minds throughout the world
    Massive marketing and selling the slaves their 'products' while shifting them from the farms to employment by their masters to PROGRESS their agenda forward
    And today PROGRESSIVE commercials abound as the deaf dumb and blind see nothing as the agents dressed in all white sing
    We'll Make Heaven a Place on Earth
    with Flo (as in water) the mascot/ring leader

    Herding the animals in to pens, SMART CITY gulags as they prepare for their grand finale and one last venomous strike by the snakes to instill the coming of the kingdumb and everyone will bow to their fake ass made up devine mosiach grand master
    Can't have fake SPACE and a(liens) without the paid for minions spreading the goat spell
    And today the Galactic Council (my ass) is advising the minions through the next stage of the plan, slow and steady so as not to arouse the herd as to their assigned mission

    Another created fiction in 2000 to help the world parliament along
    In Brussels, go figure
    The EREC
    That goes with those their land trust they put in place a century ago

    If you can't see yet then it's your own damned fault

  8. announcer is saying ceratin groups of catholics set up organizations FUNDED BY GOOGLE!! to "shoot down" other Catholics, online i guess -- who wouldnt go along with the vakks.

    and didnt the FIB just get sent out to round-up, or stalk and arrest CONSERVATIVE CATHOLICS or something??, then get called off when they got so much backlash??
    this is all serious to the extreme, including Israel talking about putting witnesses for jesuis in prison, if true.

  9. Interesting to say the least
    Make sure you read the comments

    Piece it together with other things I have posted and you'll see where it all LINKS UP and how it all LINKS UP

  10. Pay attention, orange man could be faked 8 6'd for their audience reduced to cattle and set off the idiots who still believe this fucking circus
    Page 11 and the SGT Report - a former film producer with no bio posted.
    Awe and lookey they terminated them and they need all the sheckles/ doughnations you can spare, become a StarMember today
    Doughnate today or become a member, sing (annagram the letters sign) up sing (sign) in and keep their shams alive!

    And 'G' how many people work for the Godvernment on these payrolls and know about all these shenanigans?

  11. I da ho