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Monday, February 6, 2023

Message for Yvonne, Et Alia

  By Anna Von Reitz

I have plenty of witnesses to the FACT that I came up with the entire concept of the Blue Dot Banking System  (notice the word "System") and announced it in public meetings nearly a year prior to your referenced events. So once again, by default, you are lying.  Maybe in ignorance. Maybe not.

Still, a lie is a lie is a lie.   And the PMA Bank that you victimized for your own selfish benefit is not and never was a Blue Dot Bank, or in any way associated with mea fact that you also try to avoid. 

Hunter may or may not have created a new PMA based on his joining the California Assembly. As I have never joined a PMA in my life and have no interest in them, I couldn't comment on that.  

It seems to have been a very special awakening moment for Hunter to finally understand how the government is supposed to be organized and so, he might very well have either reorganized his existing PMA or started a new one exclusively for Assembly Members.  I don't know. 

That is, as I have often explained to everyone--- including you--- a private matter, like joining or not joining a golf club, having nothing to do with our public government.  

Numerous people, including you, have been running your mouths when you have every reason to know what the paperwork you signed said, blaming Hunter for doing you a favor by safe-havening your FRN deposits in his PMA Bank, and now blaming him because you reneged out-of-the-blue, and he isn't doing another favor for you fast enough.  What a repulsive bunch of BS.  

Everyone here is supposed to be self-governing, not a bunch of gossiping, speculating, finger-pointers, especially when it's clear what you wanted and what you got out of it.  And it's also clear that neither your action nor the bank involved or anything concerning this has anything to do with me or with the Federation or any bank of ours.  

You are throwing a cynical little hissy fit and making a Big Show of being harmed --- and according to the terms of the contract you created and signed --- you haven't been harmed. Not at all.  Who is responsible for you joining a PMA, Yvonne?  You are.  Who is responsible for taking advantage of a safe-havening agreement with a private bank, Yvonne?  You are.  Who's bank do you have an agreement with?  Hunter's PMA Bank.  

You see where this goes, Yvonne?  It doesn't go to my door.  It goes to your door. 

You and Darla and Anita and Xavier went off on your own and you did all this stuff on the side and you didn't consult with me at all about your private banking arrangements or membership in a PMA or anything like that, ever.  Name one time when any of you came to me, told me about the PMA Bank, told me about your desire to find a safe-haven for your cash, told me about your agreements with Hunter's bank --- any of it?  Ever?   No, you never did any such thing.  

The first and only thing that you all did was get spooked by Eddie.  

Then, all of a sudden, you all wanted to break your safe-havening contract.  

Next, you started rumors -- vicious rumors -- that Hunter was setting up a Ponzi Scheme, with no proof of this at all.  

Next, you all started blaming me and even other people in the Assemblies, for things we knew nothing about and didn't participate in. 

Next, you tried to "make something" out of a pre-planned change of telephone numbers and emails that, it turns out, you all knew about in advance. You clearly knew about the new private communications system, servers, and satellites coming online.  

Why would anyone expect Hunter to stick with Ma Bell? 
Your actions simply aren't logical or credible, but they are disruptive, nasty, and ill-advised----because sooner or later, someone is going to get mad enough to call you all on the carpet and sue your rumps for slander and libel and breach of contract.  

Which Hunter could do right now, if he was that kind of guy.  

Xavier keeps saying he has proof, he has proof, but no proof of anything concerning any of your allegations has landed on my desk.  What has landed on my desk are copies (from Third Parties) of the videos you watched and the paperwork you signed.   

Finally, you all need to stop pretending that I had anything to do with your personal sidebar dealings with Hunter's PMA Bank.  You know that I didn't.  I know that I didn't.  Any pretension otherwise is just a plain old barefaced lie.  And we all know what happens to Liars.


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  1. Here's an idea to make this all go away... Have Hunter return the requested money to the depositors! That's of course unless the money is not there to return...

    1. that would be a breach of contract

    2. Don't think so. Hunter has already returned funds to a few of the 44 requests, but not to the majority. And definitely not to those who deposited high amounts ($100,000).

    3. Amen! Return it and he gets his credibility back!
      Pure & Simple!!

  2. I feel like I am reading a letter I found in the street

    1. Yeah. Definitely not Anna at her best - with all the deflecting and blaming. I can't help but think that Yvonne must be over the target.

  3. The only reason you think that it's not Anna at her best is because you don't agree with what you said, such bullshit.

    1. Anna 'walks on water' and good little followers are not suppose to question her, right?

  4. (Thanks Paul, for allowing Comments to remain open.)


    Sorry, I hurt your feelings.

    I can see that you very much want the story you are telling about the people who assisted Hunter at GFG and how things went down with the TGFCU to be true.

    However no amount of fervent repetition of your made up or mis-uninformed nonsense will make it so. It just won't. Truth just doesn't work that way. It is plain, simple, open and clear. And it doesn't morph to cover anyone ass when the heat is on. The truth needs no defense.

    And since I'm learning that you will always have the last word, I ask, when you do respond, would you mind addressing directly the few questions from my Mattermost response to your 'Clean Air and Demand' article (which Teri relayed to you and which I would have posted at this site had the Comments on that article not been prematurely closed down)?
    These are re: your starting the article with 'I [never] suggested .. Any PMA. Ever.' and ending with big news: 'in a few days ... the PMA Bank will be back online .. our control ... our servers ... our satellites':
    a) which is it: 'no PMA ever' or 'in a few days PMA Bank'? (one or the other)
    b) who is 'our'? (Federation or Anna & friends or ?)
    c) who will head up 'our' 'PMA Bank'? (full name, affiliation)
    d) have they passed a real background check? (yes or no)
    bonus points: Did you endorse the Sovereign's Way PMA this past June ... or not? ref:

    As suggested, it shouldn't take but a few words to answer each one.

    Thanks very much.

    1. The article referenced in your comment certainly endorses them(SW) for Common Law studies. But I didn't see anything about PMA in there.

    2. The Sovereigns Way (SW) is a private membership club -

    3. Yvonne, thank you for being a straight shooter and honest as the day is long!

  5. So much of what Anna writes either never comes true or wasn't true in the first place.

  6. Oh! For the life of me! I will never understand how people are so distrusting of Anna; especially sovereigns. What control does she have over Hunter? None! How could any ASN come this far, change their status and posess NO responsibility for their own actions? I agree with Anna! Stop your whining! I didn't join the GFCU / PMA because I used my discernment. I knew people who trusted Hunter, but I did not. For you sovereigns; shame on you! Sovereign my butt! Lead, follow or get out of the way! HONESTLY!!

  7. You don't trust Hunter. Well there are those that now don't trust Anna either.
    They have a right to speak their truth just like you do. So get over it!

  8. I see why you like to remain anonymous. Lol. You naysayers will see. These are dark, divisive times that require courage and faith. Most have neither, sadly!

  9. And you don't think it takes courage to stand up to Anna?


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