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Monday, February 6, 2023

Scottish Wind Farms Run On Diesel

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I first saw this I burst out laughing and wondered -- why waste the diesel? These blighters can just open their big mouths and blow....
They create enough "wind" both fore and aft to drive any number of wind farms, just like all their neighbors on the Continent.
But, yet another Testament to Green Folly. Billions poured and nothing scored.
Right now, we have projects going on in Brazil that exhibit the same kind of brilliance.
They come in, cut down the native rain forest, plant eucalyptus trees from Australia....
The eucalyptus trees sap the exposed soil, leading to millions upon millions of rolls of toilet paper....
The harvested eucalyptus trees have added nothing to the soil, which is now even more barren, and the Toilet Paper Barons are not required to reforest or fertilize the ruined soil, so they don't....
Instead, they just move on and do the same thing over and over.
The people of Brazil don't even get the toilet paper out of it, which is self-evident if you walk down the streets of their cities and towns.
Scottish "wind power" should be limited to shouting in pubs and farting in fields; maybe they can work out a deal with Brazil to import some of that green toilet paper.
The point is that the hypocrisy of these governments is only exceeded by their ability to waste money and resources.

And if possible, "our" government is even worse.


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