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Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Actual Tiburcio Villamor Marcos and the So-called Global Collateral Accounts

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have dispensed with the fraud artist Alex Tallon pretending to be Tiburcio Villamor Marcos. Now, we have to deal with the actual "TVM" and the snarled up situation in the Philippines.
Ferdinand Marcos married a young woman whose last name was Onate when he was also very young. This was a full Catholic marriage ceremony with all the bells and whistles and it was never annulled.
After this, he married "Queen Inesha" --- presumably in a civil ceremony with a license, because, obviously, he was already married as far as the Roman Catholic Church was concerned. Inesha was of the lineage of Queen Isabella and Tiburcio Villamor Marcos was then the eldest son of this second civil marriage of Ferdinand Marcos.
Those who are familiar with the oddities and laws of "marriage" versus "wedlock" will recognize how, in effect, a man could have two or more "marriages" but still only be in one state of "wedlock" according to the Church and how the various governments allow all this to go on unabated and unchallenged and largely unrectified by anyone.
So, yes, Tiburcio Villamor Marcos does exist and he is, reportedly, related by blood to Queen Isabella of Spain and, reasonably, he and his kin-folk have a claim upon the Queen's Royal Trust Accounts which are all Code LEO Accounts in Spain. The present King of Spain and I have both told TVM where his inheritance is --- and fully informed everyone that Queen Isabella's accounts are in Spain and have never been in the Philippines. They are Tier 2 Royal Trust Accounts within the World Trust structure, and everyone has cause to know this.
So, TVM may have his share of the Royal Trust Assets of Spain for all we know, but he does not have any actual individual interest in the Code FLAT or St. Germain or United States of America gold assets stored in the Philippines. The Government of the Philippines was entrusted to act as the Trustee for these other assets which have been in the safe-keeping of the Filipino Government for many years.
Ferdinand Marcos, as President of the Government of the Philippines, was acting as Trustee of the American gold when JFK went over there and met with him in 1962-63. Not as the actual owner -- the Trustee. Our unincorporated Federation of States is the actual owner and holder of all physical assets of our country as required by international law.
There is plenty of incontrovertible evidence that Marcos, as President of the Government of the Philippines, was acting as our Trustee ---and that JFK approached him as the President of the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated, to arrange for the issuance of new gold and silver-backed currency for this country, based on the Federation assets cashiered in the Philippines---- which are in part assets of The Saint Germain Family Trust, too.
The Saint Germain Family Trust assets have been used to underwrite America since the very beginning and make up a considerable portion of the gold that the U.S. Navy cashiered in the Philippines. So, by association and default, Ferdinand Marcos was also acting as Trustee for those private assets commingled with the Federation of States assets.
As a completely separate issue, the D'Avila Family Code FLAT assets were used to underwrite the rebuilding of the world after World War II and are part of The D'Avila Family Trust assets. They have nothing to do with Queen Isabella or TVM. They are assets that belong, fair and square, to other non-royal Spanish Conquistador families and family members of the Eastern Roman Empire that married into the D'Avila family.
If your name isn't D'Avila or one of the married names of D'Avila Family daughters, you obviously have no claim upon or legitimate interest in the assets of The D'Avila Family Trust. Okay? It's that simple. No mysteries involved.
Ferdinand Marcos was hired as a private attorney working for The D'Avila Family Trust
So, as President of the Philippines, Marcos was the Trustee over American gold assets that had been shipped there and stored by the U.S. Navy for "safe keeping", and also acting as Trustee for gold stored in the Philippines by numerous other governments and trusts. Marcos was also, at the same time, working as a private attorney for The D'Avila Family Trust.
The D'Avila Family Trust is the owner of the so-called Global Collateral Accounts, known as Code FLAT Accounts. These are private assets which were loaned to the world governments under the Marshal Plan and other Plans to allow them to rebuild after World War II. They are vast reserves of gold, land, cash, and other assets that have been used to underpin the world economy under the Bretton Woods Agreements.
Assets of the Code FLAT D'Avila Family Trust accounts were dispersed and deposited by one man, Severino Sta. Romano, using up to fifty different aliases, but all tracked back to him. His name or one of his aliases is on the bank records as the depositor in all cases, so when he died in September of 1974, all the deposits he made became part of his estate.
So the remaining D'Avilas, Francorito and Flordeliza. claimed back their family trust assets and lacking an heir of their own, they passed everything on to their cousin, Julius, who successfully sued Severino Sta. Romano's estate and so, he became the sole Attorney-in-Fact and Executor-Heir in 1999.
It is a simple enough situation, one that we have all encountered in life. A man dies without a published Will and his estate is probated. If such a man dies in possession of assets that belong in fact to others, they have the right to sue his estate for the return of their assets. This is precisely what the heirs of The D'Avila Family Trust did, successfully, over twenty years ago.
Since then, they have been hindered in the work of recouping all the assets by various self-interested parties including the banks that have been benefited from the deposits, and various dog-in-a-manger governments which wish to keep the private assets they borrowed --- but this in no way changes the court rulings of the Spanish, Filipino, and United States Federal Courts.
I think it is also important to observe that this family was not stupid and they did not entrust the secrets known only to Severino to these various greedy governments who think that they can just continue to use these private assets by illegally and immorally confiscating them by force.
So, the actual gold and other assets of the Code FLAT Accounts are locked up and all these governments are going crazy trying to get at them. The CIA and FBI and all the alphabet soups have tried repeatedly to access these assets without success, but they keep on setting up "Op" after "Op" after "Op" and making (false) claim after (false) claim after (false) claim.
From my perspective as a Fiduciary the only thing about this situation that is at all exceptional is the absolutely massive scale of the assets in these accounts and the fact that they have been used to save the whole world in the wake of the Second World War. A grateful and sane world would say, "Thank you!" and return them politely instead of weaseling around and trying to find an excuse to steal these private assets.
But we are no longer in a sane or polite world. We are in a world where everyone is confused and self-interested and, if I may say so, left ignorant on purpose, so that they, as people, may be more readily used and abused.
The Heir-Executor of the Global Asset Accounts allowed the continued use of the assets for the purpose of generating credit based on the assets (the mirrored ASVLP and ASBLP accounts) until 2005 when the contracts allowing this were up for renewal or renegotiation. The various world governments refused to do their part, and so, there has been no agreement allowing them to use --or "mirror"-- the Global Collateral Accounts for credit, since 2005.
He who owns the assets also owns the credit generated from the assets, so, they are just digging themselves ever more hopelessly and deeper in debt every minute that this situation persists. They can't really steal any significant amount of money or credit, because everything is logged and recorded; they are just deluding themselves if they think that, "Hey, I'm Big Cheese because I can mirror accounts and generate credit!"
Those mirrored accounts -- credit generated from the assets --- also ultimately belong to The D'Avila Family Trust.
This is at the very heart of the global economic meltdown and the reason that people have said that "there is nothing backing the money". At high levels, they know that they don't have any contract or agreement to access the assets of the Global Collateral Accounts or even use them to generate credit.
So, what to do? Be honest? Admit facts? Has anyone even thought of that option?
The Russian Ruble is gold-backed and beating the pants off the Federal Reserve Note because our American Federation Gold is cashiered in limbo-land in the Philippines and the U.S. Navy and the Federal Department of the Treasury hasn't had the good sense to contact us and work with us to rectify this situation.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden is forcing everyone on the planet to pay him and his Chinese cronies a bribe to do business in this country, and he doesn't even have a contract to act as "President" of anything unless you count "The White House Office, Inc."
The entire world economy is falling apart and governments are teetering and people are unnecessarily suffering because the Global Collateral Accounts are locked down and the fools are not negotiating their release. Instead, they are all running around trying to come up with some childish scam or "narrative" to justify stealing these private assets.
This entire situation is made more horrifying and ludicrous, because the Heir-Executor has no ax to grind. He simply wants his family Trust Indenture to be honored, which means that the money is to be used to uplift humanity and to "break the chains of poverty and ignorance" worldwide.
This requires us to turn aside from war and war-making and war-profiteering. It requires us to use the money to clean up the environment, invest in worthwhile science, provide immediate relief to the poor, set aside all the "mortgages" that are based on the debts of failed governments, and to do good works with goodwill.
Does that sound so terrible? So out-of-line with the desires of most of the people on this planet?
It's time for "the rest of us" to stand up and weigh in and be counted. It's time to do the right things for the right reasons and leave all this nastiness behind.
The American Government has the records of the deposits in the Philippines. The Global Collateral Accounts can be unlocked tomorrow. Life can be better than it has ever been.
And all that has to happen is for these "government service corporations" and misguided militaries to work with us to straighten this Mess out.

Happy Fourth of July!


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