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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Pull Together Time

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have said, well, since you cashed in the bonds and have all these assets, why should we need to send anything in support of Federation operations? 

Here's why. 

The Federation is supposed to be funded by you, by your States of the Union, but instead, we've been supporting ourselves on our own retirement money and donations.  We don't get a cut of the taxes and fees that you have been paying to these foreign interlopers to pay for our operations.  

And the recoupment is obviously to repay money and credit owed to you and to us. We don't get anything extra or special. We are in line like everyone else. 

The work that we have done and are doing for you is being done by volunteers bootstrapping along on donations and two shoe-strings.  It always has been. 

We don't have access to any payments you have ever made as "taxes" whether you owed them or not, and in order to deploy the bond assets and the rest of it, we have to build systems of our own to do that --- which is just more up front expense for all of us.  

True, the Pay Day will be worth it, but for right now, we are probably in as desperate a need for cash as we have ever been.

It's time to pull together and take up collections and point out the "miracles" that have been accomplished.  Members released from jail.  Members getting apology letters from the IRS.   Members receiving their exemptions and Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges.  And members beginning to beat the phony foreclosure racket.  

For example, even though Teri suffered everything that she suffered at the hands of the thugs operating "King County, Inc." --- she is now empowered by that injury to counter-claim.   

Remember that under our law you must be injured or your property must be injured in order to counter-claim, and that is precisely what people are doing --- counter-claiming against the State Trusts and using the almost century-old Tennessee Supreme Court ruling in Norton v. Shelby County underscored by the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Virginia v. EPA to overturn the Internal Revenue Code that was secretively used as the authority to enforce mortgage foreclosures: Title 26 section 1091, section 408, and section 61, 108, and 751.

It was also being used to deny victims their Regulation Z Exemptions after mortgage closings --- without any authority to do so.

The only Americans that these Vermin were ever authorized and enabled to address under the Internal Revenue Code (or the Motor Vehicle Code, either) were their own employees and their dependents as a condition of their employment, yet they conveniently misidentified each and every one of us as "federal citizens" and proceeded to misapply their own rules, codes, regulations, statutes, and obligations on us.

This has been a long fight and a long educational process that has been funded out of pocket and carried forward by me and my friends and my countrymen. No deep pockets. Just retirees and young families and small businesses making donations of time and money.

Right now, we need money to continue the next phase --- building our banks and networks to be able to get relief to Americans nationwide. So, if you want your share of the assets we have been able to recoup thus far, be aware that we have to build the nut-and-bolts machine to deliver it to you using our own resources. And its a tad bit more than Grandma's retirement will allow.

Please send whatever help you can to:

Anna Maria Riezinger
In Care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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