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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Update on "U.S. Military" Situation and The Great Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, yes, there ARE military members ready and waiting —- for Trump, who they recognize as the “President” of the corporation they work for.  Unfortunately, Mr. Trump appears to be more into the politics and “narrative building” than any practical action.  

They were going to take over our “vacant” American Federal Republic and keep on skating, but I pointed out that they don’t have a contract and the only contract they could “assume” - The Constitution of the United States of America— doesn’t allow them to do that, either. 

Trump and the U.S. Military work for a British Crown Corporation, so if they attempted to occupy the American Federal Republic it would be a Trespass and Substitution situation similar to what the Brits pulled when they substituted their “States of States” for our American “States of States”.  According to their Plan, they would substitute “a” British Territorial Federal Republic for the American Federal Republic we are owed. 

According to our plan, they keep their limey noses out and stop pretending that they R us. 

Damned tricky bunch of pirates we are dealing with here.  The Upper Crust in their system, the Lords of the Admiralty, are hopping mad they didn’t get a chance to pull that one and are casting about trying to come up with Plan B. 

Trump meanwhile is stuck on his “they stole the election” meme and we are the only ones asking the important question —- election to WHICH Presidency? 

There’s the actual Presidency— The Office of The President of The United States of America— which is our unincorporated Federation of States Office—- an American Office in an American Company.

There’s the Office of The President of The United States—- the guy running the American Federal Republic if and when it gets booted up again. 

There’s the President of the United States of America — aka, the British Territorial USA, Inc. 

And finally, the President of the United States— a Municipal Corporation aka US, INC, US CORP, UNITED STATES, and so on. 

This last is the office Joe Biden is trying to occupy but the Pope put the last version of US, INC. Into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and blocked them from creating any more similarly named corporations, so now Biden is trying to operate as “President of the White House Office, Inc.”

You see all this crap is about different companies and different corporations, all with similar names and all with “Presidents”. 

The actual American Federation of States and American Federal Republic are unincorporated businesses. 

The British Territorial “United States of America, Incorporated” is a British Crown Corporation franchise. 

The Municipal “United States, Incorporated” is a City of Rome Corporation franchise. 

And all four have an office of the “President”. 

Lincoln substituted the Office of the President of the United States of America, Inc., the British Territorial Corporation’s presidential office  for our American Federation Office — The President of The United States of America.  

As a Bar Attorney Lincoln was prohibited from holding any Public Office in our American Government — but he could legally operate as the “President” of a similarly named British Crown Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. —- and that is precisely what he did and that “substitution scheme” is the final straw that broke the original Confederation. 

The Brits of course tried to cover this up, but that’s not possible any more.  There are too many public records that exist and too many other public records that should exist but don’t exist.  We have them boxed in and they are trying to deny it by remaining silent— but the facts say that the British Crown violated its treaties and service contracts and acted in Breach of Trust and Trespass against our lawful government. 

Trying to occupy our Federal Republic would be another such British Substitution Scheme. 

The facts also say that the Brits removed our gold reserves to the Philippines after we acquired the Philippines as part of the settlement of the Spanish-American War and the Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1898. 

They did this “in our name” for “safekeeping” preparatory to bankrupting their version of USA, Inc. in 1907.

The U.S. Navy transported all our gold including gold discovered in the Grand Canyon and has the receipts and transfer manifests related to this activity.  That’s why the Navy Fiscal Research team delving into this was targeted in the 911 Pentagon attack. 

They also stole our silver via unlawful “legal tender laws” initiated by the Emergency Banking Act of 1934. They gave us a Federal Reserve Note I.O.U. on a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate for every American Silver Dollar.

That means that for every fiat dollar they have printed, they owe us an American Silver Dollar—- a debt that cannot be repaid. 

I estimated it would take 1100 times more Silver than now exists to pay that debt. 

So, Britain, which has no gold or silver resources to speak of, has commandeered our assets and has done so by guile, deceit, trespass, unlawful conversion, fraud, identity theft, etc., etc., against the Americans — their loyal Allies, Treaty Partners, and Defenders through two World Wars. 

We and the rest of the world have awakened to this fact and the obvious Bad Faith and criminality of the British Government and the Government of Westminster is self-evident. 

They used Lincoln to substitute their corporation “President” for the President of our Federation of States. 

They claimed non-existent “emergency powers” in the wake of the Civil War to substitute their State of State organizations for our American States of States. 

They’ve been caught trying another such substitution scheme— proposing to substitute a British Territorial “Federal Republic” for our American Federal Republic. 

And they are desperately trying to hide the fact that a large share of the gold in the Philippines is ours and also trying to hide their overwhelming debt of silver owed to us, Americans. 

So all this while that people thought they were dealing with the American Government, they have been dealing with our foreign incorporated Subcontractors dba USA, Inc and US, INC., instead. 

This news and the outrageous abuse we have suffered at the hands of our foreign employees is just now hitting the bricks and international outrage and disapproval is coming to bear on the guilty parties. 

Other countries and The United Nations organization are waking up, too. 

The Vermin engineered things so that a constant unending “State of War” was engendered in this country following the Civil War. The last shot was fired in 1866 but “legally” the paperwork to end the conflict just never got finished. So, according to them, the Civil War continued for 160 years and expenses to fight this “war” — an illegal commercial mercenary conflict in fact — are still being made against our accounts. 

They pulled the same thing with WWI and WWII .
Most of Europe is still occupied and we are paying the cost of it. 

To avoid the truth and the debt that goes with it the Vermin are now in their time-honored cycle of killing their creditors— which is what the whole depopulation agenda is about. 

Please fully inform everyone, everywhere, so that these criminals are recognized for what they are and stopped. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994

                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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    the Confederation (its never ever been a Federation!!) : The United States of America was broken by any lawyer or other. only its creators, the people, can do that and we do NOT! Its still standing i:woman say and it is so :) .
    see how easy that is?
    now, you do it? :):):):):)

    think about it guys....
    "anna" just said
    •Lincoln, a lawyer, couldnt be over our Confederation....
    wouldnt he have to be *over* something in order to "break it"?
    answer: yes, of course he would.
    and "she" just admitted he could not be!!
    so there you go!

    see how the smoke and mirrors might be used?....
    • tell what is true
    • then immediately make up a Fiction about that same thing
    • start Acting Out the Fiction!!
    instant smokescreen as i:woman see it!
    and if anyone questions that that kind of thing has been done, take a look at the indigenous nations being put on "reservations".

    by telling what is true first you gain the peoples trust and can come in "as an already proven friend", with your deceit, if thats your intent.


    use simple logic a.k.a. common sense. and we, common people, have an abundance of that if we will just listen to our own inner promptings :):):)!

    theyre losing. bad. got their "tit stuck in the wringer" so-to-speak :):):).


    1. look at the silliness of STILL making up similar names and trying, without actual success, to claim some sort of attachment to the land and the people.
      you might say, "no, they ARE successful", but i say, "no, they are NOT because SINCE THEY FAILED TO GET US TO AGREE, THEY HAVE TO RESTORE IT ALL (BACK TO US) And ....uh-oh.... take penalties too."

      more and more is coming out all the time about how very very important the actual PHYSICAL is. the concept is a circle, not a tri-angle/ pyramid! see: physical applies to creative and creative applies to words and words apply to autonomy and autonomy applies to use of the physical to fulfill your own will, hopes, and thoughts.

      and we are not *in* the Matrix, we: man CAME *THROUGH* THE MATRIX by being born from woman, man, landairwater, creator through the matrix of the physical womb, through womans womb. were not "stuck" in any matrix, we passed through it. we're safe. our creator kept us.

      this is all spiritual. spiritually based. its been twisted.

      i wouldnt be surprised if our dna strands are perfectly straight!


    2. WOW ANOTHER EPISODE OF PSYCHOPATH GASLIGHTNG. Neverending. ITS AS IF SHE IS GIVEN A SCRIPT FROM AN OVERPAID MENTALLY CHALLENGED SUICIDAL PSYCHOLOGIST THAT COULD NOT FOOL EVEN A TEENAGER, not even ON THEIR BEST DAY. WE DO NOT HAVE NO CONTRACT WITH this Entity ANNA. ANNA AND COMPANY YOU ARE UNLAWFULLY IMPERSONATING OUR NATION and OUR Office of BY ELECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR HUSBAND AS the Flintstones of Bedrock I. Your world trying to pull it off as Our country America. We do not have No Contract with you as you bitch and moan about wanting contracts work others. Your lies and fiction stories repeated to often have caught up with truth and smeared you for what your worth, a turnip holding no blood value or honor. TAKE A HIKE , YOU were tried and proved to very a Disgrace, clearly an embarrassment to the female species with no Lawful contract with the lawful men and wemon on this land who hold the power not you and your contracts with demons.

    3. Jovanka Baltic - I'm thinking your the psychopath.

    4. anonymous 6.23.22 9.56
      what? what are you talking about?
      do you even know? i bet not.


    5. wow! this is moving faster all the time.

      IT KEEPS LOOKING MORE AND MORE LIKE PERHAPS ITS MORPHING INTO A REVERSE STING OPERATION!!!! The only ones left "Working the TakeDown" at this point are who?? the severely compromised????
      ...thats probably not it, but wow, if it turned out that thats what theyre doing I GIVE THEM THEIR *PROPS*!!!


  2. I do not agree to google privacy policies or terms of service. If doing so is the only option to voice my opinion or concerns than this site is as unconstitutional as the sea jurisdiction operating on land

  3. Maybe someone can shed light on this subject matter which has been stated more times than I can count. Both Anna and David Straight are well versed on the history of this country and all problems which brought us to this point. However, they seem to differ on the solution to installing the "American Republic". First off, it has been stated that Trump is an American State National not a U.S. Citizen. Furthermore, Trump has restored the American Republic not as President of the United States of- Corporation but as President of The United States of America - Unincorporated. So, it appears a difference of the correct authority to create the American Republic is the issue. If Lincoln as a BAR attorney substituted the British Corporation to replace the original unincorporated company.. could the President of that British Corporation reverse that situation without the need for Anna's Federation of States to create the Confederation then the American Republic?? In addition, Anna has stated many times David Straight is not an American State National. However, David Straight is adamant that Your letter of Repudiation Affidavit to the U.S. Secretary of State stating Status, filed with the county Recorder AND confirmed with a proper Passport reflecting that Status as stated in your profile with Lexis Nexis confirming that Status are the necessary steps. If the Federal government recognizes this Status in their data bank to Judges, prosecuting attorney's and enforcement authorities... it must be so. Furthermore, David Straight states, he has assisted many people in hundreds of courts including the IRS with only success. Before, acting on his advice, it is necessary they become ASN according to the steps above. It would appear if success is achieved as he states, they must be recognized as American State Nationals. Is David Straight the biggest story teller around ??? We all need solutions not continuous restatement of the historical problems. One might research the Ken and Barbie Cromar in Utah These are "clients" of David Straight which beat the IRS and have been in a battle with a county attorney on a foreclosure... the corruption is rampant more than meets the eye. The problem for the court.. The Cromar's are American state Nationals, and the court for years has refused them a "Trial by Jury", subpoena power and access to records...

    1. AFAIK. The President of America is by appointment only by the non incorporated States' Assemblies.
      Lincoln acted unlawfully and outside his authority in switching the non inc for a British inc corporation. It is ridiculous to suggest a corporation CIC or former corporation president currently seeking office as a corporation president evidenced by his campaign could restore the unincorporated Federal Republic.
      As CIC Mr Trump is an employee of an Anglo-Vatican corporation. As such he is automatically a Brit cit. If he renounces, he is no longer a CIC and is promoted to a regular American National. He could enrol in his local Assembly, I expect, and lobby for a leadership position from there, however I expect that is beneath his ego.
      As Anna has tirelessly repeated, the American Gov is and has been in session for several years and is in possession of the Seal. All done legally and lawfully.
      If you do some unbiased research into Mr Trump's background, you'll discover less savoury info that Mr T would prefer to remain out of public view, be careful what you wish for.
      As Lincoln has been demonstrated to have committed fraud, everything that followed is vitiated including Mr T and the O'Biden monstrosity's activities whilst impersonating the in session Government. As the Government is in session, what Mr T is attempting looks to be a thinly disguised military coup. When you understand the military has been finessing tens of trillions out of American taxpayers for such fruit loop projects such as the Space Force that can't get beyond the upper atmosphere, regime change wars and enabling the plunder of other countries resources, you get an idea where the military is coming from.
      I wonder what Cheney and Bush's cut of the missing 2 trillion was - it was likely used to bring down the USSR and covered up by the destruction of particular floor of the Twin Towers and the CIA's building 7 plus the section of the Pentagon where the investigation into the missing money was being conducted.
      Trump is also a blatant liar. He promised to tell all about 9-11. Still waiting.
      What is it with people like Richard? They've got an unincorporated Government done and dusted yet they are agitating for a separate personality led replacement.
      No human is perfect. If you are unhappy with the set-up as installed by Anna and the Assemblies, sign up and get busy changing things as part of the Govenment.
      Or does stubborn pride exclude that?
      I'm English and we have a real cart load of dung running our country into the ground. You are damned lucky to have Anna and a Gov of, by and for American people. She has stuck a mighty spoke in the wheel of crime that has passed itself off as the Gov for centuries. And as the good lady has stated, fraud vitiates everything without a time limit.
      You have a restored Republic. Not a Democracy. America has been effed over by crooks and bent lawyers from Lincoln on and the Anglo Vatican owned military has been the biggest financial beneficiary. Instead of fighting to depose the restored Republic, people should be having street parties.
      In my opinion.
      The harms industry is fronting an attempt to install an incorporated world gov. Pfizer already has executive powers granted by Tump, O'Biden and Johnson. Pfizer stated in court it owns the former O'Biden US Inc and claimed immunity. Try turning your attention to fixing that, good buddy.

    2. A short PS to the above. Why is NATO in America? Perhaps some research into its contemptible, inhuman Gladio operations might reveal the answer. Corbett published a fair amount on the topic.
      A search for corbett report gladio will get you off to a good start.

  4. our gifts from creator were used to build all the Corporations.
    THEY still owe US for THEM using OUR stuff.
    they owe us for false claims on our stuff.
    and much much MUCH MUCH more.
    i:woman believe i can dammwell use what belongs to i:woman no matter what form it is in.
    just because someone takes what is mine when i do not agree and uses it, does not give them any rights to it!!
    and i will still use it if i want to because it is MINE.
    and the STILL owe me too.
    and it is so.


  5. there is and never has been any "American Republic" lawfully connected to The United States of America a Confederated Union.

    banging ones head against a wall of deceits will continue until one stops letting people tell one what they say ones own govern-ment-al is!!
    read and comprehend for yourself.
    until then, happy head-banging.

  6. No matter how right you are and your paperwork Anna, No matter what position you hold, my thoughts are will anything change? Will any of the scum be stopped and arrested? Will they still continue with impunity and without loss the filthy crimes they are still doing?? If nothing changes everything we do is an exercise in futility.

    1. anton,
      theyre stalling.

      as we have already seen, they are NOT going to arrest themselves... ever.... maybe a couple of FallGuyTokens. thats all.
      They are going to continue spinning a charade year after year; look at how long theyve been doing it now. this can go on forever, its all theyve got, its what they do. theyve taken pledges and oaths to each other to do exactly what they are doing.
      they are LifesLosers who know they dont have what it takes to get what they drool and salivate over in this life, so they have banded together and taken pledges among themselves to take it from those of us who do have brains, talents, and skill and blessings.
      we can expect more of the same since in their Private Societies they have given themselves Privileges to Act against other man, and also given themselves Immunitues from the penalties that go with breaking the laws of our creator.
      they have Constructed a Private Society that they are the Heads of and they claim they are not under the "Laws" they create, but YOU are.
      by what authority?
      by NO authority.
      they just made it all up.
      and then beat the life out of anyone who doesnt submit ....all while pretending to be friends and allies of the man they plan to attack who they are jealous of
      . who has what they want but that they know they will never have by lawful means.... look at the indigenous Americans if you think thats not what they are capable of... and perhaps working toward doing now.


  7. Pains and penalty for Perjury are for all parties, yes, the Plaintiff, the Defendant, and Yes the Court and it’s cronies! Perjury is Perjury for all! A fake Law is in fact Perjury = No Remedy, No Remedy= No Law, it becomes a demand or command, with no Commandor!


  9. This is way to confusing and convoluted for me. I can never understand what Anna is saying. Trump may not be the president of the Republic (or what ever Anna calls it but he was the President of the Corporation (or whatever Anna calls it) and right now THEY ARE IN CHARGE. Legal or not they are running our country. Anna your group here is sitting in the wings DOING WHAT?????? What are you and your group doing to CHANGE THINGS. You and your Republic have no POWER no AUTHORITY, you are NOT RECOGNIZED. What have you done to fix voter fraud? What have yo done to address any of the problems we are having???? Except for your comments I do not see you group doing anything to make a difference.

    1. and no mention at all until just a couple of days ago on stopping the "Human Traffickking" of our own Confederated Perpetual Union's sons and daughters *As Chattel* for their Foreign Fictional Debt by way of Registration in their Vatican-Approved Birth Certificate SlaveBond System either.


    2. Oh look today Anna is pulling out the red carpet begging for blood money for her partner I crime who may or may not owe on an agreement that she made. Anna only goes to bat for this who are her slaves cause she can't afford to lose teri I think she is. Look beg all you want but until you can be humble and look in the mirror at your swine sloth and self Righteousness your a lame duck going quack quack quack.

    3. YEAH ANNA ITS NIT ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BEGGING FOR MONEY TO HELP YOU AND YOUR LITTLE TYRANT CIRCLE. ITS ABOUT LIFE AND BEING RIGHTEOUS AND TRUE AND NOT JUST FOR YOUR EGO AND THE PROPERTY OF YOUR PUPPETS . IT IS ABOUT A PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS , ALL OF THEM LIKE THE CARING ABOUT OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOU CARE ABOUT YOURSELF and THESE Like Terri ( God Bless her soul) who Give you praise and fuel your Unrighteousness and ego driven SIN that shows all throughout your writing and records of being one who leads the people astray . Shame on you for your works of iniquity.

    4. im guessing: the more they realize they have NO CHANCE of carrying out their plans the more they will ramp up their "intimidation tactics", gaslighting, threats, attacks.... i mean, once one realizes they have NO CHANCE of winning AND NO CHANCE OF ESCAPING RESTORING THOSE YOUVE INTENTIONALLY HARMED,,, then what is left but to keep PRETENDING youre "Da Boss in Charge of the Universe"??!?!? til the end!!

      these SLOBS have never had anything but PRETENSES OF SUPERIORITY anyway. what a bunch of LOSERS!!! :):):) Now they have to give back everything, double, triple, quadruple, or more!! ...whatever we say!!!
      they know this!! :):):)

      dey a'buzzin' around crazy-like, like horseflies on a fresh cow pattie.
      I mean seriously, it looks like THEIR VERY OWN "SCOTUS" just (excuse the vulgarity) laid em out in public and whacked em HARD in the nutts with a 2 by 4.


    5. Remember those boasts "you are protected by the federation!?" Of course, any man on the ground fighting the fight to be recognized, knew such a claim is dung on its face; another of her delusions of grandmanure. Stands pretty naked now the impotence of the 'federation' to even protect or settle a matter for one of their 'own,' being anna n crew. Kinda like when she begged for $10k on her webinar call. Seems strange, gotta travel the world now to start the 'family bank.' So the world can deposit the quadrillions they owe us. They just need a little startup cash? Incidentally, the claim of 'protection' by the 'federation' came at the same time a bunch of us in new hampshire were (are) under attack by the court and state, both in denial of lawful presentments and without jurisdiction, blah, blah. The 'federations' man who 'works for anna,' state coordinator, emailed our group the day before a court date saying 'the federation cannot get involved in these disputes' blah, blah, blah, revealing the emptiness of their own claims. No protection, support, aid of any kind has ever come to one in need of anything. Especially, in time of need. Oh, but she got the bonds!? Great news everyone! She got the bonds! Wow! Can we see a picture? Is it pallets of em? But that's old news. What a diff that made, right?! for every one of us! Right?! WOW! The credit is finally flowing freely, vendor cards are so convenient, isn't it wonderfully surreal? Like a dream!

    6. And never forget the actions of the Federation on and around Jan 6! They stand on the record. noticed. unanswered. unrebutted. The words and works of this undisclosed organization do NOT agree. We all should know what THAT means. and need no further evidence. which accrues daily with her every word revealing more about herself.

    7. paul rw,
      did you guys try to use that IndemnityBond with the big long number that was supposed to have been set up by banannafanna?

      NewHampshire has been on the cutting edge hasnt it? live free or die.
      i was on some calls a few years ago--- supposedly NHPatriots, but when i started talking about the Declaration the leader sounded like a demon possessed cyborg and started saying REALLY filthy stuff! it was astounding, but after that im not surprised when people Acting like they are "Leading" Americans, but actually seem to be Fronting for those who want to Traffickk men women sons and daughters into slavery situations.
      i just cannot stress enough that all we have to do to see what some men will actually DO is to look at what has been done to indigenous peoples.
      and look at how the Irish were mistreated. and Africans. so many more.
      there is no shortage of examples of gross and intentional harm done to peaceful people by these horrible monsters and the bands of worthless braindead losers they recruit in exchange for a "cut" of the "Prizes".


    8. ((((((((( BUBBAPATRIC )))))))))

    9. (((((((( SHELBY ))))))) YOU OK?

  10. I think it better to remove comments , these subjects are highly charged & heavily detailed.
    Most commenting have no account receipts nor have historical research.

    1. why are you afraid of two sides being heard on these ideas?
      alot of people commenting on pauls blog have studied history for decades. so, how are you judging what other people know? how do you know that what "anna" writes is actually true since "anna" "herself" rarely if ever furnishes any sources for references used in "her" Articles?


    2. Yes. CENSORSHIP. Get on back down the road, back to your Commieville! Leave Americans alone.

    3. Yeah Sarah, who gave you the right to censor or judge others . You must be related to thoes strange wemon in congress that towel their head as If it's a covering. You must be a hired disinformation? You must really hate it when real wemon speak up for their God, and not hiding behind a veil of secrecy? I could be wrong. I'm only asking who do you think you are voicing for others to be masked and deleted that don't agree with the program? I could be wrong but could it be also that you are hurt and angry that roe v wade was OVERTURNED? PRAISE The LORD! GODS-LAW IS IN CONTROL NOT YOURS AND NOT THOSE whom YOU BOW. Thanks.

  11. Trump created a bypass of the normal "Time trials" that are required to PROVE that vaccines are safe, calling it "Warp Speed". Time cannot be altered, especially a time trial for the purpose of proving safety of something. The "time" is the test itself. So, these vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL, which is violation of the Nuremburg Code to Coerce and Force them upon the People.
    NOBODY but Trump would have been tolerated to do this. Could you imagine Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton trying to "lock down": and do a "Warp Speed" bypass of safety tests for something injected into your blood stream? I say he was installed like the rest, to carry out the "good cop" strategy upon us. Then Joe Biden carries out the Bad Cop strategy. Then if needed to quell the indignation of the People, Trump is re-inserted to carry out gun confiscation and the bringing of the UN troops onto America, or some other crime that only Trump could get away with.
    Trump needs to SWING right beside Joe Biden. He continues to push the Vaxx, even after it has become obvious it kills people and that Covid is BS that only kills those who do not receive proper medicine, which they withheld.
    Anyone can make America great. All you need to do is what is right for America. Not hard at all. Trump is a fraud and traitor like the rest. They all serve satan, at this point. They ALL are liars and thieves that God will cast into the Lake of Fire - before this decade ends.
    Enter Albert Pike's 3rd World War/False Armageddon and the arrival of "the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into public view", aka the arrival of Horus #7, the 1st beast of Revelation 13, aka man of sin/anti-Christ.
    That is exactly what this is.

    1. yes, trump and a few others play the good cop role.... not many want to tho, they want to be Top"BlackHat".
      i dont believe there are very many people at his "rallies", i think its mostly CGI.

      this whole long drawn out charade is because they are cowards. all of them. :):):) they are cowards who just follow any orders theyre given.

      heres the problem i'm guessing theyve run into that they dont know how to fix:
      WE ARE NOT COWARDS. We say, NO.
      We insist that things make senee, are moral and fair, and dont harm anyone or were not participating. they dont know what to do with that. if they really are involved in using torture and fear to control people, then what the hell do they know about dealing with men and women who have ully developed "core personalities"? nothing. theyre spinning their wheels. theyre trying to goad people into a "war" so they can run in and be the PeaceKeepers!!!
      were not particpating in their FantasyWorld where they are Rulers. pffft.

      look at them, all they know how to do is threaten.
      theyre cowards.
      all they can do is try to intimidate.
      they are little Nobodies with Nothing trying to make us people believe the opposite and that is a great big FAIL.

    2. we insist that things make SENSE...
      FULLY developed "core personalities"?...

  12. Anna, please provide these in PDF, so they can be saved by people easier. Thank you

    1. Well then just go to HER actual website and behold...

  13. watch! their own Private Foreign Corporate Court "overturning roe" is NOT going to foment the War they need in order to become "Americas PeaceKeepers"! Gs!
    theyre showing the world theyre a buncha lowly Losers that the American people NEVER knowingly supported. Ever!! and WOULDNT. Were not with them. :):):)

    they are not taking the united States of America down!
    its a thing of sheer beauty!
    Americans are different in our heritages, yes, but over 60% of Americans RESPECT each others rights. even flooding the borders is not going to work. all man want to live free of other mans threats.

    the men that have been threatened and coerced and made poor and made promises to are going to turn on their abusers first chance they get! watch! it will happen.
    the only ones who would move forward against Americans are the ones who think theyre goingto be the Rulers over everyone else!!!! haha!!! FAT CHANCE!!!

    without the men they called "snuffies" in their own CeyeA Torture Report, theyve got nuthin'.
    those men they think of as "snuffies" and want to USE are going to get wise to what is going on and NOT be used.
    watch! im guessing, but look at the nature of all creation and you see freedom not oppression and abuse.
    we ALL inherently know this.


    1. the ones still trying to take America down, if any, realize there is going to "be hell to pay", and theres nowhere they can go to hide because, (guessing): over half of "The Military" thats been used to "surveil" others can be or is now being used to track them! they cant get away and they know it.
      what to do? STALL?
      i am just guessing but still believe i am right about what is going on right now:
      they are playing their final hands.
      nothing has worked.
      nothing is going to work.

      they have a LOT to restore!!
      Gs. (double eyeroll)


    2. woman:janmarie - and just what, where, when and how do you support your "theories"? How are you any different than the author of this article who provides no proof, facts or evidence of your ramble? Are you the sites commentator? Your the only one I have ever witnessed who replies to yourself

    3. Declaration and Articles. ever read them?
      no, of course you havent. :):)

      and you want to make yourself "Derr Kontroller" of derr komments?! :)
      NO. :)
      live with it.


      what else ya got?

    4. A life thats what I got. Watching to many white hat movies? Or maybe to many crosses on a map or adding numbers? Must be all the symbols you see that tells you the military is hunting criminals? The military is as corrupt as the rest and they aren't fixin shit!!!!!:) Been there done that

    5. glad you have a life.
      i dont watch movies. the last movie i saw was Secretariat or WarHorse. :)

      yes, It does now seem that much of "THEIR Military" is a gawdam TOTAL DISGRACE.

      they sure as hell dont need to be calling themselves "American" if they are doing what we hear theyre involved with like the 46 bioweapons labs in Ukraine.
      THEIR Military is not American! and they are not American Employees, but that is not our American mens fault. our own men and their families have been lied to and grossly and purposely harmed and CHEATED out of the Insurance Policies owed to them and the Pensions, even from back in ww2 and ww1. I KNOW THOSE TWO THINGS FOR FACT. not even to mention trauma and lifelong injuries suffered by some that they NEVER RECOVER FROM. includes all the harm done to the nations of indigenous peoples too.
      SO, No, i dont think THEIR MILITARY is for our people, or any other. i think its a gawdamm disgrace. michael aquino! red high heels! 46 bioweapons labs! all this experimentation, stalking, fear mongering, lying, and more.

      and they are not forgiven.


  14. Anna shows her face, her address and a solution. Woman and others here have done none of these things.

    1. Really? Really...are you entirely sure that was the smartest thing to say considering you have so little confidence in yourself that the best you can offer is Anonymous with no counterpoint or argument?

    2. So does the government anon, that doesn't seem to be a wise filter in the least.
      Hitler showed his face too
      Needing and saving face, are ploys of the current "leadership"

      The Hæler (original sense of Christ) came from the people, was among the people, and warned of those who speak down to you like ms. anna.

    3. omgoshwillsmith,
      you are so witty! i cant quit chuckling. :):):)

      will, i want to ask you something about your email contact address, will you watch for my question here? now?... like this weekend? ty!


    4. TRUTH,

      whats your best reference for Haeler?, i'd like to know more.

    5. Hi janmarie, sure I will keep my eyes open for any correspondence.

      And it's true about Anon who has nothing but criticism for anybody trying to put themselves out there, but has nothing better to offer. It's insanely stupid to try and make that kind of non-argument. People here lay out arguments and offer whatever insights they can when they can. It's progress of some kind. There are shills here and like the cops, shills are not necessarily chosen for their high voltage IQ.

    6. willsmith,
      so true. high voltage IQs seem to be in short supply in some circles. :):)

      will, all week i cant get comfortable sending my personal contact info to a company in a Foreign country.
      im trying to think of other ways to do this that i wont feel weirdly about.
      still thinking.
      i dont blame anyone for not wanting to put contact info on here. some of these people commenting on here obviously arent wrapped too tight.


    7. Janmarie, yeah I understand, it is harder these days. Fidelito up here is introducing legislation as part of an overall strategy to "keep the small people safe on the internet" by prevent them from using internet.

      The internet was a huge mistake for them by allowing information to be sent to the other side of the world in seconds. When they decided they wanted to close the barn door, there were too many people spilling on what the plans are. And they don't like it one bit haha!

      Well let's think about what to do about the privacy thing. I will put my thinking cap on also. We could consider launching a blog with commenting capability since this blog seems to be a bit schizophrenic with the state of comments. Paul always said this is HIS blog and if you don't like his rules then make your own blog.

      Fair enough so why not? It requires a server however, but I will have a look and see what I can find. There are all kinds of scripts for this kind of thing.

    8. Woman:janmarie, its old english roots, Hæland or Heiland (theres an old saxon poem called after the latter), I took a liberty and brought it into a more modernized english conjecture, healer could stand, as could savior

    9. am commenting below.

    10. *will*,
      am commenting below.

  15. Better to block all comments. Too many trolls that are just throwing out confusing
    remarks and laughing at Anna's sincere attermpts to expose the Big Lie of the British government. End it all, Anna. Stop all nonsense comments. Period.

    1. Oh yeah, better for who to block all comments? If Anna wants to play in the sandbox of politics which is what she is really wishing for, she should be the first to say that politics is a bloodsport the way it is practiced in this world. And except for a brief period in the history of Rome it is practiced that way. So you don't want comments, you must realize that you are calling yourself a supporter of tyranny and dictatorial government. Is that what you want for your life? Then be damn careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

    2. hey dasani,
      you peeps are acting awful jittery... trying to do the CancelCultureThing?

      Whats TRUE can stand a thorough EXAMINATION.

      what is it you dont want the good people to hear?


    3. I agree whole heartedly with you Paul Raymond about the Federation, this is yet another tyrannical - contract that sells one back into the bondage of tyrants who control this Federation. It is the opposite of what is the Government of , by, and for the people.

      I also appreciate Will and Janmarie and the others who are awakened to the Fact that this is not the way to freedom and light.

      There are only two ways to choose , one is with the slime-balls who in fact created the constitution without a vote from the people because they knew we would have voted it out the door, for if you read it, the only right it offers is the right to contract and they needed to put that in there so we would fall into their death trap of bondage through unconscionable contracts, that most of us have found ourselves in . Had there been a legitimate vote to choose Heads of anything and Feduciary to reserect our Republican Government, there was not, we would have never votes in this woman Anna or her other half because they would not have passed any of the vetting process,, in fact would have be proven TREASONOUS turncoats working for the enemy of the people why, hence , why there was no vote. HAHA.

      Constitution is an EVIL DOCUMENT , and serve only the tyrants. ANNA knows this and is why she persists in pushing the Federation Constitution LIES....She is leading anyone who will sign on --back into modern day Baybalon. I'm sorry but she Is a very bad actor waging disgrace and unrighousness enslaving the people all over again.

      ANYONE who believes ANYTHING she says including her Acting like she is Godly , copy and pasting quotes from the Bible , her plagiarizing others copywrited original work in order to try to make people believe its her original work, well , is, totally deceived , and in need of a 180 degree turn as in Repentance. This is the truth and may God be with you.

    4. Sam H,

      I think that a lot of people gave Anna the benefit of the doubt, I know I did and there may be some helpful information that she offers that is of value in navigating in commerce as we are. BUT, there is also a lot of janky and just really dodgy action from her that she won't address directly. This doesn't sound like the makings of the kind of government that she claims is America's for the taking.

      It doesn't take a genius to see that Paul is not making things better by blocking comments from people that want to look to see what is behind the curtain. It might be fair to say that Anna is speaking with "forked tongue" as the old saying goes. With nothing of substance to report about the state of the union, she falls back on endless recycling of old material with a newer happier spin on it. Even I am finding myself groaning when I see more of the same old, where it's like I want to stick a fork in my eye haha!

      No not really, that is just my stupid expression I use when I was unlucky enough to be in a store picking up something and there is a television in the front. When the Covid thing was at peak annoyance, the media would scream at people to be very afraid and I just could not be in the same room with that I could not wait to get out.

      I appreciate your contribution, this is why the comments are more important than the official content because there are people who will chime in on certain aspects that need to be addressed. In spite of the folks who are allergic to the comments. Like everything else, if you don't like the comments, don't bother reading them. Like the television, the comments are something you can just turn off by ignoring them.

  16. Dassanussaee? End it all? All of what? sounds desperate++++++ whats in it for you Allah? END IT WILL. Newsflash ...Annna has no power in this process for haven't you figured it out yet ? She is on the road that leads to destruction by default. Hahahaha!!!!

  17. will, that sounds really good!!! hope you can find a way to pull that together.

    hey i am kind of beaming today :). i went ahead and sprung for a giant-sized (3 foot by 5 foot) 1776 American flag and got it about a week or so ago. its beautiful. made in the usa. :) but didnt get to put it up yet because it doesnt fit the old bracket and so on. so today i got it flying!!!... its temporary, on the old flagpole and bracket that was my dads, but it is UP!!! and those beautiful colors are flying in front of my humble little home :):):)!!!!! i am truly truly happy about that. its my heart. its happy and grateful and proud and resolute.
    its just fantastic too, like a blessing, that we have had a rather strong breeze all day too so its not just hanging down straight, you can see the circle of 13 white stars really well :):):).
    also ordered a dozen of the 12 inch by 18 inch Gadsen flags in yellow -- the one with the coiled snake on it that says DONT TREAD ON ME (they had them on sale for one dollar) and some of that same size of the 1776 flags, so i hung one of the Gadsens under the giant 1776 flag and put both smaller versions in a couple of other places outside. all decorated up for July TWO, but will leave them up year round now.
    i feel like wearing them!
    maybe i should get a Gadsen hat!! but would rather have the Culpeper version that says


    1. Glad to hear you are happy with your flags, that is good. We don't have the same internal attachment to our flag, probably because QEII managed to breed that sentiment out of us. We did not develop the same way since we started out as a strongly British Colony and we still can't get rid of her. How the Brits have come to cherish the monarchy and their admiration for Lizzie and company is beyond me. If they only knew, well there many that do know and would be happy to fling these pikers into the English Channel and have them swim to Iceland. Our flag has been something that the government has attached itself to while at the same time discouraging the population from becoming too attached to.

      "Admire your flag from a long distance you little people, and leave the heavy lifting to us" that seems to be the profile. America developed so much differently and it's not surprising that the monarchy desired to keep the colonies as uniformly the same as would allow. Trying to maintain that attachment to Lizzie as a head of state is one way they accomplish that attachment.

      We aren't encouraged to think about liberty which technically should be properly referred to as freedom. Liberty is what sailing crews are granted as shore leave when not on the ships of commerce.

      If only people knew what really goes on.

  18. It is time Paul and Anna decide to publish a detailed draft of a complaint with several of the material attachments on the public record documents with the
    various , Inc places, the birth certificate registry and the clear valid paperwork backing how the fraud took place. The public and lawyers would pay greatly for this work and thereafter decide if it is fileable in each of the States and Territories. the Puerto Rico filings, the Scotland filings and more.

    1. i:woman believe it is the attorneys who do it.


  19. TRUTH,
    thank you for the refs for haeler, heiland. will look for them.


  20. i think the problem is we are told to go to the Attach-er/Attacker to report the Attach-ment/Attack and ask the Attach-er/Attacker to stop the Attach-ments/Attacks.

    1. ....driving around acting like...
      ....and alot of men dont care...
      ....they would love the attention from another man....
      my point is (should there actually BE men like this) they need to be cut loose so they can enjoy setting another man over themselves... :):) and then both can pretend like the one who wants to be subservient is a....whatever...
      no problem.
      who cares?
      i dont.

      frankly watching men who arent men try to push themselves off on other people as if they were actual men....or women :).... has grown very very old.
      they need to just go do whatever it is they do and "butt" the hell out of other peoples business. :):):) oh! haha!! joke!! joke!! im feelin' silly!! haha!!
      "butt" seriously though.... yes, it looks like it may be A Big Club, and some have said azzfecking is the price of admittance to That Club?:):):) "butt" idk. then i guess they just do whatever another man who is higher up in the "Pecking"Order tell them????:):):) if so, it sounds like a stupid, sloveny, and very "shitty" existence.
      just asking though, just speculating, just trying to put puzzle pieces together here ... , thats all.:) i know nothing about any Big Clubs "crap" first hand. :):)


    2. alright, i know that was overkill...:):):) "butt" just feelin silly... [couldnt help it,... it was *right there*! ].

    3. but anyway, theres A LOT of pure speculation that "THEIR Military" that isnt American but they didnt tell the American people that, so i think its "Traffickking/ equivalent":

      that thid azzfevking issue, if any, may be being forced upon some of the young recruits. its SPECULATED by some that that MAY be a big cause of all of these VeteranSuicides.

      if so, this will not pass: that is,
      since there were so many Articles about The UN )eacekerpping Firces Ray ping sons and daughters and OTHERS, too, it most certainly does raise serious questions that absolutely MUST be answered i:woman do say.


    4. so it looks like those weak cowards who are nothing, i mean seriously, dont get mad at *me*, theyre *not*,... are probably helping with the d rugge and or othertraffivclkibgthe mikitery is, some say, involved in since the 1940s or before????
      we people require answers to these very basic questions and it is so.


    5. woweewowwow!
      so often,...just about every time i mention the words "TheMilitary" on here or on the phone then within about 5 to 10minutes it sounds like TheMilitary type of aircraft goes over/really close by my little home!!! what a coinkydink!!!! geepers! :):):)

      its sorta creepy-ish-y.!
      youd start to think they were "surveilling" me, if you didnt know they are too honorable and brave, like they tell everybody they are, to do stuff like that!! haha!!... since youd have to be a stupid loser psuzzieazz that cant be it....
      just series of coincidences i suppose :):).

    6. well, i mean unless it actually turns out to be TRUE that "THEIR Militaey" is involved in horrible stuff like bioweapons labs, (HR 2799, 2001, Rep Dennis Kucinchich, The Space Preservation Act); trafficking, and such the like.... then, all would have to be re-evaluated at that point.... but thats just rumoring right now... i think.



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