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Thursday, January 6, 2022

GLOBAL ALERT: An estimated 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to vaccine death

 That could exterminate BILLIONS if not stopped in the next year

This is a red alert for humanity. We have less time remaining than you might think.

I’ve done some rough math, and it’s beyond alarming. It spells the end of human civilization if we don’t stop the vaccine holocaust in the next 365 days.

As estimates and projections show below, as long as “clot shot” covid vaccines are being administered around the world, about ten million people each day are being put on an irreversible countdown to vaccine death. For each day that these vaccine shots continue, in other words, roughly ten million people will likely die over the next decade, based on these projections. (See the math below.)

This explains why Biden and other world leaders don’t care about legal challenges and the rule of law. They know that if they can bully these vaccines into people for just one more year, they will murder over 3.5 billion more human beings from vaccine-induced deaths that kick in over the next decade.

That’s why we have less time remaining than you might think. And that’s why the vaccine zealots don’t care if they get stopped over the next 2-3 years by court challenges. By then it’s too late for humanity.

Even if we stop all covid vaccines right now, we’re likely to still see between one and two billion deaths over the next decade as vaccine deaths take their toll. (See the numbers below.)

Disclaimer: The numbers presented here are estimates and projections based on early data available now. These estimates may substantially improve or worsen as new data become available. These conclusions are subject to change based on new data as it is released for total mortality, cancer deaths and other factors. These conclusion are not peer-reviewed. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. See below for full details.

By the way, remember that Reuters “fact checkers” are all compromised because Reuters is the propaganda arm of Pfizer. They share some of the same board members. The job of Reuters is to pump out Pfizer disinformation and label it “facts.” These so-called “facts” are then used to suppress the truth on social media platforms like Facebook. It’s all a grand evil conspiracy involving Pfizer, Reuters, Facebook and a true depopulation agenda to mass murder billions of human beings.

Read the entire article here:


  1. This is an e-mail I wrote my 31 year old step daughter, whom is a mother of two youngins yesterday (01-05-22).
    At 22:30 minute marker “X22 report” finally brings up what I queried to you in my December 31, 2021 E-Mail [Cloth Masks are useless-CNN’s Leana Wen(Shill)], and have been saying this;
    "For two years there has been nobody, and I do mean nobody that has made a public statement regarding the proper disposal of used masks. After all they are contaminated, thus requiring them (used masks) to be treated as a biological hazard. What is the protocol that is implemented when dealing with this type of biological hazard. I brought this up two years ago in order to open up peoples eyes to the charade that was a comedic being played on the whirled stage."
    Seems strange to me as once again that after I posted/posited something electronically within days it is said on a larger public platform. If your not reposting my emails, then this could only give rise that I am being "listened in on” and my suspicions I have had that there are spy mechanisms being employed should be quite evident.

    I just saw an article where one of these electronic bots recommended for a youngster to put a penny across a plug that was halfway inserted into an outlet. This seemed to be trending on some social media site as some sort of “Dare” type of thing to do. Those of US that have our wits about US know better, however a stupid “Bot” that is just dealing with Logarithms (algorithms), has no core concepts of right/wrong. Whereas the same could be said about the “Upper Elite”. This is why no matter how much intellect the intellectuals seem to act that “they” possess, they themselves are also flawed in their being as the rest of US. So no matter what “They” invent, or “Create” it will be as flawed as “They” are.

    The simple suggestion that one should put a penny across the two terminals of a plug that is halfway inserted into an outlet should be proof enough of how easy it is to cause this man made machine to regurgitate flawed data, and then to make others believe it has some weight because “It is backed by Science”. Those that unwittingly ascribe to this “Religion” are totally lost, and have no feelings ie., automatons or in today’s culture they would be referred to as “zombies”.

    This also should show how easy it is to cause such a "smart machine" to fall flat on it’s preverbal face. It should also be quite evident by what I have brought to light why“They”have shut down most of the information that conflicts with “their” narrative.
    This goes back to the old adage of “Garbage in = garbage out”. If a Machine is programmed with only a limited amount of“Data” and is reserved/revered as the main repository, and only source of intellectual knowledge, then a whole Society can be manipulated , and brainwashed as well to believe in like manner. Meaning; that a lie has now become the truth, and The Truth which has been hidden or obfuscated now, will rarely if at all be accepted.

    Remember the question that I ask everyone who puts on airs of how smart they are;
    When ewe were being educated were ewe given a different book than ewer fellow classmates?

  2. within a few minutes of posting this, my comment was DELETED!
    here it is in summary:

    Mary Magdalene anointed jesusyahshua for his *BURIAL*, not his Earthly Ministry!!!

    be careful everybody!
    "annainc" appears to be spiritually ignorant concerning the book imo.

    1. look in luke 4. he was LED by the Spirit into the wolderness.
      he left under the Power of the Spirit.
      he stood up and read, " the Spirit if the Lord is upon me..." like isaiah 61:1!

      he didnt need oil.
      neither do we.
      its symbolic, ritual, ceremonial and carries no power.

      its the thoughts and INTENTS of mans heart that have power!

      dont be fooled!

      looks like "annainc" has perhaps not studied to show themselves approved?!

  3. seance: science

    just some thoughts:

    then add,
    theo- (god):
    -ry (associated with): = scientific theo-ry? as in: the blackarts pre-tending to be associated with god?

    1. i just tried to listen to that video where the man named martin (w/ the bow tie) talks about social security running out, having to increase the young American peoples payin to 15%, AND also reduce the retired Americans payout by 20%...

      omg, hes just soooooo convincing... NOT.

      My first thought was, Hey! "The Promise" to people who worked 50 years and were told we HAD to PayIn when most of us didnt want to, could be kept by ......NOT GIVING OUR "PAYINS" TO THE PEOPLE CRASHING THE BORDER --- IN $5000.00 A MONTH PAYMENTS.
      i am really so sick of these smirking half-wits who still dont seem to realize the GASLIGHTING isnt working anymore.

      funny thing though.... they WILL be finding the money to pay everyone... watch! my guess is:
      there will come a time when their own masters and handlers throw them away like a used kleanxx and will actually enjoy watching their (*former*) minions be taken all the way down. They have no attachments to their minions...
      and besides, NObody likes a snitching liar... even the men who hire them.

  4. Prussian scheme - Wikipedia

    Frederick William I of Prussia - Wikipedia
    “His father had successfully acquired the title of king for the margraves of Brandenburg. On ascending the throne in 1713 (the year before his maternal grand-mother’s death and the ascension of his maternal uncle George I of Great Britain to the British throne)…”

    Prince Henry of Prussia (1726–1802) - Wikipedia–1802)
    “When he was only 14, Henry was appointed as Colonel of the 35th Infanterieregiment by Frederick after he became king in 1740”

    Potsdam Giants - Wikipedia
    I added this in only because my Grand Mother showed me her father’s gold wedding ring which was 2 inches in diameter(Inside Diameter), and then made the statement that I should of seen her brother Otto’s hands. My dad had made the same comment about his Uncle Otto’s hands, along with him saying that Uncle Otto would have been an excellent Surgeon because of this. The Surgeon part still perplexes me, unless it is needed to have this attribute for reattaching Tendons, and other extremely hard surgical procedures. Uncle Otto, and his Father had their own Machine Shop, that built parts for Allis Chalmers which was located on the outskirts of Milwaukee Wisconsin, along with running a Farm,and a Tavern. Big boys to say the least. My dad was 5’ 10’, 225 lbs. and they called him little Louie.

    Prince Henry of Prussia (1862–1929) - Wikipedia–1929)
    “He was also a grandson of Queen Victoria."

    All the above “Persons” seem to be so closely related that one can only conclude that there has been an ongoing “plan” for generations to either control, or liquidate all others. It would be very interesting to see “their” hand book that they have been educated with. If only to know how a 14 year old boy becomes a Colonel over a regiment. There also is a lot of other strange anomalies written about these Charlatans within these links.

  5. I don’t remember why I got to Cliff’s channel, I have my own reservations about him, however he brought forth some interesting facts on this video below titled; “lumpy woo”
    A commenter added this to his video;
    Lelabear 2 days ago
    Don't forget the Patent Office Fire of 1836...which was suspected arson;
    The new Patent Office burned down again in 1877;
    These fires conveniently destroyed all the models and paperwork of inventions filed up to that point. They had to restart the Patent numbering system over again, any patent recovered from before the fires was called an X patent. Really;
    Here are the wiki pages for the above comment;
    X patent;
    1836 - Wikipedia;
    1836 U.S. Patent Office fire - Wikipedia;
    1877 - Wikipedia;
    1877 U.S. Patent Office fire - Wikipedia;

    This is bringing a bit of clarity for me to all the recent “great inventors/architects” that have been touted to US as our so called American History.

  6. Old "Gab News" emailed this to me a couple of days ago.
    Great Men Of Christ: St. John Chrysostom – Gab News
    Growing up, and surrounded by a "Greek" Community this information about St. John Chrysostom was never spoken about. This I find quite odd because of how The Greek Orthodox Church has put him on such a high pedestal, while omitting this pertinent information to his staunch stance that is undeniably a major part of differentiating between "Christianity", and "Judaism". Islam wasn't invented yet...
    This is added for a little more clarification.
    Internet History Sourcebooks Project

  7. With all this (and more) I am beginning to mentally entertain the notion that all these so called “Princes”, and “Great Leaders” were not men at all, but actually women. What better way to get a band of miscreants to lay their lives on the line, than to get them to fight for the honor of some “Damsel in Distress”. It worked really well for “Helen of Troy”, “Joan of Ark”, “The Mother Church”, “Lady Liberty”… and with all the LBGQTXYZ that has become so prevalent through out the whirled stage, it wouldn’t surprise me that this is a major part of “their playbook”. There’s an old saying that I heard many times growing up in my old neighborhood;
    “Pimpin' ain’t easy”. Take notice; a "Pimp" doesn't care who or what he long as he's pimpin'.

    1. according to the FEC
      The TRUMP-THING recvd $1million from Pfizzyr to help fund his 2017 inaug.

      special report on infowars now

    2. report implied thats why TRUMPTHING is pushing vakx + broosters and/or took pfizzyr jabberry himself!!!?
      (maybe he was lied to??????)

  8. Netf#@x, has a mini series titled "Cobra Kai" it's all about the lives of the two main actors that were in the movie "Karate Kid" after they both grew up. "RALPH MACCHIO" and his nemesis "WILLIAM ZABKA" sure seem to resemble two very famous actors now that they are older. ("ROBERT STACK", and "DUSTIN HOFFMAN")(notice how I CAPITOLIZED these actor's "real names" just like they are when the credits at the end of a Movie roll past). What is strange is that the "Character's Name" that these actors have taken the role to portray is written in Proper English.
    The really old movies(silent), along with many Foreign Films the actors actual names were not capitalized.
    Every time I see "Jeffrey Prather" "GENE HACKMAN" seems to be doing all the talking..


    "David says that Peter Daszak,left,of EcoHealth Alliance and Anthony Fauci were the architects of the pandemic and of the plan to profit on the forced-vaxxination of everybody on the planet, which goes back to at least 2016 in a document titled "Developing Medical Countermeasures (MCMs) for Coronavirus", which is part of the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences".

    Daszak wrote to Fauci, "We need to increase the public understanding of the need for medical countermeasure, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond when they see profit at the end of the process."

    David says the above statement is "An admission of 5 felonies in the United States...and not a single governor, not a single Department of Justice member, not a single US attorney, not a single attorney general, not a single elected official in this country will actually allow this quote to go into the public record.

    So guess what? It's on you to do it. This is the quote you need to send to every elected representative, every single appointed representative, every school board. This is an admission of a felony criminal conspiracy to kill and maim Americans...[That document] is when the criminal conspiracy was made public."

    And this is one that's going to be awkward for many of you to embrace, but I don't care, because sometimes, we have to embrace a hard truth: On September 18, 2019...the World Health Organization, in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board gathering, got together and said that we need to create a global simulation of the release of a respiratory pathogen, which was going to go from September of 2019 to September of 2020. A global campaign.

    The day after that document was published, President Donald Trump signed this Executive Order [13887] and I want you to read what's in this Executive Order. These vaccine platform technologies include DNA, mRNA, virus-like S-particles, vector-based and self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines.

    The day after the Chinese, the NIAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in criminal conspiracy, in interlocking directorates, in racketeering, declared...war on the world, Donald Trump signed an executive order actually mandating that the toxin be released on the public. Right there it is, in his Executive Order."

    The following child is one of their many victims......

    Sara Jessica Blattner 14 Years old, USA Vaccine: Pfizer Dose 1: June 2021 Dose 2: None, Died: October 12, 2021. Sara Jessica Blattner, was a 14-year-old Israeli American girl who took her first and only dose of the Pfizer injection in June 2021.

    Nurse confirms everyone who has had the vaccine is a "ticking time bomb  for cancer and other illnesses'

    1. And did you know that every single illegal immigrant is given Ivermectin by this government? Why you ask?  Because Illegal immigrants are a separate and distinct political status who are not covered by laws of the US Congress. Therefore if they were given the "vaczzines", they could potentially sue the vaczzine makers for any injury or deaths. Congress wants to protect the vaczzine makers from lawsuits, that's why they gave Big Pharma the vaczzine liability exemption.

      Since American Nationals (Non Resident Aliens) are a separate political status as well, shouldn't they also have the right to sue for vaczzine injuries?

    2. What proof(Documentations)can ewe provide of ewer status of being a "Non Resident Alien"? Ewer "drivers license"?... Ewer "birth certificate"?... Ewer "passport"?...
      Where does one apply for this "Non Resident Alien" card?

    3. I don't have it handy, I have to find it but I'll get you some proof. When you apply for a passport you do indicate on the application that you're an American National and you will receive a passport that doesn't say American National but it will be different than the passport issued to the US Corp citizens.

    4. Yes Ready, Copper Moonshine Stills has a process for doing this, however one must keep in mind who, or what is manufacturing this "Passport", under what authority, is there verifiable proof that the man, or woman has been stated as such on this "Passport" exclusively as an "American National", or better yet an "Ohioan", Wisconsinite", West Virginian...Will it be regarded as a Lawful Identifier and held in Honor by our Contractors/ "GORVERNMENT CORPORATIONS"?

    5. And that last question brings US right back to the beginning.

    6. There is no American National Driver's license that I know of because each state has its own license requirements. I believe the Supreme Court has stated that you aren't required to possess a drivers license to operate a vehicle in a non commercial capacity. But it's a catch 22 because you must have insurance to cover any accidents and no insurance carrier will insure you without a state drivers license. You can self insure but it's very expensive.

      It appears that once you file "Anna's paperwork" - down to one page now, your state coordinator can offer an ID card indicating your American National status. I don't know how far along they are completing that or if they have even verified with policing authorities as to whether those authorities would honor such an ID. Check with your state coordinator for that information.

      I can say that one night I sat in on a call where a gentleman stated that his brother was a police officer and during a traffic stop, when the officer ran the ID, it came back flashing in red "DO Not Detain".

      The following gentleman has a resource library and a wealth of information and forms that you can print out for free about the revocation of election, passports, etc.

      Nonresident Alien (American National)

      "An individual is a nonresident alien if such individual is neither a citizen of the United States nor a resident of the United States. (The "United States" is defined here as the District of Columbia, Washington DC)

      26 USC 7701(b)(1)(B)
      "Understand that the statutes of 26 USC §6013(g) relate to those American Nationals (Non-Resident Aliens as defined by Title 26) as the authority for the effective exercise of the ability to revoke the election, and that you can never file another Federal Income Tax return again."