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Thursday, August 26, 2021

"Science" has not yet isolated the Sars-CoV-2 virus

 Kary Mullis, 1992 nobel prize winning chemist for inventing the PCR test protocol, always maintained that, despite his many calls for "scientists" to provide evidence of the AIDS virus (HIV), he was NEVER able to obtain such proof.  

In like manner, this doctor (below) -- Dr. Tom Cowan -- maintains that, despite his efforts and that of others he has worked with, he has NEVER seen any documented proof of a study that isolated the Sars-CoV-2 virus.  He does this in rather plain language.

As you might know, the HIV was made known to the world in TWO ARTICLES IN THE SAME MAGAZINE in 1983, and both authors disputed the other's claim all the way into 2008 (25 years)!!.  (See link following.)  Yet, Mullis maintained even to his death that neither author nor anyone on their teams ever provided the core science that would prove the existence of the virus.  So, Mullis always doubted that the HIV existed. [He always maintained that Dr. Gallo, the American, was a fraud because he never provided the world with an isolate and the science which could duplicate isolation.]

    Who discovered the HIV?    --->

In like manner, today, Dr. Tom Cowan, MD, maintains that no isolate of the Sars-CoV-2 virus exists.  This is asking, What is making people sick with what we call, Covid19?  While his questions are important, what some people suggest to be the case -- yet to be proven -- is that the virus MAY exist, but would show to be an engineered virus incapable of arising in Nature.  So, without an isolate, the question remains:  Has humanity been undergoing a mass hysteria for the last 22 months?

Can anyone reading this provide proof of an isolated Sars-CoV-2 virus?


  1. "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenburg. What if the illness is a result of increase EMF's in varied ranges being turned up instead, like was noted with the initial roll out of Cellular networks in the US in the 90s?

    1. ....and there ya go.

    2. comment for present "the federal republic--" article that has its comment section closed:

      "As I have explained in the past, and must now explain again, the Federal Republic was the American Federal Services Subcontractor. It was owned and operated by the Confederation of States,..."


      prove it.

      stop repeating your wordscrambles and prove it.
      just step up and put it out there for all of us to observe.

      i do.

      when i comment about it, i furnish the proof that the States of America was not and could never have been a Federation. or a Republic.
      they are Free and Independent States. reference: final parag. Decl of Indep.

      and never became a Federation or a Republic before being lawfully ratified to be a Confederated Union. reference: Articles of Conf and Perpet Union.

      they've never been a Federated Republic since either.

      see there "anna", i just did it again.

      you do it now, okay?
      its your turn.

    3. alot of shelbys postings that keep getting deleted seem to be dealing with the FACT that a trait of so many of these SYSTEMS and (FALSE) CLAIMS made pertaining to us and our property are based on MYTHS and

      im going to use vulgarish type sarcasm, to make my point, so:
      WARNING!!! DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING COMMENT if it might offend you!!

    4. WARNING!!!!!!!! Here it is!

      "hey, so like what?:
      some halfwitted Spooka ma'dooCuss who was sprungoff from his habpersbaeiourg -jawed grampappy and one of his own pinheaded family members, both whose deformed brain is the size of a kumquat; and they squeaked out ole scoobymadoofusjunior who was masterbxxxing one night and imagined a suck- u- bus was doing it to him; and so they started believing that theyre all kings now because ole scoobyma'sasquatch imagined a ink- yr- buss visited him and had xxx with him?
      And offwithyerhed if you say its not true??


      OH HERES A DILLY: mine is the un-ROMAN-ticized version:

      BRO AND SISSIE xxxxx and did xxxx and xxyyzzxxx; then 14 PIECES LATER, A FISH ATE THE "WEINIE PIECE".
      im completely serious: its insulting.

    5. nature and logic says they are merely people who broke the laws of nature and natures god and had sex with their own close family members and have offspring with various deformities, including head, brain, jaw, eyes.

      that doesnt make them kings or leaders!

    6. about these next three articles that dont allow comments:

      these are just alot of words for:
      "they're selling people."
      "to each other."

      we need to focus on American common law restoration because
      these people have been:
      1. secretively making false claims on other peoples' property
      2. and SELLING it to EACH OTHER.
      3. using the names of the peoples' countries to cover it up
      4. while pretending to be Public Officers.

      it is as simple as that.

      whatever else they call things doesnt matter... because this is what theyre doing.

      theyre selling people to one another
      and those peoples property.

    7. in the "we choose life..." article above that wont allow comments:

      those labor bonds are false claims/"fraud" on another mans property: his labor.
      YOUR labor.

      why is "anna" even recognizing them? much less arguing over them and participating in trading them as if they were lawful agreements when theyre not?
      the people never authorized them.
      theyre slavery bonds on the people!

    8. "why isnt "anna" standing up to the men who made those fraud dockuments up?... instead of arguing over whether she will accept gold for them or not???!!!! :):):)

    9. the people NEVER AUTHORIZED THEM!
      we, people, do NOT have a contract with these thieves, much less a slave contract!

    10. secondly, "anna" said the MUNICIPAL corporation has DISCHARGED ALL THEIR DEBTS around Nov. 5, 2020. if true, then those slave bonds anna says shes holding HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISCHARGED! (in their system.)

      that then, might make them just a "prop" for a narrative, if any, ...... like a charley horse running off with a pittance of gold in exchange for millions of peoples labor for 160 years, and for the land?

      if true, it would be easy enough for one participant to "win all the remedy" .... then split the purse behind closed doors with the "loser" participants.

      . im not saying anyone even thought of doing that, im just saying it could be done.
      then the "loser" participants could go back and tell "their people", oh well i tried my best, but SneakyHorse ran away with all the gold and theres nothing i can do about it now!!
      but i will keep trying!!

      you know, kinda like the "election".
      just speculating!

    11. speculating because there is no lawful reason for anyone to be dealing with Fraud Slave Bonds.

      they must be just kept to show proof of false claims.
      thats where their recognizable lawful worth is.
      imo. jus sayin.

    12. ***open up the comment sections***
      for each article, unless youre scared of the feedback you know youll get!! :):):)
      pertaining to the new article "why i reacted":
      1. you are NOT Fiduciary or anything else to do with the original The United States of America and you know it and so do most of us reading this blog!!
      As a matter of fact (and law) you cannot prove, and havent proven, you have any lawful authority at all. prove it.
      2. you, too, seem to be trying to make a claim on other peoples property through claims on the Slave Labor Bonds that are frauds from the beginning. prove your authority to be doing these things... your claims of are not enough. prove it.
      3. the military doesnt do anything unwittingly; what they do is always carefully planned out and highly co-ordinated and we all know it.

      its illogical for you to say you have bearer bonds but someone else is collecting on them. impossible. illogical. prove it.

      and besides, you said the Municipal debt was discharged in november 2020! if so, then them being viable even in that system is baloney.


      until you prove all this and more, just cut the "boo-hoo CHIEF CharlieHorse stole the fraud labor slave bearer bonds from me, oh yeh, the Military was involved too, but they didnt mean to.... they UNWITTINGLY gave CharleryHorse billions of dollars in gold"!!!

      its the british crown;

      its the vatican;

      and its the BANKERS:

      who owe EVERYBODY whose property they made false claims on!!

      you know it and so do 70% of the readers here!!!

      and they cannot do a got'ammd thing about it except PAY IT ALL BACK!! :):)

      HEY! and you know that too! :):)

      they took it.
      theyre paying it back.
      were not. :):)

      and if someone ran off with billions in gold, well, they wont be traveling too fast: so
      im sure the "witless" USMILITARY can catch up with them.

      and so it is.

      janmarie:woman :):):)

    13. Ahh, the wonderful world of foisting rhetorical questions on others [what a Mind F***]

      Instead Here it is folks: 
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
      “The REASON Our Bonds Cannot Fund the RV” By Anna Von Reitz

      So, the Vatican is obliged to return all the "clearinghouse certificates" -- that is, Bearer Bonds, belonging to the Americans who were swept up in this scheme, but what they return are the paper certificates, not the modern digital records needed to manage the assets and return them. We object. We ask for the digital records to expedite the process of repatriation.”

      Well from the above statement one would have to surmise that Anna has at least over a billion of these things(at least 3 generations of Americans at roughly 300million per generation), and no wonder that the digital records should accompany them.
      I would also add that once mine is located within this stack that a forensic accounting is performed, and all those that were a party to it’s trade in “their sea of commerce” be exposed, and called to account. I will make the determination whether or not to forgive them based upon their over all complicity with other Birth Certificates that they are attached to. I think a good determination is if the ones that are attached to mine are only attached 489 others forgiveness is due, but if they are attached to 490 others plus mine then they were well aware of what they were doing and no quarter should then be offered. This determination towards enacting Justice upon these Cretans is only because they have shown how they love “their numbers” so much.

    14. within 5-6 minutes of posting the comment above that is partially about the military: (at either 10:19 am or maybe 10:20) there was a military helicopter sound over or else very close to my home. i couldnt see it tho.
      it was loud. i could hear it noticeably, coming toward where i am located for around 15 seconds, maybe more, before it actually sounded like it was right over or almost right over my home.

      in times past, that seemed to happen up to about 80% or MORE of time when i made comments on the cell phone or online that were, to me, even mildly critical of same or of the US CORPS-E.

      ?might the VATICAN OWNED, BRITISH CROWN RUN USMILITARY INCORPORATION or a doppleganger be tear. er izing the true American people????
      We will find out.

      if they claim they have a contract with the American people;
      and IF they are tear. rr izing the true American people, i damm-well better be taking a look at that contract and see where the hell they claim we hired them to terrr rr ize us, because i'd want to scratch that effin part out!! :):):)
      the ones, if any, who are doing this type of thing to Americans, are pigs.
      the others, who are not, are some of our many, many respected and beloved heroes.

      its probably just co-incidental... you know, the
      dozens or more of times over the past 5+ years.

      if they ARE doing this type of thing on purpose:
      no one speaks for me and
      i didnt lawfully authorize it and


      janmarie, woman.

    15. Oh by the way Anna, I believe that all these digital records for each of the “Birth Certificates” of “ours” are located in “their “ respective County Probate Digital Database. Years ago when I tried to turn this thing in which was to no avail I subsequently went to the Probate Court to file a case on it. The Clerk who was helping me was overridden by the actual Probate Judge that was able to access a deeper data Base than what the Clerk was able to access. There was about five others that had similar names as mine which I informed her were not me, however when she got to mine her demeanor changed and she got real quiet, and starting reading the many attributes that were written about this thing, and then she said it died in 1990. This was too much I had to leave. This is when I figured it out that all these “Birth Certificates” are actually “Death Certificates”

    16. Also, if you have these Clearing house Certificates in your possession I would like to have my Great Grandfather’s, and Great Grandmother’s through the Generations along with mine. I know what to do with them as the living heir.

    17. I meant to write; Also, since you have these Clearing house Certificates in your possession...
      (Not if, right?)

    18. this is getting sicker by the minute.

    19. so i would presently have to conclude, or at least consider, they are like modern-day
      G R A V E R O B B E R S.

    20. making people sick on purpose too?

    21. not sorry... trying to ramp it all up rather than close it down.
      exposing it all so they can setitoff on their "books" and close their accounts "in honor"
      before "Baal" -- their religious excuse for trespass and their wrongdoing.

      hope thats wrong, thats pretty bleak.

    22. Why am I in demand to have this thing ie., Clearing house Certificates relinquished to me? It is an order; to have a forensic accounting, and know of everyone involved that"capitolized" off of this estate.
      Especially if I recognize any of the these schmucks names. Because that would be the worst, to know that someone that I knew was acting as a friend, or close family member, heck even maybe the Church that I was baptized at as an "infant", possessed insider information the whole time accessing my heritage funds, and was either waiting for it's maturity date, or worse my demise.

    23. So lets figure out what size the room would have to be to house a billion 8.5”X11” sheets of paper. Lets keep the numbers simple. Only because at the end of this exercise the numbers get so large that it probably doesn’t matter and every one can do this in their own head. So let’s get started.
      A ream @ 2”=500 shts. (Takes up about 1 square foot) Thus 2 reams @ 4”=1000 sheets
      (6 reams takes up about 1 cubed foot)
      A 10’ X 10’ room=100 square feet (approximately 1 ream per square foot)
      A 10’ X 10’ X 10’ room = 1000 cubed feet (approximately 6 reams per cubed foot)
      100 sq, ft. X 1,000sheets/sq. ft.= 100,000 sheets @4” thick
      Thus one 10’ X10’ room can have 100,000 sheets of paper that would be 4” high on it’s floor (100,000 sheets @4” thick in a 10’ X10’ room)
      Thus at 8” there would be 200,000 sheets
      At 12” there would be 300,000 sheets
      So in a 10’ X 10’ room there would be 300,000 sheets of paper 1’ high
      Now if the room was 10’ high this room could hold 3,000,000 sheets of paper(10’X10’X10’) or (3,000 sheets per cubic foot X 1,000 cubic feet)
      Thus a 1000 cubic feet can hold 3,000,000 sheets of paper (3 million sheets)
      10 of these rooms could hold 30,000,000 sheets of paper (30 million sheets)
      100 of these rooms would be 300,000,000 sheets of paper (300 million sheets)
      300 of these rooms would be 900,000,000 sheets of paper (900 million sheets)
      300 of these 10’ X 10’ rooms could house 900,000,000 8.5” X 11” sheets of paper.
      Now let’s see how many tractor trailers would be needed;
      A semi trailer is 94″ in width and 102″ in height.
      53 ft semi-trailers have a capacity of 3,489 cu ft
      So approx. one trailer can hold 10,000,000 sheets of paper.
      It would then require 90-100 Semi tractor trailers to hold 900 million-1 billion 8.5” X 11” pieces of paper.
      What a convoy. Imagine the logistics involved in that long haul, and the transfer into a newly secured building(s) that can handle all this paper weight. Not to mention the high level of Security that is needed, after all this is now our “American National Security”, or at least the proof of a massive fraud that was perpetrated against US all.
      Remember this is only for the three to four generations of people in the 50 states, which is probably only a tenth of the total “Clearing house Certificates” that have been manufactured against everyone whirled wide.

      Now does it become clearer why the twin towers were atomized. Along with Building 7. 

    24. You will notice those colonial records I had been posting about this fraud that dates back to what I can tell the early 1600's have now been removed from the internet?

      I'd say they were moved to their private servers you know the ones taken over in that Global Resources LLC 175 million IP address tranfer that took place right before ole humpty dumpty left office?
      Their office, Global Resources LLC is located in PLANTATION Florida folks

      Check in to something labeled a PERSON ID and a FAMILY ID

      And not sure if folks caught this but here

      Did the birth certificate that you ordered and paid for from the vital statistics provider have a BAR CODE on it?

      Mine did

      Every barcode has the number 666 embedded in it

      Did you send photo copies of those birth certificates to Anna here?
      Does she have access to read the bar codes that were put on those vital statisic certificates of live birth furnished to you?

      Look at your 'certificates' see if yours has a BAR CODE on it

      I have returned the ones that I had requested to the vital statistics department - they are tainted records, they are not valid records

      And BAR code funny name when you think about it
      Every PRODUCT on the earth has to have a BAR CODE and they are putting barcodes on the vital records you are requesting from them????

    25. Your request and your signature and the acceptance of those tainted birth records links you to the FAMILY ID

      And if you went futher and had them so called 'authenticated' and supplied two witneeses that attested to the fact that what is in those records is actually you the flesh and blood being



      Two witnesses

      Because of the severe obligations imposed by the shetar, the contents of the instrument followed a standard form designed to ensure authenticity and precision.
      Each shetar recited standard clauses of obligation, the creditor's right to customary modes of execution, and a final phrase stating that the document was not merely a form but a statement of an express contract.
      Inserted into the form language were the names of the parties, the sum and the currency of the debt, and the date of the obligation, thereby indicating the creation of the lien.
      To prevent fraud, the document was signed by two witnesses who knew the parties.

      NOTES: In the first one referred to as an instrument
      A standard form to INSURE not ensure authenticity and precision

      Clauses of obligation
      Creditors right to customary modes of EXECUTION
      Final phase stating the document (not an instrument now) and not merely a form but an EXPRESS CONTRACT

      You best start looking at this stuff and copy down my comments as soon as you see them else you will never see them

      My comments and even information I have exposed that was on line and part of so called geneological history are now being removed or moved where only those who are supposed to see get to see

    26. Last page of the following

      Most important, the encumbrance of real property permitted by the Jewish
      Law of the shetar had been adopted by English law. Bonds contained the
      traditional Hebrew formula pledging "all my goods, movable and immovable."184
      Creditors had the statutory right to execute against the debtor's land.
      No longer were personal obligations and rights in land rigidly separate. Even while Edward was divesting himself of his Jewish moneylenders, he made their legacy permanent. A small but significant principle of Jewish Law, wherein personal debt superseded rights in real property, had become the law of the land.
      Judith A. Shapiro

      You will notice the name SHAPIRO

      This is from the late 1600's right before they put all their other shit in motion like the fake federal reserve and their land trust they conjured up in the early 1900's just before they plunged the populace in to a living hell

      And this time around it will be a digital mark and UBI for those left standing and think they are living on Gods Kingdom on Earth

      And here we have a SHAPIRO today


      And just how do those two witnesses you provided to Anna provide them with the proof they need to attest to the now given and signed for facts that you are in fact their debtor

    28. The outcome of this good versus evil fairy tale is not Gods Kingdom on earth

      Brought to you by the families and the corporations they own and they can produce you in to submission
      There is a flavor for everyone
      Pick your poison

      How many are choosing God
      Raise your hand

      Who are you pledgin allegiance to

      Remember they have that Death Star Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada

    29. Have a good look

      All the perspective areas folks and it all comes down to rerouting of water and underground activity and things like fracking

      And in the clips you'll see the frmer from CLIMAX farms was interviewed


      NOAA and NOAH there are no COINCIDENCES

      Aquarian Age and Water folks

    30. And gee how convenient an exchange that falls right in line with their agenda

      Green Finance in India

      No couldn't have anything to do with the deliberate destruction of infrastructure to BUILD BACK BETTER now could it

      Nothing to see here SEC or the international courts
      No dots to connect here says the alphabet soup gangs

    31. And gee look the CIA in Swissy Land where their BOOT BANK is and CERN the internet of the earths brain and central nervous system, are located there

      And when you read this one see this part
      4. Switzerland is Jesus (Suisse is ISIS)

      This is the same guy who wrote Greenland Theory in the links above
      Here is the Greenland Theory link

      Romw faked it's death 700 plus years ago and we have been building babylon from the top down ever since
      Their final step is you to self govern volunteer and submit

    32. And did you catch that Prince Phillip dies at 99 on April 9th
      Flip the 9's you get 666
      SCROLL down to second article headline

      Funny word there to as in like the dead sea scrolls
      We scroll down all the time to locate and read the translations presented to us

      Couldn't be more in your face than that

    33. And isn't this curious

      CIA Assassinated Latest Kennedy Family Members Gideon McKean & Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean Under the Guise of an Accidental Drowning Back on April 2, 2020

      Sounds like McCain does it not

      And if the Kennedy clan are all fakes then who were these two?

      Hmm isn't there a so called Kennedy in the SPOTLIGHT right now?
      A SACRIFICE for his fame?

      See how easy it is for these guys to pull this shit off

      Never see those two again unless they in disguise and hell the fortresses they have built up around themselves they can stay hidden for years

      Kind of like the other kennedy drowning

      Or the Kennedy that beat up that girl with a golf club but they didn't catch him til 30 years later

      Do you see a pattern of activity here????

      And geez they have compounds they retreat to ya know

      Turns out ole Bush clan has one of these too

      Now as they sell the people a load of bullshit this is the shit they reserve for themselves as they rake in the cash

      Amazing how these places don't get smashed up in those hurricanes

    34. And if they could get away with this one in broad daylight the sky was the limit folks to the bullshit the tv sheeple would fall for

    35. And isn't it funny that humpty dumpty sent pizza to a shit load of 'supporters' outside of the Walter Reed hospital
      Hmm I wonder how many of those folks were extras on the set

      And this writer here says trump feeding the hungry like Jesus
      And if his bio is completely made up then the entire STORY OF TRUMP IS FALSE FAKE ALL OF IT

      And here is the bill they introduced to protect the environment bullshit
      That goes along with this bullshit here
      The forest surveillance grid

      To go along with the Green India shit I posted above
      Ship the folks in from India they'll plant those trees for the ADHR payment on their voucher cards

      And this wax museum fake ass governor here
      Does that governor look like anyone you might have seen before

      Man I tell ya they are really pouring the shit on from all angles

      They created all of it and it keeps growing and growing and eventually they will have their Democratic Federation of Earth brainwashed green environ MENTAL retards

    36. Here they are; Enjoy
      Akron Jewish Community Honors Judge Marvin Shapiro - YouTube
      County Executive Ilene Shapiro
      County of Summit Executive : Summit County, Ohio - Executive Office
      Hope this sheds a little light on why I, and others on Summit Ohio run into so many road blocks for over ten years... It's off the charts...
      Reminds me of a song by "The Undisputed Truth"

  2. This is maybe worth sharing... hope its true.

    "Marine Corps General and acting Joint Chief of Staff Chairman David H. Berger amplified his rhetoric against mandatory vaccinations after Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that all military personnel must immediately begin receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

    The contentious order came days after the corrupt Food & Drug Administration (FDA) gave full approval to Pfizer’s jab. Although it’s beyond the context of this article, RRN is reviewing evidence that Pfizer funneled enormous amounts of cash to the FDA in exchange for approving a drug that has undergone little testing and has sparked a hot debate over safety and efficacy.

    As RRN reported on August 10, Gen. Berger and the Def Sec. had clashed over starkly different opinions on whether an illegitimate administration has authority to impose draconian-style mandates that could potentially endanger America’s fighting forces. Austin had said he answers only to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, and Gen. Berger accused him of “selling your soul to the Devil” for popularity. Gen. Berger had added he would forcibly resist any an all attempts to unlawfully inoculate his Marines.

    Hostility between the two escalated Wednesday morning when Kirby, while taking questions during a press briefing on Afghanistan, mentioned casually that mandatory vaccinations would start at once.

    A source in Gen. Berger’s office told RRN that his office received a memo minutes after the briefing concluded. That memo said 800,000 of the country’s 1,346,000 active-duty personnel, which includes 156,000 Marines, have resisted vaccination. For perspective, those figures represent 59%–a majority-overall and 86% of the Marine Corps.

    In addition, the memo asserted no solider will be granted a waiver, regardless of health or religious affiliation. “If a man or woman is healthy enough to serve in the Armed Forces, he/she is healthy enough to receive a Covid-19 vaccination” and “We can not tolerate the Armed Forces refusing the vaccine due to a conflict with religious beliefs. All U.S. military personnel will be vaccinated, to begin immediately,” were the words bearing Lloyd Austin’s signature.

    Our source said Gen. Berger phoned Austin and uttered only two words— “you’re through”—before feeding the memo to a shredder.

    He insists that Berger’s stance on mandatory vaccinations is unchanged.

    “Berger went to call other high-ranking military officers right after he saw the memo. He was livid,” our source said. “I heard Berger say he’s not going to stand for this and he would muster every asset at his disposal to prevent mandatory vaccinations in the military. He’s usually so well-composed. Never seen such rage in him,” our source said.

    “General Berger doesn’t recognize the Biden administration. He knows power was unlawfully usurped, and the election stolen. He believes the vaccines require much more testing, and that it’s unconstitutional and immoral to use questionable medication on perfectly healthy troops. He is prepared to go down fighting over this,” our source added.

    He claims that Gen. Berger has the support of most of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, including Chief of the Army Gen. James C. McConville, Chief of the Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, and Chief of Naval Operations Michael M. Gilday, all of whom are Trump appointees and all of whom have vowed to depose Kamala Harris and Joe Bide, post haste.



    1. Ahem...yes the FDA used bar attorney style sleight of hand to say that the vaccine was approved, but the truth which is rocketing around the world is somewhat different. The EUA was extended perhaps and the "approval" refers to a yet to be developed or released product.

      That is like saying I will slim down in a couple of years because I expect to stop eating potato chips every day. So for now think of me as skinny. Or like making a promise with your fingers crossed behind your back.

      The FDA cannot absorb the liability associated with an actual approval, they will be eviscerated at a late date when the truth does come out and it will. It was reckless to think they could get away with this, the whole thing is just some psychopath's wet dream and that is all.

  3. This is curious too... look at where 5G is the most built out? same nations being pushed for 100% vaccine uptake? Wuhans 5G is negligible, unless someones editing the 5G map after the fact.

  4. On the LEFT is a current member of the Board of Directors of Pfizer. On the RIGHT is the former FDA Commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer.

    Pfizer got tired of paying billions in fines for illegal marketing practices, bribing physicians, and suppressing adverse trial results so they bought the FDA Commissioner.

    It’s all just one big happy family, ain’t it?!

    Here are just SOME vaccine ingredients. These are being INJECTED into your kids:

    ◾Formaldehyde/Formalin – Highly toxic systematic poison and carcinogen. ◾Betapropiolactone – Toxic chemical and carcinogen.

    ◾Hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide – May cause damage to the liver, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. May cause reproductive effects and birth defects.

    ◾Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum salts – Neurotoxin. Carries risk for long term brain inflammation/swelling, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. It penetrates the brain where it persists indefinitely.

    ◾Thimerosal (mercury) – Neurotoxin. Induces cellular damage, reduces oxidation-reduction activity, cellular degeneration, and cell death. Linked to neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.

    ◾Polysorbate 80 & 20 – Trespasses the Blood-Brain Barrier and carries with it aluminum, thimerosal, and viruses; allowing it to enter the brain.

    ◾Glutaraldehyde – Toxic chemical used as a disinfectant for heat sensitive medical equipment.

    ◾Fetal Bovine Serum – Harvested from bovine (cow) fetuses taken from pregnant cows before slaughter.

    ◾Human Diploid Fibroblast Cells – aborted fetal cells. Foreign DNA has the ability to interact with our own.

    ◾African Green Monkey Kidney Cells – Can carry the SV-40 cancer-causing virus that has already tainted about 30 million Americans.

    ◾Acetone – Can cause kidney, liver, and nerve damage.

    ◾E.Coli – Yes, you read that right.

    ◾DNA from porcine (pig) Circovirus type-1

    ◾Human embryonic lung cell cultures (from aborted fetuses) For more go to………

    1. sickening.

      thanks for posting tho.

  6. Now we know why the Satanic Pfizer Jew CEO won't take his own "vaccine" because their vaccine is their "final solution" for the Jews, Christians and others who worship the one true God . It's also a money maker for these corrupt bastards - notice the never ending "booster shots". And if you see politicians and assorted ilk getting the jab, you can be sure it's only the "Political theater" saline version.

    "I am 59 years old, in good health, my type is not recommended to get vaccination" SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. If his own shot is safe, why not? NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ME," BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR OTHERS IN THE SAME AGE GROUP IN PERFECT HEALTH, PLUS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO 12 YEAR OLDS??? GOT IT. I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW. That bastard is exactly who I am talking about when I use the word "they" or "elite". There's a reason this video got censored and no one has seen it."


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