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Monday, August 2, 2021

Mike Lindell 5 Million dollar challenge



  1. continued from above

    And I tell ya right now the SHREWBURY article Anna published is directly related to the massacre of the Syrian people to support the narrative of 'DISCOVERED CLAY TABLETS' and the fake founding of ancient ruins of Babylon in Syria back in the 20's - 30's


    The clay tablets were TRANSLATED by SHREWSBURY folks

    And wait until you get a load of what these 'ancient discovered clay tablets' contained

    Keep in mind while you are reading the translations that this ancient city contained the most sophisticated irrigation and infrastruture ever built but they wrote their notes and promissary notes out on clay tablets
    And what a coincidence that these seem to be the only notes anyone made or ever found was about repaying their debt

    You will notice that the information discussed prior to these tablets in the link that there is all kinds of talk about insurance and nifty stuff like that where the gold masters are in control of commerce

    Shrewsbury information

    The Clay Tablets From Babylon
    St. Swithin's College
    Nottingham University
    Professor Franklin Caldwell,
    Care of British Scientific Expedition,
    Hillah, Mesopotamia.
    October 21, 1934.

    Might I also add that the Rockefeller bunch built and opened a museum in Palestine (1938) in the same geographical area as Syria just prior to the give Palestine to Israel and massacre those on the land now so they could create israel

    No doubt there has been a monumental amount of 'ancient history relics' uncovered to support the narrative and the new world order land grab continued with the slaughter of the Iraqi people and nation and those ancient relics will be on display at the Rocky museum?
    I read that they seek investors for these relics and historic finds to be housed and put on display

    Hmm I wonder where hollywood filmed Laurence of Arabia, maybe in the desert of Syria?

    The liars of old are alive and well folks and no they cannot prove their lineage they make the shit up

    Define the word shew

    1. Excellent work Shelby! Little Mikie had got another thing coming! Judas Priest Razors Edge! All these dummy's will fall in their own snake pit.. they just dont know it yet. Port Mikeeee should of ate some wheaties instead numb nuts.

  2. I wonder what pre arranged guru they will hand the $5 million bucks to?

    Ole Mike busy man making pilliows and getting his hands on some very critical data and he coughs up $5million in PRIZE money?

    Step right up folks join the fun give us all the data input you can muster
    We need all of you to sit right where you are and feeding us all the data you have
    You folks haven't a clue at how valuable your input is to the world community and we use that data to shore up our weaknesses and log all the activities so to set up your pre crime profile
    After all it is a must that the on line community and your local community be protected from the likes of a reasonable person seeing things not like all the others or taking the bait of some sort or another

    You are being worked over on line and their psycho babble bought and paid for agents will be there to diagnose any problem children
    You are not applying the under house arrest in home re education you were supposed to absorb but we will throw ya another bone

    I know lets get Mikey he will do it, he'll do anything
    Funny wasn't that a COMMERCIAL YEARS BACK for LIFE cereal
    Maybe Mikey here is that child star resurrected at this precise moment for the viewing pleasure of the village idiots

    We'll get Mikey to do it, ya
    You know that kid born with silver spoons in his mouth, a rat pack kid on a commercial for LIFE cereal in the 70's and today he is reborn as Mike Lindell the only man alive that could accomplish such feats
    And by golly he's offerin a reward to
    The only thing missing is your LIFE you know seeing as how we shut it all down and all
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha chaching chaching chaching and off to Swissy land we go with more of that money we print for you
    You sinners are really tallying up a mighty hefty national debt
    SIN abounds and the lord will provide
    Be sure and send in your donations to assist us with this historic effort
    We cannot sustainably supply this vital information without your generous support
    The UN agenda requires that we milk the populace of all their greenbacks prior to the re chartering of our corporations and lauching them on the world stage as the new and all inclusive LOVE banks are put in place

    Everybody sing with me now
    Halaluehia it's another miracle

    Meanwhile they burning down the house in the west
    Making way for the information surveillance highway of the forest under complete monitoring because you know we must save the earth from you useless eaters

    And Climate Change is big business and our model tells us there are billions more to be made so you keep watchin ole Mikey here

    He wouldn't lie to ya

    1. Lock And Load! The Captain has turned on the fasten seatbelts sign.. This is going to be the ride of you life .. Hold on and remember do what ever it takes to genuinely repent and put Jesus the Christ First and he shall show you the Truth that will set you free.

  3. ​Fascinating article - Same "group" who destroyed Weimar Germany are now destroying America. America is now Weimar 2.0

    How The Jews Of Weimar Germany Ensured The Rise Of National Socialism

    "Listen to this brief lecture by Rabbi Yaron Reuven, who confirms that the Jews of Weimar were indeed responsible for all this utter debasement of German society:"

    Ernst Zundel was a German free speech activist who served seven years in prison for questioning the mainstream historical narrative of WW2.

  4. Help save america? Israel?
    Jeremiah 32:33 They have turned their backs to Me and not ... › jeremiah
    My people have turned their backs on me and have refused to return. Even though I diligently taught them, they would not receive instruction or obey.

    1. Anna has made a statement about state charters. I am a new participant here and was really wanting to share my concerns on state charters and what Goodboots brings up about the Federation Facts too. Paul is there an open forum here to voice our replays or are we banned from the conversations at hand? Thank you. Theresa

    2. theresa,
      im working on putting together some facts, even a loose timeline of sorts, that relates to the period of time in the united States of America between around 1777 and 1790 that i will be sharing here very soon.
      maybe tomorrow.
      this is getting exciting with so many good and talented American men and women stepping up and taking their place to peacefully and lawfully right the wrongs that have been done!
      i feel sure that all who have stood for freedom (man standing in front of the tank in Tieneman Square; Cuban men on raft being turned away from entering "the U.S.INC.") and our ancestors are cheering us on.
      it reminds me of the verse in the Holy Bible:
      "wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."
      hebrews 12:1.

  5. Voice our Replies.

  6. So much to learn, so little time, so few to trust ...

  7. Well golly gee looky here

    Pecurious little story now enters the realm and it goes like this
    These rascally wabbits never registered us at all and to step back over that imaginary line in to the republic and to self govern and be free as it was meant to be as per our fearless lying ass founding fathers proclaimed



    They suckered the populations of all nations
    The US was set up as their central hub of operations to set the infrastructure in place and build the World Parliament and then release the wolves to gather the sheep back in the fold and work on the final phase
    The road to their freedom, saving their nation and self government all under the watchful eyes of the World Parliament

    Set up by the families and direct from Hollywood

    So while they tell you you will be free to self govern miss anna here tells you how to think as you progress through the stages of building their last tier at the bottom of the pyramid while being told this is the path to your freedom

    They created the story of the republic and the CONstitution to move the agenda forward with the help of the deaf dumb and blind sheep
    They produced the ACTS by which all of this came about in the first place
    They produced the strawman bullshit and hit the airwaves with hundreds of self proclaimed know it alls to tell the sheep that you best get your asses in gear and work on this else the nation is toast
    Only the people correcting their status or signing up for this or that can free us from the bonds that enslave us
    While on the other side of the coin


    A whole new administrative level of governance that adheres to the contract laws set forth by the very same crooks who have pulled this CON off over and over and over again until the final curtain and the
    SS SPACE SHIPS start flying in to save the day

    And this Armen Condo letter well I can pretty much tell ya that it to is BULLSHIT and it too was put out there to make the folks beLIEve that we have a KING here running this imagi nation and that contracts rule all and that if we do not do the honorable thing and abide by those contracts that our father in heaven, who by the way we have a first estate contract there to, and that we will be judged accordingly

    Now I found it quite odd that this writer of this paper affectionately puts all kinds of stuff that is taught and believed by the Mormon church but yet he fails to mention that the very church he speaks about was supposedly financially started and backed by none other that the so called Rothchild bunch back in the mid 1800's according to some accounts I have read

    And is it not the damndest thing this thing they referred to back at the onset of this imagi nation a little thing called

    1. And if you were the crooks looking to steal it all you would make the goy beLIEve whatever the hell you wanted them to through the media they control and you work them over to the point that they don't know up or down

      And bam like magic the Manifest Destiny from centuries ago comes in to full view using the very subects you have CONNED to build the Foundation of the DEMOCRACY AND WORLD TYRANNY THAT THEY SCRIBED AND PLANNED ALL ALONG

      All you little pagan money whoreshipping idoliters who sign up and profess to self governance on this new journey are listed as cargo on the new ships MANIFEST

      Adminstrative cost and fees will be applied accordingly as these new service providers have been tasked with the responsiblities of your reeducation and taught the ropes on this new ship and World Parliament operating in the shadows for some time now calls the shots


      It takes precision hunting skills to recapture the mind of the human animal and there is no telling what the bounty is per head awarded to the newly created private sector contractors who have been appointed to manage them there runaways and bring them back in to the fold and to reeducate them as to just how things are going to be working

      You see we started out as unincorporated and to pull this show off and build their desired outcome they put the ACTS in play to INCORPORATE AND CALL IT ALL FICTION so as to reverse the process that leads you back to self governance which was what this so called republic was supposed to be about and in the process they work their WORLD PARLIMENT

      No one left behind everyone will take an active role in their self governance and pledge their allegiance to mother earth and father sky and sing fa la la la la la la la la from their designated controlled human habitat zones complete with green spaces and plenty of room for the herd to graze in


      The United States was set up to MANIFEST THIS DESTINY under the guise of you must self govern as was meant to be or else and then deliberately leaving out the World Parliament already in action

    2. CONgratulations you are all assisting in the launching of the new world order of complete tyranny one blind sheep after the other
      And as they put people in fear and downsize the workforce and the economies as per their zero growth policies the more sheep they can drive into the waiting arms of those new service providers who are claiming to free you
      You will volunteer your time and efforts and send donations out the ass to the service providers to sustain the operation while the crooks on the backend steal your social security and your pensions

      You in turn for your cooperation will get your debt renegotiated by the service provider that you choose and they will administer the operations of your universal basic income payouts which they have told you is your mutual offset credits as they should have been applied in the first place or so they claim

      Everybody sing

      On your mark get set and go now
      Got a dream and we just know now
      We're gonna make that dream come true

      Doin it our way

      There is nothing we won't try
      Never heard the word impossible
      This time there's no stopping us

      Brought to you by the 13 families who started it all and who control the land trust they put in place a century ago to protect their stolen property
      Or so they would like us to beLIEve
      The computer says they put them in place in 1910 which sounds about right as this is when they fabricated the stories of their counterfitting operations using the imagi nation of SWISSY land that they created to subject the entire world to their monopoly money operations

      ReBOOTing the unincorporated state is the nails in the hands and feet and your resurrection under the boot bank in to the new world order as a free man is nothing but absolute BULLSHIT

      These famalies set this all up folks and the tel aviv zion and these computers brought to you by CERN, the world wide web and the apple of their eye the cell phone was their trump cards

      They literally mock the fucking sheep on a daily basis as they prey to the invisable man in the sky to come and save them
      That's what ole Juan O Savins role is in all of this
      He is to prance around as an invisable man that will revenge his daddys death and come to save the world
      When in reality his daddy never existed at all

      An illusion so grand that the mind fucked populaces of the world will never see it coming

      Only one in a million could figure out what Maxwell House (mendlehouse) was scripted as quoting, will escape their grasp and it has nothing to do with their fucking paperwork either

      Under the new earth CONstitution you will most likely be prosecuted for using fucking paper you know to save the earth for them and their heirs enjoyment, use and to outsource to their own familes and the corporations they own and control for profits

      Your job as a recently recaptured endentured servant is to clean their fucking mess up and donate/volunteer your services to the world community

    3. They've put their accomplices behind computer screens now and virtual hearings lauched at municiple levels as a result of their ongoing plandemic

      What better way to protect the enforcers of their world order than to send the sheep further in to the new world of your virtual reality where even seeing a doctor or appearing in court is just a couple of clicks on the ole beast here and wala like magic it's like you're really there
      No more face to face contact with the accuser or the judge

      This was preplanned and I mean but big time folks

    4. "paul",
      you need to leave these comments by shelby up even if they do not agree with what you are saying.

      people need to be able to see the points she is making because if they are untrue, you will be shown by them to be in the right, so there is no need for you to delete them.

  8. All who are setting up these false flag freedom traps for the Anti Christ, for the slaves of the anti christ shame on you.. You know who you are and I rebuke you by the blood of Jesus the Christ! For the contaminated serpent seed blood line of the so called 13 family's with all their lost soul slaves who are hybrids/ nephlim/ don't posess the likeness or Blood line of the true seed of Abraham know their time is short.

    hold no power in the spiritual realm. know their eternity is the snake pit of darkness and zero dimentions. So

    These Abominations hold no true power---are trying to sustain a kingdom on earth where they can get 51 % to be slaves that sustain then and their serpent seed as they die out.

    But wait!!!!!!! prophesy tell they will fall into the abyss of hell fire damnation of No dimention without our help. S

    Soooo MANIFEST DESTINY let them MANIFEST their doom. When they try and steal to harvest your life force energy... All you have to do is say" By the Blood of Jesus Christ I Rebuke you and I declare and decree you are made Null and void on this day and forever. Amen

  9. All trying to set up Govermnts/ Corporations/ Parliaments/ constitutions/ freedom clubs ect....There are many. .just like the vatican slave system and British oligarchy posing as something else *****is al about power and profit. They do not give a rat's ass about you or your innocent needy children. They want to kill you but not before first register you as their propery so they can suck your blood dry u till they cannot squeeze another drop.

    All these pussy patriot movements is the same shit different script. Let's take for example the American States Assembly Script..Every NAME ***not living flesh and blood that signs up become surety for profit and the local slave masters which are named as Anna and her husband... These work on a percentage basis. Meaning every one who signs on they get a percentage of the total worth of the individual NAMES ESTATE and then remainder man gets the rest [ so to speak ] Remainder man is the last man standing cause they own you - for yiu did sell them your soul. They are the Global Slave Masters we have come to know as very evil Vile Entitys******Who are working with-in Satans Dominion
    (temporary dominion of course) The only way to beat them is not to join them.

    For Our Father tells us over and over " We are not to go this way" Wea re not to make covenants with them. No contract with men who want to be your father. You cannot serve two masters.

    Wake up people if you want to save your life and your inheritance from God you are selling out by believing these workers of iniquity. Wake up.

  10. hey paul stop playing like a Christian while you sell out to the devil. You know dammed well these people are frauds and this makes you. liar and afraid also. Good luck in Hell you worthless mind co trolled satanist

    1. I'm sorry for my harsh words. Please forgive me if I could be wrong about you. Anna is a proven fraud on the take And under control of Gods Enemies. I call for you to separate yourself from her and save your reputation. God is counting on you to be available for him only to use you in a mighty way for his divine providence. it's clear you are a Catholic eager to know the whole truth. How can you be available for God when you are representing a false website that is promoting false deceptive works of This Ana character ? You cannot. You have your own following you dont need Ana for exposure. The two systems collide. do not compliment each other or the ways of Christ so I call to rebuke Anna's game and continue to feed Gods sheep the Biblical truth you have been seen doing. May God speak to you himself.

  11. Pay attention to the contents of the birth certifcate he displays starting at around 3:40

    The city town township of GENEVA
    County of Birth KANE

    And your suggested recourse to correct their overlooked errors is to skip on down the road to find the correct minion and search and search and search
    And then when you are done hunting down that rabbit and beLIEve you have the correct procedure and path to follow

    Just head on over to our brand spanking newly developed blockchain birth registration user interface where all your personal records will be accurate safe and away from prying eyes of those who would otherwise be like trying to bankrupt the world right now and launch a brand spanking new age of global serfdom for all


    It states clearly their obective
    16.9 – “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

    —United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 Target Goal 16.9

    Follow the yellow brick road follow the yellow brick road to heaven on earth
    All ya gotta do is get registered

    Old McDonald had a farm, EIEIO
    And on this farm he had cattle, with a moo moo here and a moo moo there
    Everywhere moo moos

  12. The state is committing mutiny against you
    25 minutes in
    The three vessels

    By going along with the plan of this FEDERATION you are walking right in to their new world order hell
    You're assisting them in their efforts to seize you and your vessels

    1. The entire banking system is a fraud
      52 minutes

      And the new one the FEDERATION will offer is complete BULLSHIT as well
      Whereas the system called neoliberal economic globalization promoted by the World Bank, IMF, the United States, and the World Trade Organization has led to planetary economic disaster in which poor countries continue to export their resources in order to pay unsustainable international debts and offer their cheap labor for products that are not available to their own populations;
      The crooks who set this shit up are the same ones behind this federation and the new and improved UN agenda

      And no it is not the United States fault this shit happened all over the world this is lawyers the state and greedy corporations these pricks own and rechartering any of them under the guise of some Federation that will save the day is absolute BULLSHIT

      The planting of your 3 crosses
      From The Merchant of Venice: and the B.I.B.L.E.
      Banking LAWS B.I.B.L.E. = Barter Instruments of Banking Laws and Enforcement.
      Also you’re G.O.D. = you’re Grounds Of Dominion.

      The great white whale they came to harvest in mobey DICK - see how they like their dick jokes

  13. 23 minutes in
    Barter Instruments of Banking Laws and Enforcement

    You should be acting as an international not a national

    From the Merchant of Venice: and the B.I.B.L.E.But it is still in effect today; if you know who the Players are in the LAWS of Today. It is just a Commercial BANKING Game known as CHESS, using BANKING - PAWNS of Contracts as the Disposable Front Players. (the world’s oldest commercial Banking game)
    The JEW (the Jezebel or Jewelry Bankers; as the usury Money Changers) is the PAWNEE (the STATE USURY Corporations) in the Commercial Coded Banking-Justice Departments and Commercial Banking Courts, which we now have setup in this Country. You are the Living, the Christian (the GRANTOR) and they are not entitled to One drop of Christian blood (it is not written into their PAWN Contract).

    At the 27 minute mark listen to what he says about their 322 code

    1. these people look like they are teaching how to use the LIARS system/documents to (supposedly?) get yourself and your property out of their fraud system when you never put it in there to begin with.
      it was fraud...the property was never lawfully transferred to the thieves to begin with.
      its a hoax.
      a lie.
      false claims/"fraud".

      i never agreed to be a shipvessel in their system.

      they have so many stories: youre a merchant, a trust, corporation, taxpayer, citizen, volunteer,...
      and on and on it goes...

      what they DONT say we are is *man*.
      that should be a big tipoff. :)

  14. And when you listen to this you will know exactly why the lawyers went to work and put those land trust in place in early 1900's and why CONgress was able to sign away the damned land in the first place

    And I don't care what anyone says her continuing to refer to FEDERATION FEDERATION FEDERATION is not a return to a republic

    1. Actual living American man and woman have neither a Federation NOR a Republic though... (nor a Democracy, nor a Commonwealth...)

      the states: the united States of America, are ALL Free and Independent states (reference: last paragraph, Declar of Indep.)

      American man and woman also ratified ONLY a Confederated Perpetual Union (reference: Title: Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) that is made up of all of those Free and Independent States declared in the DeclofIndep.

      any time republic, democracy, commonwealth, federation, is used, it does not refer to the ["de jure"] government system that actual living American man and woman ratified.

      again: all of our states are Free and Independent. our Union is Confederated and Perpetual.

      not 'just my opinion': the papers have written on them what our union and states are.

  15. Remember how I told you all about the Ponderosa Ranch and Virginia City just outside of Lake Tahoe in Nevada where they filmed the show BONANZA?

    Well have a listen

    It seems that a man by the name of Cartright was a very instrumental rascal in the Tavistock mind fuck planned for the United States starting back in the early 1900's

    And what do ya know the family on that there big Ranch the Ponderosa was named Cartright!

    And in this video they explain how the committee of 300 of these fake royals and hollywood executives took up their cause and launched their very psychological operations on the United States from Aspen Colorado right around that CARTRIGHT Ponderosa Ranch and the Colorado Rockies

    ACTS 9:11
    In Other Words, The Act Of September 11, 2001 and again, the AX of 9-11.

    ACTS 9:11 – from the New Testament –

    “And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the STREET which is called STRAIGHT (STRAIT), and enquire in the house of JUDAS (UTAH) for one called SAUL (SOL – SUN, or SON) of TARSUS (STAR-US = US-STAR or ASTARTE, Queen of Heaven, the MOON Goddess…”

    Utah and the Mormon church and the Armen Condo letter
    In this letter this writer talks about the mormon church to no end and something about hidden things within the foundation of it in Utah
    Of course now I believe this letter to be put out on purpose and with intent to sway those birth certificate highway code and status and tax protestors to just pay the king because of these hidden contracts
    But he also claims that their is a first estate with the father in heaven and those contracts here will not apply there and the tort laws that the Rothys and the Rockies us to defile all will not apply and that Lucifer will betray these people blah blah blah
    Armen Condo letter dated 1984 - Are Men Con Do

    In this letter he claims ole Kissinger, aka Astaire had Lawrence Rockefeller whacked and at his funeral he made quite a speech of his friend a grand display
    Seems interesting that this George writing this letter would know this?
    Or how about the ICBM's that the so called rocky boys planted off the east coast with the use of a boat provided by Howard Hughes in the 70's I think it was?
    And he goes on an on nd on about how the laws that these judges are following are that of nature and contracts?
    You received benefit or consideration from your contracts with the King of the US but you want to back out of those contracts and not honor them?
    Talk about a guilt trip being put back on the victims of the fraud now doesn't it?
    The judge is just doing his job according to the invisable contracts established via their federal reserve and birth certificate con job
    So who is this George Mercier?
    Funny that Merci is quite interesting
    Meaning thank you or maybe mercy

    This was all preplanned and set up and they launched all this shit to prepare their judges who are now locked behind closed doors for those they will prosecute for trying to back out of their contracts
    Unless of course you choose to move forward in their green new game of the FEDERATION OF EARTH ready to launch once they march their world army in here after the onslaught of contolled climate change natural disaster incidents like purposely setting fires all over the west in strategic areas as to assist in the set off of yellowstone and to displace or exterminate the population off those lands you are working to now wrap up in to those already exisitng land trusts from 100 years ago under the directives of the 2030/2050 sustainable develpment heist

    1. "And he goes on an on nd on about how the laws that these judges are following are that of nature and contracts?
      You received benefit or consideration from your contracts with the King of the US but you want to back out of those contracts and not honor them?
      Talk about a guilt trip being put back on the victims of the fraud now doesn't it?
      The judge is just doing his job according to the invisable contracts established via their federal reserve and birth certificate con job."
      fraud, fraud and more fraud.

      adhesive contracts, compelled benefits, invisible contracts, unilateral contracts, ALL FRAUD

      And there has to be an actual Good Faith Agreement between i:woman and a living man/woman, in my own language, and many other requirements before "presumptions" can be made too.

  16. And get a load of this shit
    Holding a press conference virtually and broadcast 'live' on you tube

    A principal revealing some pretty case sensitive and confidential information?

    What in the hell is this?

    It's like court room tv on the internet and airing the issues of a case that can somehow be publicly broadcasted without penalty of breaking confidentiality?

    1. Sharing more on subject from couple weeks back
      Proof of Life


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