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Monday, August 2, 2021

DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID 'Vaccine'


  1. She brings up everything but the kitchen sink.

  2. I'm sure the private sector ventures launched prior to this world CON have made quite a profit and Bloomberg and gang were prepared for the challenge in advance

    Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Singapore on November 6-7, 2018. The forum will convene a first-ever gathering of preeminent leaders to begin seeking private sector-led solutions to challenges created by a world economy in transition

    Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, mayor of New York City from 2002-2013, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and WHO Global Ambassador for Non-communicable Diseases. “The new emerging world order is creating emerging challenges – issues that the private sector can take steps to ensure global stability and growth, an urgent mission in the face of chronic inaction by governments”…

    This is how you preplan the implosion of your existing GODvernments and bring in the new and improved UN and the
    Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth Constitution and

    A global community working in lock step to save the earth
    And the now reformed, good little corporations can be rechartered wearing a different mask
    The new deal comes complete with the agreed upon loan terms that demand complaince to the UN 2030/2050 agenda action items
    Unknown to the global serfs these agendas and their set up took place decades ago and most have already been implemented through the GODvernmental alphabet soup gangs they created

    Organized Crime Syndicate and the plunder of all people in all imagi nations to produce a global community of obedient 'self governed' my ass idiots

    Self government BULLSHIT all over these documents


    Provisional World Government, before 25 countries have ratified.
    First Operative Stage, when 25 countries have ratified.
    Second Operative Stage, when 50% of countries have ratified.
    Full Operative Stage, when 80% of countries, comprising 90% of Earth's population, have ratified.
    DISARMAMENT, of nations accomplished when constitution is ratified.
    The World Government does not retain nor use weapons of mass destruction.

    VIABLE AGENCIES OF THE U.N., are transferred to the World Government.
    This pdf will not load but as you can see the document is dated 2019 ust in time to implement their private sector global solutions to the problems that these pesky ass GODvernments just can't seem to manage

    And you best take note of this little gem here
    THE ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM, non-military, is headed by an Office of World Attorneys General and commission of 20 Regional World Attorneys, elected by and removable by Parliament. The World Attorneys appoint the World Police (removable by the Parliament) to apprehend individual lawbreakers.

    The World Administration
    Earth Constitution - Article 7
    World legislation is not proposal, but binding world law applicable to all individuals and groups. The Provisional or World Parliament may elect to amend or repeal this standing world legislation, in conformance with the Earth Constitution.

    Yep you betcha the world crooks care deeply for their subects and nothing but compliance will be tolerated


    The money counterfitters consider it
    HEAVEN ON EARTH where they are your God

  3. These computer systems were developed and created long before their introduction on to the world stage

    The institutionalization of a peace system for the Earth. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth, along with its principles developed by the Provisional World Parliament under the authority of Article 19, establishes a dynamic peace system for the Earth.

    So while the imagi nation armies slaughter at will under the directives coming from Switzerland (the SS) they will achieve disarmament and complaince to their global rule of all
    But heck you will be self governing right and free to do as you please and roam the earth without reprecussions
    Nope that's not the plan
    Human settlement zones have been definied and you pesky fucking useless eaters best stay the fuck in them because we said so it is the only possible way to move forward
    We care about our profit margins and the resources we can harvest and retain claimed ownership of and we will make sure when we recharter those same fucking crooked orgainzations that they continue to operate as usual

    So how free do you feel folks?
    Can you feel that freedom blowing through your hair as you step up to self govern and pledge your allegiance to this world order sham

    Might interest folks to know that the creation of SWISSY LAND took place right around the same time that ole Lincoln put his stamp of approval on his hand delivered directives from the motherland in DAVOS SWISSY LAND and the SWISSY LAND INTERNATIONAL BANKS WERE BORN

    The imagi nations armies (the SS) were tasked with wholesale slaughter of any non cooperative inhabitants and that wholesale slaughter for this ungodly cause is still ongoing today

    But don't you worry they have a peace plan of one size fits all
    The current world structure that they themsleves put in place is being imploded as planned with the picture that the world just doesn't work this way and we must do something to bring forth world peace
    Of course throw in some climate change weather modification and destruction to clear off the land and plead with the useless goy that we must change out wicked ways or God is going to destroy us

    And tada like magic we have come up with an all inclusive one size fits all herd mind solution to all that ails this miserable world
    You can participate in self government and have a say in how things are done


  4. Fitting that this letter pertaining to INVISABLE CONTRACTS is dated 1984?

    None the less the information it provides from a different perspective is worth the read especially when it comes to your obligation to the earthly KINGS

  5. The message may or may not allude to "off-planet" organizations being involved and behind the "situation" that this world now finds itself in, but within the minds of many of us that have known that our situation is dire, the references to Alien interference does fit-in, in my case involving the writings of Mr. Sitchen and others.

    The "Powers" behind the present earth "unification" movement may appear to be "un-godly", but they are NOT un-Godly, considering that Their God is Lucifer/Satan/Fear/Hatred/Evil ... and the generally "missing" (only in appearance or realization) GOD (not God nor gods of "other constructs") is the ONE that good people still pray to, openly or just in the back of their minds.

    So with all of that in mind, we can "advance" this happening to "include off-world" influencing. Lucifer may have His origins elsewhere, but He has damn well "taken charge" of "this play-ground" having so far very well manufactured all kinds of "controlled opposition" in the world Religious Institutions and Governmental Institutions, that all pretend to have our best interests in mind.

    Truly Free people are those of us that need not such Institutions to manage our affairs. Either we can take charge of our own destiny on the "smaller scale" of worldly objectivity ... or ... ask for "Heavenly" help. We would Trust GOD to help us that helped themselves. We can just keep the faith that Truth and Good wins out in "The End" ... and I for one see the potential "End" possibly even being my "death to this" world. I fear not death because I have faith~belief~trust that bodily death is but a heavenly transition to a "better dimension". Thus I, we, can even "fight" here as long as we do our best to "stay on the side of right" ... meaning that we need not be "nice guys" in the purest sense of "turning the other cheek" in that we can "strike back" at least as close to being equally violent (to our opposition~would-be controllers)as is exercised against us. Yes, in "the purist" sense, we can just "turn the other cheek" and submit ... and everything will be taken care of, but on the "next best level" of non-violence we can at least fight back using whatever worldly ability left to us, as long as we keep within the greater scheme of things and do not "go over" to the "other side". In other words, if our opposition is "backed-up" by whatever "off-world powers", be they actual in manifestation or even spiritual (Evil~Satanic~Luciferian), with our asking and belief in, we to can have such help as GOD would happily supply within the realm of Karmic Justice as in "do evil,receive evil" (the Golden Rule).

  6. Continued:

    GOD still helps those who help themselves, same as, but on the Higher Level, as does Their God who helps Them on Their lower level of relative UN-GOD-lyness. So, whether our help comes from purely the Spiritual, or, the Spiritual includes even off-world "powers" such as "The Good Guys" that are watching and ready to intervene as needed such that we not lose it all. We have as much, actually even more, right to live a good life here as They do to live Their version of that for Themselves just as They are trying to do with Their World Unification.

    So, in my mind, it all comes down to prioritization and where we draw our lines between good (GOD) and evil (Their God and gods) .. GOD, God and the gods, MAY help their constituents, but were I a gambling man (but I am not) I would not want to get behind the Wrong Version of relative Deity. In other words, I trust, at least as "next best" thing, the "Powers of Light" in the sense of "Galacic" Organizations that have been "over-seeing" mankind here on Earth helping where they can within the Greater Plan to have us come-out on the better side of whatever happens. In the end, it is still up to each of us to do what is right on "the level" that we see ourselves residing on and withIN. IMnsHO and E so far.

  7. " 'turn the other cheek" and submit' ". Those of US who are specialized trained fighters, and have earnestly divided, and dissected the "Word" know that when an opponent throws a blow at your head/face/cheek, a very simple counter move as Jesus instructed US to do is "to turn the other cheek", when this is done the full force of the blow can never be administered upon your head/face/cheek. Not only does this simple reaction prevent you from becoming disoriented/injured, you are then able to use your opponents momentum against them, and automatically in this instance lay them out flat. Hope this brings a little clarity to one of Jesus' simple teachings that was incorrectly taught, and caused his little ones to believe that they should be submissive, especially to those that enjoy using our Christian Love against US to our detriment. There are many more simple Christian tactics that Jesus taught how to lay low those whose agenda is to cause, harm, and death, the upmost is acquiring "Knowledge". Being well versed in as many Languages, and Fields of expertise helps considerably to fein off the attacks when confronted ie., "Classical Education". William Wallace comes to my mind as one who possessed these qualities. I am sure there are others even more adept walking amongst US today. Can we say "Angels", and how are we to be when at any moment in time we could be in the presence of one? Can anyone of US name all the people that come into our dreams? Why are they there? How many of US while asleep, and dreaming has asked these people who they are, and what is their name? Oh that's right these are all figments of our imaginations.

  8. "Imagination," or not, we need more of it (your kind) that includes some "UN-orthodoxy" that They have not planned for in believing that They have already DIS-armed US sufficiently for Their purposes. We may have some "guns" in our homes, but do we have sufficient will to use them in the needed self-defense, even to an attempt at confiscation, let alone will enough to form an organized resistance, which would need a communication system of some kind available to all of US ... (it seems that) Their Censorship of what we have been using, most likely includes plans and abilities to remove even that tool from our "kit" ... while we still have it (any ability), I would hope that somebody out there is taking NAMES, Titles and locations of those individuals (such as Bloomberg) that are planning and directing Their "operation" against US. (?)

  9. Look up "Lotus Justice", and see how well that worked out for her last year in Columbus, Ohio.
    She was also even under the impression that there was a militia at the ready that would put these mercenaries' feet in one shoe. To this day I cannot find out any information on where they sequestered her to. There's a thousand ways to skin a cat. All of US must locate that Creative Spark/ Intuition/6th Sense whatever one would like to call it, that has been given to US by our Creator, and put it to use. This is the only type of recourse that I can see that will be a viable means of upsetting "their apple cart"/"throwing a wrench in their works". I say this only because from what I have been privy to by dealing with these sadists/psychopaths, non of them are the least bit creative that's why they make sure to hire, and surround themselves with those that are.


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