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Monday, May 24, 2021

Choices and Outcomes

 By Anna Von Reitz

Democrat or Republican? The Closet Communists eat you alive, or the Robber Baron Corporatists eat you alive. You still get eaten alive, so, tell me--- why should the choice of cannibal matter to you?
From my point of view, and for about 70% of other Americans, too, there is no actual choice to be made, so why bother? One blood-sucking leech is as good as another.
More and more Americans have figured that out, which accounts for the plunge in actual poll numbers, and the need to import illegal voters, dead voters, and phantom digital voters to take up the slack.
The majority of Americans have ceased participating in their own demise, which is encouraging, but not sufficient.
We have to do our own actual Public Elections, field our own candidates, and take action in our own jurisdiction to finish filling all our public offices. The Recorded Electors have every right to upstage the Registered Voters, and should be looking forward to it.
This is how we give ourselves choices that are choices.
It's the same way with the money and the boiling ball of snakes now arguing over the gold versus commercial paper debate.
There's no actual choice in their paradigm. Joe Q. Public loses either way.
Lawful money is arguably better because it has value in and of itself, but that value has been inflated and distorted to the point where we are all in La-La-Land.
Gold traded for around $30 an ounce in 1930. It is now trading for almost $2000 an ounce. This reflects both the evil effects of abusive Legal Tender Laws, and the reason that it is impossible to recoup the losses. The combined impact of inflation and usury means that instead of the "US National Debt" being around $25 Trillion, it is actually closer to $8,750 Trillion.
That $8,750 Trillion is owed, primarily, to Americans.
Continuing to use fiat currencies of any kind, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies, only sinks us deeper into the unregulated commercial paper insanity.
And I do mean "insanity" quite literally. Ask yourselves --- how it is possible for a piece of paper to be worth $500 Trillion (or more) "dollars", except that the "dollar" being referenced isn't worth anything to begin with?
Perhaps it would be instructive for me to bring forward historical examples of currency issued during the Weimar Republic?
Or to quote Jethro Beaudine, "Naught into naught is naught...."
In 1934 the Emergency Banking Act established a "dollar for dollar" Exchange Rate ---- one paper "dollar" Federal Reserve Note in exchange for one silver dollar. So, the Perpetrators were able to exchange their I.O.U.'s for our silver and what we received in return was their debt. The same scheme has been carried on with a few additions and changes ever since: we give them goods and services, they give us their I.O.U.s.
Does this seem equitable to you?
Especially when they periodically go bankrupt, name us as their Secondaries and Co-Signers, and leave us to pay their debts on top of it?
So, first you are given an I.O.U. in exchange for actual goods and services by these Freeloaders, and to add insult to injury, you are then also stuck paying their I.O.U. for them.
Plus interest.
This is what we mean by "debt slavery".
Recently, we've moved to put an end to this system of things, and have claimed ownership of all their debt and all their assets, too. The whole smoking pile. And all our purloined gold and silver, also.
The actual spot price of gold as of this morning is $1,888.24 and the price of silver is $27.66.
As our American Silver Dollar is defined as one ounce of .9999 pure silver, this gives us a handy estimate of the damage done by inflation to the US DOLLAR since 1934. It now takes almost 28 paper "dollars" to buy one Silver Dollar, starting from a one-to-one exchange rate in 1934--- and this is in a market where the value of silver is grossly manipulated.
If silver were allowed to reach its known historical parity with gold, its price would be $1264.96 per ounce this morning. Our half billion American Silver Dollars still in circulation and those we may mint and put into circulation in the future look a lot less silly and old fashioned when viewed against this backdrop.
We, the Luddites, are fully vindicated.
However, we are faced with the reality that the debt on one side of the equation is insurmountable to the same extent that the credit on the other side of the equation is also insurmountable. Either way you totter the teeter results in economic death.
This goes back to my early observation that money is like fertilizer.
Literally like manure.
Too little and the economy starves for fuel. Too much and it burns up.
So the trick, as any farmer knows, is to apply the right kind of fertilizer in the right amounts, as demanded by each kind of ground and each kind of crop.
You use chicken manure and corn cobs for rhubarb, fish for corn, and cow patties for wheat. And it's the same way with money.
It's not a simple "coinage is good and credit is bad" reduction. Credit, especially pre-paid credit, judiciously applied, can be an excellent substitute for actual commodity-backed money --- especially when it is used to wipe away oceans of debt.
As we go forward the only reset that we should be highly interested in, is the gradual "offset" of debt for pre-paid credit, resulting in a clean slate and a firm foundation to build upon.
Any other plan, such as the "RV" that the military has envisioned, will result in worldwide economic death and the destruction of their own hegemony with it.
Let's face it. Hiram (Ulysses S.) Grant was no economic genius and none of his successors have been, either. The responsibility for the money was placed upon the Fiduciary Deputies of our land jurisdiction Congress, and that is where it should have --and could have-- always remained.

It is time to restore our government and put things in their proper place, with the correct people in charge, and the right Congress in office.


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  1. Thank you for the links.
    Vieira wrote that the Dollar is 371.25 grains Troy of Silver as defined by the survey behind the 1792 Coinage Act.
    He also wrote that folks are compelled by circumstance to use Federal Reserve Notes.
    After the American Liberty Folks were prosecuted GoldMoney stopped letting folks do account-to-account transfers to pay for things if I recall right.
    So, please be cautious about accusing Anna of hypocrisy for accepting FRNs, bitcoin, & other currency.
    I recall reading that currency is something which stands for money but is not itself money and I think that some try to keep us from making that distinction between money and currency. Might that be a parallel with apparent attempts to keep folks from distinguishing between Gratis & Libre when thinking about software?
    Are we not boxed into using currencies until either State government backed by State Militias protect their non-acceptance or until the new "Bison Paper" comes out?

    1. "Vieira wrote that the Dollar is 371.25 grains Troy of Silver as defined by the survey behind the 1792 Coinage Act."

      Has been revised by an unlawfully (1860 & 1871) seated CONgress 2- or 3 times since then

  2. I meant ... the American Liberty Dollar folks.... used to work.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. .
    Some day people will realize they can not own "anything" as far back a
    1860.........give or take a 1000 years

    Of course the difference is in the fiction or the real world - which one should you - can you be? - three minutes of reality

  5. .
    "It is time to restore our government and put things in their proper place, with the correct people in charge, and the right Congress in office."

    Where will the authority and enforcement come from ???

    Do the elite control - what -- everything [BAR, Courts - not exhaustive] - because the sheeple believe in all the crap; like income tax and policemen and Banks NA that by law cannot lend credit...........LMAOROTF

  6. How are letters to the crooks round trash file going to help anyone?

  7. Warehouse receipts that is put your pallet in a warehouse and write checks against it.
    The concept behind Texas metal depository.
    Built by shiner beer co in shiner tx

  8. Pallet of copper or other precious metal .
    Totally lawful !

  9. Loved the way Anna started this arrival what’s the difference a communist is a communist.
    Struck by similarities of Eustace Mullins curse of Cain.
    The Canaanite/Masonic (government) fears an uprising from the people.
    That’s why Nancy wants 2 billion defense of capital all false flag. 6th Jan crisis actors for the world to see .all countries are fit to be tied South African boer advised by world do not give up your guns under any circumstances.

  10. As Eustace remarks non of what they do would be possible without the global Masonic secret society.
    Example CIA sent 10 billion to P2 lodge in Italy they send 2 billion to communist in Russia and 2 billion back funneled into communist party USA.
    Don’t forget the lawyers Guild communist party.
    Let’s face it “an agrarian society is a moral society “
    Thomas Jefferson

  11. Eustace Mullins describes history as capitalist predominantly sons of Shem blue eyed followers of Christ.
    Thair contribution to the world are many .
    Our old rivals the Canaanite and the Masonic psychopaths Create communism, feminism,etc following the sacrifice to Baal/moloch/Lucifer the more blood the better hatchet &knives preferably.
    Thair foot print of blood and destruction red shield red army red terror red scare .
    The dismantling of nation after nation ou treasury plates ,our jobs ,our weapons,,out names,our traditions.,our females .
    We have to be pacified and build up defense against fake attack on capitol, 9/11 ,meanwhile the real threat black out .

  12. As mini van jack Jerry Day says DOW chemical I would add Monsanto,chevron/Exxon Bayer,Johnson & Johnson,all banks,media,all alphabet agencies like CIA central node google,
    Nestle water monopoly,Delta,General Dynamics’s
    Corporate feudalism.Masonic order ,ADL,AIPAC.
    and our treasonous government.

  13. Some sheeple are actually still capable of learning and are. Others stuck in the idea it can never change, some or another power of men or women or both are permanently in place so just forget it or continue on in a confused fashion offering nothing but more confusion. If you can live with no money so much the better but who right not can? Use your resources to do battle. I had to live for several years recently with little and no money. It feels like you are hated, things you need like gas to go to a job non-existent and we are all in this together. If you climb a cliff that is diffcult and cruumbly and have to turn back the way you came thats what you gotta do, not give up or just fall off so its a tough times right now waking up on a crumbly cliff but that did not stop us before.

  14. Good job,for the warriors Kirk tangled with bar member in a black dress demanding supplication denied Kirk as council to his client.
    Kirk is rebutting with a judicial notice that entails all the violations the judge violated .
    According to Virginia declaration of rights that lays down the law a man has the right of council of his choosing that’s one sited law
    Second violation article 13 original no titles of nobility. this is blood sport for legal begals.

  15. The fake judge that should be a referee at best was ruling from the bench a clear usurping of power a crime.

  16. Kirk and Cris had a whole family court relived by higher court .
    There are a few good honest administrators.
    Anna was just saying on tickets they have done hit your bond before you walked into the court.
    Anything else is double dipping.

  17. Check this out