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Monday, May 24, 2021

Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 23 -- Treaties and Obligations

 By Anna Von Reitz

It stands that Treaties are the Highest Law and that the United States is committed to this principal, as evidenced by 1 Statute-at-Large 37; therefore there can be no disagreement or lack of performance with regard to matters of standing Treaty owed to the people of any nation, and no ignorance of Matrimonial Treaties --- that is, Treaties sealed by the Marriage of Principal Heirs in ages past, between the French Armorican Chieftains and the tribal nations of the Americas. These alliances are in fact established in the blood and exist in every State of the Union.
We are attaching a digital unsigned copy of the Declaration of Flag issued in 2017, which clears up a lot of misunderstandings and which was sent as a wet-ink signed copy to all Parties including the Vatican Chancery Court, The International Court of Justice and the United Nations at that time.
JPEGS of the date and signature pages are also attached, making it a complete documentary record.
Rumors are now circulating that the Western United States has been sold to China in an attempt to pay off US DEBT to China.
Need we say that "the US" cannot sell what does not belong to it?
Our money and our assets were employed in gaining the land and soil assets of those states, not the Holy See's and not the Queen's, either. Our Seals were affixed to the paperwork, too.
It behooves the Vatican Chancery Court to intercede and move the responsibility for the debt where it belongs, and to void the sale.
If we owe the Chinese anything, which is doubtful, we have the means to pay it and do not propose to sell them any of our land and soil.
As of the last day of September 2020, all the Territorial States in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii were formally enrolled as States of the Union and taken out of Territorial status by the Roll Call Vote of the assembled States of the Union that were enrolled prior to the American Civil War.
And as the attached documents prove and this transmission also proves, we were not silent or acquiescing to the arrangements being made "for" us in any purported "absence".
Our claims to North America are not dependent on any petty commercial ventures occurring in the distant past. Our claims are based on the Treaties of Trieste and Camlan.
The Treaty of Trieste (Treaty of Three Lives) is also sometimes called The First Treaty. It set up the recognition of the three jurisdictions of law --- air, land, and sea and provided for the peaceful settlement of controversies arising in all three jurisdictions. This Treaty was settled in France and established by a laying on of hands by the participants which included my Husband's ancestors and my ancestors, too.
The intent of the Treaty of Trieste was to prevent exactly the kind of usurpation of one jurisdiction over another that has occurred here and now, wherein the watery jurisdiction of the British Monarch's domain has been enabled and allowed to slosh over the continental mass of many nations with no regard for law or treaty. The same can be said for the further allowance of the Municipal air jurisdiction seeking to dominate both the land and the sea.
My Husband and I are both grandfathered into the Treaty of Trieste and are here to enforce it in the sight of the Holy See, which has all the records necessary to confirm the lineage of the Irish and Scottish Kings, the true Kings of England, the true Kings of France, the true Kings of Spain, and the attendant Treaty of the Kings of Authority, which we are also heirs to.
It is no secret to the Holy See that the violation of the Holy Vows of Matrimony resulted in the severance of treaties merging the Kingdoms of Ireland, Wales, Powys (England) and Gaul early in the Sixth Century.
Gaul, at that time, already included the land mass of The United States as a Christian country and nation, thanks to the earlier intermarriage of Armorican Chieftains (French Normans) with Native Americans. Our tribal people, the sea-faring Armoricans, gave their name to this westerly continent as can easily be seen.
"America" is a British phonetic transliteration of "Armorican", so it is readily admitted both by name and by history that this continent and the people on it, are allied by the blood with France long before any such affiliation claimed by England.
The Treaty of Camlan provided that the lands of Powys and Wales were forever ceded to the King of Gaul, his heirs, descendants, and assigns --- his son, Guilleroi du Lac. It was signed and sealed in 540 A.D. in the presence of the Pope and was seen as an important step forward for the Christianization and stabilization of the British Isles at the time, so we doubt that the Holy See has quite forgotten the French footholds that gained its safety and its entrance to the British Isles.
It is precisely the enforcement of this Treaty of Camlan by William of Normandy (and the back-sliding of the British) that caused the Norman Conquest, another part of history that is being conveniently ignored as if it never happened.
For the interest and action of the Holy See and the United Nations and every instrumentality thereof, William of Normandy forever precluded the possibility of there ever being a true British Monarch again, via The Settlement of the Norman Conquest upon his death in 1087 A.D.
William of Normandy scrupulously catalogued every scrap, down to the single goat, of the property assets of England --- and upon his death, he bequeathed separate kingdoms to his loyal Barons as "sovereigns in their own right". From that moment on, there were and have been many "kings of England" . In truth, it was the signature of those many kings appearing on the Magna Carta, only appearing to be French Barons in France, that has given that document, The Magna Carta, the Force of Law.
King John was deliberately given no land at all. His grandson, who signed the Magna Carta, became the Overseer of the Pope's Commonwealth lands in England, and to this day, that has been the source of all his descendant's claims to have any "kingship" at all in England or anywhere else.
My Husband and I are both heirs of all the Treaties and Treaties by Marriage referenced above, inheritors of sovereignty resulting from this Settlement of the Norman Conquest, and though we do not like to embarrass anyone, the failure to enforce the above referenced Treaties and Settlements has brought the entire world to the brink of economic and social collapse.
Please observe that the Belle Chers (Belchers in England) Coat of Arms established as a sovereign coat of arms (in England) and a barony coat of arms (in France) was and is part and parcel of the Royal House of the King of Gaul, and closely related to the Kings and Princes of Aragon which shares the unique vertical striped shield that was adapted to the use of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
There can be no mistaking the relationships of these symbols and trademarks, nor the authority over land grants possessed by both the House of Aragon and the House of Du Lac.
Thus, there is no right, rhyme, or reason why the Holy See should allow its Overseers of the Commonwealth to presume upon the jurisdictions of the land and soil upheld by The Treaty of Trieste, The Treaty of Camlan, The Norman Conquest, The Settlement of the Norman Conquest, The Magna Carta, The Supreme Declaration of Independence of the Colonies of the United States of America, and our victories in no less than two (2) World Wars.
We remind the Holy See that we have never sought war, but never been defeated in war of any kind in any jurisdiction.
We are here demanding a complete review of these circumstances and their immediate correction. The sea must return to its natural bounds, and the land must be upheld; the jurisdiction of the air must be content with its own vast domain and administer it properly without complaint, for the representatives of the Holy See were also present and parties to The Treaty of Trieste.
China must be properly advised that China was not dealing with the actual government of this country and our land assets are not available to pay for the debts of the United States Municipal Corporation. We propose a complete fiscal audit of the transactions involved in the development of any purported debt owed to China, as there can be no actual debt accrued in a debt-credit system.
So far as we can observe, American labor paid for Chinese goods, the Chinese spent the Blood Money, and now want to double-dip and demand commodity asset payment, too. The extent of any such alleged payment owed by this nation would be determined by the stipulated expenses allowed as a result of the exercise of our delegated powers.
We also request and require the return of control of all our gold and silver and platinum and other precious metals assets so that we can settle all and any valid debts we may have worldwide and thus avoid any possible conflagration on our shores or anywhere else.
by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Anna and James are not the " only heirs" to these treaties. Why Anna do you convieniently leave that fact out ? I myself have French Royal blood and Algonquin Nation Blood. I and my Family are also party.
    I dont trust you, that is your making. Address this . I command you to.

    1. @Patriot - Ditto - same here...

    2. Is this obvious?

      "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..."


      "He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected, whereby the Legislative Powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within."

      Who are these capital "P" People spoken of in these lines?

    3. goode2boots is correct:

      the DofI and the laws of nature and of natures creator
      what is going on here? 20 different religions. various people mixing and matching to serve their desires, with no regard for truth or reality whatsoever.

      this is why bible stuff and popistry does not apply. DOI is more akin to alchemy and kabbalah and illuminism (noone is "fallen", no need for anyone to be "saved") and "enlightenment" (same) and even further, with revelation/2nd coming/ezekiel -- that boat already sailed, as far as america claiming it

      for gnosticism this is phony "blind god" yahweh. for christianity, apples and oranges, does not apply, no trinity or baptisms here. can only be the devil. ditto for old test.

      only makes sense under millenialism/revelation/ezekiel, which is essentially end of new test and old test both (against actual judaism) -- kabbalah.

      historically, both alchemy and kabbalah were quick to point out nature is not god, the world is not god, these are "lesser" entities" that govern nature/the world. and they would pray to the higher entity to command the lower essentially.

      and, for christianity and new test and the bible, "god of this world" is the devil.

      where does this leave things? same as always. christ or the world. or, old test judaism is "still waiting" and indefinitely on hold.

      or, reject them all -- and leave the bible and ezekiel and all the rest out of it.

      or, stick with kabbalah and alchemy without mixing in to bible stuff and getting the watered-down "dark lodge" version akin to samaritan bible for "idiots"

      was, is, ever shall be. there are no remaining prophecies of isiah or ezekiel, new test superceded them all -- all prophecy was fulfilled.

      ezekiel is only more millenialism/revelation "their lord and his christ" inherit the earth. the meek. jerome notes the things of the earth return to the earth Eccl. 3:20. that's bad. that's people who didn't get to heaven.

      the meek get "earth" as a substitute.
      he saints of the Most High God shall take the kingdom.” The four kingdoms of which we have spoken above were earthly in character. “For everything which is of the earth shall return to earth” (Eccl. 3:20). But the saints shall never possess an earthly kingdom, but only a heavenly. Away, then, with the fable about a millennium!
      so much for ezekiel, revelation, and the "Most High God".

      actual followers of the "Most High God" don't get any earthly substitute fake kingdom "of this world" in this life. this is just common sense -- for both old and new test. my kindgom is not of this world -- worldly kingdom is the other guy lol

      "jews" may get some worldly kingdom when their guy arrives and "purifies" them, indefinetely on hold for now.

      also, for alchemy and kabbalah and such, plasma/fire is above the other 3 (gas, liquid, solid) anyways. or christ/quintessence can even be above that. so it is quite irrelevant land/sea/air as that is where beasts and things that creep and birds of the air and such inhabit. that's kind of the point of baptism etc. to get people out of those.

      good boots is correct. DOI is enlightenment. masonry and illuminism at best. it was the supposed promised land/new atlantis/etc. despite being heresy (to new test and old both). 2nd coming/revelation/heaven on earth ship already sailed for america -- right from the start.

      what do people need papal recognition for? that america was always officially damned? do you see any trinity in the DOI? no. that's considered the devil. there is no "neutral" allowed for any christianity/old test/bible things/etc. -- that just defaults to "on the devil's side"

      goode2boots is correct. DOI is nature's god. no bible nonsense in there. no trinity. no new test. no old test. no baptisms.

    4. DOI is "nature's god" and nature's law.

      no "the lord" of old test. no christ. no ezekiel. no revelation. no trinity. no baptism.

      the people trying to bring bible stories into things are making it up as they go. there is no such declaration. there never was. and there probably never will be -- because that would require picking a side, something masonry/illuminism/enlightenment cannot ever officially, outwardly, openly, do, or the whole scam would be exposed.

    5. it is difficult to think of a lie the millenalialists haven't told.

      why did jerome have to counter 1500-some years ago? because they've sold the same worldly kingdom lie the past 2000 years, over and over and over and over.

      today, the dragon rears its head via jesuitry with their "america" publication pushing illuminism/masonry under veil of "christianity"

      always with a forked tongue.

      DOI is "nature's god" and nature's law. there is no other authorization from any "americans" for anything else. there never was.

      millenialism has no authority in DOI, nor does old test, nor does new, nor does ezekiel, nor does revelation, nor does shiva, nor does jesuitry.

      DOI always was illuminism/masonry/enlightenment, and probably always will be.

    6. Ah... the return of Dear and Loved king [of kings] of Persia - the 'god-king' comes to the rescue again.

      My Kingdom is not of this world... those words are true, however, the opinion that His Kingdom will not eventually be upon and Rule the earth is just that - an opinion.

      "of this world" and "earthly kingdom" refer to creations of man. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is NOT an "earthly kingdom" creation of man, nor is it "of this world".

      The earth was created as the realm of man - the heavens is the realm of created beings without fleshly bodies. The Almighty Creator is the One and Only non-created Supreme Being. His only begotten Son was brought forth from The Creator - they are of the same essence and being. ALL others are creations which are below The Creator and His Son.

      The claim that the men who signed the original Declaration were deists, masonic devil-worshipers, alchemists, "new atlanteans", gnostics and/or kabbalah followers is something that cannot be proven or disproven. All one can do is read and interpret their declarations and works to determine whether or not it is good or bad.

      "And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      One must have to believe that the "Divine Providence" they firmly relied upon was, in fact, Lucifer or the Satan rather than The Creator spoken of Who they believed created ALL things and endowed ALL men with certain unalienable rights.

      Everyone can decide for themselves which it is.

  2. Anna did not claim to be a "Royal", she claimed to be an heir to "of all the Treaties and Treaties by Marriage referenced..." due to the claim of lineage back to the original parties. Part of the "inheritance" was sovereignty in one's own right, which also can be claimed by anyone born on this land... in your own right.

    If anyone feels they also have a "lineage claim" and/or is "heir" to certain Treaties discussed, then by all means, go and claim it and do what is necessary to be recognized. Whether you choose to or not, does NOT effect anyone else on the path to truth and proper standing.

    Same as what Anna did/does - does not interfere with anyone else's claimed sovereignty in his/her own right. However, the only one providing enormous amounts researchable info and verifiable claims on this Blog is Anna, so far.

    I do not agree with everything Anna offers or claims, however, it is glaringly clear that she offers FULL disclosure for everyone to read, study, think and decide for themselves.

    If you believe the history and process Anna offers is flawed, do not follow it. Make and follow your own path. Anna's offerings do not impede upon anyone else's chosen path - she is the least of your problems on your journey to truth and freedom.

  3. It makes one wonder... why the constant complaining, opposition, accusations, etc.

    I wouldn't waste my time constantly replying to a Blog that I thought was providing false history, information and process - I'd be spending time making my own way and helping others who ask for my assistance.

    Of all the Internet "gurus" who have a large reach and are able to influence a good many people, this site seems to be under the radar in comparison. There are many people out there giving dangerous advice resulting in dire consequences.

    Makes you think why this tiny Blog is being targeted in such a way.

    1. This coming from the same gal who spouts the absurdity that Dan Crenshaw is being played by Bill Paxton.

      Dan Crenshaw = 5'9" Tall

      Bill Paxton = 6'2" Tall

      I already proved this to be patently false without any reply from you. Yet you keep repeating these ridiculous accusations.

      If there is a choice between information you post vs what Anna posts, you lose every day and twice on Sunday.

    2. You also just showed your hand...

      "And just maybe you are a hidden Hollywood scribe sent to this blog to deter the real truth telling people to go the hell away and to stop hindering the set up and the cash cow of donations pouring in to these coffers"

      That tells me that you are the paid opposition here. Obviously, no one else can take anything from that, however, it satisfies me immensely that your emotive and ignorant rantings are nothing more than destractive theater.

    3. Prove your claim by providing verifiable evidence. If you can and do, I will be the first one to back you up.

      Why do believe Anna has "the whole truth" to provide? I don't.

      I do not follow anyone's path - I can think for myself. So far, you have not provided anything worth considering especially since you will not acknowledge the farce you continue to propagate regarding certain people being "played" by actors.

      I do not discount the possibility that certain "actors" on the big stage are playing "a part", however, your rantings in that regard can be easily proven false - I have already done so and you do not answer... telling.

  4. Everyone, who can read and think clearly for themselves, now can see and notice how you craftily avoid the subject posed against you and divert to other arguments - none of which help you in any way.

    You offer NO verifiable solutions and you cannot prove that you do not use the same "money" that you disparage Anna for using in order to obtain and sustain the necessities of life in your orbit.

    Projection and Hypocrisy abounds on this Blog.

    1. "Blah blah blah blah blah" is all you are good for.

      Oh, and thanks for admitting you have no verifiable solutions - I guess most everyone here knows that by now anyway.

  5. The declaration of flag .pdf's are incomplete.

  6. Who and where is the International Court of Justice?