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Friday, April 16, 2021

Ezekial, the Prophet

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all those who are scared and anxious and wondering what to think and what to do: read the Book of Ezekial, the Prophet.
A great many strange things are recorded in the Book of Ezekial, but without a firm grounding in the material contained in this book of the Bible, many other things including our present circumstance, won't make much sense.
Here, you will learn about the reason God gave the Law to Moses --- it was done on purpose to humble men, to prove how little discipline we have, how far short we fall from perfection, how we cannot keep even ten (10) simple commandments, much less the 600-plus mandates of the Mosaic Law.
Indeed, it does demonstrate all of this and more, which is why we need to pay attention to our failure and our limitations. That is the lesson that The Law is intended to teach us, so that we might learn our need to forgive and be forgiven.
The Ten Commandments represent the Public Law, while the rest of the 600-plus rules represent the private law, the "code" and "regulations" an observant Hebrew is obligated to perform. All you have to do is read through this mammoth maze of obligations and you will know that the Law is impossible to fulfill ---- literally.
And you will grasp the importance of one man fulfilling it.
In Ezekial you will finally learn the meaning of the Great Abomination and "the abomination that makes desolate" --- it's the religion of ancient Egypt that the Ten "Lost" Tribes brought with them out of Egypt and all the nasty rites associated with this idolatrous religion: temple prostitution, burnt offerings including babies burned alive, sacred groves, lewd idols, and more.
And the fact that Aleister Crowley was "initiated" by the ancient gods of Egypt and brought them back to life and re-established their rites as part of the Order of the Golden Dawn has more potent meaning to us now, as we realize that the plague of this horrible religion was reborn a century ago--- in our midst.
The gift of a giant idol honoring the pagan goddess Ashtoreth (also known as Isis, Cybel, Astarte, Semiramis, and Columbia--- as in "District of Columbia") from the Freemasons' Grand Lodge of Paris also makes more sense; what passes for the "Statue of Liberty" is actually the personification of the "Abomination that makes desolate" and it is indeed "standing where it should not stand".
Take care now, for this is the fulfillment of a warning long given. When you see this sign, you know that the end times have come. So pause a moment now and consider the revelation given to you.
The word "district" is synonymous with the word "parish" and this "District of Columbia" is indeed the "Parish of Columbia" --- and the "church" of this profane, foreign, destructive goddess is established among the members of this foreign theocracy on our shores.
Here is where we learn about the Harlots and what makes them Harlots among the nations----their following after the idolatrous religion of Egypt.
We learn that there are three Harlots, and two are sisters, with the older sister corrupting the younger one. This prefigures the relationship between England and America today. The still older Harlot, Egypt, is foreign, and fickle, leading to the destruction of all those who depend on her. This prefigures the position of Rome in the current drama.
Ezekial is where we gain an understanding of what the sins of Manasseh were, and why the tribe named for him split in half, with one half following after his brother, Ephraim, and one half entering the Assyrian wilderness with the remnants of Asher and Gad.
And whereas the scepter belongs to Ephraim, the material wealth belongs to Manasseh -- and it is split between those who follow Ephraim to England, and those who wander with Asher and Gad to Germany, France, and beyond.
Here we see the prefiguring of the iron, tin, brass, and clay feet of the late kingdoms of Revelation and come to understand the meaning of this passage, too.
The depths of the Book of Ezekial and its importance as a window to understand our present experience must be savored slowly, line by line, chapter by chapter, read and re-read, internalized and pondered so that discernment of the destruction and its causes are understood --- and also the actions that must be taken to save ourselves and our country.
We must turn away from the false gods of Egypt and all their practices and idols. With full hearts and earnestness of mind we must recognize these evils and cast them away from us and from our shores.

Men like John Dee and Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike awakened this ancient evil and it has grown among the ranks of the ignorant as a "religious" cult that now promotes America as the home of liars and libertines, institutionalized criminality, lewdness, and the worship of "Columbia" in the Parish of Columbia.


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  1. Which Bible version conveys the name as “Ezekial”?
    King James is conveying it as “Ezekiel”.

    1. you say towmaytoe I say towmahtoe ,, we know who and what she is referring to..

    2. Names have meanings, especially in the Bible. You might appear as not really knowing what you are trying to tell if you constantly misspell known names.

  2. .
    Funny - That God wrote his rules in stone and man writs on paper -- find that unusual ?

    Who is the Committee of Nica and what did they remove form the so called books, that; the correct book originally has 72 books contained therein and the present book only has 30 ?

    1. re "secret books" see jewish encyclopedia cabalah -- this is what all this "2nd coming" "worldly kingdom" "their lord and his christ" prophecy of ezekiel AND (drumroll...) "golden dawn" stuff is also about the same prophecy.

      this is how you get kabbalah -- against both judaism and christianity. literally refers to oral teachings/hidden things -- word of mouth.

      it was done by old test long before any other "council" or "committee" of "christians"

      novus ordo seclorum ,saturnian golden age. slaves become kings, kings become slaves. round 2 (if not more).

      how does it end? "their lord and his christ" -- new test completely wiped out, old test too (see

      this is why anna (and anyone else pushing old test + ezekiel + 2nd coming) is playing right into "golden dawn" hands.

      this is also the marxist worldly kingdom plan too -- "the end of time" they call it. no more christ. end of time lol no more old test -- the end of time lol

      of course, for this to all work, you have to invent a new story that all these good people's "worldly kingdom" "golden dawn" is different than the NWO and crowley and kabbalah version.

      "their lord and his christ" as revelation says. this wipes out the final remnants of both old test and new -- and you get an illuminized whore of babylon as the victor.

    2. "it was done by old test long before any other "council" or "committee" of "christians""
      i shoudl say, it was forbidden by judaims, but even the "bible" mentions these "secret books" of the old test.

      it is not something the christians or catholics banned -- it was banned by judaism.

      kabbalah was never christian or judaism -- it was banned by rabbis throughout the centuries as well.

      its only nowadays with all the NWO nonsense and worldly kingdom and "worldly israel" heresy coming to fruition, that it is being pushed more strongly

      HINT: crowley and other magicians are all about kabbalah. this is exactly what they want, the "prophecy of ezekiel' and 2nd coming, saturnian golden age, novus ordo seclorum, new world order, "revelation" "their lord and his christ"

      anna has been warned repeatedly, but like a broken record, they just go on and on like the people who wanted a king. same reason rich people cant get to heaven -- they cant give up their worldly goods and attachments. these ppl cant give up their idea of a worldly kingdom. it is the "communist" plan and also masquerades as 'atheism' since it is purely for materialistic aims and goals.

  3. Re: April 13, 2021--- Adherents of this cult have greatly influenced the Law of Admiralty --- for behold, Satan is cast down into "the sea" --- and British Maritime Law, too.

    I want to know exactly where in the Scriptures it says: for behold, Satan is cast down into "the sea" ?

  4. Barbara Bush, Crowley's daughter?

  5. Replies
    1. In the New Testament, there are no verbatim references, but allusions to the prophecy and figures taken from it are prominent. Compare St. John x etc. with Ezek. xxxiv, 11 etc.; St. Matthew xxii, 32, with Ezek. xvii, 23. In particular St. John, in the Apocalypse, has often followed Ezekiel. Compare Apoc. xviii-xxi with Ezek. xxvii, xxxviii etc., xlvii etc.
      its just more 2nd coming worldly kingdom kabbalah "secret books"" their lord and his christ"

      it is how to overthrow both old test and new test.

      it is kabbalah, neither jewish nor christian (and doubly not "catholic").

      "their lord and his christ" -- saturnian reversal.

      those who say they are jews but are not -- the synagogue of satan.

      it is against judaism. for new test, all prophecies were already fulfilled. even many quasi- "jews" are against "2nd coming" because it makes no sense -- have to save everyone twice? so christ was not god?

      "their lord and his christ". rosicrucian stuff even has hermes/thoth. or like crowley, golden dawn, horus. i.e. christ is not god, just a messenger, no trinity, no cosubstantiality.

      "their lord and his christ" as revelation says -- end of new test where christ is lord. end of old test too. actual judaism doesn't have 'secret books' or a worldly kingdom either (not until there guy shows up -- and occupying israel in meantime is forbidden, preventing that from happening)

      kabbalah. "completely kabbalistic". neither christian nor jewish.

      it is eliphas levi transcendental magic "gnostic catholicism" "more catholic than the pope" "more protestant than luther" -- playing right into NWO hands. people pushing ezekiel are the NWO.

    2. if you watn to know what the propehcy of ezekiel is about, see eliphas levi or albert pike morals and dogma.

      that is the NWO. that is their "golden saturnian age". behold, i make all things new -- saturn, revelation. the one thing zeus feared could overthrow him -- time.

      note the beast is blasphemy. so the solution is easy -- no 2nd coming, no worldly kingdom, no magical golden age, no saturnian reversals (which is what the bronze, clay, etc. thing refers to too -- just more saturnian NWO golden age, that was when it ended the first time, the "illuminists" want to bring it back -- in their minds they are going BACKWARDS back before christ -- BACK to "atlantis" even). hence saturnian "revolution". slaves become kings, kings become slaves. christ becomes satan. satan becomes god.

  6. this establishes what is brought forth here, american means
    am=people eric=ruled can=serpent, people ruled by the serpent, the word amaru is the flying serpent diety,

    Welcome to Amaruca, the Land of the Serpent Gods!

    In his book, "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies", William T. Still shows that America was called initially "The Land of the Plumed / Feathered Serpents" by the Indians of Peru.

    James Pyrse researched an article written in the Theosophical Society magazine entitled "Lucifer", which gave insight into the word "America." 

    He says that the chief god of the Mayan Indians in Central America was Quettzalcoatl / Kukulkan ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent"). In Peru this god was called Amaru and the territory known as Amaruca.

    Pyres states: "Amaruca is literally translated 'Land of the Plumed Serpents' (p. 45) - (Variation: 'Land of the Great Plumed Serpents)." He claims that the name of America was derived from Amaruca, instead of after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. This further proves that serpent worship was common throughout all cultures.

    obelisks in new york it was all an occult from the beginning of their piracy system

  7. Ez 36 tells us when the latter days period began, fulfilling 2 sam 7:10.
    A time when He would gather together from the four corners of the earth where His people were scattered, and bring them into a new land of their own from which they'll move no more. There is one land which fulfills these promises, called the "new world," populated from all directions.
    Ez 37 follows that movement with a valley of dry bones receiving new life and "assembling" to rise from the grave and stand again, a fully-formed, functional body comprised of many living members, being fitly joined together, designed after the Divine pattern son.
    The brief glimpse of a people grown up and declaring in-dependence; (the fruit of the true 'Gospel' ie "no man between God and man, save the Son of God, mediator and savior.' ie 'all men are created equal') was the beginning of the new man assembled and alive on earth, the seed; "except the seed goes into the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit."
    "Let the two grow together" reveals there was always a mixture of pure and ulterior designs contending for the liberating truth, authority, power, benefits revealed in the Good News. The source of revelation, flesh and blood or the Father Himself, is the defining characteristic of the true and false.
    "Upon this rock, I will build My assembly."

    1. many problems with these statements.

      for starters, the assemblies rejected new test and christ and declared "the lord" and his 10 commandments as "god"
      leaving aside those giant "fruits from a poisoned tree" as it were...

      'all men are created equal')
      sounds like make believe. jefferson did not equate this with christ.

      and even humoring this 1984 rewrite, so it was already been fulfilled -- no worldly kingdom, no 2nd coming, no golden dawn. no streets paved with gold?

      so who are these ppl pushing a propecy that supposedly already happened -- didnt get the memo?

      yes, america was always pushing this "chosen people" -- problem with that is america never declared "son of god" or any trinity or any baptism. it was always a joke. no enforcement. noone can serve 2 masters.

      independence was not declared in the name of christ. it was to an unknown masonic "god". deliberately. specifically not a word about christ. that was all roman superstition of the "old world"

      ditto federal constitution -- no oaths for office. not a word about christ. that is specifically outlawed.

      what do we know for sure? there is a great seal, highest of all, with an eye of horus all-seeing eye, and the jesuits "our lady of america" uses the same symbol on her breast and it is all just more 2nd coming worldly kingdom nonsense.

      it is total fiction that "all men are created equal" ever referred to christ. 2nd coming yes, but thats "their lord and his christ".

      new test has specific requirements -- confessing the name of christ, baptism, at bare minimum. "my kingdom is not of this world" anyone who loves anything in this world does not have the love of the father [the son] in him, etc.

      it is just more NWO rewriting of things to equate america to christ. it was always 2nd coming "millenialism" and that was always heresy -- except for kabbalah, neither jewish nor christian. "golden dawn" is the overthrow of old test and new test, and the end of christ.

      "their lord and his christ" of revelation takes over instead. totally different guy. yes, america by and large always did this. but it is total inversion/opposite of new test.

      new test says not to be yoked to unbelievers. no "freedom of religion". luther and his followers made that "2 kingdoms" idea up out of thin air -- its not in the new test.

      noone can serve 2 masters. the end. america has always had its own fake "christianity" and fake "churches" and "worldly kingdom" type of "christ" i suppose, thats about it.

      it is just masonic hand-waving/disinformation. for christ, america would have to declare and mandate a trinity and baptism. and pick from old test, new test, or revelation.

      noone can serve 2 masters. "freedom of religion" is nowhere in the bible -- not old test, not new test, and not revelation either. it is people playing both "sides" -- hidden rules and books for me, bible stories and make-believe "americanized" "illuminized" quasi-religions for you.

    2. it'd be nice if it was true, but it is just more "illuminati" BS sadly. inventing quasi-judaism and quasi-christian and quasi-catholic fictional religions. kabbalah, seeping into and infesting all other religions, and creating lookalike, soundalike, heretical versions/imitations, counterfeit christ. no baptism needed, no confessing anything, no trinity, dont have to declare old or new test or revelation -- just every "american" magically worships christ.

      this has always been fiction. federal constitution put the last nails in this fiction.

      this is not a bad thing per se -- most religion is dead and most ppl dont want monarchy -- but the bible never said anyone gets freedom of religion.

      it is perhaps for the better to let old test and new test get destroyed by kabbalah, and let that be the end of it, than to invent fake versions for worldly kingdom goals. better no christ, than a fake "americanized" bible/idol worship imitation version.

    3. english common law, which jefferson based things on, extended before england was "christianized" too. "time immemorial" -- before records, before anyone remembers.

      that is another reason america was never "christian". read jeffersons autobiography and other works.

      they didnt claim christ as a right for anything -- or any god in particular -- they claimed their right as englishmen, going back befor england was "christianized".

    4. declaration of independence also says all men, anywhere, any time. has nothing to do with christ. they did not "limit" it that way either.

      in summary
      1) they did not claim christ gave them right to do anything
      2) they did not claim any particular god
      3) they specified clearly anyone, anywhere, anytime can do the same -- not only "christians" or "jews" or any particular followers of any particular "god"
      it is total fiction to equate declaration of independence to any bible things. it is true america largely did "millenialism", the direct opposite of both new test and old test.

    5. 4) declaration of independence literally said the truths were self-evident

      this is direct opposite of "christ revealed this to me" or "the bible told me to do this" or "god showed me the light"

      self-evident means self-evident. common sense. no religion needed. no god needed. no christ needed.

      has nothing to do with christ. it is fake "illuminati" "americanized" churches and quasi-religions that want a worldly kingdom that try to claim that america was based on "the bible"

    6. "all men are created" to the illuminists is basically saturnian reversal -- kings become slaves, slaves become kings. so it was "illuminati christianity" in that sense aka 2nd coming aka worldly kingdom.

      direct opposite of both old test and new test. this is not christ, it was overthrow of christ. overthrow of all churches. a new world order. saturnian golden age.

  8. agree 100%. and thats why 10 commandments are obsolete. so why is it public law?

    either christ fulfilled "The law" or not. end of story.

    following 10 commandments is rejecting christ. no one is bound to do the impossible (elevate the devil to god). maxim of law.

    "middle men playing at being administrators. " yes thats apocalypse thats a spicy meatball lol. new test warns about these people "sitting in moses seat" barking orders. scribes and pharisees.

    the synagogue of satan -- those who say they are jews but are not.

    "middle men playing at being administrators." yes, ironic that that is the best "protestantism" can come up with " BUT I WANT TO BE POPE!"

    everything they accuse others of doing, they are guilty of themselves.

    rejecting christ? check. worshipping man instead of god? check. idols like bible worship? check. blasphemy and heresy? check. wanting a worldly kingdom? check.

    "middle men playing at being administrators. " these administrators pushing 10 commandments are the NWO. it is against judaism, and denies christ. it is only kabbalah/"golden dawn" that tries to merge the two.

    these administrators are teh soviets and fabian socialists trying to unite everyone under "the lord" -- overthrow both old test and new test. pushing "worldly israel" too -- against judaism.

    uniting everyone under "the lord" is the whore of babylon, blasphemy, the beast. 666.

    this is why it says principalities and principles, not flesh. and why anyone pointing at crowley is clueless. the new test literally says not to do that, but hegelian brainwashing needs a "pivot" and a "pillar and a post" to pull off such deceptions. have to invent a new satan to disguise and mask the old one, so the old one can slip away unscathed and in full control.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Proclaimed the greatest discovery of out time the Dead Sea scrolls like the Rosetta Stone cross reference of the Bible that’s been tinkered with .
    Other materials Assyrian library clay tablets .
    The Bible’s last mention of Israelites they were taken into captivity by Assyrians.
    The archeologists have now picked up the cold trail and we’re referred to by another name constantly enslaved the escape north Iberia peninsula meaning Hebrew on into British isles and Romans called the genuine Scythian or German that fractured into celts lombards franks Norseman.
    All depends on if you trust your source .

    1. The Book of Mormon specifically, clearly, makes an unmistakeable intentional and repeated record that is what it is doing: picking up the trail of continuity of the ministrations of God to his people the Israelites with their true recorded story continuing after the Old Testament though the literal recorded experiences of descendants of THE Joseph of Eqypt, of the tribe of Ephraim through Manasseh, then Joseph, he who wore the coat of many colors. Josephs descendants left Jerusalem about 600 B.C., "in the first year of the reign of Zedekiah, king of Judah" (B.of Mormon page 1). Zedekiah is spoken of in the Old Testament, and he is the ruler of Judah when Joseph of Eqypt's descendants, who are members of the tribe of Manasseh, departed Jerusalem and were led to the American Continent about 600 b.c.

      So the trail and the history of Israel IS CONTIUED in the Book of Mormon. It has been made available, now even available on the WWweb, by the wisdom and power of God. Read it and find out for yourself if there is an ongoing history of the Israelites after the Old Testament concludes. Real seekers of truth will follow a credible lead to its conclusion of THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION, if they are sincere.

  11. Most commenters to this blog are quick to judge but slow to consider.

    Anna's invitation is well taken to carefully search and research scriptures for their truth on how to get out of darkness, ignorance and bondage and how to get into the light, revelations and love of God.

    Jesus Christ is the gift God gave us to observe his holy example, to hear His Words, to make the profound discovery we - alone - can NOT return to God by even a lifetime of fulfilling the Mosaic law or any other profane law - because it is literally impossible. We are imperfect, egotistic, vain, hateful, judgmental,lazy, self righteous, selfish, spiteful, indulgent, in short we are darkened creatures as natural men and women. ONLY by Gods grace in the gift of His holy sinless son who gave his life for us in Calvary and Gethsemane has the redemption price of sinful souls been paid by his infinite Atonement. We CAN become one with God again, solely by being reborn to a new birth of higher spiritually mindful life pursuits to follow Christ's example, if we enter covenant with God through baptism to forsake our worldly fallen ways of the natural man who is "an enemy to God", and to walk the path of obedience to our dying day in pursuit of being a disciple of Jesus Christ in all things.

    With baptism then comes the gift of the Holy Ghost with its still small voice to prompt us to act in all things godly, and to avoid all things of the natural man, if we" give it place in our heart and mind.If we become the children of "Israel, those who "let God prevail" in all things. "Israel" = "let God prevail". Reading and re-reading Ezekiel is a good start.

    People who imagine an American State Assembly can succeed governing themselves and then the nation are living in a mirage to think they,we, can do so without letting God prevail, for that is the only way God will provide what we need but do not have: divine providence in our worldly affairs.

  12. The Torah (interpreted as Law but really means teaching/instruction) is for he people of the Holy One. The Ten Commandments are never called that in the Hebrew, they are the Ten Declarations and the first is NOT 'You will have no other gods before My Face,' that is actually part of the second. The first declaration is "I am HaShem, your Elohim who brought you out of Mitzrayim, out of the land of bondage." Once one understands the importance of this first one the rest fall into place.

    What this first declaration is stating is that it was HaShem and Him alone who brought us up out of Mitzrayim (not Egypt per se, Mitzrayim means between the narrows, between a rock and a hard place and the word picture is trials and tribulation)and NOTHING we did, could do or ever will do made this possible, He did it for His great Name's sake because of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is why He did it, NO merit on our part. This is HaShem's image, Fame, Reputation, Character

    Now understanding this, the 6th Declaration parallels the 1st because it deals with the image of Elohim and man "You will not murder." Now the others fall into place and the 2nd parallels the 7th, the 3rd parallels the 8th, the 4th parallels the 9th and the 5th parallels the 10th.

    Then the 613 'commandments' are really in Hebrew mitzvoth which the root word is tzav and means to enjoin, this is covenant language and is meant only for those in covenant with Him. The prefix of mem is a picture of water which is continually flows and the suffix is tav which is a picture of a sign/covenant so together it is a constant enjoining to the One you are in covenant relationship with.

    Deuteronomy 30 speaks that these are NOT hard but it is religion that makes them hard as well as our evil inclination. The question one must ask themself is, am I willing to commit to JOIN my heavenly Father in what He is doing or not? If so, HaShem will do everything it takes to ensure that it all will happen. So if you are going through a lot of struggles, Praise HaShem because He brought into your life and there is some corrective action that needs to be brought about and it may also be the means of making rectification for something you have done or another has done.

  13. Life can lead men's souls to searching for truth, and humility from life's buffetings can lead men to repentance, and repentance to baptism, baptism to receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the H.G. can lead us to rejoin God.

  14. All who seek to deny Gods revelations because those revelations are recognized as mysteriously effective and powerful by corrupt men and adopted portions of those revelations and subsequently corrupted by dark minded men to use in order to govern people into serving the corrupt class into bondage, are throwing out the baby with the bath water. It takes some serious discernment to see the difference. Reading, no, SEARCHING, the scriptures for continuity and consistency of Gods hand and asking for the Holy Ghost to manifest what is true and what is not true are tools He has given us for our discernment between truth and error. Anna talks so much about errors of men little time is given for truth of God, which must be our staff of life or we have already failed in the effort to rebuild a better nation.

  15. A key point regarding any religion or spiritual tradition: it will only be as powerful as the number of people who worship and energetically feed the egregore of that religion.

  16. English. Hebrew
    Rabble. Rab
    Cipher. Saphar
    Sake. Sakan
    Sore. Tsur
    Shiver. Sheber
    Puke. Pook
    Chill. Chil
    Rash. Raash
    Terrible. Teruah
    Mello. Melo
    Bad. Bad
    Hollow Holhul
    Cane. Cana
    Direct. Derek
    Call. Kol
    Room. Rum
    Shame. Shamen
    Sum. Sum
    Dumb. Dahm
    Sure. Shur
    Yes. Esh
    Sack. Saq
    Perish. Parash
    Put. Putz
    Mirror. Marah
    Pass. Pasa
    Shut. Shut
    Cave. Kaph
    Bat. Baat
    Chore. Chor
    Hug. Ug
    Bad. Bad
    Bolt. Bala
    Band. Banat
    Bear. Baar
    Broth. Baroth
    Bath. Bath
    Gay. Ga
    Gargle. Gargareth
    Crash. Garash
    Grip. Garaph
    Down. Doon
    Delicate. Deleketh
    Career. Karar
    Cotton. Kittoneth

  17. Anti Semitic no such thing ,Semitic is referred to as a language not a race .
    And the twisting of history is not a recent occurrence.
    When a tribe conquer another the destroy the culture.
    The Semite is actually associated with a tribe or son of Shem Noah fair haired blue eyed son .
    But he killed the Baal worshiper nimrod and cut him to pieces sending parts to other Baal priest as a warning.
    They hid them and created the mystery cult meaning it’s a secret we’re the hid thair leaders body parts .
    This war is still raging child sacrifice bohemian grove child trafficking.freemasonary is about death eyes wide shut Steven King novel was about masonry and like Tom Clancy died shortly.

  18. A red neck meets a Jew I go my way and you can go Yahweh.

  19. I've said these same things many, many times, so I am totally with you, Shelby. Complete blindness and hypocrisy. Just like 99.999% of the global population is to suffer and pay for the true sins of the "elite" illuminatists, e.g. blaming the individual private consumer for "climate change" and fossil fuel damage, though they are the ones who block the release of clean, green, free technologies that wouldn't harm the environment. And, on and on and on...

  20. i believe Anna is wrong.
    The Birthright promise was to Ephraim and Manasseh, the two sons. Which are the Americas and England.
    The scepter promise was to Judah and was to always remain.
    'Every one should do their own homework on this, if you want to see the Truth.

  21. Anna- "And whereas the scepter belongs to Ephraim,"

    1 Kings 11:11-13

    God tells Solomon that his descendants would not inherit a throne over all Israel. God says He would maintain Solomon's dynasty, however, out of respect for His promise to David that his throne would be established forever (II Samuel 7:16). Under David, the scepter had come to Judah. It was not to depart from Judah, as Genesis 49:10 declares.

  22. Yes I love the 10 commandments, better than the ez 1,2,3 commandment. < Not enough details.

    I love it when PISCES Tarot Reader DECEIVING PISCES = "Fraudulent Bansters" DECEIVING General Public, working for their EU*8, and UK*13*8 = Top deceptive Rulers of Top Thieves around the world, but here in U. S. INC more, MORE than other PLACES. They play their mind games best, confusing others and themselves, and blame on others for what they've plundering the world, for a very long time.

    Hey folks Do you know their top energies are top deceiptive in CEO'S water sign?
    Usually the Neg./ retrograding SCORPIOS, PISCES? in their 50...70's. BoA, FHHL, NSM, fannie mae, etc.. 745 of them with exact energies. See the pattetn here:

    Winston Churchill, Luis Mountbatten,... Same pattern means what? ..they made the living by deceptions on our ancestors and us for a very long time since England left the CANON law, to profit sinfully. CANON is active true and international Law.

  23. All religions are mind-controlled tools for the Fraudsters. Like the hidden Admiralty = Tribunal courts, juri-diction = deceptive, unfair, tricky mind games, manifested as if they are real. When they're not even a fraction of the Truths.

    1. Not saying Paul is, but in the old days, there weren't any organized churches for 10+ % donations. I always like the 10 commandments, from True unbias God.

      Today too many people playing GOds..

      The invisible GOD has proved HIS EXISTENCE to me that NO men can IMITATE. not even the Tarot card readers, even I listen to them, for quick sanity check only.

      But the TRUE ALTIMATE GOD works, proven
      manifestations ARE still the only force behind my decisions. I like balance. Thieves and Crooks aren't balanced.

  24. Anna,

    Your concepts of the ancient gods of the land of Chem will be corrected if you study some fundamentals of ancient Egyptian theology; especially that of Hathor and Maat.

    Hathor is the personification of motherhood and other joys associated with beauty, pleasure, grace, and kindness.

    The 10 commandments are derived from the recitation of the newly dead as they stand before Maat when she balances a feather against their heart.
    What you call gods were actually called "neters"; personifications of the forces of nature. Here is a bit of fact for you:

    You got a lot of things right-on, Anna Maria, but an understanding of the gods of ancient Egypt is not one of them.

    Shifting from ancient to current:

    Thank you for admonishing the assemblies that operate a a private club. Why did you spare naming the people in the New Mexico Assembly who continue to blatantly do that after you instructed them to straighten up and fly right? For those who have not seen this it is article 3100, found here:

    Thank you for you continuing work to restore truth and freedom to our country.

  25. Typo; above last sentence; your, not you.


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