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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Yes, It's True

 By Anna Von Reitz

We almost lost our country to these piratical corporations and the foreign Principals behind them.
Hardly anyone was standing in their proper character and status and declaring it and claiming their birthright political status, so it "appeared" that Americans had forgotten who they are, or had knowingly and deliberately adopted foreign British Territorial U.S. Citizenship or even Municipal citizenship of the United States.
As a result, there was nobody "with standing" to enforce the Constitutions.
British Territorials never had any guarantees or rights under any Constitution, and neither did any officers of the Roman Municipal Government. With everyone misidentified as "voluntarily" standing in these foreign political statuses, the Constitutional Guarantees became Moot.
There was nobody left to enforce them or claim them, while our erstwhile employees actively conspired to evade their constitutional obligations using these pretenses.
That's how we could have King's Officers sitting on the District Court benches bellowing that the "Constitution has nothing to do with my court and I will hold you in contempt if you mention anything about the Constitution again!"
And now you know the rest of the story, how America was almost successfully undermined from within --- by ignorance, by sloth, and by disloyal foreign subcontractors seeking to usurp upon us for their own unjust enrichment and benefit.
Not by the Chinese. Not by the Russians.
By the Popes acting as Roman Pontiffs.
By the British Monarchs acting in Breach of Trust.
By all their little Patsies and Cronies in the EU and UN.
By our purported Allies and Friends.
By "Americans" like FDR and Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.
And that is the awful part of The Truth.
These are people who are culturally aligned with us, who "talk the talk" about individual freedom and honor, people who wouldn't have survived WWII as independent nations without us, people who wouldn't have a pot--- much less be fully restored and modernized without us.
And because we opened our hearts and our wallets and helped them out, they have labelled us, their creditors, as their enemies---- and tried to kill us and tried to kill our country, too. And all the while, being on our payroll.
The attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor may be a Day of Infamy, but there was a day almost a week earlier that is more "infamous" still --- the day that FDR and his Administration knew about the attack and did nothing---just stood there and let thousands of our sailors and airmen die, so that they would have the excuse to enter the war on Britain's side.
And for seventy-five long years after that betrayal, the British Monarchs have glutted themselves on our substance, betrayed our best interests, and lied through their teeth to the American people.
The role of the Popes has been even worse, more hypocritical, more devious and immoral.
While pretending to be the spiritual leaders of Christianity, the Popes have led a double-life as Roman Pontiffs, leaders of the pagan "Mystery Religion" of Babylon. And in that role, they have perpetuated and profited from every form of evil imaginable, up to and including running a Black Market devoted to buying, selling, and trading the souls of their parishioners, using Baptismal Certificates as Clearinghouse Certificates.
These evils are so profound and the mistreatment is so undeserved, that it stuns the senses and makes no sense at all, until we realize that we have ourselves been misrepresented by evil men --- bankers and politicians --- pretending to be our Agents and Representatives.
Men like Joe Biden, who have proven themselves to be criminals, who disrespected their office, and who betrayed their public trust, and who bullied other governments, and who acted as scumbag racketeers in our names.
Hypocritical, scheming, disloyal, craven cretins like John McCain and Harry Reid.
And the bankers, who in turn, manipulated these small, mean-spirited, grasping, excuses-for-Americans to promote their own self-interest at the expense of everyone else on the planet.
How could we allow such venal specimens of human-kind to represent us, much less allow them to control our money and assets?
How could we fail our duty to self-govern?
Just pause a moment and take in the view. This isn't a swamp. It's a carnival, complete with a Freak Show, Arcade, Magicians, Clowns, and something evil, the very Spirit of Falsehood, lurking just under the surface of everything.
America has to wake up from this nightmarish situation by embracing the Truth--- about all of them, and about ourselves, too.
We have encountered the enemy, and they are us.

There are Americans who aren't Americans, just as there are Jews who aren't Jews.


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  1. It's easy now to see why we can't be registered to vote in those corporate circuses of state.

  2. Then WHY are you "in service to his holiness the Pope Anna? People NEED to know this. You need to explain how we are to involve ourselves in a group where the self appointed leader has written correspondence and documents autographed by you stating you are in his service and your blood oath is with him???!!!
    We are supposed to TRUST you with our commitment to the State ans National Assembly? Trust you with our documents in your blockchain system so that you can re-establish the American form of government we are all supposed to have, but now under you who is "under Sea" (under your signature) and under the Pope?
    You never address this question. Talking out of both sides of your mouth I think. They are all evil and you CAN'T be worknig for them as legal counsel and working for American Freedom at the same time!!!
    Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan├▓, a former papal ambassador to the United States, known as a Vatican whistleblower, helping expose in 2012 the financial-corruption scandal in the Holy See and accusing Pope Francis and other church leaders in a 2018 letter of covering up sexual abuse allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
    He warned that the "Great Reset" already is underway and Vigano warned that the "Great Reset" plan is deceptive, "hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and canceling individual debt."

    "The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against COVID-19 and COVID-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups,".
    Vigano said that until a few months ago, "it was easy to smear as 'conspiracy theorists' those who denounced these terrible plans, which we now see being carried out down to the smallest detail."
    Among those who support the globalists' aims, he said, is Pope Francis.
    "As is now clear, the one who occupies the Chair of Peter has betrayed his role from the very beginning in order to defend and promote the globalist ideology, supporting the agenda of the deep Church, who chose him from its ranks," the archbishop said.
    So with that in mind, and your sworn loyalty to Pope Francis, where do we all really stand now Anna? Are you selling us out too? Have you removed your undying support for these evil-doers yet? Can we see it in writing? Signed, sealed and proof of delivery? This is serious shit and you need to come clean!
    Here is your exact statement;
    "I, too, stand with the universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ. My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court in Witness of what I am going to show you tonight. I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. I have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis."


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