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Sunday, November 1, 2020

What Happened in Alaska

 By Anna Von Reitz

On October 18th of 1867, the landmass of Alaska was transferred to the United States' ownership--- the Municipal Corporation bought it using our money and acting in our names, from the Russian Czar-- who was land rich and cash poor.
William H. Seward was one of the sneaky duplicitous men surrounding Lincoln and was part of his Cabinet; after Lincoln's Assassination, he continued to serve under President Andrew Johnson, and it was in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War that Seward's acquisitive instincts led to buying Alaska for the then-princely sum of $7.2 million dollars --- actual American Silver Dollars.
Thereafter, Alaska languished for many years as a Territorial Possession of the United States and was treated as an Insular State similar to Guam or Puerto Rico. The expenses of the government of Alaska were paid by the Territorial Corporation doing business as The United States of America --- Incorporated, from 1867 to 1906, when this bankrupt Scottish Commercial Corporation entered receivership, and the Pope's Municipal version, "the" United States of America, Incorporated, took over until 1930 when it was bankrupted too.
By the mid-1950's the Federal "Government" Subcontractors were desperate to off-load their expenses, so some flashy attorneys from Washington, DC, began influencing their brethren here in Alaska and talking up "statehood" with the local politicians.
By 1958, the deal was done and everyone loudly proclaimed that now, Alaska was a State----but as we now know, that wasn't really true.
What happened in law and in fact is that Alaska switched from being a US Territory to being a Confederate "State" --- a Territorial State-of-State and Municipal STATE-OF-STATE, and was enrolled as such by the U.S. Congress.
The immediate impact was that the people of Alaska became directly responsible for all of Alaska's expenses, and lots of foreign corporations came knocking on the door --- mainly seeking to exploit Alaska's natural resources.
Alaska remained in this quasi-Territorial/Municipal status for decades more, with the actual Alaskans being disinherited and their assets, including their Good Names and private property, being cashiered in a State Trust.
As soon as the Alaskans who attended the Statehood Convention walked out the door, they "went missing" and the new Territorial and Municipal State-of-State Officers took over "for" them. Sound familiar by now?
"Yes, Alaskans are the actual owners and are the "Presumed" Donors of the State Trust, but we don't know where they are. They just disappeared right after the Statehood Convention and left us in charge.... "
Alaska couldn't be an actual State of the Union, because like all the other States formed during and after the Civil War--- that is, most of the States in the western half of our country --- Alaska couldn't be enrolled as an actual State because the States of the Union weren't in Session to accept and enroll Alaska as a State of the Union.
So from January 3rd of 1959 to September 30th of 2020, Alaska remained --- like the other western States---- as a Confederate State, still in this odd quasi-Territorial custodianship and still being referred to as an "enclave of the United States", even though Alaskans almost universally fell for the ruse and thought that they were living in an actual State of the Union.
But somewhere in the midst of this dim and deliberately misconstrued and ugly history, the truth remained. The Scottish Interloper operating as "The United States of America" -----Incorporated, that is, bought Alaska using our money and in our names, so Alaska belongs to us, to our States and our Federation of States, and not to the United States.
Possession by pirates does not change ownership.
By 2020, our populace woke up again, realized the situation, and assembled the actual State Assemblies of the States of the Union --- all fifty of them, to address the situation and our miscreant Federal Subcontractors.
In September of 2020 the State Assemblies of the States of the Union which existed prior to 1860 were polled for a Roll Call Vote.
The issue? Whether or not to acknowledge, accept, and enroll the States that were formed during and after the Civil War as States of the Union and as full members of our unincorporated Federation, The United States of America?
The answer? Yes.
After 61 years as an inchoate "Confederate State" --- which is actually a State-of-State, Alaska is finally an actual State of the Union, and Alaska's People are enabled to exercise all the powers and prerogatives of an actual State.
As dizzying as this circumstance is, it pales by comparison to what other such "States" have endured. Washington, for example, has been waiting to obtain full Statehood status since 1889, and West Virginia has been waiting since 1863.
There should be ticker-tape parades and confetti and joy in the streets. Americans from coast to coast should be putting up bunting and singing and shouting. Instead, a deathly quiet prevails, and a peace as final as winter has settled over the land---land which finally belongs to Alaskans, and which now lies in their full possession, with no further excuses for Territorial or Municipal custodianship.
The Civil War is over, and we forbid our foreign subcontractors and their employees from ever starting any such conflict on our shores again. The other Principals who are Parties to the Constitutions have received their marching orders as our Subcontractors and it is only a matter of time until the word leaks out.
All the "Presumed" Donors of the State Trusts are now called to join their lawful State Assemblies (not District Assemblies reserved for U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States) and help direct the course of their State Government ----and their American Government---- going forward.

Go to: to contact your State Assembly Coordinators and hop through the hoops necessary to reclaim your identity and your inheritance as an American State National or American State Citizen--- including your land jurisdiction assets.


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  1. Decapitating the Union:
    Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin and the Plot to Assassinate Lincoln
    there is always Sophistry involved in blaming 1 such as Hitler/Lincoln and hailing 1 Politician and/or Q kept all preZ Promises CONfederacy as Russian Tsar sent His fleets to States to protect entire Nation from usual Crown aggressors intention that North was to go to Britain/South to France as this intervention led to Murder of Tsar at hand of the usual Revolutionaries who have always FUNded both sides

  2. Strange relationship Jefferson Davis and his pet Jew as he was called by confederate generals who brought him up on charges but to be fished out by Davis and given even more power .
    Very suspect.

  3. Don’t forget Constantantnopel.kasarian and on spice road learn how to exploit ppl by toll / tax
    Very powerful the prince of fake Jews more powerful than the Pope told his fellow mobsters to educate your sons to fill your host countries and take over .
    Fail to address the real enemy.
    Patterning up with Sarfodic.jews practicing Talmudic money magic . Becoming deadly
    WW2 they owned half the wealth of America
    Today it’s global .
    This is how the crack the corporate wip all Walmart,google,NY times .work to sync.
    Coupled with corruption in congress,judicial,Executive.
    Only thing stopping them thair hammer has a crack our bill of right .

  4. Name the "Scottish Interloper".

    And, just to clarify.. the reason the states which joined the Union during and after the Civil War, she is calling "Confederate States" and not actual States of the Union because .. why again? Because Congress was not in session?
    Congress, the Congress that existed prior to the start of the Civil War, would HAVE to be in session, to be capable of evicting Senators from their seats, do we agree on this? Between Feb 2nd 1860 and march 1861, 11 congressmen left thier seats in Congress, before THE "civil war", the remaining congressmen representing the Southern states to leave the Union, were ejected PROIR to the start of the Civil War. Their seats remained vacant.
    Does she say that Congress was not in session because "they did not have a quorum"? There is no record of a Quorum call, called in 1860-1861. It was unnecessary, because it was evident, as it would be today, that out of the 33 States in the Union at the time, representatives from 22 of the States were present. They , indeed, by definition of "Quorum" , had a quorum, and Congress, was indeed in session.
    So... oh, here's something.. The "Civil War" is not what the Southern States had called that war, by the way. The ceded states were the Confederate State of America. A new country.
    If these western states, including my home state of Arizona, are all Confederate states, the CSA government ended when the last ceded state to ratify the 14th amendment, which did, Kentucky, December 2003. But if those western during and post Civil War states purported to have been added to the Union, are in fact, still Confer date states, where is the Capitol? its leaders? Where is the documentation stating such and citing precedents?
    I spent some years coding data. In the most basic of logic and relational data, you have statements. Coincidentally, we are told "Americans make statement."
    Each statement is to provide a value.
    each value provides contrast between values
    then in coding you have conditions. where in we define the perameters..
    "if this , than... "
    I comprehend that in the documents of our nation, there is dog latin(?), there is double speak, there is perceived meaning, and there is fact, or true. A statement unrebutted is deemed "true", correct?
    so what I am comprehending is that I am being told, because our nation's congress was not in session when Kansas became a State, that it is, in fact a Confederate State. And though Congress was ACTING in Session, which is not relative at all to the Confederate States of America; a different country, and not part nor under the jurisdiction of the United State Congress.
    how can these states be confederate, if there was not even a Confederation for them to be part of? What? The Articles of Confederation? Abolished in 1780?
    What about the possibility that... all land west of the Mississippi, being British Soil so says the Prince of the United States of America, in the 1783 Treaty of Paris , 1782 pre agreement.

  5. The Dena'ina ran the Russians out of here in the Battle of Kenai, and the $7.2 million was to offset the expenses of the Russian Crimean War, but of course they won't tell you that in their history books. A long time ago a Russian Priest told me Russia never sold any land in this area. He said they sold a trading business, a few houses and gardens in southeastern Alaska.

    1. Sharon Smyth- sorry its taken me so long to get back to this article. I'm reading the same sort of info as you post on Alaska. Very interesting. thanks & stay sane

  6. Beg the pardon of Folks posting, took a while to get back to this.
    WHAT IF:
    Alaska wasn't sold to America for a pittance 7.2 million. That's ridiculous BUT its what the jew wants us to think. The jew, as Romanov-jew, were "foreign invaders" into Russia, just as the jew as foregin invaders upon America making all sorts of "claims". Its what jews do LIE, make claims, as claims upon us as their property.
    Just prior to 1776 this occurred, which is magically forgotten, especially by THOSE WHO DAMNED WELL OUGHT TO KNOW, & in Alaska.
    Dates provide truer events:

    Foreigners (Romanov) defeat of Pougachev in 1774
    Russian capital of Alaska, or Novoarkhangelsk, was founded in 1784
    1776 during the “War of Independence” fought in 1775-1783 - this war started immediately after the victory of the Romanovs over Pougachev.
    Alaska, which was leased to the USA under Alexander II, is comparable to the area of the Western Europe. The Romanovs finally sold Alaska to the USA in 1867, and for a small sum at that – a mere 7.2 million dollars ([942], page 136) – “so as to maintain a good relationship”, for one reason or another; this is tantamount to giving it away for free….
    A very interesting question about Alaska concerns the time and the circumstances of its sale, as well as whether it was “sold” in the first place. There are different versions voiced on this matter. The most popular point of view today concerns the fact that Alaska was either sold, or rented out to the USA by the Romanovs in 1867 for a preposterously small amount of money. Modern encyclopaedias have been using the term “sold” ever since the second half of the XX century ([797], page 47; also [a2], Volume 2, page 206). However, earlier sources, such as the 1890 edition of the “Encyclopaedic Dictionary” of Brockhaus and Ephron, for instance, as well as the “Concise Soviet Encyclopaedia” of 1928, are using the term “ceded for severance”. We quote: “These territories . . . are made up from former Russian territories in America, which were ceded to the United States of North America for a severance of 7.200.000 dollars according to the agreement signed in Washington on 30 March 1867 and ratified by the Senate on 28 May” ([al1], Volume 2, page 598). As for the “Concise Soviet Dictionary”, it tells us “Alaska was handed to the United States for a severance of 14.320.000 roubles” ([al4], page 248).
    The term “sale” wasn’t used until much later, in other words. The sources that date from the epoch of this event tell us the territory in question was “ceded for a severance”. This term must be reflecting the matter with much greater exactitude – it is in perfect correspondence with our idea that none of this land had originally belonged to Russia or the USA and couldn’t be sold by one party to the other for this very reason. These lands could only be ceded by one party to the other in a territorial dispute over the lands that belonged to neither party. The Romanovs must have realised finally that they would not be able to hold Alaska, and demanded a severance fee as a reward for their withdrawal from America. The offer was taken. The price suited the Romanovs, even though it had equalled a mere 7 million dollars. As we realise, this price would be preposterous if we are to understand it as the cost of a whole country with its endless resources – gold, silver, oil, coal, copper, lead etc ([al4], Volume 4, page 250). Even the land itself, being an enormous territory, cost more than the sum in question. However, if we’re to regard it as a “severance fee”, or compensation for withdrawal from a land that could not be taken by force, everything becomes perfectly clear. The Romanovs were happy with as little – it was better than nothing, after all. …

  7. A timeline of events just prior to 1776. Am expressing this becuz we are lied to about America & her history, who was long here, its vast magnificent cities, its technology (prior to their "Industrial Revolution" 1790-1870 implemented to DESTROY the real advancements by WHITE CHIRSTIANS, including clean free energy).
    ~ 1677 not 1492 'Columbus’ voyage to America << Shocked? 'Columbus' narrative is re-written. He sailed to already occupied lands, already progressing forward, commerce engaged, societies structured, cities alive, peoples protected. He didn't come to N America. 'Columbus' is a title, as a Column Army, so he was taking a Column of forces to his destinations long populated. Colom means white dove as well.
    ~ 1705 not 1520 Christian Schism of the West, Martin Luther's The Captivity of Babylon; fought against the jews infiltrating, destroying the Catholic Church. Protestant Revolution became a jew controlled op, just as they do today. The vast monumental schism Luther objected to was the usurpation of Catholic Church by JEWS! The Judensau plaque at Stadtkirche Church where Luther preached. What the jews were doing then has never ceased, they're still doing it today. Protestant Revolution taken over as an op by JEWS, who have re-written our history to commandeer destruction of Catholic Church, Christianity, White peoples. In Russia the Protestants were called Judaizers!

    1. cont'd
      ~ 1725-1773 not 1520 The Society of Jesus was created then, not before & its main business was to spread the Messianic Bible and reconstruct history by reconciling all the calendars of the world to Gregorian Calendar. Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome. Dismantling of Society of Jesus in ALMOST ALL of Europe & with the official suppression of it by Pope Clement XIV in 1773. In this way, the trace of all this great and extraordinary manipulation is erased [referring to their creation of our FAKE history is erased, but now we know!].
      ~ 1768 not 1583 jew Protestant Jesuit, J.J. Scaliger final thrust rewriting of history, added 1000++ yrs, changed to Gregorian calendar. He wrote himself into deep past as jew Flavius Josephus 37-100 AD, thus is fictional character, never existed! It coincides with the dismantling of the Society of Jesus which was & is NOT Catholic. Another method adding 1000 yrs: dates written using 'I' or 'j' as i400, means 400 yrs after Christ. They changed it to 1400 right before our eyes! We see the i400 on the work, but the brochure, books say 1400. Poof! 1000 yrs added. There is much to know about this jew Scaliger! Characters & events thru out history are FAKES, pushed back along the timeline.
      ~1774 - after the defeat of Pougachev by the Romanovs; Alaska had formerly belonged to Muscovite Tartary
      ~ 1776 - AMERICA - Considering these dates, what really happened prior to 1776 we're told is also a lie. Notice Scaliger was 1768, just prior to 1776! Staggering! The Scaliger's push to rewrite our history was during this time! NOT 200 yrs prior! Add Martin Luther 1705 NOT 1492, this too just preceded 1776.
      ~1790-1870 Industrial Revolution – to hide, destroy advancements already made.
      - NOTE: what we're told is OUR AMERICAN HISTORY is British Colonial history!! NOT AMERICAN. Jews pushing their jew-funded, jew-operated infiltration into America is not our American history, its their jew history version. WHAT THEN IS OUR TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY? Look for yourselves, as you read this cr*p, its all about Brit Colonialism.
      - For instance the women sought their right to vote from QUEEN VICTORIA, in their Territorial Colonies NOT AMERICA… They were NOT AMERICANS, they were Brits under Q Victoria who actually supported womens right to vote in the Colonies. GUESS WHO ELSE WAS BRITISH IMPORT? Ready for this one? The African slaves the JEWS, City of London, via their Dutch West India Co slave ships all owned by jews, ran the slave trade >>> NOT WHITES, NOT AMERICANS. Those slaves were JEW property & they were appealing to BRITAIN for the right to vote NOT AMERICA. They were JEW BRIT PROPERTY, never Americans! The jews brought slaves to colonize their Brit Colonies in America. Those slaves were NEVER AMERICANS in the first place & their heirs are not today, I don't care what Anna tries to push upon us as having to accept Immigrants as American State Nationals simply becuz they were born here. See how this all ties into current jew-destructive-agenda-evils?
      America existed prior to 1776 & it was WHITE CHRISTIAN. Those "native indians" were the invaders into our territory & were removed & placed on land where they could not attack Americans. The oldest human remains consistently found on America are WHITE by over 27,000 yrs.
      Who were the builders? Native indians built nothing much at all. Nor Central & So American 'natives', their structures were built by Whites, whom they revered as gods. Those natives, indians even negro Africans built nothing then, nor today.

      Alaskan history isn't what we're told. And those who ought to know, seem to resist knowing it.

      This is important. thanks & stay sane

  8. bubbapatric - so many good posts here & am sorry am late to it. Would also venture that the 1066 date we're told, is probably much, much more recent. thanks & stay sane


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