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Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Down Low


By Anna Von Reitz

Donald Trump was trying to give blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, and other minorities decent jobs, with futures attached.  A real life.  Some of people are too stupid to realize that, but I am hoping and praying that a lot of them who had jobs (past tense) and had a future (past tense) because of Donald Trump will remember that on Election Day, because they can vote, and if they want their pathway upward cleared, they should know by now who to vote for.  And it isn't Joe Biden.  And it isn't Ms. Harris.

Grok these facts --- Joe Biden had over thirty years in the Senate, eight years in the White House, a total by my count, of over twenty years of Democratic Party Majorities when there was nothing in this world preventing the Democratic Party from delivering everything that they have been promising poor blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and immigrants since the Civil War.  

And what did they really deliver to the poor people of this country?  Crickets, and more war.  More lies. Beads and trinkets.  That's what Joe Biden has actually delivered.  Obamaphones, and people were so miserable and poor, that they were truly grateful to get a piece-of-shit ten dollar cell phone and let Obummer charge their 'blocked" credit accounts $1500 each for the pleasure. 

Reminds me of the CARES Act.  $300 billion for the people of this country, and the rest of $6.3 trillion for the bankers and the cronies.  CARES?  Cares about what?  Cares about who?   Get a clue, it's not me or you getting cared about in that little transaction.  

Believe it.  It's true.  We have plenty of proof.  Look around.  See what you've got "serving" you and consider how you are being "serviced".  

The Republicans during those years were no better, but at least they didn't piss down our backs and tell us it was raining.  They admitted it was piss.  We knew it was piss. 

Grandma has more respect for bad guys who are just bad guys straight up, and a lot less respect for contemptible nasty little hypocrites masquerading as do-gooders talking about "social justice" and political correctness.  

I don't like or support either group, but of the two, the Robber Barons are easier to stomach, because at least everyone knows they are bad guys.  They wear black hats. They look like bad guys.  They talk like bad guys.  They are bad guys.  Well, so?  

But with the Dems, they sing so sweetly, they mince around preaching luv and plenty, plenty and luv ---- and they are the coldest, most calculating, stingiest, nastiest, most depraved bunch of hypocrites anyone could ever imagine. 

So start out at the bottom of a very deep wagon rut, add a snake, call that a Republican; now, dig a deep man-sized hole, throw in a viper, and very carefully camouflage the trap. Call that one a Democrat.  That's how bad it is in Washington, DC.  

When Oprah spends her own billions on social justice, instead of sweatshops in China, I'll take her talk as something more than talk.  Same with all the other Dem billionaires.  Until then, I have the impulse to pick them up by their underwear and swing in a wide, wide  arc. 

I hope a lot of the people who have been sitting and waiting and voting and hoping and believing all these liars, will wake up.  I hope that those who have been compromised in ways they can't avoid, people who have to remain in the status of "citizens of the United States", will at least vote for the best glimmer of real hope that they've seen since JFK.  His name is Donald Trump. 

Under Trump you had jobs and hope for advancement.  Under the Dems and their UN Agenda, you've got a mandate for genocide.  Just drink the Kool-Aid one more time. 


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