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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pelosi declares Republicans to be “enemies of the state”

Launches plan to seize the White House by force… the season of TREASON is here.

See Pelosi say it.


  1. I stopped listening to mike Adams just before the flu nonsense started. Terror terror and I don’t support the Rothschild/ Israel government. I do support the people of Israel who support Palestine. I am a state citizen and member of the New York assembly

  2. Time will tell if he and his guest are right, and we don't have much longer to wait.

    The real question is what are you going to do if they are right?

  3. Neo. Nazi group total dis info there is no such a group they the media Alex Jones and crew use the domestic terrorist,sovereign citizen,conspiracy theorist.
    More than likely a zionest frame up .
    They run ever George . Radical group . No the enemy my friends are the ones who have built this nation.

  4. Not saying Paul’s wrong just wrong perpetrater. According to Olie Demoguard.sweedish investigator every false .flag event was run by Mossad.
    Might include CIA. FBI. All unlawfully uncontrollable created by CFR .Hillery said just walk over and get orders from CFR.?

  5. First of all all these so called protests are taking place within PORT CITIES, so what do you think it looks like? As far as this video goes it is highly questionable and I do not know the people within its context. This is all a what if conversation of miss information

  6. There is no real state, run by WA D.C. The states they talked about are fictitious states. Even if they referred to real states. Technically they still used U.S. (INC) as their main claim for all assets Extractions.

    And the Evidences?

    On June 3 - 5th, Trump went to his British Boss (the queen) to sign a contract, the dinner is only a cover-up. These are energies on those days:

    1) 4 of Cup in Reversed. (Unwilling to participate in dinner or celebration)
    2) Transiting Sun squares his sun. {Boss challenged his identity}
    3) Transiting Sun squares Achenar. (Dead-end, or end of his river of real life to free America from UK+)
    4) Saturn also square his mars. (Cold and pressured meeting)


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