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Monday, June 29, 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

Now that you "woke up" and declared and recorded your political status as an American State National or American State Citizen, it's time to wake up to other Fun Facts as well. 

For example, there are supposed to be three (3) Federal Subcontractors supplying the services of the Federal Government -- (1) an American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America Confederation (which has been missing in action since 1865); (2) a British Territorial Subcontractor that is doing business "in our names" as "the" United States of America; and (3) a Papist Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor doing business "in our name" as "the" United States.  

Yes, Virginia, there are (supposed to be)  "three branches" of the Federal Government-- but that fact has nothing to do with the "executive, legislative, and judicial branches" within these governmental organizations.   

What isn't so obvious is that the two remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors are both under the direction of the Pope.  The British Territorial Subcontractor is under the law of the British Commonwealth, and the Commonwealth is managed by the Queen acting for the Pope.  

The remaining two Federal Subcontractors are Foreign and always have been, and both are directly or indirectly under the control of the Pope, and all those who are working for them in any capacity are Foreign Agents. 
This includes not only the members of "the" US Congress, but their franchise employees operating the "State of State" governments around the country, and their agency employees at the Federal level --- FBI, FEMA, CIA, etc.--- they are all undeclared Foreign Agents on our shores, and always have been.  

See the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and understand that every "Federal" Employee, including those operating the "federated" States of States and Counties, are all Foreign Agents with respect to us. 

They have their own little world and jurisdiction and separate government and are "immune" to our laws --- except for the pertinent Constitution, while we, for our part, are forever immune from them and their system.  See Amendment XI. 

Using these undisclosed facts and relationships to his advantage, the Pope could hide behind the "governmental services corporations" he hired and put in place as "storefronts"--- while manipulating everything and everyone behind the scenes.  

That is no longer possible. 

If the Federal Government is mismanaged, misdirected, or misinformed, we know exactly who to blame for it.  The Queen gets her share of the profits from embezzling and other crimes against us, but on the back end of it, as a loyal employee of the Pope.  

So, it's Il Papa responsible for this Mess, and only secondarily, the Queen.  

Though the Perps try to obfuscate this next part, we don't have any contracts with the "direct service providers" they hired. 

Our contracts are established in our role as Principals and our contracts are directly with the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London.  We don't have a contract with these failed and bankrupt corporations that they put in place to act as shields and storefronts for them. 

The situation is analogous to this -- I hire Tom to make my Saturday bank deposits for me, so that I can enjoy the weekends off.  Tom decides he wants a weekend off, and without telling me, hires his Cousin Amos to do his job for him. So he hands my bank deposit to Amos, and Amos runs off with it.  

Who is to blame for this?  Well, Amos is a crook, and we all know that.  But who is accountable to me?   Tom is accountable to me.  

So if the Pope hires the British Crown Corporation to make my bank deposit and they run away with my money, guess what? 
My issue is with the Pope, and only secondarily with the BCC. 

It's the same way in all respects and all the way down the line.  If the Pope's Municipal Government hires a bunch of Alphabet Soup Agency Subcontractors, and those Subcontractors misbehave and steal my deposit, who is accountable to me? 
Again, my issue and yours, is with the Pope, and only secondarily with "the" UNITED STATES, INC. and in a tertiary sense, the FBI or IRS or BATF.  

Our issue does not change as a result of the bankruptcy---solvency or insolvency--- of these storefront organizations.  Our beef remains with the Pope. He's the one who has contracts with these entities, not us.  

They are his "Cousin Amos", and in the case of the Federal Agencies, his "Cousin Sue", too.  

Keeping his "Cousins" in line and restoring our purloined property, is his problem, not ours.  As a foreign government, we don't intend to make it our problem, either.  

Francis and Benedict, both, are on the hot seat for all of this, and secondarily, all their Minions, the Queen, the Lord Mayor, "the" British Territorial United States, and "the" Municipal United States, and all their Subcontractors and Franchisees and Officers, including the State of State Governors and the Agencies, are responsible for their criminal acts and breaches of trust committed on our land and soil. 

Cousin Sue may have done the dirt and hid the money, but Cousin Amos opened the backdoor for her to get into the house, and at the end of the day, the fact remains that my contract is with the Pope.

If our people are being seized upon and enslaved under a bizarre illegal and immoral and unlawful racketeering scheme by Cousin Amos, that's Francis's problem, too.  

The Pope's Municipal Government has been trying to foment a race war, based on Cousin Amos' crimes.  

They think that they can cause the problem, misdirect our attention from the fact that white people have been enslaved "in the land of the free"  in the exact same way as black people, and somehow skate out of being culpable for all of this. 

Fat chance.  

There's not going to be a "civil war" here.  Our actual government, which is not always in session, has been called into session.  We've told our erstwhile Subcontractors that we are at peace and that they are not allowed to conduct any kind of war on our shores.  

We have observed to the Pope that as he controls both sides of any such conflict, he is responsible for any disservice.  We won't be paying him to stage any wars on our shores, Municipal, Territorial, or otherwise.  

He will be identified as a diabolical schemer and anything but a Christian, if he doesn't put on his Size 11 police brogues and deal with Cousin Amos and Cousin Sue and honor his contracts with us.  

Our contracts are the respective Constitutions --- one each. 
The Constitution of the United States of America as ratified by the States of the Union applies to the British Territorial Government and all its Personnel. 

The Constitution of the United States as ratified by the States of the Union applies to the Municipal United States Government and all its PERSONNEL. 

Now that our State Assemblies have been called into Session and populated by people properly identifying themselves as American State Citizens, there can be no "mistaking" of the circumstance or our identity as the Principals owed performance of these venerable contracts, down to the last jot. 

If there continues to be any "misunderstanding" of these facts by Cousin Sue, aka, the Alphabet Soup Agencies, or by Cousin Amos (aka the Municipal Government) or Cousin Alphonse (aka the Territorial Government) -- guess who is responsible for giving the orders and sorting it out?  

We, for our part, demand peace on our shores, the return of our purloined assets, and scrupulous adherence to the Constitutions owed to the American States and People by the Pope and his Subcontractors.  All of them, including the Subcontractors of the Subcontractors. 

That includes the end of phony "live exercises" and media propaganda related to the ongoing Covid-19 False Flag on our shores and the correction of all State of State Governor franchisees, and the correction of all Alphabet Soup Agency Subcontractors, telling them to stand down and mind their own business. Obey their respective Constitutions.  

Stop meddling in their Employer's lives and affairs. Stop imposing their rules, regulations, codes, statutory laws and other internal corporate "laws" on their Employers.  Their Employers are law-abiding, foreign to them, and living in their own country, thank you.  

It is the absolute obligation of the Pope to return our people and our property to us, unharmed and unencumbered, to keep the peace here and abroad, and to honor his contracts with our States and People in all respects.


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  1. Anna, I've followed your writings for years and found myself discouraged by the volume or your writings even when I found the content valuable. Will you please stop preaching the same stuff over and over and over and over again because continuing like you are it's loosing it's credibility as a quality product to me. If you don't have something that's new with reliance it's like continuing to scratch an itch. I'm trying REAL HARD to digest it all but having to read mountains of text to determine I have already hear it is frustrating and it doesn't serve your cause well. I've heard the same from others. Just fyi.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Look Unknown, if you don't like what you are reading maybe you should unsubscribe form Anna's Emails, the reason that she keeps repeating it, is because some people don't get it, also there are new people that sign on everyday that have never heard what she is saying, not all the new people are going to go through all of the blog post, I understand that sometimes she does try to explain stuff in an odd way, but that's just the way she is, and I don't understand why you use the handle Unknown, if you are into what's going on you would use your real name, not some handel that don't identify you, maybe you are just trolling to want to put a stick in the wheel.

    3. I agree with Jeff Florida, if you don't like it, skip it or unsubscribe. Not all of us has been able to read or keep up with every issue like Unknown.

    4. Edward PennsylvaniaJune 29, 2020 at 7:27 PM

      STATEMENT "I'm trying REAL HARD"
      REPLY Try Harder!

  2. Lol! Everyone posted as unknown! I agree there is so much to digest its overwhelming. But if she feels inspired I say post away Anna. I have pointed out here multiple times that some sort of structured curriculum would be helpful. The BAR can do it; but the common law which is supposed to be easier for the common man is scattered through hundreds of thousands of documents or web pages. There should be a training class for this stuff. There is so much crap out there it probably makes the law library seem tiny.

  3. There is no contract on earth that is enforceable...because everyone wants to get out of them.. !! The answer is to get rid of money altogether, once and for all...then there will be nothing to steal..!!

    1. Agree with your observation about contracts not being enforceable. Anna has written previously that she believes much the same thing, that we can't really successfully contract in all cases. The contracts that THEY want everyone to obey should not exist either, well they are fraud. Everyone wants to get out of all this too.

      Commerce clearly is a a fraudulent mechanism to foist unto mankind with no choice and no way out until you engage in the ultimate pissing match involving the biggest guns. We can see past the present and the future is clear but the path is fuzzy, although NONE of what is imagined involving the demise of mankind has to happen or is guaranteed to happen if everyone says no. The number of idiots incapable of critical thinking by driving around in their cars with face masks and gloves with the windows up shows we have a LONG way to go from where we are now.

    2. I think the emperor Justinian's proven they don't need to steal money. They can steal property, bodies, and souls with their deception. The only way fight it is with like weapons. They built a prison for our minds. That is the terrain of our warfare.

  4. Thanks Anna - nothing like a good refresher - you can always saw something again in a different way and I liked how you presented it. People are lucky you put something out each day and not once a week. "Unknown" no one is forcing you to read it and you don't speak for all of us. Thanks for your opinion but I don't agree and that is my choice. Thanks again - loo forward to the talk tonight.

    1. Did not mean to reply unknown - Michael Porter

    2. I thought any one writing anon. would be deleted!

  5. THE Jural Assembly Handbook authored by Anna, in 2019, will provide you with a wealth of very organised information you so require. Begin your process with the "One Pager". The VOLUNTARY coordinators have given their all and have the process organised complete with instructions for every step and every form required for you to return to the jurisdiction of the land and soil and acquire the constitutional guarantees you are so owed. Take the time to read through the handbook. It is the prelude to the "Paper-Up" process and you really do not need to become confused by the gobz of information on the internet. All it takes is a level of consciousness that crosses over the boundary of courage to get started and follow through. No need to give another seconds thought to what may happen if you don't. You've already been through all that ad nausium. All the news "out there" is just show to keep your consciousness below the level of courage; the fulcrum point to tipping your own scales. YOU'VE GOT THIS!

  6. I know the rehash is tiresome for some of us veterans but Anna has new people reading her blog for the first time and they are the ones who need a summary of the immense fraud. Even though it's a rehash of events; I usually learn some new tidbit in every article

    Having said that, I will also say that I believe the fix was in from the git-go. We had the capacity to build our own ships and send battle ships alongside the merchant ships for protection against pirates to foreign shores. So, I don't buy the argument that our merchant ships needed British ships to accompany them for protection against pirates. We had no need for "contractors" of any kind. The "contractors" were the camels nose under the tent - they were and continue to be the pirates.

    We were betrayed by a British and American Masonic (Satanic) Lucifer worshiping cult that is still in control today. This parasitic cult operates by infiltration and mirroring of it's host. They use religion, government, medicine, military and others as a nice clean store front to their dirty deeds like the trafficking of children, drugs, weapons, and more.

    If you have any doubts concerning this parasitic entity, read Archbishop ViganĂ²'s letter to Trump and his Masonic references:

    OPEN LETTER to DONALD TRUMP: Former U.S. Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop ViganĂ², Stands with President Against the Mob

    Freemasons Created the US to Advance NWO

    1. Wow I read the article on the Masons that is some evil stuff! I have always felt the elite class are using us as pawns.

    2. vigano is anathema for pushing "natural rights"; humanus genus

      america: the new world, 2nd coming, the new atlantis, anti-1st coming

      they are simply opposite systems.

      it is just more deception, false hegalian "sides"

      ultimately you cant deny 2nd coming in america as it was founded, and americans want freedom of religion

      they are incompatible systems, it is impossible to try to "merge" them without destroying them both

      nevertheless, vigano seems to be promoting his own baphomet-inspired "coagulating"; they dissolved the holy ghost, then coagulated as vatican II

      this is old news, the rosicrucian/golden dawn/etc. plan was to make the vatican II more "protestant" first, then try to pull everyone under it.

      aka mystery babylon.

      as the illuminists said long ago, they would first destroy the catholic church, then the entire "christian idea"

      so, this is the "destroy it all" phase where a subjectively catholic, objectively counterfeit vatican stands together with a subjectively christian, objectively masonic "natural rights" people

      kind of a twofer of mystery babylon.

      lucifer + lucifer == more lucifer

      note also:

      Historical circumstances

      Following the French withdrawal of its military garrison in Rome in the anticipation of the Franco-Prussian War, the 1870 Capture of Rome itself was a major battle within the long process of Italian unification known as the Risorgimento,[1] marking the final military defeat of the Papal States under Pope Pius IX by the Kingdom of Italy.

      This unification of the Italian peninsula by King Victor Emmanuel II of the House of Savoy ended the approximate 1,116 year temporal reign (AD 754 to 1870) of the Papal States by the papacy.[2]
      point being, not only is there a vatican II counterfeit church, they have no temporal authority in italy, let alone anywhere else, so far as masonry is concerned.

    3. that doesnt mean everything vigano says is wrong, just like not everything trump says is false.

      it does mean, bits and pieces, "selective leaks" to promote larger goals, etc.

      that doesnt mean either of them are "in" on any thing either: they can be genuinely deceived, misled, have occultists "advising" them, etc.

      for maximum deception, they like to drop little bits and pieces of "truth" and mix it in with the poison.

      thus, solve and coagulate is not a bad strategy here: separate the truth from the falsehoods, separate the half-truths from the half-lies

  7. too all na sayers i have a friend that has spent 20 years digging in to this CON game. Anna is right on the money. any one whom has been paying attention in life that could not answer questions, like how come they cannot speak and right in 6th grade english skills, how you change from a individual to a person from one part of the page to bottom where you sign the CON-tract. or why do some people seem immune from prosecution and others get the book thrown at them. It is a CON for the un wise lazy sheep that want someone else to do it for them so when it does not work out they can pass the buck.

  8. Next hot topic seems to be guillotines. Strong connection: Noahide Law by the (corporate) backdoor.

  9. Watch the interview between James Corbett (The Corbett Report) and Catherine Austin Fitts (The Solari Report) Very eye opening


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