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Monday, June 29, 2020

Here You Go, Folks.

By Anna Von Reitz

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'DENVER AIRPORT MURAL PAINTED IN 1994'

Here You Go, Folks.

Still need "proof" that Covid 19 is a long-planned and deliberate action using our doctors as involuntarily conscripted Uniformed Officers (Federal Title 37) to perform False Flags and Acts of War? 

Anyone who thinks about the Half-Life of Uranium knows that no atomic bombs were ever dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Japan.  Just more Bushwah.  More Lies.   Looking at that Whopper and looking at this, what do you believe? 

A. Our military brass has lost its mind and gone utterly rogue and corrupt.
B. Our Federal Subcontractors are nothing but rabid dogs.
C. The Pope really is the Antichrist.
D.  All the above.

Explain to me how this was done in 1994 and placed in the Hell Gate known as Denver Airport, and nobody knew poop galore? 

Tear off the masks and shove them where the sun don't shine. 

If Protesters can break down statues and ruin public buildings and shoot little kids, it's time we showed the whole world the good sense of cockroaches and tore off the masks and nationalized the Arab-owned media promoting this crap.


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  1. Replies
    1. Anna's ability to detect Fraud is her natural instinct, as mine as well. As I told this site before, 911 and Covid19 are the same pattern of Conspiracies against the people, for foreign corporate profits.

  2. Planned for yrs as was 911 way back in the 90's

  3. More great content to keep us awake. Thank you!
    Here is a great one that shows 911 all the way back to 1940 and each decade, thereafter. (Before they were even built).

    1. Thanks very much Thinker that was really shocking to see all the previous 9-11 stuff before it took place.

  4. A real obvious photos of Oswald now showing at least a second take on the same alleged shooting posed near the same and wearing a white coat. Not possible to take off a coat in that amount of time. White House and earlier "friend" of John pics in white house other places Jackie saying a house guest since she married John also Bobbys friend indicating the entire thing faked death again. The folks again with some Kennedys possibly John and Bobby rented kids from very old peerage family business of other relations that provide such fakery all actors keeping people mixed up but always needing to show off more and more surfacing. Amazon people way back villages people being genocided by mass oil compay troops showing suddenly up in droves and some church like group helicoptering in to contact the "uncontacted ones" hiding since the collonists showed up infecting them like literal modern day genocide going on right now.

  5. It is the photo of Oswald being shot that was up on Miles Mathis, really obvious and that photo hidden away for a long time.


  7. H. R. 6666 (CARE ACT) Corona Virus Relief Act - Introduced in House (05/01/2020)One year BEFORE anyone knew there would be a pandemic.

    To authorize the Secretary of Health & Human Services to award grants to entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing

  8. There is only a 98% chance we will

    Coronavirus Outbreak - South Park Take On Sars Goes Viral

  9. When they broadcast the symptoms for this virus, they may know what they are, especially if they are causing them by whatever means, chem-trails or any other means available to them. Also their strategy may also be to impact the hypochondriacs who then subjects themselves to the testing for more positives that can mean anything. Probably time to ignore these so-called expert proponents and watch them squirm......... including the political tag-a-longs.

  10. I hate to debunk juicy propaganda but this is busted, on Facebook of all places.

    Rachel Schafts While there are some strange stories about the Denver airport, this painting has nothing to do with them. This was made in 2020 by an artist in the Philippines named CJ Trinidad and is called “Maskcommunication”. The image above has also been altered from the original to replace the Palestinian flag mask with an Israeli one.

    1. I still like the rest of the letter, Anna. :)

    2. Time to debunk the debunkers. This piece of “art” is called The Genocide Mural. The Genocide it depicts occurred in 1933. It has existed in many forms over the intervening years and like the Portrait of Dorian Gray it changes. This is your mirror of their intent.

    3. Links that show Anna von Reitz is trying to steal the world’s assets.

  11. Absolutely right, Anna! I would add: serve notice of eviction on the Federal subcontractors immediately as is allowed under Amendment X. *SHARED*

  12. If it wasn't painted in 1994, isn't it misleading to not publish a notice to correct the claim?

  13. Unfortunately it will continue to get worse until the collective humanity at once unite as one for the right reasons to counter these indifferent federal employees of ours. Think pre-mass-murder forensics.

  14. We can never forget that we are all worldwide dealing with the same indifferent people the bible talks about and who has murdered over 100 million of our past brothers and sisters just recently in the last century.

  15. We can never forget that we are all worldwide dealing with the same indifferent people (organizations) the bible talks about and who has murdered over 100 million of our past brothers and sisters just recently in the last century (very disturbing).

  16. .
    When DJT gets reelected the real truth and history will come to the forefront and MOST people will not understand or accept it.

    Such as - free energy; teleportation; medi-beds just to name a few. Movies have already shown many techonlogys but people are asleep!

    They did call 1000 years of darkness for nothing ............LOL

    Look out you will be arrested by the though Pol[y]ice

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. I don't really believe the words or actions of any President in the capacity of a Corporation. They do not represent The People, no matter how much you think they are of good nature.

      I switch between news platforms. When Trump is talked of highly, I watch CNN. When CNN shreds him, I watch Foxx.

      Lately, I have been watching alternative media and this should help you understand Trump's allegiance and goals. You really think a person like Trump can bring peace to the world? No. Not him, not any one President or King or Queen. It is we, The People. Always, today, tomorrow and forever.

      Leaving you with this new video that came out:

    2. 1000 years of darkness refers to spiritual matters.

      rise of technology is not against this -- in fact it promotes the idea man is god, humanism, etc.

      if you are looking at technology as a gauge to determine what scripture says, woe unto you.

      thats about the equiv. saying satan, 2nd most powerful entity, wants to take over the world, and get everyone to worship him (by means of worshipping themselves, is one method) and make sure noone worships christ.

      but, you know, technology is not a method he can use. for some unknown reason, this is off limits.

      quite idiotic.

      if your "god" is technology, you should probably not use phrases such as "1000 years of darkness" -- apples and oranges.

  17. Those who have no self-control over violent impulses are considered beasts just like lions and tigers in the wild, those who have self- control are considered tame. When you train a dog, you are training your dog self-control through your commands. The bible is teaching humanity self-control through its wisdom. Unfortunately those who need self-control the most are not listening.

  18. SHOCKER!Circuit Panel in Brand New 5G Tower is Labeled Covid-19..What the Hell is really going on? Will this frequency trigger a seeded virus in our body's?

    1. Covid action plan all laid out layer after layer over decades..please watch!!

    2. Who is Bill Gates?? Full Documentary 2020..when will this mad man be stopped?

    3. We are being played! This is the written article to the video I posted..covid action plan.. -played-please-read

    4. We all have been played since day one of our existence, we are all born into a hellish trap! It is going to take humanity as one to overcome the play on us and to keep anyone from being born into this trap ever again!

  19. When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is freedom. It is no different than meeting a crook who is attempting to put fear in you to comply until you put the fear back in him then only will the crook back off. I know this because it had saved my life numerous of times.

  20. True power and authority is self-responsibility and self-accountability.
    No more, no less!

  21. True freedom did not fail humanity, humanity has failed true freedom.

  22. Anna This is not an Image from the Dever Airport
    A reverse image search shows it is of a painting...
    Google search results1083 × 1600 - coronaVirus May 2020. "Mask Communication" made by a Filipino painter, Christian Trinidad. CaricaturesFilipinoPray For WorldArt SketchesArt ...

    Over 100 years ago schools stopped teaching tools of reasoning called the Trivium, it consisted of Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic. This was eliminated on purpose by people who wanted to control the masses and knew they needed to eliminate knowledge of Trivium before they would be able to succeed.
    The Trivium teaches something called logical fallacies, one of which is called "poisoning the well"
    It works like this...
    Say someone want's to destroy the argument that the elites have a plan to take over the world. They put forward the premise that the elites have been planning this thing for a very long time then slip in a fact that proves that notion with a provable lie. Once the lie is exposed the intent is to discredit the original assertion that... this has been planned for years...
    Now because THEY HAVE studied the Trivium, (and they have), it can be used on purpose to dupe people who have not learned to see the logical fallacies when they come access them.
    Believe me the elites and their children are taught the Trivium and the quadrivium to this day. In their hands it is a weapon... in ours it is a shield.
    You can learn the logical fallacies yourself by looking online, listening to podcasts and YouTube videos
    The Trivium
    The Quadrivium
    Logical fallacies

    1. There is definitely a scam involved with this.

      Look at this webpage, by an "official" organization:

      It claims the author to be:
      Name : Neha Kumari
      Title : Suffering and Fighting against corona virus.
      Medium : Pencil sketch
      Country : in | City : Patna
      Size : 12 . 24 inch
      Date of submission : 12/28/1995
      Base Material : Paper
      Professional Artist: NO

      What is not seen in the photo on the webpage, is the author's signature and year of publish, which the author usually leaves and is an age-old practice.

      However, the Filipino image shows some text in black at the bottom right of the painting, and can be seen fully. However, the text is not that visible to discern the words.

      I uploaded the image to an online image upscaling website and was able to get this version:

      If you zoom in, you will see that the image clearly has the letters: "TRINIDAD 2020"

      In front of "TRINIDAD 2020" are two letters. The first appears to be the letter "C". Which supports the theory that this is in fact painted by an artist called Christian Trinidad. The second letter to me is not perceivable at this moment. Is it a dash? Is it an initial of his full name? I do not know.

      Have a look for yourselves:

      This further adds proof that this image is:
      A) Not painted at the Denver Airport as we can see it is held up by someone.
      B) Of an origin unknown, except possibly Trinidad.
      C) This is commissioned work.

      According to Snopes article:
      (WARNING: Snopes is a lot a bunch of lies too with some truth in every now and then, that makes you want to believe everything you hear from them. MY ADVICE? Research everything yourself and come to your own conclusions)

      This artwork was created by Neha Kumari for an international art competition hosted by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). More than 8,000 pieces of artwork were submitted to the International Art Competition – United Against Corona- Express through Art from artists around the world. The above-displayed piece, entitled “Suffering and Fighting Against Corona Virus,” pencil sketch on a paper that was submitted to the “Cartoons & Illustrations” category of the contest.

      The date of submission for Kumari’s piece is listed as December 28, 1995, but this appears to be a mistake, since submissions for this contest didn’t open until April of 2020. We reached out to ICCR for clarification and will update this article if we hear back.

      The Denver International Airport has proven to be fertile ground for conspiracy theories, but the above-displayed image has little to do with the Mile High City. This image displays artwork created by Kumari for an international art competition centered around the coronavirus pandemic.

      Anna, according to the painting, there seems to be no sign of modification. But it is after all a picture online. Further investigation would be needed and inspection of the physical painting to clearly know the origins. So far, we can discern from the allegedly origin image, that it has been created in 2020. And not 1994.

      This painting could be totally innocent. The artist's impression. Or a commissioned work of art by someone for something.

      Rather than talk about this, we need to get our Country back from out of the hands of the President and into the hands of The People.

      Maxim of Law:
      “The voice of the people is the voice of God”.

    2. So the Filipino artist's full name is: Christian Joy Trinidad.

    3. Nice work. Also, a person claims this is the original image and the child in the middle with the Israeli flag face covering was shopped in. The wise would drop this like a hot potater. Pull it down.

    4. You're right Gumm. I had not noticed that flag change until you mentioned it.

      The Israeli flag has indeed been photoshopped into the picture.

    5. This is called The Genocide Mural and the Genocide depicted took place in 1933. It changes over time but it is still reflecting the present day of the same horrific thing. You will all soon know the whole story and how these mirrors work.

  23. I like to keep it simple. I tell other people that these people we pay our taxes to are using it against all of us to steal and kill us all systematically through their corporate laws (a government corporation set up exclusively just to steal first and then kill that needs to be dismantled), when we stop paying them so called taxes (extortion) and learn self-control (aware logical actions for self-defense such as exemption, safety in numbers and evidence collecting vs unaware destructive impulsive actions) and self-defense techniques with community communication support then it will stop. I also let them know that the same organizations that killed millions before us are tempting to kill all of us now worldwide with 95% humans exterminated (humancide) as their ultimate goal. This let people know what they are facing by being honest and sympathetic to the change of their reality from that moment on. The most important thing I tell them is that it is really each and everyone of our faults for letting them do these atrocities to us and others and that it is our self-responsibility and self-accountability to learn the facts of evidence and take appropriate lawful action and don't be part of the problem. Everyone I inform of this is very receptive and usually wants to do their part to fight for survival as humans and not be replaced by bunch of lastest model of robots. A genius is someone who takes something complicated and makes it simple for everyone.

  24. If Protesters can break down statues and ruin public buildings and shoot little kids, it's time we showed the whole world the good sense of cockroaches and tore off the masks and nationalized the Arab-owned media promoting this crap.

    ARAB-owned media?????????????? Please reference! Per Miles Mathis, I can buy into the "Phoenician navy theory" but, there's a limit!

    Robert David ["Hopium"] Steele -- the "former spy" with portly, cherubic face and an oxymoronically named blog "Public Intelligence", re-posted Anna's post of a supposed Trump supporter's list of accomplishments of Donald Trump. One more strike like this, Anna, and we'll go two out in the bottom of the ninth.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Even though I agree with you on the long-term planning statements, the picture being painted in 1994 is apparently not true.

    1. Your reliance on discredited, debunked debunker SNOPES does not speak well for you. In this case, exceptions proving the rule, SNOPES apparently got it right.

      Let's consider BLACKWASHING, now! As Mile Mathis has illustrated with such "conservative", "anti-Jewish" figures as Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins, one can have an apparently credible source embed provably WRONG assertions or "facts" in an otherwise truthful peice, setting it up for SNOPES or other "debuinker" for an easy takedown. This discredits the IDEAS of the piece, both truthful and not.

      Someone may well have set up AVR et alia for a fall on this one!

  27. So two misleading statements the mural origin and the Araib owned media .
    Lady’s and gentlemen your tuned into controld opposition.

    1. Two strikes make neither an out nor an "outing"!

      SO, hold your horses, bubbapatric. Bases are loaded and Big Casey's comin' to bat!!

  28. I looked at "Federal Title 37" as I wish to point people to the specific provision for "using our doctors as involuntarily conscripted Uniformed Officers." I searched all the definitions and saw none referring to doctors. There are 19 chapters to this Title. What chapter refers to doctors? .........

  29. Well just like always you can't have a new world order without the United States of America which operates under The Constitution for the United States of America,it just keeps on churning.Our organizational skills are great.Positive things are happening.

  30. I understand it was painted in Feb 2020.

  31. To Bubbapatric: Give Anna a break! She has more ethical intellectual knowledge than all of us put together on this forum, if not this country and the world. She is doing an awesome very difficult job, an example of a true leader by her actions, not like bunch of negative words like yours Bubbapatric. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all (advice my mother gave me). You need to do more research because obviously you would not have made that comment about Anna being a "controlled opposition" (plus you need to learn spelling if you want anyone to take you seriously) if you had and which is very offensive without any evidence (if you have it show it to us all, here, now). Good luck to you Bubbapatric and all those like you!

  32. Jimstone

    It was at the airport at one time....

    Not only did the Denver Airport feature a mural tited "suffering and fighting against coronavirus in 1994, Snopes lied about it, when it was provably removed from the airport and archived by a famous art archival group. Continued

  33. Thanks Ready007 for doing the factual mural research for all of us and especially for Bubbapatric! I proved my point to Bubbapatric. It takes total commitment and a lifetime to learn the truth and nothing but the uncontaminated truth in a world of nothing but total lies. Welcome to the journey of truth and only few will find it if rest of humanity does not listen to and have nothing but total respect for those who gave their own time and resources to speed everyone up so everyone has the equal opportunity to save themselves. Consider Anna's work as your true emancipation, she helped reclaimed with assistance from others (who deserves our utmost respect too) what was lost and stolen from all of us currently, the past and hopefully not the near future, our true freedom. I support Anna, Paul and other's that are like them 1000% because I am one of them in terms of time and resources spent, $1 million spent in divine truth seeking and 30 years later I have finally arrived just in time for the beginning of the rolling up the sleeves and sweaty work. May the divine spirit and force be with us all.

  34. Now blaming JEW msm on Arabs??
    No Anna, the JEWS RUN THE MEDIA.
    The only (((Arabs))) allowed to be involved are Donhme JEWS.
    Even Saudi royals are JEWS by their own admittance.

    1. You are mistaken, the term Jew is the bogey man for people who don't look deeper than the surface. The Rothschild family may be Jewish but they are the custodians of the Vatican treasury. They only manage the wealth of the Vatican. Just as USA points to Russia and says they are a threat to world peace, so the "Jews" are blamed for the evil in the world when in fact it is run from the Vatican. Most of them are part of the Masonic orders or other secret societies and when you go to the top.. Jesuits and the Vatican again are the ones running everything.

    2. and who do you think jesuits are? lol.

      society of jesus -- using jewish scriptures to replace the mass, etc.

      rather this was the jesuit goal all along, or they were infiltrated by masons/jews/whoever, this is what they clearly are today.

  35. Came back just say we have proof covid was planned over the last 50 years. World Economic Forum put up a short boast video that says precisely that.


    Click the "Watch the overview" button to see:

  37. Well she got point C. correct.. The Pope is the Antichrist! If Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not destroyed by nuclear bombs, what did wipe them out?

    1. the current vatican II is infected with the antichrist yes, but to limit antichrist to "the pope" or even to "vatican II" is to underestimate lucifer/satan, and sets people up for a false "saving"

      simply put: brazen serpent snake god, then "the lord" and snake god on a stick, then christ crucified, then novus ordo seclorum/2nd coming, nowadays being wrapped up with vatican II

      "antichrist" is a relative term. perhaps it shouldnt be, but it is.

      all these things are "antimessiahs" in terms of eachother.

      now maybe you can see how people saying the pope is "the antichrist" is idiotic. for one, satan/lucifer is a spirit, not a person. not a single person.

      wickedness in high places, not "in one person"

      "in one person" means a fall guy.

      and, if "the pope" is the antichrist, then were is the real christ?

      vatican II is 2nd coming. they became "more protestant" to try to "merge" and many "protestants" mingle with them, i.e. mormons, lutherans, masons

      so, where is the real christ then? 1st coming?

      then there is no america basically, whether "protestant" or "catholic" or "masonic" or "gnostic"

    2. likewise, 2nd coming is a "merger" of "the lord" with "christ"

      satan + christ == lucifer/antichrist. the jewish jesus. the jewish messiah. the savior for everyone who denies christ.

      so, to say the pope is "the antichrist" is idiotic on this level too -- the 2nd coming antichrist in the apocalypse has "heaven" being folded like a book

      cui bono? from "antichrist" is the question you should be asking.

      answer: whoever wrote the old test. whoever wanted to destroy any trace of christ/1st coming/holy ghost.

    3. likewise, anna pushes the exact same "2nd coming" "the one who is coming" as the evil antichrist pope of vatican II.

      as do so many "protestant" groups. "america" pretty much always was doing this "novus ordo seclorum" thing. after they got the "united states" seal, most definitely.

      to the rosicrucians, it was always the new atlantis. the new world. to make a new world you need a new god, a new state religion [*], etc.

      so, to commend anna for getting one thing right, but having this giant plank in your eye, is quite insane.

      [*] it has been said the masons replaced a mysterious divinity with a divine mystery. so, it masquerades as "freedom of religion" but reading masonic and rosicrucian texts should dispel any myths people have about any "freedom of religion" actually existing -- that is just a thought for the little people, to lead thing along pre-determined routes.
      should also be pointed out, each of these "savior" points if someone else's "antimessiah". call them zero point energy, or "star of david", or philosophers stone points, or iota alpha omega points in time and/or space.

      point being, to say "antichrist" is quite meaningless, unless you specify who is supposed to be "christ".

      "snake on a stick" was "antichrist" to people who worshipped the brazen serpent statues.

      christ crucified was "antichrist" to people who wanted to stick with "the lord"

      2nd coming/novus ordo seclorum is "antichrist" to people who want to stick with holy ghost.

      this is how gnostics/masons/alchemists/rosicrucians/etc. think in terms of such things. its all just relative. there are no absolutes, just endless "dispensations" for different people perhaps.

      so "the pope is the antichrist" is quite meaningless.

      and, by definition, not a valid "pope"

      you might as well say "the president of america is a citizen of pakistan, not a state citizen, nor federal"

      such is a contradiction in terms, unless you redefine what "america" means, rewrite the constitutions and other laws, etc.


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