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Saturday, April 18, 2020

War "Talk" Against China is Crazy --- and Unjustified

By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard sabers rattling and all sorts of bombast against China coming from all sorts of sources and it needs to stop. 

Number One Reason? 

The Wuhan Bio-Tech Lab where all this started is owned by George Soros, a citizen of the United States.  Not a Chinese lab at all, even though Chinese scientists were working there. 

Number Two Reason? 

The "feedstock" for the development of the chimera strain corona virus also came from the US, and was most likely donated or sold into the development project by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The virus has HIV splices of genetic coding allowing it to produce Glycoprotein 120, which has been Fauci's "baby" since the 1980's.  

Number Three Reason? 

In 2014, the US stopped development of chimera viruses.  In 2015, Fauci diverted almost $4 million in NIH research funding to George Soros's Wuhan facility so the Chinese could continue development --- Fauci evaded US Law and misappropriated funds to do it.. 

Number Four Reason? 

Dr. Charles Lieber, a leading biological nanotech researcher and head of one of Harvard University's science programs was also deeply involved along with Chinese Grad Students.  If anything, it looks like the Chinese were  being manipulated by these schmucks who were finagling to keep on researching and developing bioweapons that they stood to profit from. When they could no longer do it here, they moved to China. This was a US Project that got moved to China, not a Chinese Project. 

Number Five Reason? 

The first person to develop symptoms of  "Covid 19" was a non-Com from Fort Detrick.  

Number Six Reason? 

This was obviously a set up with Bill Gates, WHO, the World Bank, and other investors and vaccine manufacturers.  Gates has heavily invested in virus development and vaccine factories, both.  He and Fauci are pals.  Both stand to make huge fortunes and gain immense political power if they can pull this scam off.  WHO is obviously complicit.  What kind of scientific or medical organization declares a pandemic based on 150 cases, and on top of it, fails to initiate any clinical process to identify the specific pathogen?  The World Bank is also obviously complicit -- inviting investors to put their money into  "Pandemic Bonds" just in time to collect on a staged pandemic.  

Number Seven Reason? 

This whole thing was hardly hitting the news before "the US, Inc." was in court, finagling and accusing China of being liable for all the economic damages caused by this phony pandemic, and that amount being sought just happened to be almost exactly the same as the US-China Trade Deficit.   Read that, the pikers caused this problem, blamed it on China, and have been trying to force China to pay them "reparations" for the damage they caused to everyone concerned.  

Number Eight Reason? 

Almost simultaneously, the new British 20 Pound Note was issued by the Government of Westminster, showing a cheesey photograph of the Queen and --- wonder of wonders ---- a holograph of a 5G tower,and right above it, the laboratory symbol for the corona virus.  The perky bastards fully admitted that they were the cause of the problem and the 5G connection, too, right there in front of God and everyone, in language nobody could miss or misunderstand.  They took credit for it.  So why on Earth is anyone looking elsewhere?  

Number Nine Reason? 

What did the Chinese gain?  Nothing.  They lost lives.  They lost trade.  They lost support from their own people.    What did "the US" gain?  A fleeting excuse to back-charge China for a well-earned Trade Deficit.  China is THEIR creditor, not ours. And we've made it clear that we are not paying their debts for them. Now we have to make it clear that we aren't going to war for them, either. 

Number Ten Reason? 

The Americans and the Chinese, both, are owed a whopping large amount of credit back from "the United States"---- which owes us somewhere around $25 trillion as unpaid "National Credit" and owes China nearly that much as an unpaid Trade Deficit. 

The Pikers cannot or will not pay their debts or deal honestly about the circumstance, so they planned first to attack and kill us via a civil war.  That plan was exposed and defeated, so now the weasels want to find an excuse to kill their other Creditors, the Chinese, ---- and get us to do it for them.

This is all about the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. not paying their debts, and then plotting to strong-arm racketeer or murder their creditors ---and both the American People and the Chinese People have been in the cross-hairs for this malarky. 


The Chinese have, with 99% certainty, been targeted both as: (1) potential collaborators, and (2) victims of a giant con scheme designed to--- one way or another--- erase "the US" Trade Deficit with China. 

China had nothing to gain from dirtying itself by unleashing a bioweapon attack on the rest of the world.  That would be shooting its customers in the foot.  No, China had nothing to gain --- but the US and its British Siphons in Westminster stood to gain, and so did WHO and the World Bank and Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and Bayer, Inc., and CDC (which is a private vaccine manufacturer), and George Soros and all the Dem Deep Staters could hope to blame all this on Donald Trump.  

Simple enough. 

We know who did this.  We know why.  There is no big mystery here.  There's just a failure to own up and face facts. It's easier to blame people who are innocent but different from us, than to face down the monster we have allowed to inhabit our own shores, walk down our streets, and sleep in our beds. 

If Americans go to war over any of this, we aren't going to march on Shanghai. Oh, no.  And we won't be tricked into bombing Berlin, either. 


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  1. Malarky? Malarky = The thought or the fact that we the people willingly are indebted to a communist country. They did this without my consent.
    Also have you (any of you considered)
    Search Results
    Web results

    Daniel 11:44 But news from the east and the north ... - Bible › daniel
    But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

  2. One World Together at Home
    COMMITMENT - ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION committed generously to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The Rockefeller Foundation also committed an additional $15 million to a national testing strategy to expand testing and safely reopen the US economy. This would support getting people back to work safely and as soon as possible.
    "Lady Gaga, Oprah and the rest of the usual suspects were all in attendance.
    The video below will show the New Age religion( same as the old)for what it is, 'If you have the eyes and ears to see through their manipulative lies.

  3. Regardless of whom released and or caused the Virus, Do not take God out of the equation! Same thing goes for earthquakes and all weather related events.

    1. God is not responsible for natural disasters. The worst began in Eden and the rest follows

  4. Has Trump placed Municipal Inc under FEMA?

  5. ALERT
    HOSPITAL CAPACITY IS BEING BUILT-UP FOR A MASS ARRESTS / CIVIL WAR EVENT IN MAY (not for a Coronavirus surge that the government knows isn’t coming)
    (18 April 2020)

  6. I have been thinking just about the same thing, myself.

  7. Anybody seen funerals or burials for anyone?

    Well it seems they happening in other communities and they got it on film??


    1. Nowhere else has there been filmed services, burials or anything else?

      Do they not have to follow China and burn the infected bodies as reported they were doing?

    2. Patriot58- Roger that. Thanks for saying so.

  8. Tracing

  9. Please get in touch with professor Kishore Mahbubani from Singapore who gave talks on how China was misunderstood by the west as arrogant and expansionist. After listening to the professor do spread the word on China is not what most western countries believe to have a hidden agenda. China just wants to improve the livelihoods of its people.

  10. Give me the source, please.

    The Wuhan Bio-Tech Lab where all this started is owned by George Soros, a citizen of the United States. Not a Chinese lab at all, even though Chinese scientists were working there.

  11. That's not a "5G tower" 5G isn't even a type of tower. That is not any sort of telecommunications tower on the note lol. The only thing that distinguishes 5G is the radio and the antenna which to the lament looks like every other piece of cell equipment

  12. Americans need to be more well-read, you've gotta know about other cultures, you have to study the histories of India, China, etc to understand where they're coming from. Read about China's century of humiliation at the hands of almost every foreign power. Read the tragic history of Africa & of the Middle East. Then only can we be more sympathetic of our fellow human beings. America is not everything. We must make human dignity great again. Just my humble thoughts....

    1. Get those Gimmie-grants OUT. IMMIGRA-XIT!

      Trump wants to cut family-based immigration. The results would be seismic.
      In Trump's State of the Union address, he proposed changing the family-immigration system that allows legal immigrants to sponsor family members for green cards, an act that some call "chain migration."

    2. Americans, does anyone recall the jews posting notice in papers they were FOR ALL IMMIGRATION based on their Holohoax Pity-the-jew narrative? Well, these jew groups across America are paid $2400 per immigrant they can claim. Hence the big Muzzie & Latino families, bonuses from Chain Migration. So one jew group claiming 10,000 gimmie-grants got $2,400,000 of OUR WEALTH & did absolutely nothing for those people. NOTHING. WE pick-up the jew-mmigrant scam tab.
      Now, Trumps proposed gimmie-grant reform will most assuredly upset planned future income streams. But don’t feel sorry for the jew, their ADL just ordered a $60 BILLION Corona-Con cut for themselves & they’ll probably get it

      Jewish Vultures at the ADL Want $60 BILLION Coronavirus ...
      The Anti-Defamation League has, for decades, attempted to suck the life force out of Americans and others fighting to spread Truth. Now these creatures are demanding a $60 BILLION "relief package" federal bailout, claiming that what they do is "essential" and "charitable."

    3. sound great, but first just pay all US debt to China then stick your nose to your own butt and please grow alone in this beautiful world. You dont need us, we dont need you as simple as that

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Ha! Ha! Finally the cat is out of the bag.

    1. It sure is. Stop blaming China now that we know who the real culprits are.

    Cambridge University found thattype A found ptrdominantly in Americans, type B in Wuhan and East Asia and Type C in Europe. Europe transmission fro Germany and Singapore. Type A found in Americans is most closely related to virus in bats. Thie study seems to imply that the source of infection is from Americans living in Wuhan.mported Covid 19 in Oz were mostly from US even though at the time, US claimed they only have 15 cases. That explains why Oz is predominantly type A. Looks like US is not totally transparent about their infections.

    1. Type A is the original as often found in bats. Types B and C are mutations from the parent type A. The US where type A is prevalent is the origin of B and C.

      The Pentagon virus lab at Fort Detrick was closed down by the CDC in June 2019 for mishandling and natonal security reasons. Since then the CDC stopped all coronovirus testing without pre-approval, so the leak was spreading undetected until just before March 2020 did the CDC made available coronovirus test kits to hospitals and the states institutions. Testings slowly become more available revealing the very extensive spread of the virus every corner of the US and where its troops are deployed or rotated in European and NATO locations.
      The US military games team trained near Fort Detrick was sent to Wuhan in October 2020 and 5 members were so sick that they were flown home via chartered private jets before the end of the games, and the US team was a washout without winning any of the 133 games event.

  17. We are all the victims of the dirty conspracy war between the Chinese brain and the American brain !


  19. Anna Von Reitz, if what you wrote above is true, we need to thank you.

    I am a Singaporean Chinese and a Christian. And this insightful article exposing the involvement of the globalists in the secretive Satanic Illuminati as being behind the current Covid-19 crisis is indeed alarming.

    It is also good that people get to read and view videos for what Singapore's highly respected Professor Kishore Mahbubani has been saying. Prof Mahbubani was once Singapore's representative to the UN. Here is his summarised view well said by someone commenting on this article yesterday at 9:25am:

    "Please get in touch with professor Kishore Mahbubani from Singapore who gave talks on how China was misunderstood by the west as arrogant and expansionist. After listening to the professor, do spread the word on China. It is not what most western countries believe to have a hidden agenda. China just wants to improve the livelihoods of its people."

    1. They want to improve the livelihoods of their people at the expense of suicides due to over work and under pay, they really care about their people don't they?

  20. Look at history, who went messing up and making this world into chaos since the last century?. Who messed up the middle east, Korea and Vietnam?. Who changed the regime in a country by toppling an unfavorable regimes?. In Iran, Libya, Egypt, Saudi,etc. I would be crazy if I didn't believe this article.

  21. In 2015. 'Woo-woo' Wuhan is not innocent, they participated in this. jews paid Chinks who are also not innocent, they're well paid. CHINKA is poison central, betraying U.S., doing good jew work. China has long been poisoning us, selling us poisoned products, medicines, food, garbage from garbage-minded Commie-Chinks.

    Just like jew Lieber at 'Haahvad', & jew Beth Israhell Med Center, his 1000 Chinks Gimmie-grant well-paying-plan. jews & Chinks destroying us, poisoning us, envious little spawns of satan, genocide agenda.

    BOOM! Fauci Sweating Bullets! Trump Investigating His $3.7 Million Obama Era Grant to Wuhan Lab!!! -

    The Chinks are, have been involved in jew-agenda to destroy us. How many of these Chink Gimmie-grant scientists are brought here by JEWS, placed in position, willingly & well paid, to destroy us? ALL OVER. We looked at our transit system CFO a CHINK GIMMIE-GRANT. India the same thing.
    African Negros are too low IQ to pull off university scams, but jews are pulling 'em in, free education, & compete w Whitey while Whites are forced to train them. And WHO GETS THE JOBS, paid extra to hire the poor Gimmie-grant 'disadvantaged'?
    All the while blaming their own lack of advancement on Whites. Lets be clear, these Gimmie-grants are here to help America, they are here to DESTROY AMERICA.
    This is why we are NOT in favor of just anyone born on our land & soil, no matter how the parents came here, to become State Nationals. They are NOT Americans, they are Gimmie-grants.

    How can I tell ya folks? Working w Chink Gimmie-grant hubby & wifey Med Students, invited to our bar-b-que party, sat among us with their CELL PHONES ON RECORD, recording our ENTIRE COMVERSATIONS. I BUSTED THEM. I picked up their phone on the picnic table & said Whats this, you got us all on video? >>> RECORDING us the whole time. All the guests recorded by the Chinks.

    Folks, do NOT trust these people. Do NOT invite them into your lives. They are NOT your friends, they are Commie, not American ever. EVER. And that's just one incident over a few days of "Welcoming" by Med community. Oh... & who invited them? Ready for this? A JEW doc. That's right. Sure frickin' enough.

    Jiang Lin - University of California, Berkeley
    He is a co-Director of the Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change, a collaborative initiative between Berkeley Lab, the University of California-Berkeley, and Tsinghua University in China.

  22. Thank you, Anna. Being a Chinese myself, I can fully understand how the Chinese behave and act. The Chinese loves peace and harmony a lot. It can be seen in almost every aspect of our life that we work hard with our blood and sweat. We believe only through peace and harmony and hard work, then we can achieve progress and improvements, thus ultimately uphold the dignity of mankind. May all be well and good

  23. Just checking topics on Berkeley Chinese. So becuz her name is ‘Christ’ she’s probably not a jewdizing agendist? Oh but no.

    Chancellor Carol Christ releases statement about negative comments directed at Chinese American faculty - Chancellor Carol Christ released a statement in a campuswide email Wednesday drawing attention to recent reports of negative comments directed at Chinese American faculty and researchers connected to Chinese companies and institutions. Her email, titled “Reaffirming our support for Berkeley’s international community,” addressed how the comments — which also targeted faculty of Iranian American descent or those with ties to the Middle East — violated UC Berkeley’s Principles of Community.

    TIP: When it says “award” look for jew baalsh*t == >>> This is how JEWS DO IT. They AWARD their jewdizing minions. More often it includes shekel awards, PAYING them to abide by JEW AGENDA. Well, it would be appropriate for the awarded recipient to then DONATE TO A JEW CAUSE. Could be some award shekels, or more gratuitous jew favor. We see it everywhere! Look at top med heads in your state for their awards. And they post it in their jew-controlled media. Any time it says awards, read it & see it for what it is.

    Jewish group honors Chancellor Christ for courageous ... - Chancellor Carol Christ can usually be depended upon to address thorny matters head on, whether the issue is a lack of minority representation on campus, racist or anti-Semitic slurs, or UC Berkeley's commitment to free speech, regardless of the speaker's viewpoint. That willingness to take a stand in the face of controversy has earned Christ the San Francisco-based Jewish Community Relations Council of Northern California’s 2020 Courageous Leadership Award.

    Chancellor Carol Christ will awarded for speaking out ... - UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ will receive the Courageous Leadership Award from the Jewish Community Relations Council, or JCRC, for speaking out against anti-Semitism and for her support of ...

    Here, is Christ maneuvered into PRAISING THE JEW? Any slight ‘thought crime’, ‘speech crime’ is immediately commandeered… to PRAISE THE JEW & all the JEW aspires to achieve… which is our destruction. BUT BERKELEY IS ALL FOR FREE SPEECH. Yeah, right.
    JCRC to honor Cal chancellor Carol Christ for 'courageous ... - The Jewish News of Northern California. When the UC Berkeley student newspaper published a cartoon in 2017 widely seen as anti-Semitic, Chancellor Carol Christ — only two months into the job — put out a statement condemning it. But she also sat down with the editorial board to talk about why publishing the cartoon was problematic.

    1. Unknown - See this is why YOUR useful idiot azz has no place in OUR AMERICA. TRUMP works for for ME. He can come & talk to ME.

      If you are in MY AMERICA, YOU on the other hand, are MY EMPLOYEE as a Citizen of their Enslavement Inc. If you signed up for their Gimmie-grant scam, NOT MY PROBLEM. Pack it up & return your pitiful anti-American little selfie from whence you came, OR anchor baby, from whence your mommie came.

      Funny how you need a authoritarian leadership cuz your so conditioned NOT to think for yourself. Its simply not in you, which is the whole point. Trumps your 'savior'. Good, thanks for letting me know.

  24. like they did? You realise China and JAPAN are different

    US torpedoed the entire global economy to stop China's rise

  26. Good Day Madam,
    My sincere apology to share the above presstv articles with an unknown name.
    I'm from Malaysia, my email :
    Thank you.

  27. Enter S Korean wife of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Yumi Kim, close ties to S Korea Pres Moon Jae-in & to S Korea Ambassador Harry Harris. Well, of course someone is such a prominent position would be interested in HELPING S KOREA, not America.

    This is WHY IMMIGRANTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED, nor allowed to be American State Nationals. AMERICA FIRST. Get her azz outta my nation.

    Why did Gov Harris order Corona-Con 500,000 test kits from S Korea? SHOULD THOSE TEST KITS BE USED ON AMERICANS? No!! Should Hogan be made to PAY for those S Korean test kits himself? Yes!!
    WHY is it more important to give other nations our business unnecessarily, simply becuz his wife is S Korean?

    Yumi Hogan is a South Korean and American artist. She is the First Lady of the State of Maryland as the wife of Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland. Hogan is the first Korean American first lady of a U.S. state and the first Asian American first lady in the history of Maryland. Wikipedia

    1. What If: Harry Harris, Ambassador to S Korea: Virginia Harris wife of Peter Paul Strzok Sr., parents of Peter Strzok, is aunt to Harry Harris. Harry Harris & Peter Strzok are cousins.

  28. I think he means those who rule the world with trauma and huge theatrical productions... those who have wanted a "one-world government" for centuries.