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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Our American Government --- and Our Court System

By Anna Von Reitz

Unlike the European governments which are, except for brief recesses, always in session, the American Government "of, for, and by the People" of this country is not always or even regularly in session.  

This is a strange fact in the modern era, but a fact nonetheless. 

We hire out the day to day work of governance in America to Subcontractors.  Those Subcontractors are supposed to be a mix of American and foreign service providers, all obligated to function under commercial and trust obligations spelled out via Constitutions at both the State and Federal levels.   

This is the way it is, and the way it has always been.  

Unless The United States of America summons its member States to assemble, or a Committee of States issues a similar call, the actual government of this country seems to disappear when it is not in Session.  

Our institutions are only maintained to the extent that we summon them into existence --- a process described by the ecclesiastical law term: "invocation".
We speak them into existence by issuing the call to assemble. 

In the present instance, it became apparent that certain European Powers had overstepped the delegated authorities vouchsafed to them and have been operating in flagrant Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts spelled out in the respective Constitutions.  

Our Subcontractors were running wild.  Our employees were proposing to rule over us.  Corporate Officers were assuming that they were our bosses, even when law, history, and common sense prove otherwise. 

Whereupon, The United States of America raised its hoary head and summoned the People and the States to assemble.  

Much to our chagrin, we then realized that "the People" had largely been mischaracterized and misidentified by the same usurpers, and subjected to False Registration practices.  

Our Subcontractors -- the British Monarch and the Popes -- had conspired to create a vast fraud upon the American States and People, and practiced a form of institutionalized identity theft designed to strip us of our political identity and our assets and our ability to hold them accountable under the terms of the controlling Constitutions.  

By falsely and purposefully misidentifying Americans as Dual Federal Citizens --- both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal "citizens of the United States" -- the perpetrators conspired against and evaded the Constitutions designed to hold them in check, and had by this evasion created a means of pillaging and plundering the very people they are in fact obligated to serve.  

And we slept on, trusting that our employees would honor their obligation to protect and defend the constitutional agreements against "all enemies, both foreign and domestic".  

We were not entirely unjustified in this trust, as we knew that if our employees undermined the Constitutions, their own political statuses would cease to exist along with their jobs and paychecks.

Imagine that it is 2008 and our alarmed protests to  Pope Benedict have resulted in his agreement to take action to correct.  And he does take such action --- not as fast as we should have liked, but competent and determined action nonetheless. 

As a result of all the False Registrations, The United States of America was faced with the additional hard work of alerting the American People and rousing them and assisting them to correct their falsified political status records, so that they would be in proper standing to assemble their States of the Union.  

We did all of this and have presently assembled forty-three States with the others soon to follow.  They are all properly populated by People in good standing.  We continue to blow the alarm bells and urge Americans to correct their political status records -- for their own sakes, the sake of this country, and the sake of their families and countrymen.  

The correction process has now been refined and simplified down to a single page Declaration, supported by two Witnesses. 

We have very narrowly avoided what amounts to a Nazi Corporatist form of government and continue to gain ground against it. 

Now, obviously, certain Principals have attempted to gain by stealth and Breach of Trust what they could never gain by strength of arms.  Certain employees have grossly underestimated the value of the Constitutions to their own well-being. It appears that they didn't realize that WWG1WGA is literal. 

And now a brief note about our American court system.... 

Thanks to ignorant rantings on YouTube by people who aren't attorneys, I often get questions about my standing, how I can be a "judge" and not be a member of the Bar Association, etc. 

The fact is that like our American Government as a whole, our American Court System is called into session.  The court is literally invoked and it is as separate and foreign from the courts most people see and interact with, as our government is separate and foreign from the Subcontractors that many people have mistaken for us.  

Not only am I not a member of the Bar Association, neither I nor any other American jurist can be a member of the Bar.  That was decided by a formal Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America ratified in 1819.  

We can, if we are competent in Admiralty and other forms of international law, act as Counselors of Law in their courts, but we cannot act as Attorneys in the British Court System and retain our ability to invoke and operate the American Courts. 

Our Forefathers didn't want our courts or our court officials acting in conflict of interest.  Bar Association Members are under obligation to the British Monarch and hold foreign titles as Esquires. 

So.  We can claim our proper political status as Americans and we can operate our courts as Americans under the Public Law of this country, or we can operate as British Territorial Citizens under the "private law" of the British Court System (Bar Attorneys required), or we can operate as Municipal citizens of the United States and subject ourselves to both Roman Civil Law--- and in the Commonwealth, live under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

Our choice. 

I long ago chose to live my life as an American and to restore the American Court System and the Public Law.  That's why I am properly called a "Justice", not a "Judge", and why I am not a Bar Association Member and not required to be a Bar Association Member. 

It should also be mentioned that when I am standing on the land and soil of this  country in these United States and administering the Public Law, I overstand every Judge and every Bar Attorney from here to Tallahassee. And no Bar Association Member who is competent will even think about arguing with me. 

Just ask yourself ---- if I were not exactly what I say I am, how long would it be before I was arrested for "impersonating a judge"?  

Our court system, like our government, doesn't operate the same way our Subcontractors operate.  We are foreign and non-domestic with respect to them and with respect to them we have exactly one contract each: 

With the Queen and her Government we have and hold The Constitution of the United States of America. 

With the Pope and the Holy See we have and hold The Constitution of the United States.  

All the Territorial State-of-State Statutes, all the Federal [Administrative] Codes, Regulations, and Ordinances are immaterial to us.  That's all "internal" and "private" law that our Subcontractors use to discipline, organize, and define things for themselves and use for their own purposes.  The only reason we have to ever study such things is to remind them when they act in violation of their own stated policies and rules---- not because any of it applies to us. 

The only law that matters between us and them when we are standing in our proper political status as Americans on the land and soil of this country is the Law of the Land. 

And I trust that you all know what that is, and can explain it to them.  

Get out those two Constitutions ---- The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States --- and study them chapter and verse.  

Very soon, our State Assemblies will be issuing State IDs for Assembly Members, both State Nationals and State Citizens. These are not "State of State" IDs ---- these are actual State IDs issued by the American States, that is, these IDs are being issued by Florida, not any variety of "State of Florida", and exercised internationally directly under The United States of America --- our Federation of States.  

If you think about this for a few minutes it will all make sense that a government of, for, and by the people has to be organized and operated by people who are busy living their own lives, people with families and gardens, people whose primary interest is not a government pension or bean-counting or international politics.  It has to be done by you and me, not our paid employees. 

Self-governance requires self-motivation and self-determination and self-reliance.  

Those who sit around and carp and who think that someone else must be responsible for governing them are in a different system of government, a different mindset, entirely.  Such people want to be taken care of and are willing to let their public servants rule their lives in exchange for whatever tokens and services they receive.  If that's the kind of government you want, cozy up to our erstwhile Subcontractors and be content with whatever abuse you receive, including literal enslavement by the Municipal Government.

For the rest of us who wish to live our lives as free men and women, and to actually possess our land and homes as private property, and to enjoy the fruits of our labors --- the option to reclaim your birthright political status and undertake the responsibility to self-govern that goes with it --- remains. 


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  1. I will ask a question here and hope that Paul does not delete it. Is New York assembled ? and if it is , who is the New York Cooordinator and why have they ignored my texts, emails and phone calls. If I am to be part of this self governing there needs to be cooperstion and the petty differences must go away. I require answers.