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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Morning Briefing

By Anna Von Reitz

The Rothschilds have been removed as the Trustees of the western world— lost the United States, Federal Reserve, BIS.... but they are still rushing around trying to peddle what isn’t theirs.

Buyers beware. 

All the above belongs to the actual Creditors and we are all — worldwide —- the actual creditors.   They have been using and siphoning off our credit and assets this entire time and not even returning a very small amount of the profit to those who have been harmed by this grotesque fraud scheme. 

It got to the point where they had claimed to own literally everything and there was nothing left to leverage.  The credit and wealth of the world was so unbalanced in favor of commercial corporate interests and everyone was so completely invested in that system of things that there was no way (none they would accept) to re-balance the system and restore the normal flow of international trade. 

Imagine what would happen if all the small businesses worldwide suddenly shut down and you were left with just a handful of giant suppliers?  

At a certain point, there is nothing underpinning the markets which have been eroded by unrestrained monopoly interests. 

You can have any color of car that you want, so long as it’s black. 

The Rothschilds used every trick in the book to profit themselves, but they forgot the actual purpose of the game, and apparently also wanted to forget who they owe all the chips to once the casino is shut down.

We hear all the scuttlebutt.  We track all the scheming.  It still comes down to the fact that the commercial corporations — especially banks—-owe an immense amount of credit to the people and that means that the Principals that have chartered all these corporations owe their debts, too, regardless of bankruptcy. 


So, dear children, the witches and trolls have decided to kill us by the bus loads, to avoid paying back even ongoing partial payments that they unarguably owe—- the Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges that have been owed since 1934. 

And they have offered to pay off the corrupt military brass by offering to give them credit that is owed to the American States and People, based on assets that belong to us, too. 

Al Capone ain’t got nothing on Dr. Mark. 

Ever heard of playing both ends against the middle?  Or catching people both going and coming?  Well, here we are, The Middle that they have all immorally, illegally, and unlawfully been playing against: their purported Donors, their customers, their employers. 

Mr. Trump, please issue the Executive Order halting deployment of 5G in this country pending correction of the equipment and establishment of safeguarded frequency modulation across the entire grid.  

You have our go ahead to hunt down, prosecute and if necessary liquidate the criminals responsible for the development and release of the Corona Virus.  

Most of these entities are already bankrupt so you will have to address the Principals to halt their activities. 

Please also issue a national Mortgage Moratorium  and put an end to the Chem-Trail Spraying once and for all.  Non-domestic populations are being harmed and we are making this an official complaint. 

If the members of the Municipal Congress won’t immediately agree to these measures—- arrest them as undeclared Foreign Agents and deport them.  They are all Dual Citizens so you have an easy out.  89 of them can be flown directly to Israel and dropped off with our compliments. 

Most of the members of Congress have knowingly or unknowingly committed High Treason by offering to kill the people of this country— their employers—- so it isn’t as if we owe them any better consideration.  


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  1. The Federalist and preparation for TORT liability of bio terrorism
    Paper written in 2003 after they pulled off the 9 1 1 event and started their world wide roll out of surveillance and pre planned attacks


    More than enough proof to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was preplanned and with malice to cull the population of the earth

    Anna get a copy of the book posted above for the records, details all their plans and coincides with the WHO and their planning as well as their creation and roll out of the
    Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System

    All of your medical records are compromised, ALL OF THEM

  2. A link of great importance

    There is strong evidence that this event was part of a covert biological warfare against the targeted US population by infiltrating a spectrum of organisations so that they actually march as one phalanx to carry out their plan of genocide.

    The defendants have created, resourced and sustained a covert bioweapons system for purposes of mass murder with the help of the:

    1. WHO
    2. EU
    3. National research labs such as the CDC
    4. Vaccine companies
    5. FEMA
    6. Homeland Security


    Read all the information provided in the book below


    You think that UN map is a joke

    The North American Union is the outcome as they finalaize the world wide plans as per the UN map
    The USMCA deal is part of that make up

    All of it being directed out of Switzerland and the BIS

    They are falsifying results of these so called 'virus tests' and at this point if you trust a Rockefeller medicine doctor with any of your care, you are a target

  4. BEST BE ROMOVING ROCKEFELLERS, GATES, TED TURNER and many many others not just the Rothchilds

    Provide proof of their removal or is this something of such little significance that we should just all take your word for it?

    Never any proof

  5. And this is how they will suck the people in to buying in to them helping the citizens

    Make note ole Mike Adams a blow hard for the banking cartel pushing for the lock down of the US

    The Great Global Depression as planned by MIT and The Club of Rome

    The Rockefeller Foundation is all over this stuff and so is Gates

  6. Fiduciary, how about a tweak? :
    HIGH TREASON = DEATH, not a holiday on our dime in ISRAHELL.
    Orders are to capture & hold for immediate prosecution & death accordingly, all assets confiscated, no matter how dispersed, & held for distribution to us Americans immediately.
    DEATH IS DEATH as in DEAD, not death as in escape to Israhell.


    1. Why in the hell would you allow any of them to escape? Or transport them to ISRAHELL?

      Sounds like a sound plan to me, let those who are out to kill all of us off the hook??

      And documented or not this is BULLSHIT

      So all those who documented get to live while they slaughter everyone else
      Congratulations, you get to live on with the psychopaths

  7. And Merkle now blowing here mouth off about 70 of Germany going to get this 'virus' too

    My belief that fourwinds is also a controlled opposition site

    Read everything on the below site

  8. Fiduciary, we deem it prudent to address the CDC Coronavirus impositions, their Plan'demic, as orders imposed upon us from our employees do not involve those of us who are land and soil jurisdiction State National Americans.

    Immediate recognition of our superior status as their employers & Priority Secured Party Creditors. None of their orders applies to us.

    We are to be recognized immediately & fully. We are free of their insubordinate bonding, capture & control.

    1. In love and in peace - I must respectfully say that the Coronavirus can give a rats-ass about land and soil jurisdiction - superior status... - what applies or does not apply - immediate recognition of anything...all of humanity is insubordinate to this virus!

      Things to research:
      - Two versions of Coronavirus globe trotting simultaneously
      - Transmits via unprotected eyes
      - Found living large in human fecal matter
      - Found alive and well in raw sewage
      - viable for up to nine days without a host
      - global mortality rate at ~ 6% - if and only if you believe...
      and so on...

      Buy Colloidal Silver kits and spare parts - make it yourself - share with all near you (as a preventative)

      Buy Chlorine Dioxide materials - make it yourself - share with all in need (already sick)

      God Bless and be well

    2. Every week it's a new snake oil. One week it's Borox, next week it's apple cider vinegar, next week it's magnesium, now you've got silver and chlorine. This is funny to watch.

    3. The SNAKE OIL is Big Pharma, Big Med. Borax is BORON a necessary mineral with extraordinary benefits & is NATURAL thus can't be patented by JEWS to own, control, poison, profiteer.

      APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with the mother in the bottle is NATURAL thus can't be patented by JEWS to own, control, poison, profiteer.

      MAGNESIUM is necessary mineral, NATURAL, thus can't be patented by JEWS to own, control, poison, profiteer.

      SILVER same NATURAL thus can't be patented by JEWS to own, control, poison, profiteer.

      Don't know whats your chlorine unless its MMS which is NATURAL thus can't be patented by JEWS to own, control, poison, profiteer. We use MMS every freaking day & its cheap, excellent, & profound.

      Good, glad you're entertained. For too many being entertained is infinitely more important than clicking & reading to learn.

  9. Read just a bit ago they plan to throw ole Oprah (of OWN, frontwards and backwars she is all NWO) and Michelle Obama in the Presidential race, you know to rouse the race war they working to foment
    Their white vesus black shit they like pushing on the rest of us

    And considering they working the Kalergi plan for a brown new world order only fitting you throw some race in the mix

  10. Prevention and Treatment for severe cases of COVID-19 is considerable doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Chaga Mushroom Extract. It is being used by herbal doctors in China with success, even on elderly compromised health patients. Heavier doses of Vitamin C kills the Virus and Chaga prevents further mutation.
    Would really like to know the "Generals" names that would be considering executing any contracts on Americans, instead of generic information.

  11. Italy solved the crisis by giving everyone a free mortgage..!! The banks cannot charge for a mortage or they will be arrested...!! Good idea..!! Why dont we do that here..!!

    1. Yup, good for Italians, but NOT for the rest of the world. WHY?

      ENGLAND IS SWEATING RIGHT NOW.... Because their Gov't knows, the top assets Owners are aware! QN-ELZ-2 is blaming the British Gov't for wrong-doing, however she still benefited A LOT from their GREAT SINS. SO THE BRITISH HOUSE IS ON FIRE, NOT just the pope, Scottish French and Israel Gov'ts.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. An excerpt from a letter written in 2012

    There is evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office at Federal and State level, is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico).

    The full letter in link below

    You will see that the allegations go all the way back to 2009 if not before

    They planned it all and have been for decades


    Make no mistake this was intentional and you best prepare accordingly

  15. Wink Wink have a look at this

    Link came from within this paper see bottom of page 29

    Like I said, if they can fake one presidents demise they can do it again, remember it is the frauds who write the history

    And isn't it funny that this all took place during the civil war and a RECONSTRUCTION that never happened
    Same families perpetrating the frauds today

    1. Yeah may have also been jew by Springsteen, too. Dunno. Am pretty much having to rethink so much, adjust timelines, historic characters, events upon coming to terms with the extent of our fake history! The extent of their LIES is so great, so wrong, so evil, one has to ask WHY? What are jews so determined to hide? There's something stankin. Hiding who & what they are. Or hiding how advanced & exceptional Christian Whites were/are?

      Our history is a massive lie. Most all of it, made up, populated with FICTION. Which leads to documents, contracts, treaties … false dating, kings that never existed, entire large events never happened but are copied & pasted from another true event. As for Lincoln, dunno. He's a pea in a historically fraudulent haystack.

      Here from page 8, Pinkerton & early SS Secret Service, since Anna's told us about Pinkertons:
      Prior to the war, Pinkerton developed several investigative techniques still used today. Among them are "shadowing" (surveillance of a suspect) and "assuming a role" (undercover work). When the Civil War began, Pinkerton served as head of the Union Intelligence Service during the first two years, foiling an assassination plot in Baltimore, Maryland while guarding Abraham Lincoln on his way to Washington, D.C. His agents often worked undercover as Confederate soldiers and sympathizers to gather military intelligence. Pinkerton served on several undercover missions as a Union soldier using the alias Major E.J. Allen. He was succeeded as Intelligence Service chief by Lafayette Baker. (The Intelligence Service was the predecessor the U.S. Secret Service.)

      Folks we have an about-face coming … More than flipping their Ice Berg'stein, ok, but landing on our feet on a whole 'nuther Earth.

      Listening to Martin Luther on the jews! that's what he was fighting against. Man oh man, did he ever come to Jesus on jew'ality. that's who he was fighting against, & their destruction of Christianity, Catholic Church. Now, most important to know Martin Luthers 'The Captivity of Babylon' was 1705 not 1520!
      Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D. Folks we are living one massive JEW LIE. tak tak


    Just like when they killed the spirit of the American people back when they fake wacked Kennedy they will do it again folks

    Same shit with Kennedy, he was going to kill the reserve, printed interest free money, blah blah blah - history repeating itself because the same families still writing, producing and running the show

    All of history fabricated by the very same crooks

  17. My question is will anything come of this letter? The bad guys just seem to ignore anything we say or do. Who is actually capable and actually willing to do something about this farce. Trump? I am not holding my breath. He is also their lackey. The last president that had the guts to bypass the federal reserve had his brains blow out. Need I say more?

  18. All they ever do is steal money and everything else for their own gain


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