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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dear Mr. Trump-- Credit Collection and Why USN is Better, But Not The Answer

By Anna Von Reitz

As noted in the Joe's Hamburger Shop article, Americans are owed a tremendous amount of credit as a result of the use of Federal Reserve Notes floated on our economy as military script.  The same is true of "United States Notes" or any similar I.O.U. fabricated and fronted by any bank or association of banks. 

The only actual improvement offered by the "United States Note" is that it is based on our gold and silver holdings and not upon our blood, bones, and labor --- that is, they are holding our precious metals ransom instead of paying their own debts, but have given up the idea of literal enslavement, because it is both illegal and unlawful. 

This improvement duly noted, Federal Subcontractors are still inappropriately offering to pay their debts based on our assets and labor and now, on our buying of commodities in our own markets.  This is similar to having a robber propose to pay you back using your own stolen goods.

It's still a "debt note" system, and it is still out of control, such that we are being prevented from conducting our own business affairs under false pretenses of trusteeship and merely presumed to exist delegations of power.

The United States of America has called for the States to Assemble, and they have done so.  We are fully competent to direct our business affairs absent the Confederation of States of America, including the payment of debts and the settlement of credits owed.

The Principals responsible for chartering the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and the current incorporated Territorial version of "United States of America" are still on the hook and we don't agree to any process by which the perpetrators of these schemes claim 80% of what is owed to the States and People as their "reward" for wrong-doing and then dole out 20% of what is owed to us to their Cronies for infrastructure and philanthropy. 

This is just more barely veiled attempts to (1) destroy the value of the USD via inflation and to (2) devalue the stock market, so as to reduce the value of the debts that the Perps owe.   

This will avail them nothing, as the debts are still owed by the Principals and the debts are still pegged against The United States Silver Dollar. This is especially true as we have the USB Receipt Book and are unlikely to forget its contents.

We are sick and tired of these infantile attempts to escape what is manifestly true and to re-write and over-write debts that are owed without the consent of those that these debts --- both in terms of credit and actual assets --- are owed to. 

By what possible excuse, means, or logic is the Trump Administration pretending to represent us with regard to these issues?  In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, what are the actual electors of this country?  Chopped liver?   

By what authority is the Exchange Stabilization Fund being used to tank the USD?  

For whom and for what reason is all this deceitful (immoral, illegal, and unlawful) manipulation being promoted?  

It isn't the American States and People.  We and our assets are to be Held Harmless and all Principals and Parties are provided with Due Notice that our gold and silver and land and all other actual material assets are owed to us and are not subject to claims hypothecated by Debtors.

This whole way of doing things and all the legal presumptions that such arrangements entail have to be jettisoned as the unreasoning flotsam that they are. 

We haven't gone anywhere, haven't adopted any foreign citizenship, and aren't amused by any of the criminal wrong-doing that has been perpetuated "in our names" by our Hired Help.  Let's make this perfectly and absolutely clear:  another Debt Note system based on other assets of ours is not the answer to paying us back for what we are already owed. 


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  1. Anna has devoted so much of her time to this and she has no reason to present anything but the truth. Which can be found if you research for your self

  2. And get this the Republican lawmakers meet on the trillion trees act

    See how this is playing in to their we must save the earth while they cut down 100 year old trees to install 5G everywhere

    And while the 'deadly virus' is raveging the entire planet they working on an ACT to plant trees!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the future you will get paid to replant the trees as per the earth CONstitution while they sell you a PLANT BASED BURGER

  3. Does any one know if the Mormon Church associates with the Illuminti-Free mason churches at all? I suspect they are, not sure. But they seemed to be confusing about what real and unreal. Here's their weird teaching:

    Epistle Dedicatory 1/2
    Great and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty’s Royal Person to rule and reign over us. For whereas it was the expectation of many, who wished not well unto our Sion, that upon the setting of that bright Occidental Star, Queen Elizabeth of most happy memory, some thick and palpable clouds of darkness would so have overshadowed this Land, that men should have been in doubt which way they were to walk; and that it should hardly be known, who was to direct the unsettled State; the appearance of Your Majesty, as of the Sun in his strength, instantly dispelled those supposed and surmised mists, and gave unto....

    From the last 312 years, England earnings mainly came from their MANIPULATIONS, DECEPTIONS, OPPRESSION'S, CONSPIRACIES, on their victims Worldwide.

    1. seriously carpenter? they are near identical and always have been.

      if they aren't masons, you'd really have to come up with some strong reasons for the thin "disguise"

      aprons in ceremonies. seer stone. divining rods. moses/mosaic law aka "the lord" of old test. (obsolete after christ came, except for people who deny him, i.e. "jews")

      bragged about being "illuminati". got in trouble for "misusing symbols" (petition denied to be a recognized lodge). grand hailing sign of distress failed. sounds like they broke their oaths.

      anyone not 2nd coming is of the devil (identical to freemasonry). "melchidezek priesthood" (moses and his magical wand of striking/merging things, e.g. 12 tribes of israel aka 12 gates of egyptian sun worship (pyramid == pyro == fire == burning bush, amongst many other connections, the "masons" seem to be right that "jewish religion" is merely egyptian alchemy) fwd a few millenia, identical to 12 gates of johns apocalypse)

      "revelations" from "the lord" and john. note this goes against bible jesus "noone goes to the father except through me"

      (america has done this from day one of indy with "in god we trust" but thats another story; really its the same masonic "father in heaven" aka "the lord" aka christ is obsolete)

      note bible jesus says to enter in through the narrow gate.

      john is the patron saint of freemasonry. highly esteemed by 2nd coming people because his baptism is useless, it was before christ arrived. "in water only" (no actual spirit) i.e. "motivational" to revert to it is to deny christ.

      read mason/rosicrucian/new age/etc. books. its a "tremendous satire". there is no 2nd coming jesus -- its just an alchemical "reversal" "turn inside out" i.e. another hegelian merger.

      iota alpha omega. male and f. this is the lost word of gnosticism.

      "living god" "living church" -- this is just a fancy way of saying they can change ANYTHING, ANY TIME higher ups have a "revelation", nothing is permanent/sacred

      compare to people who say "the u.s. constitution is a living document" i.e. open to interpretation to fit any "modern" times. subject to change at any time.

      last i checked mormons do "holy ghost" baptisms usually. but they give it new definitions i.e. 2nd coming. identical to freemasonry. the vatican (maybe when it was only 80% luciferian) told them this long ago: you got most the right words, but your definitions/intentions/meanings do not qualify; there was so much wrong they didn't know where to begin.

      within past year or so they went to rome and shook hands, to celebrate "all they have accomplished together" -- if collaberating with vatican II doesn't tell you if they are masons or not, what would?

      MANY masonic groups 1600s - 1900s claimed to have the "real translations" of egyptian hieroglyphics. "we have the REAL secrets of masonry/jesus/etc. (change tune to fit area/audience)"

      there is much more. nearly everything is mason-inspired, perhaps w/ a little more "jesus" facade on top.

      rumours about FBI/CIA/NSA/navy/army/etc. preferring them i would say are 1/2 truths -- they prefer masons, so they are merely a small subset.

      its well known "mormon" is the name of a demon in 1600-1800 qballistic "spell books"; normally i'd say "coincidence" except masonic/rosicrucian overlaps are so many and deep, it would be a great mistake for them to not know this.

      baptising of dead, "spirit marriages"/spirit wives;
      nearly identical to what various "spiritualist" 1800s american "religious movements" would do. they just went a step beyond mediums/seances/ouija boards/etc.

      the "mainstream" may have dropped polygamy, but that really is quite inconsequential re: "roots"

    2. yeah, for whatever reason, maybe an "unofficial official rule" is they basically only trust the bank of england. that dedication is really not surprising at all. this was true in 1800s too.

      many say there is a 'higher' and "lower" church for the little people. this is not surprising, thats how masonic things nearly always are: you need the right handshakes to "advance", nevermind if you are even invited that far or have heard of such things whether they'd let you in or not. not surprising in the least.

      even some "mainstream" ("apostate" or not) mormons occasionally wonder if they are or have become just a rothschild-owned thing. but most of that i consider disinformation, because even if "true", it is like the tip of a masonic iceberg.

      there is so much more. its really just a 2nd coming hegelian merger. they are one of many groups pushing this.

  4. Bellerian1,
    Some of her proofs are clear-cut evidences, not all.

  5. There's a 64 page US patent on the COVID-19 virus. Owners? The old queen herself. It was patented back on Nov of 2018

    1. The CDC Owns The Coronavirus Strain Isolated From Humans
      Bill Gates Funded the PIRBRIGHT Institute, Which Owns A Patent On Coronavirus; The CDC Owns The Strain Isolated From Humans HAF January 29, 2020. Believe it or not, a coronavirus strain is a patented by the The Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Another strain, which was isolated from humans ...
      Bill GatesDepopulationVaccines
      Bill Gates Funded the PIRBRIGHT Institute, Which Owns A Patent On Coronavirus; The CDC Owns The Strain Isolated From Humans

      Patent US7220852B1 – CORONAVIRUS a.k.a. SARS
      You can download the above patent HERE [.pdf]. >>>> >>> (73) Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington, DC (US)

    2. If anyone has something to show the Queen owns it, we'd like to see it. That would be great! If you play stock markets, you too have contributed to Coronavirus success. Type in: 'what stocks to buy for coronavirus profits' & you'll see the Coronavirus stock slide & what to replace it.

      Here Pirbright attempts to defend itself since they're in the Corona-Fear-Porn global touring junket, just another of their PLAN'DEMICS :
      Pirbright Institute
      The Pirbright Institute is aware that misinformation regarding the Institute and its research is circulating on social media following an outbreak of a new (novel) coronavirus that infects humans in Wuhan, China. These are the facts regarding our coronavirus research and funding. The Pirbright...

      If folks are going off of what Anna says, please seek info, as Anna has a habit of spouting off to incriminate innocents just becuz she has some personal inherited sack of sludge she likes to fling around.

      Maybe the Queen benefit$, but so do all those stock market gamblers on BigPharma-Poison-For-Profit & your pensions, etc.

      thanks & stay sane

    3. The Plot Thickens: Who Weaponized the Chinese Coronavirus ...
      The US government owns a patent on coronavirus. Yes, the US government. Despite the fact that a random snake-selling wet market in Wuhan is blamed for the virus, the US government seems to have far more to do with it. In an earlier OST article, I discussed the 2007 US patent regarding coronaviruses and vaccines. [2].
      ...Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together “15 leaders of business, government, and public health” to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus pandemic was ravaging the planet. Major participants were American military leadership, and certain neocon political figures. …The Chinese were not invited. This is unusual, as almost all the major viral outbreaks for the last decade occurred inside of China and Africa. … The members took notes, and then returned to their day to day operations… The very next day… 300 US military personnel arrived in Wuhan for the Military World Games on October 19. … The first coronavirus case appeared two weeks later, on November 2. … Keep in mind that the Coronavirus incubation period is 14 days. So, fourteen days later… The first occurrences in December appeared.”

      Now following Anna's illogic, the military are owned by the Brits & the Brits are owned by the Pope, so the Catholics are to be blamed. Got that?

    4. LOL, Got it Wink. Thanks for researching and sharing with those links. Gives another side to a very badly written narrative. I saw certain people proposing that Wash, DC was involved. Sure hope it didn't include Trump and the White Hat Military/Intel that claims to be restoring the Republic,
      Appreciate your diligence and hard work for us all.

    5. Mustang 1969 - thanks! just a side note here for FOLKS to realize: Surgeon "General" is MILITARY:
      Surgeon General of the United States
      The surgeon general of the United States is the operational head of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and thus the leading spokesperson on matters of public health in the federal government of the United States. Wikipedia

      Under History NOTE is just a fluffy figure head. NOTE name changes mean new controlling identities Are these differing franchises changing hands? NOTE what exists today REPLACED [the benevolent care provided by the Catholic Church - YES! despite Anna's vulgar denigration of the Catholic Church- Get over it!], taken over by MILITARY LAW OF THE SEA:
      In 1798, Congress established the Marine Hospital Fund, a network of hospitals that cared for sick and disabled seamen. The Marine Hospital Fund was reorganized along military lines in 1870 and became the Marine Hospital Service—predecessor to today’s United States Public Health Service. The service became a separate bureau of the Treasury Department with its own staff, administration, headquarters in Washington, D.C, and the position of >>> supervising surgeon <<<< (later surgeon general)… After 141 years under the Treasury Department, the Service came under the Federal Security Agency in 1939, then the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) in 1953, and finally the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
      Some surgeons general are notable for being outspoken and/or advocating controversial proposals on how to reform the U.S. health system …The office is not a particularly powerful one, and has little direct statutory impact on policy-making, but Surgeons General are often vocal advocates of precedent-setting, far-sighted, unconventional, or even unpopular health policies…"

      Note under Clinton he chose PSYCHO Negro Jocelyn Elders, who advocated masturbation of infants & was fired.
      "In 1994, Vice Admiral Dr. Joycelyn Elders spoke at a United Nations conference on AIDS. She was asked whether it would be appropriate to promote masturbation as a means of preventing young people from engaging in riskier forms of sexual activity. She replied, "I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught."[12] Elders also spoke in favor of studying drug legalization. In a reference to the national abortion issue, she said, "We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children."…She was fired by President Bill Clinton in December 1994."

      LOOK FOR those in medical field, elder care, CPS, Health Clinics, etc wearing PATCHES on their shirts >>> Read the Patches >>> This is "advertisement", just like a Flag, for what agency they're under. Many workers wear military patches & don't realize they've been placed under Military, but are told to wear these shirts w patches.

      We saw one in Accounting in an Old Folks Home (supposed to be Private, but is under State of State dictator-ship) wearing MILITARY PATCHES, thus Military Agent. We wanted to ask if they'd been knowingly contracted into Military service, but couldn't.

      OK FOLKS 'figure head' fake-o Surgeon Generals, while the Inc.'s are running their MASSIVE BILLION SHEKEL SCAMS as private for profit enterprises w hired mercenary to ENFORCE their every order.

    6. Read about their pre planning and legislation they put in place for this treasury robbery and the murder of innocent people
      Army War College White paper below
      And this one The Federalist Society

      The Federalist one above, The Product Liability Threat, discusses TORT liability and their schemes

      And how about this one Center for a New American Secuirty
      Be sure to reread the CONCLUSION part of this paper as it refers to 'laymen' and also refers to israel and 'illuminate' and 'resilient' people, a little snipit below

      'An empowered citizenry is more likely to be mentally, as well as practically, resilient during a crisis. Accounts from London during the Blitz and Israel under threat of Iraqi Scud missiles during the first Gulf War illuminate how a citizenry that has been prepared for worst-case scenarios can withstand attacks beyond expectation'

      Search RESILIENT CITIES - a Rockefeller Foundation Creation put in place to help the terrorized citizenery after their plotted and carried out attacks on the populace


      These are your illuminated wise men working against all of humanity
      I also believe this illuminati is cover for the jews as the 13 bloodline families are the jewish banking families

      All of it being orchestrated out of Switzerland through the G20 and the BIS who pays for all of it

    7. Good Folks, nature cannot be patented. JEW sicko Saulk confessed he couldn't patent is fakery, saying the sun couldn't be patented. Rat fink faker JEW Saulk lauded by JEWS for his vaccines for Polio Epidemic that JEW Rockefeller Labs spread in Brooklyn Jew York City 1916-17 >>> Same time 30,000 Brooklyn JEW Bolsheviks convened to then SLAUGHTER WHITE CHRISTIANS RUSSIANS from OUR SOIL.

      Nature cannot be patented so JEWS concoct their poison patents & release them ON PURPOSE. Patents are NOT nature, thus these viruses are NOT nature. The JEW controls & profits.

      WHAT IF: In New Zealand a plan is said to destroy most all animal life & replace it w JEW PATENTED LIFE (again not nature, but JEW altered life) so as to control & punish anyone who killed an animal for food.
      How did Immigrant JEW Peter 'childs blood' Thiel get his New Zealand citizenship in said quick time, to flee America?? Were his ties to CHILD BLEEDING enterprise Ambrosia & spy Palantir too hot? Yes, Thiel, partners in PayPal w Immigrant JEW Elon Musk-rat-fink, engaged in CHILDS BLOOD draining for $40,000/mo JEW blood consumption posed as anti-aging.

      Curiously, the ties that bind. Still looking for all those said Catholics involved. Every rock we flip is covered in JEW slime.

    8. Thiel also behind Palantir which is the globe ole donny boy danced around in Saudi

      Read this article from 2009 about the coming economy meltdown and the influenza pandemic - hmm can you say premeditated
      PROMIS and Oracle8i software and DNA targeting to kill off humanity
      Think they want your DNA to help you find out who you are or where you're from?

      Oh you can bet they all have escape plans even Mel Gibson the jew has 500 acres of untouched land in Costa Rica where he can take his 10 brats with him to escape the terror plots they have arranged for the worlds people

      You think he did that movie Passion of the Christ for your benefit - HE WAS MOCKING YOU
      Hollywood is military intelligence, all of it and it is run by jews - they are all related and they all come from military intelligence which was set up by them in the first place

      Why do you think they having planned events in Christ Church and the white supremist actor is called Jesus or Christian or Chris
      Everything they do is coded and they are mocking everyone on this planet, Catholics, Christians, Muslims, all of us

      The commander of USNORTHCOM is a Kennedy bloodline
      See UN map

      They did not draw that map up on a whim they planned it according to the holy books that they supplanted to the various nations to get them to comply and go along with their world plan

  6. Here is the clear-cut evidence of Governmental THIEVES helping Thieves, CA OR have similar legislature codes(NOT American law as the Vermin's asserted):

    The logic is there, they are the same corrupt Team (Vermins) to get people to get confused, and to give up their assets and properties for the World Most Crooked Organized Thieves:

    The Bankers, Judges, Bar lawyers:(Capricorn, Sag, Aries, Neg-Pisces, Older-W-Taurus) usually know each others.

    When I questioned them in 2014's if they are the same party, they never wanted to answer my questions, they suggested that I use their corrupt citations. They wanted to keep us in secret. 98% most the time, they screwed every soul in their courts, via unjust summarized (non-jury) processes, against the 7th Amendment. So people, use your logic and you can beat them. Remember, they can still fake the Jury trial. They violate the law of fairness, by setting up their own team to be the Trustees, to entrap people to lose their properties.

    Their initial Illegality starts in your "Warranty Deed". They made you agreed to their future encumbrances, which is illegal against Tila. NO statutes of Limitation on Fraud, under real American Law, or Natural (Merchant) Law. Beware of Legal Chicanery, besides financial Chicanery.

  7. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the name.
    What then is CDC? Is this another false corporate layer upon Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? We know they slip in their franchises, multiple layer of controlled harvesting.

    Is the CDC in truth covert ops to harness, funnel wealth generated, as by Trumps 8.3 billion shekels:

    "...Where the money will go
    While it’s unclear where exactly the money will come from, here’s a breakdown of where the money’s going:
    *The bill includes more than $3 billion for research and development of vaccines, as well as more than $800 million for research for treatments.
    *More than $2 billion is slated for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and $61 million to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
    *The U.S. Agency for International Development would receive more than $1 billion.
    *More than $1 billion will go to the state and local public heath efforts including community health centers and state and local governments.
    *It also authorizes roughly $500 million to allow for Medicare providers to administer telehealth services.
    *Other agencies

    WHAT IF the same amount is extracted from The USA trust accounts behind the veil? Double dipping, just as done with our "bills". Every time funds are passed, the same amounts are pulled from our The USA trusts.

    >>> Is Trump in a similar position the JEWS had Hitler? <<<
    Trump looks somewhat stressed, rumpled in photos, vid of his bill signing.

    ha ha Only Rand Paul didn't sign, he wanted cuts to foreign aide to pay for it. Good for Rand! Of course, Israhell & jews could have been adversely shekeled, as that wasn't what they ordered.

    Shekels today:1 New Israeli Sheqel = 0.27 US Dollar.

    Aside from all the Israhelli dual/duel JEWs in Demon'cr*p Congress, how big is that Israhelli 1st Contract list Congress is 'convinced' to sign upon taking office, as Cynthia McKinney exposed?

    1. Make no mistake they will make ole donny boy look however they want, that is the magic of tell lie vision

      Look for ole donny boy to have some 'health' issues and for ole mikey pence to come in to remove ole donny from office or they will show and tell the public with their tell lie vision that ole humpty dumpty has been cov'd and they will wisk him off stage to a hidewaway location never to be seen again
      Pence is waiting in the wings to declare martial emergency with ole kushner as his VP just as they have planned



      And I would be careful to not support Rand Paul either because he is slated as one of the hero's to their world order new financial arrangements
      He too is a fraud


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