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Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Truth About the Presidency

By Anna Von Reitz

The American States properly constituted, polled, and assembled, have agreed that Donald John Trump meets all Constitutional requirements to become The President of The United States of America, and that he does represent the chosen President of the American People despite the defects of the underlying legal presumptions giving rise to the election process. 

It is therefore deemed a matter of Good Faith with respect to those Americans who, however improperly identified through no fault of their own, have elected him, to honor their expressed Will,  and also to express the Will of those members of the American People still present on these shores who have by a majority of States also approved his election, to announce that Donald John Trump of New York is qualified and elected to serve in the High Office of the Power Holder and as The President of The United States of America, if and when he throws off the chains which have hitherto bound him and accepts and adopts his birthright political status as a New Yorker and as Holder in Due Course of all Persons associated with his Good Name.  

Upon his action declaring himself a New Yorker and accepting his Name and all Persons/PERSONS related to him as Holder in Due Course, free of any other ownership or obligation to Cede and Company, the State of New York, the STATE OF NEW YORK, the United Nations or any other foreign city-state, he is right-wise empowered to enter into The Office of The President of The United States of America by the American People, and is charged to direct the operations of all foreign subcontractors on our shores.  

He is specifically and in public instructed that upon entering the Power Holder Office, he is to meet with the Electors within 90 days, and is to maintain the security and well-being of these States and these People without exception, including the prevention of any mercenary conflicts on our shores, the arrest of persons engaged in acts of commercial piracy and fraud, and the persons of those engaged in predatory and criminal activities aimed at children, the aged, and the infirm.  

As President of The United States of America, he is empowered and entrusted to act as the day to day Chief Executive Officer of the American States and People, to direct the course of business in their behalf according to The Prudent Man Standard.  His powers include the authority to discipline and impose the constitutionally established limitations upon all Federal Officials, Subcontractors and Agents.  

We regret the circumstance that he has had to face and the fraudulent misrepresentation of Americans which has led to commercial interests gaining an improper control of our government and the promulgation of false claims in commerce against our citizenry.   We further regret the gross breach of trust and insupportable actions of certain members of the Municipal House of Representatives.  

We look forward to Mr. Trump's acceptance of the actual Power Holder Office and stand ready to guide him through the process necessary to attain that Office and to function as the actual American President. 


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  1. Now Anna get your LLF to fill out the status correction documents for Donald Trump and mail them to him for his autograph and recording. How can he refuse???

    1. Good idea. If he refuses to make it right, then he's not one of us. Do it quick before they crooks yanked him out.

    2. Beware, the crooks had, and will always intercept people mail, via USPS, or normal channel. Especially marked "Certified"

    3. OK so send the mail registered and it will go through Bern, Switzerland via the International Post Office and it is not their business apparently? Not their jurisdiction.

  2. AMEN !! Can't wait to read the comments....

  3. They are all in on it!

    If you think that orange humpty dumpty doesn't know what's transpiring and has been transpiring, think again

    1. The orange man is one of them/ them being zionist jew, If they wanted him dead he would be dead, as zionist mother Rothchild said if her sons did not want war there would be no wars! as Henery Kiss-ass-enger once said the American people are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns to fight their wars, nuff said!

  4. Every boby needs to read this book including anna. on the (human soul)/it will explain the things anna says about that island and the seveth seal with all the spirits traped on is from 1902.there is a ton of info in it with experiments you can do your self to detect your own soul and fluidic body.crazy i did it my self.

  5. he's guilty of all the same crimes.

    the arrest of persons engaged in acts of commercial piracy and fraud, and the persons of those engaged in predatory and criminal activities aimed at children, the aged, and the infirm.
    that would be 99% of everyone at this point. that's 99% of every "school" every "bank" every "church" every "employer" every "hospital" every "doctor" every supposed "federal" and "state gov."-related entities, every supposed "police" every supposed etc. etc. etc.

    furthermore, the king james bible he was sworn in on, only authorizes one "king"

    it really should not be used in "america" at all.

    there is also a biblical injunction: "noone goes to the father except through me"

    anything based on "the creator" "in god we trust" etc. is denying christ.

    no "american" or otherwise should give any allegiance to masonic "creators"

    america has a lucifer problem first and foremost.

    if americans want to protect their good names, the first thing they should do is use their "freedom of religion" to deny the masonic "creator" and deny the king james.

    1. i dont see any hope for america until the luciferian masonic "creator" is swiftly denied.

      until then, it will always be variants and degrees of hegelian brainwashing. that is what luciferianism essentially is.

    2. at present, it is still 99% of clueless people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

      until there is official ID and perhaps a mere 5% of people who have any recognition whatsoever of any of the crimes that have occurred, i don't see anything but more mind games/brainwashing/etc. and the same old fraud going on and on.

      when a major news outlet takes any recognizance whatsoever of any of the applicable issues, perhaps the tide will slowly turn.

      until then, i don't see trump or any other politicians doing anything but more of the same fraud.

    3. I agree

      It's a world wide theft of everything period and we allow it to continue

      And military intelligence (more like thieves and cowards) are all part of this

      They are ripping the world off blind and us

    4. I'd like to know what you mean by 'we allow it to continue'. Who is this 'we'? You got a mouse in your pocket? Many of us are doing plenty about it. Battling weekly with the IRS and the foreign States of States, as well as other unjust government agencies. We are investing our time and resources in extricating our selves from the governmental deceit pervading our country. While all you ever do is use this platform to spread fear porn to any one brainless enough to read your crap and complain. How much of your paperwork has been completed. How much evidence of your true status have you lodged with the legal persons responsible for the state of our country? None I bet!

    5. xerces yakir - Tend to agree that unless those responsible are called out specifically, not much will change. Even if the mid-level scum were interfered with, the upper-echelon will continue. Its their mechanized system in play (at the top they're a Homo Capensis type, which is extremely mathematical, systems, non-creative, narcissistic sociopathy, to enforce an ant-like regulation - No offense to ants).
      Rothschilds-echelon are systems managers, not the top, who feed into Swiss Octogon, who pay their masters (as shown in recent Vatican raid, Bruelhard a Swissy ran all depts). ALL JEWS.

      Trump just placated the JEW w Exec Order included anti-Sh*tism via universities 'free speech' play-for-Fed-pay.
      But how to take them out forever? FOREVER! For they are unceasing in their evil heinousness. Even in USA they are Teflon-jew. When an important jew is charged in their jew'dicial system, we see DA jews, prosecutor jews, defense jews swarming. Defense jews insure charges presented aren't sufficient. All we need to do is LOOK, SEE, but... the spell is complete: We refuse to see what's before our very eyes, refuse to see the JEW.
      Ever wonder where all the billions go when DA's charge & win cases? Right back into the coffers of 'opposition', which are the same entities. Monsanto-Bayer, Sacklers Purdue charged, paying billions just mulching their Baalsh*t pile.
      Until & unless WE CALL OUT THE JEWS >>> ALL OF THEM >>> force them to FACE THEIR LIES, EVIL, remove them from every power perch, as removing cogs in their wheels, nothing changes. They are a friggin 1.8% US population, 2% global. WHAT THE HELL! The jew has no relevance but as destroyers & must be dealt with. Instead Christians, Catholics are blamed, a perfect jew-deflection tactic. thanks

    6. For fun, see these CONE HEADS : Shimon Perez & Jacob Rothschild Homo Capencis head, cone head -

      Its Alpine caves the JEWS used to store their stolen goods, proceeded to wipe off the face of Earth entire European White populations in massive slaughters, just like Bolsheviks, displacing populations & Swiss Octogon implanted its cancer, & from there emanates the densest Brachycephalic population in Europe. A BLACK SCORGE of Brachycephaly Narcissistic Sociopathy.

      CRANIOMETRY - The twelve skulls from a Jewish cemetery in >>>BASEL<<<, of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, which have been examined by Kollmann, are even more brachycephalic than those of contemporary Jews...

      98% jews are brachycephalic NOT dolichocephalic Caucasoid skulls.

      Benzion Mileikowsky aka Bibi Nut-n-yahoo’s dad is a Khazar Hun AshkeNazi jew – Look at him! He has a brachycephalic skull, long ears, slit eyes & small stature – a friggin Khazar Hun sociopath inbred.

      CONE HEAD Roger Stone skull is even pointy - see it to believe it:


      One last thing: Our history is a LIE, one massive LIE, dates, epochs, characters, events, entire timeline is a LIE concocted by JEWS, as jew Jesuit Protestant Josephus Scaliger 'said yrs' late 1500-early 1600's til present day, added 1000+- yrs to their fake timeline which we follow today. Corrected timeline: Fomenko's Chronologia: thanks

    7. We can't recall everything all the time. Reminder, EXPOSED SWISS MAFIA JEW COUP by fake pope 'Francis' with Benedict a pact:
      ~~ Archibishop Georg Gänswein of the Pontifical Household, former private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI - Rome, May 24, 2016: The recent revelations by Archbishop Georg Gänswein point to a stunning possibility, that during the Conclave of 2005, which elected Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio and his supporters consented to his rival’s election, on the condition that after a fixed number of years, he would resign, and the next conclave elect himself Pope.
      This theoretical postulate is based on the following reasoned speculations:...

      ~~ Swiss bishops confirm existence of St. Gallen ‘mafia’ - Cardinal Bergoglio takes the oath of conclave, March 11, 2015, with Cardinal Daneels standing behind him. - The From Rome blog has covered the “Team Bergoglio” voting scandal during the 2013 Conclave from the beginning. In this, one of our last and culminating reports which verifies all the facti species, the Swiss Bishop’s Conference confirms the existence of the 20 yr conspiracy, not only operative in the Conclave of 2005, but also in 2013...

      SWISS OCTOGON IS JEW. thanks

    8. Correction on above post: global jew pop NOT 2% but .02% HUGE DIFFERENCE. My mistake.
      Swiss Octogon feeding us our children:
      Aborted fetus cells used in beauty creams - Washington Times Nov 03, 2009 · The ingredient was developed at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland from proteins in the skin tissue of a 14-week-old male baby electively aborted at the university's hospital and donated …

      U.S. Aborted Fetal Products - Updated Dec 2018 • All refrigerated coffee creamers • Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles. Products CONTAINING Aborted Fetal Cells, Components, Proteins, DNA Neocutis Anti-Aging Skin Creams. Contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted male baby.

      CHILD SLAVES into 1981 by Swiss Octogon >>> always slavery tied to JEWS <<< Again, our history is a LIE as the JEW tries to make us all seem as evil as they are. CHILD SLAVERY by Swissy still goes on, tho said stopped again in 2006, Swissy JEW always has excuses, exemptions.

      ~~ Swiss Child Slaves Verdingkinder, Child labour in Switzerland was a fact in rural areas to the 1960s, at least tolerated by the Swiss authorities referring to the so-called Verdingkinder, as up to 100,000 children were needed as cheap workers mostly on farms the decades before.

      ~~ Recognising Switzerland's "slave children" - SWI Apr 9, 2013 - In a practice that lasted in Switzerland until 1981, tens of thousands of children and teenagers were forcibly removed from their ...

      Fountain statue of Monster eating a bag of babies >>> in Bern <<< Now why would it be in Swissy, this MONSTER eating babies?
      The Kindlifresserbrunnen is a fountain at the Kornhausplatz in Bern, Switzerland. It is one of the Old City of Bern's fountains from the 16th century.

    9. wink, an article for ya

    10. wink, another link for you

    11. Bloodlines and cousins

      History is steep

    12. Shelby - thanks for Four Winds, Eustace Mullins on sa-gaz Habiru, cutthroat jews. Absolutely should be middle-school required reading, then the Merchant of Venice, which has been removed from curricula cuz its anti-sh*t. Now look at us! Nothing has changed w the jew, NOTHING, but only they've gotten worse.

  6. Federal Reserve "Network Issues" Cause Nationwide Direct Deposit Outage

    "In recent years, banks and credit card processors had blamed hackers, blackouts, infrastructure inefficiencies, and of course the "Russians" for periodic service outages. As of today, they are now blaming the Fed itself.

    Starting around 7am, there was a surge of outages reported at Capital One

    What happened?

    According to CapitalOne, network issues at the Federal Reserve were causing certain banking transactions to be delayed.

    “We’re monitoring the situation closely in partnership w/ the Fed,” Capital One said in a tweet.

    The Federal Reserve is experiencing network issues causing certain transactions to be delayed. We're monitoring the situation closely in partnership with the Fed. As soon as they've resolved the issue we'll work to make sure all transactions are posted as quickly as possible. ^AS
    — Capital One (@AskCapitalOne) December 19, 2019

    Capital One says it will make sure transactions are posted as soon as possible as soon as Fed issues are resolved.

    During the day, customers on Twitter of Capital One and other banks have complained that their direct deposits have been delayed."

    Various other banks and credit unions were also experiencing the direct deposit outage.

    Hi Joe, Please use Online or Mobile Banking to check the status of your direct deposit. We are experiencing a delay with electronic transactions and are working on getting transactions posted as soon as we receive them. Thank you!
    — UFCU (@UFCU) December 19, 2019

    Hi @BeccaSorenson. This is not the experience we want you to have. The Direct Deposit processing is delayed. You can check the app or the automated system for updates. We apologize for the delay.
    — GREEN DOT BANK® (@GreenDotBank) December 19, 2019

    Sorry for the confusion. Who is sending your direct deposit? If it is military pay, we have not yet updated the posting calendar with the new dates for the next year. ~CB
    — Navy Federal (@NavyFederal) December 19, 2019

    The Fed has yet to comment on the nature of the "network outage." Speculation that this is just a test of how the Fed plans to conduct Universal Basic Income by making direct deposits into each American's bank account remains just that.

    1. Talking with a lady yesterday at the store and she said capital one was closing their windows or something

      Some Bank of Americas are closing their drive thru's commercial windows gave the reason that there is just too much fraud at the drive thru

      They are all in on it

      The banks are all in on it and so is the federal reserve

    2. Hey ready the last sentence

      The Fed has yet to comment on the nature of the "network outage." Speculation that this is just a test of how the Fed plans to conduct Universal Basic Income by making direct deposits into each American's bank account remains just that.

      Lots of people don't have bank accounts??

    3. And you can bet that Universal Basic Income is tied to conditions of compliance

      Don;t be fooled they planned every last step of this

      I have been saying all along until we get rid of their monopoly money this is going to be what they offer else we get nothing

    4. On Capital One: a couple years ago, Cap One did what we called a Beta Test in messing w thousands of bank accounts, didn't allow true balances to show, stopping purchases. Wouldn't take responsibility, accountability, just ignored it. Don't know what caused it, the bank wouldn't confess to the real problem. ALL THOSE PEOPLE ARE OWED for capture of their accounts.
      We thought it was a Beta Tests for a Bail-In. We did research on Cap One to find as soon as it got big enough & ready to play w the Big Boyz, a Bankster from England was sent over to USA to partner/inserted w Cap One, reckon to insure the JEWS got their cut of the action. (((Compliance))).

    5. UBI - Unique Being Identifer
      UBI - Universal Basis Income

      Not to long ago an article put out about this Unique Being Identifier, just looking at the Universal Basic Income as the same acronym

      Does anyone else not find that pretty curious??

  7. Please allow me to get everyone here up to speed. Last report from Field McConnell there are now 134K indictments coming down the pipeline and the USMC has been on full alert since Oct 6 to support us who are the civil authorities. > 1974 Louisiana Constitution ARTICLE XII GENERAL PROVISIONS Section 2: The military shall be subordinate to the civil power. Donald J. Trump is Commander in Chief and CEO of US Inc.on the public side... However he has corrected his status and has been an American State National for quite sometime; 8USC1101a21. And one more thing: He already has by executive order restored the republic almost 3 years ago. Flashback 35 months:> "This day shall be remembered as the day the people ruled America again."~DJT POTUS 1/20/2017… DJT already HAS returned America to 'We the people'. 'We' need to catch up, not Trump. Carry on...

    1. Field McConnell is still in jail, isn't he?

    2. Yes last I heard, Field is incarcerated and due to be released soon.
      This is The Field Report about 10 days ago:

    3. Ah hell they have been yapping about those indictments for months or over ayear now, what a crock

      For all we know those indictments could be for those of us that are awake to their bullshit

    4. And the USMC is a foreign military not ours

  8. The letter to Pelosi:
    Just like his inaugural speech, Trump wrote this, not his staff...  

    1. Yea that's why he just signed the USMCA deal which is a continuation of the SPP that ole Bush traitor signed which is all about creating the North American Union
      One America News shouls be a clue to what the Make America Great Again shit is all about, the North American Union not The UNited States of America

  9. Have a look

    So while people are starving all over the world they are taking billionaire pledges?

    Have a look at their web page

    So while they rip the earth off and all the people that live on it we are supposed to believe they looking out for all of us??

    I'm tellin you we are being lied to

    1. Continue reading

  10. A Whopping 79% of Virginia Becomes Gun Sanctuary as Gun Bans Backfire

    You have NO IDEA what’s coming: Virginia Dems to unleash martial law attack on 2A counties using roadblocks to confiscate firearms and spark a shooting war

  11. My oh my! I am not surprised that there are Trump haters on here But I am in shock about the level of gaslighting going on here. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation involving lies, destabilization and misdirection to cause the victim OR 'memebers of a targeted group' (hello?) to doubt themselves by questioning their memory, perception and sanity. Thank you Anna for getting my mind out of the gutter many years ago, and engaging the granny gear in my brain! Oh my sweet Lord Jesus.

  12. Thankfully the veil has been lifted and many do see the falseness of the
    Pa(y)pal Beast system.
    It has been corrupt from the beginning!

  13. Better wake the hell up people he is a fraud

  14. Some updates out of Australia

  15. Well folks in my opinion every presadent is just the CEO of a company well an overseer of this ingenious company harvesting our energy for the benefit of the creditors..
    And folks as orphans we have been deemed infants and were pledged unknowingly to pay the creditors. We own nothing not even our souls "" The VATICAN made sure of that. Untill we understand that we will never have standing in their Courts . Try an bring up the Constitution in a courtroom woweee the Judge will charge you with contempt . Its always been the signers and their heirs that have a legitimate right to the protection under that compact. Never ever us.. We are just human resource slaves. As such dead from the day the application of our birth was Registered..
    Fatherless orphans no rights to inherit anything.
    Please look up the definition of Barron !! We are not a land owner"" just tenants ..

  16. Yes Americans dream on thats what the rulers want. And I promise you it's just that a dream. The elite perpetrators of this scam have a tight stranglehold on this and will never ever let go.


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