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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Facts on Fraud: the Gold Confiscation Bail-Out in FDR's Own Words

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of us of a "certain age" remember our parents or grandparents at some time or another talking about the confiscation of privately-held gold that took place in America during the Roosevelt Administration.  Others have read bits and pieces of this nasty episode in history books.  But, there is nothing like having the Rats on Record, admitting what they did and why they actually did it, and thanks to other Americans (thanks for your part, Ron B. and Daniel Carr) here we have FDR spilling the beans:

His May 7, 1933 "chat."

To cut to the chase, start @ 15.30.  The Federal Reserve "Bank" needed 6,000 tons of gold to remain solvent and ended up with 20,000 tons. It was our first instance of this kind of forced bailout of the central bankers, but not the last. Unfortunately.

Read that --- the Federal Reserve "Bank"  foisted off on us in 1913 should have been liquidated in 1933 and the Board of Governors sent to prison.

Instead, FDR engaged in strong-arm racketeering under color of law to bail them out. 

Now, perhaps you are all beginning to understand my fondness for the idea of exhuming FDR's corpse and burying his remains at sea.

Here is a helpful description of what actually occurred.

The gold has never been returned to the American People; part of it remains in the clutches of the World Bank.


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  1. Amazing that the first video link DISPLAYS to the VIEWER that it was posted in January of 2016, has over 2,313 views and NOT ONE COMMENT????

    1. What do you say to "overt" acts of terrorism, theft and murder by a government no longer "of the People, by the People and for the People"?? God will judge the culprits!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. -- The video is rigged Shelby, by the UK FedReserve, to portray that American gold taken is small. Remember the audio can be manipulated easily. This creative game is done over 100 years ago, translating movies from one-language into another language, that sounds so real.

      -- Also the Solomon imaginary Gold of 3,000 years suddenly appeared after 1940, to cover-up the stolen SE Asia Gold and precious metals. The UK assigned most stolen gold to their UK Bankers, took by the UK, France, Deep State and Vatican, while they conspired many events to keep Indochina for 83+ years in wars unsuccessfully. The crooks took SE Asian Gold by the Train, their railroad existed there during 1870 – 1937. The French is the earth contents expert, described its 1851 book. She came to America to do the same exploration, and corporation with the dishonesty.

    4. Oh I know it's rigged Pinkham

      Thanks for the additional information

      Like I said before, need the best computer hacker in the world to throw a wrench in somewhere, for the people, not the crooks

      It's all bullshit as far as I'm concerned, they are crooks period to hold world hostage to monopoly money that they rig

      Saw the millenial monopoly game in store today says on the box forget about real estate you can't afford it anyway!

      How is that for in your face

  2. My Grandmother lived to be 100 (2005+), and my Great Grandmother 104 (1970's). They both came through the depression and I never in my recollection ever heard either one say...Thank You FDR for robbing and pillaging us and making us wear Gunnie sack dresses.

  3. Bankers today make 300% return .
    We get 3%. Risking our savings with no risk to themselves,fractional banking,loans were your signature is sold as security,free money from corporate federal reserve office (discount window),mortgage fraud you loan them your home to invest no skin in the game all profit 300% return avg.

    1. 300% return? I think they make more than that. They enticed people to refinance often, bc refi gives them a boost for 7-years, interest any where from 450 - 3000%.

      They didn't lend people a dime.

      UCC §8-102 tells about the entitlement right to the funding source which is our signatures, against HJR 192, Trust and Bond funds,

      The National Currency Act Sections 27, 28 & 53; Banks are not allowed to loan their own credit nor are they allowed to loan money

      because, who's money are they lending you? They can not lend you their depositor's money so where'd they get the money from?

      [they got it from us, the people, extracting though our HR 192 fund, Trust & Bond funds, IOU’s, precious metals, etc. Their SEC 13F

      Their 11,700 pages of Pass-Through Trusts are PROOF'S of Commercial Trust law violations, Conspiracy..etc..

      How much they made depends on how much their foreign MASTERS agreed with the crooked Bankers.

      the rich and shameless, they've lived off us for so long sitting back as phat Cats wearing fine clothing, having large homes, Rolls Royce's and fine looking sports cars, going to the finest schools, sitting in the finish building's over looking the cities and us every day

  4. ***"Special Sessions"***

    Note the information attached to the video about the "Special Session", the New Deal is the Special Session!!!
    Please see list of all Special Sessions last one started in 1933 there are no other newer ones listed because it never ended, they became normal sessions within the Special Session.
    See the second document about EXTRAORDINARY SESSIONS it makes a point to note 1933 as some milestone and that there are only 4 post 1933 so these are in fact Special Sessions within the already Special Session making them Extraordinary. They are mingling Special with Extraordinary as they always do with meanings of words to hide facts but between these 2 resources its clear as day.

  5. Michael Hoffman@HoffmanMichaelA

    The Proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution

    Black American scholar Elliott Pope-Williams proposes a 28th Amendment to the Constitution ending the rule of the Money Power in the USA. Here is a brilliant antidote to the root of evil in our nation:

  6. Coming to a town near you, banning of all natural gas and the

    1. And while they ban natural gas Rockefeller oil takes over the gulf and sells the resources to other nations touting a new gulf with jobs galore but I bet they aren't jobs and salaries for the people of Lousiana

      Vast reserves of natural gas abound but they bannng the use??


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