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Monday, October 28, 2019

Not a Re-Set -- A Re-Venue

By Anna Von Reitz

While everyone is being entertained by the circus of obvious lies and finger-pointing in Washington, DC, the rest of us have been evaluating the world as it is, and pulling hard for the world that should be. 

My Team and I are being bad-mouthed seven ways to Sunday, and here we are. It's Sunday.  

Those who are bad-mouthing us and what we have done to shut them down are angry for four reasons: (1) their efforts to unjustly enrich themselves at everyone else's expense have been exposed and objected to; (2) the nature of the "Federal Reserve Note" as military script (you guys who have lived overseas on long tours know all about that) has been exposed; (3) the Pope has to pay his own debts; (4) their Queen doesn't get to claim any more American assets.  

From the perspective of "the rest of us" all four points are good news.  It's only the crooks and the usurping foreign governments who lose.  

So we will be happy to accept our enemies for the sake of our friends and family, who would otherwise be stuck (again) bearing the brunt of this con game. 

A great deal has been said and written about "the Global Re-Set" --- what this refers to is essentially re-setting the game board of currency values, and set up another round of the Same Old Game of currency manipulation.  

It's just an offer to use the Exchange Stabilization Fund (translation: World Currency Value Commodity Rigging Fund) in a different way --- a way that will impoverish most people on the planet for the benefit of a few.  As usual.  Of course, those few who are "in on it" are anxious for the wheels to roll and at least some of them see themselves as White Knights, who will spend all their ill-gotten gain on philanthropic projects.  

That does, of course, skip over the "ill-gotten" part, which is what disturbs the rest of us who have learned the lesson that the ends do not --- ever --- justify the means.  

Numerous variations on the theme have been played out over the last twenty years.  On the banker's side, it comes down to an issue of control.  They don't care about how much money or where it is flowing as much as they care about being able to control it.  Anything that leaves them firmly ensconced in the middleman comptroller position is fine with them. 

The problem is that they have not proven to be honest or competent comptrollers and all our efforts to establish and maintain proper oversight of the bankers and brokers have been overcome by blackmail and bribery.  

So what's a responsible government to do?  

Re-set the game board?  Give new players the poker chips with the same old casino operators in charge?  

That's what the "Global Currency Re-Set" is all about.  It's not a fundamental change in the game at all. 

As The Who put it many years ago ---- "Meet the New Boss.... same as the Old Boss..... and pray we don't get fooled again...."  

It is essential that all of us, worldwide, don't get fooled again.  It is time to clear the game board and institute new ways of monitoring and disciplining banks and brokers alike.  

A return to Glass-Steagall is part of it.  The actual implementation of a working Mutual Offset Credit Exchange System is crucial. The enforcement of Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Trust Law is fundamental.  Public access to consumer protection against loan fraud artists, enforcement of anti-slavery and anti-peonage provisions of the Public Law, and shutting down the "Private Placement Trading Platforms" all play a part.  

In sum total, Wall Street and its Evil Step-Sisters, have to be brought to heel, and so must the Central Banks and the major brokerages and bond and stock issuing agencies, which have all been motivated by profit to engage in criminal activities that are profoundly injurious to living people and the Public Good.  

Our demand to bankrupt and liquidate the offending organizations is a first step toward recognition of the actual problem.  It isn't that the "system is broken".  

It's a matter of the system being criminal and irresponsible and out of control. It's a matter of employees preying upon their employers.  It's a matter of justice being up-ended, so that criminals run the courts and private, for-profit "Public Policies" masquerade as Public Law. 

It's time for a show down --- not at the Okay Corral, but in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.  

Is this how we want to live?  Being harassed by our employees?  Having our private property stolen and conscripted without remuneration?  Having our interests as Priority Creditors stonewalled under False Pretenses?  Being coerced into a system of Corporate Feudalism that makes Colonialism look tame by comparison?  

We don't need a "Re-Set" of the Same Old Same Old.  We need a "Re-Venue"--- a return to the Law of the Land and to the Public Law being enforced against the offending corporations.  We need a "lawful conversion" to reverse and remedy the "unlawful conversion" created by FDR.  

And most of all, we need people to wake up and realize that while they may have the right to self-govern, they have to act upon that right and accept that duty before it means anything.
Owing to the disgraceful disservice we have received at the hands of Territorial and Municipal Employees, our political status records have been falsified.  So the first Order of Business is to correct these records and declare our actual birthright political status as American State Nationals ---  as per their own Federal Code -- at 8 USC 1101 (a) 21.   Record your political status documents and land your Notice on US Secretary of State Pompeo's desk.

And after that, it is up to each one of us to take the next necessary step and accept the responsibility that goes with the right to self-govern: joining our State Assemblies and working hard to restore the civilian court system and lawful means of enforcement we are owed.  

Freedom isn't free.  Sometimes it requires action on the battlefield, and sometimes it requires knowing who you are, and sometimes it requires acting upon your responsibilities as an American to exercise your right to self-govern and enforce all the other rights and material interests you are heir to.  

Nobody can do that "for" you.  It's that lonesome valley we have to walk by ourselves, rooted in our self-knowledge, in our sense of justice, and our determination not be be ruled over by self-serving corporations.  

Some people have misunderstood --- accidentally-on-purpose --- my role as Fiduciary of The United States of America.  
Please note, that there are supposed to be around 270 million adults in this country, and therefore, around 270 million Fiduciaries; instead, when Push Came to Shove, only one lonely old woman stepped forward to do her Public Duty. 

While the rest of you slept, I was awake and objected to having our entire portion of the North American continent claimed by foreign creditors of the Municipal and Territorial Governments, with all our property both public and private offered up by the con artists as "Abandoned Property" and then also subjected to Civil War against us -- the actual Priority Creditors -- who would be considered mere "unknown tenants" and "disregarded entities" in our own country.   

So why am I the Fiduciary?  Because I am the only one who did the job.  And, by the way, there's more than enough room for all of you to step forward and do your Public Duty, too.  That action on your parts is long overdue.  

I am quite elderly and my husband is even older.  We do not cherish having our household in a continual state of chaos as we endeavor to meet the needs of an actual government for this country.  We don't like being pressed into such service under such hair-raising circumstances. and we don't appreciate the guile and disservice of our employees, either.  We are, frankly, wondering what's wrong with the rest of you?  

Your identity has been stolen.  Your credit has been hacked.  You are "presumed" to be holding the bag for all these debts you never knew about and never approved of.  And you are just standing there?  The willing victim?  How fast would you react if someone stole your credit cards and racked up $30,000.00 in bogus purchases?  

You want your freedom?  Well, God gave it to you, but it's always something you have to earn by accepting the Gift and standing up for it and making use of it.  Don't put your freedom on a shelf.  Don't think that when the guns are silent, there are no enemies sneaking around trying to steal your birthright from you. 
What they could not take by force of arms, they have endeavored to take by deceit and guile.  And they have been unimaginably successful --- right up until the point that we denied the Joint Chiefs any plausible deniability for their preparations for Civil War.  Right up until the point where we addressed the Pope and said ---- "What's going on here?"  

This is you and your family, not just ours, faced with the looming prospect of having foreign mercenaries on your doorsteps, presenting you with bills you know nothing about --- bills that were "hypothecated" against your credit and your assets by treasonous individuals in the Municipal United States Congress, pretending to "represent" you.  

It is more than high time to present yourselves and give meaning and flesh and power to the American Experiment.  Declare yourselves to be Americans, now that you have been warned that your identity as such has been stolen.  And boot up.  Get moving now to build and re-populate your State Assemblies in every State of the Union.  

Restore your own government. 

Take back your seat of power and kick these interlopers in the butt.  We have done the work and done the research to know for sure what happened and when and at whose hands this country has been betrayed.  We also know what has to be done to restore the Public Law --- the actual Law, not merely the "Rule of Law" masquerading as Law.  

So stop arguing and stop wondering and running amok.  This is your country.  A handful of us have saved it for you and held the door open so that you can come home and can claim your birthright as an American.  Do so.  We didn't say it would be easy or fashionable---- only possible, and dependent on what you do today.  

Our Law Team is hard-pressed.  Grandma's Cupboard is bare.  The winter is coming.  The country remains operating --- unnecessarily --- using military script "as" money, when in fact, we are the principal owners of most of the actual assets of this country and the world.  Rank and file Americans aren't the only ones who need to wake up.  

We are being robbed in broad daylight and those responsible for protecting our "persons and property" are sitting on their thumbs, trying to figure some dim way to further unconscionably access our credit.   

Re-directing attention away from a Re-Set and toward a  Re-Venue instead, means an end to Business as Usual and the return of wealth to each country and to the living people worldwide, which also means a whole new basis for funding government operations.  

As my Mother used to sing out early on Saturday morning --- "Wake up!  Daylight in the Swaaaaammmps!"  

Donations are needed to keep going forward.  I am still acting as Paymaster. All our people are continuing to work as Volunteers dependent on gifts to get through and keep pressing onward, just as our Forefathers had to depend on gifts to fund the Revolution.  Please help if you can.  Please step forward and make the difference necessary to stop Corporate Feudalism in its tracks. 

My PayPal is: and the snail mail here is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520944, Big Lake, Alaska [99652].


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  1. Cognitive Dissonance is abounding w folks. Theres nothing to evidence this path is correct & worth what they consider to be a huge risk to take. Also for those searching for answers there are several paths. While the other paths become more complex, even very costly, this path is simplified, easy, however their searching is exhausting, confusing.
    We need evidence to present to them. In all honesty, this is what we find in the field. Nothing evidences the claims that's sharable, but for personal experiences.
    IF release of debt occurs & evidence of this can be held in hand to show, this could help. 'Look, the debts have been credited! Not a re-fi, not another 'loan' but balanced-off on the books. No debt'.
    FOLKS NEED RELIEF, NEED EVIDENCE & if its thru debt relief SO WHAT. We're getting fed up with being told folks have to do their paper work before their debt can be relieved. What If relieving their debt will provide more confidence in this process than over 2000 articles?
    Folks are too overwhelmed, even find this info as crazy. Its not their fault, its the result of bombardment of lies. Some are really screwed into the system of fraud, convinced its too dangerous to even consider this option. IF we could get these 'screws loose' & get them on this path, these very tightly screwed-in folks may be the very ones who could effect change, once they've done their own recordings.
    Another thing we see is its a big mistake to insist that we're all equal, when we are not. We're not all going to get it AND not all are capable of self-governance & will not help themselves, but depend upon others to do it. ITS NOT THE FAULT OF THOSE WHO GET IT, can't help those who cannot get it, they don't have the mind for it becuz we are not all equal. We're unique, not equal. We're to be treated as equals in eyes of law.
    If we're all equal, then why are y'all the ones spearheading this, with us coming up far behind? BECUZ WE ARE NOT EQUAL, do not have equal experiences, nor mental, psychological, mental, spiritual capacities. Folks are not equal to y'all.
    HOW ABOUT RELIEVING DEBTS? This is whats hurting everybody, debt-slavery. Giving folks a debt-break just might give them good reason to do their papers. How can we give folks a debt-break?

  2. Anna, I thank you for staying the course. This is certainly a Thankless job.

    My life is changed by the researching for the Truth and there is no going back. We are each unique but not equal as to skills and not all of us are capable to act as "Citizens" for our government. State nationals are at the top of the Pile.

    Acting as a US CITIZEN or Citizen of the UNITED STATES, the HUMAN CREATURE of Legislation, the "NAMED" BORN ALIVE SOULLESS AFTERBIRTH MATERIAL, the DEBTOR, imposes the liability for the DEBT. US CITIZENS are liable for the DEBT, so how can they be granted DEBT RELIEF without rebutting the presumption they are US CITIZENS? One thing which is accomplished by going through this process is to gain clarification of our true standing. We are at the top of the Pile as a Creation of Nature, not at the Bottom of the Pile functioning in the OFFICE OF LEGAL PERSON, with no right to complain about the DEBT on our shoulders.

    I would suggest to those who have been researching for a while and have a comprehension of what truth Anna has brought forth to go to or pay the small fee and at least Listen to the "Perfection Series" to gain clarification just what is a US CITIZEN and why you do not want to have joinder with LEGAL FICTIONLAND or the HUMAN CREATURE that RESIDES in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Gaining clarification of how all this came about will certainly give rise to the need to correct the record for yourselves. No one can make the Claim to your own material but you. That soulless Creature is given Eternal Life as a CORPORATE ENTITY, a gift from the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in the form of SALVATION.

    ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is a FICTION JURISTIC PERSONALITY and each CORPORATE ENTITY IDENTIFIED with a form of our gifted name is a FRANCHISE of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. All businesses but with a distinct difference: RCC Claims the product of mothers labor, the BORN ALIVE HUMAN SOULLESS CREATURE in the form of AFTERBIRTH. When we claim to be the NAMED DEAD THING that belongs to the RCC we give up our life for that THING. Our Assets, the fruit of our labor, our creativity and the list goes on.

    Re-education is a one man job. No one can do it for you. 2 choices, stay a US CITIZEN and stop complaining as you voluntarily accept the SLAVE position on the "STATE FARM" run by the British Agricultural Revolution (BAR Association) or correct the Record and take your rightful position as Private man/wombman, not subject to LEGAL FICTIONLAND. We voluntarily play this game by claiming to be something we are not. If you have made the claim to be something in Error on Paper, which we all have, doesn't it make sense you would have to correct the Error by Paper and Give them all Notice you are taking your Assets and going home.

    Enough is Enough. So its time to realize that sitting on the couch waiting for Remedy to come knocking at the door is not going to happen. Common Sense should provide an answer as to what position is more beneficial to take. Office of Sovereign Power Holder or OFFICE OF LEGAL DEAD PERSON.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

    1. AGREED....Excellent comment

      Relief from debt should not be the motivation... if one is not outraged about the theft and all the surrounding issues and willing to educate themselves beyond "the fear" might as well remain a U.S. Citizen.

      Case law and your passport state two political statuses Citizen/National. Make a choice....

    2. Also, if you need encouragement watch earlier videos of David L Straight in his successes against the "state" agencies.... he expands on the information supplied on this blog....

    3. We think relief from debt is a great motivation. Its just as significant a motivation as anything, as its the primary enslavement scam folks can identify with. In relieving debt it'll also show folks theres an alternative, give them time to breathe, relieve enormous burdens, imagine what life can be like, light at the end of the rabbit hole... Serves many purposes to be motivated by debt relief.
      IF FOLKS CAN THINK, as we're seeing too many cannot, but if they can, then they'll see this debt relief is but part of their enslavement, something more relevant is available, simple & free format: Record papers.
      It will show them its actual, it works, its reality & provide confidence to move forward. Why pay taxes they don't owe? Why pay homage to a fraudulent system? Why be policed by mercenaries? Why be judged in fraudulent court-banks? etc.
      So we'd like to encourage re-thinking based upon altruism, & appreciate that debt relief is just as relevant a motivation as it can be. Folks aren't less becuz debt-relief is a primary attraction. Its an introduction to the greater endeavor of taking it upon oneself to record papers. thanks

  3. We're under attack by the UN on our soil!

  4. Tedd Guenzel - just moved right on into Utah... with permission from the overlords. And that woman's foreign... how do folks like that, a foreigner telling them they can't do something. If they could see foreigners have been here for a very long time & doing much worse. This video is a good metaphor.

  5. The re-set will also be a re-venue. By all accounts it is being laid into place now. Central Banks are again buying gold hand over fist. The paper trading has been almost broken and lawful money will become back in favor after it is all over. There WILL be pain in all quarters. The banks will take the fall. At least that is the plan.

  6. I will come down from the Tree, to be a Beacon, and stop being an Owl, I have a catalyst, and will help you Anna. Don’t worry. Your ruler is going to be in Retro for 3-weeks. It will pass, but be mindful of any revenge until after Nov-7.

  7. Re: "what's wrong with the rest of you?" -
    How about all the people who have been brainwashed/hypnotized (by tell-lie-vision, ray-d'oh) since about infancy whenever they were able to sit in front of a "tube"? .........

    How about all of those individuals who now have a virtual lobotomy with all the drugs and pharmaceuticals by both prescription and self-medication that had affected the brain i.e. the pineal gland thereby closing the pathways to higher understanding (or to any understanding at all)? .........

    How about every individual who has an unresolved shock-conflict from the fear-inducing tactics through every act of so-called law enforcement by gun-toting highway "men" and police who when asked "by what authority" reply by saying I have a gun!" .........

    If there is any validity to these disabling conditions (and others) among some of the "270 million adults in this country" then what really remains of that figure to better generalize those that might possibly be ready, willing and truly able to essentially reinvent themselves into someone of your stature and fortitude with an all-consuming passion and steadfast commitment, extensive self-lessness and genuine deep love for both God and country? .........
    How many of these people (like you) do you imagine there are now? .........

    I think there is an unimaginable magnitude of healing that is needed all across the "country" and that without this healing the higher road/s toward freedom can not be walked upon by those who are disabled in their souls (in their crippled thinking, in their selfdepreciating feelings and/or in their frozen wills). I question whether that healing can come by "preaching" the requirements of the higher path toward real freedom.

    I think the healing of individuals needs to be addressed individually and directly. Even with a devoted one-on-one focus on healing it can take what may seem like a long time and especially if the original "root cause" (within the individual's psyche) is not identified. Some traumas are very-well buried. (Minds are adept at hiding ugly truth.) These individuals need to be reached with tremendous compassion and understanding. The appearance of any kind of an authoritarian-type will probably not succeed in reaching inside what is buried deep in these souls right where the healing needs to occur.

    1. Answer from Anna:

      No doubt what you say is true. We, as a people, have sustained a tremendous amount of damage because of these criminals. We are all the walking wounded in that respect. It isn't that my husband and I magically escaped any of it.

      We, too, have been taxed and harassed to death. We, too, have had armed SWAT teams swarm over our private property as if we were in a war zone. Do you realize that a friend of the family whose only crime was being a depressed alcoholic was shot to death in my front yard by police?

      Do you realize that my husband is a Vietnam Era Vet sent into Cambodia and Laos illegally, and that he suffered Night Terrors every single night for 29 years afterward? Can you imagine what it was like being married to someone that traumatized?

      Did you know that my son was attacked by pedophiles as a toddler? I spent three years in a rage that cannot be described. I would have happily murdered all of those involved.

      Don't talk to me about trauma and healing without realizing that we, too, have had to overcome our wounds and yet, find a way to walk forward still bleeding.

      We are not asking anyone to do anything that we have not done ourselves-- pick up your crosses and struggle on.

      If that's too tough for you and you find my tone too preachy maybe you just aren't aware of HOW bad things really are? And so, think that everyone can afford to sit at home and "heal" before making the effort to dispatch the evils that have wounded them in the first place?

      If we felt sorry for ourselves or imagined that we were the only ones so afflicted maybe we would sit down in a corner and twiddle our thumbs. But instead, we know for certain that we are far from being the only victims of this criminality and violence.

      That's why despite all the wounds and excuses we could make for our depleted "condition" we get up every day and take another bite out of Beast, educate more people, call out more perpetrators of evil, and yes, fight, wounded, to our dying breath.

      We won't make any more excuses for ourselves or anyone else.

  8. Has anyone seen that the UN is being moved to Israel?
    Sound like the 70 nations and the Sanhedrin working behind the scenes?

    Just putting it out there

    If you remember League of Nations was first
    Second came the United Nations
    and now??

    Need to keep eyes open as to what this move the UN to Isreal is all about as well as how it relates to the so called 'NOAHIDE LAWS'


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