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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Time of God's Tears

By Anna Von Reitz

Do you know someone who lives under a dark cloud?   You know the kind of person I mean.  No matter what he or she does, it goes South.  They are constantly beset by misfortune.  

As hard as they try, and as good as their intentions are, nothing ever works out.  Their love life stinks.  Their careers tank.  They can never get ahead.  It's just one thing after another after another.  

Know anyone like that?  We all do. 

Well, strange to tell, they can be released for all of that this week, if they are willing to let go of the huge karmic debt load they are carrying.  

Demons see people like this and flock around them, taunting them in the spirit with all their griefs and misfortunes, seeking to drive them insane or to an early grave.  

We, our Earth, has entered a time period known as The Time of God's Tears, a time when God weeps for us, for our hard-heartedness, our stubborn pride, our cruelty, our greed, our predilection for every evil, and our refusal to repent. 

During this time, marauding gangs of Accusers are roaming the Earth seeking to pick off the weakest among us.  Imagine the kind of angry mob you see in newscasts, screaming and shouting angrily, shaking their fists and making their hatred and nastiness very clear.  Think of them clinging and clawing at you or someone you love.  

Those special people who are still carrying such terrible burdens anyway, are being especially tested and assaulted this week --- in effect, targeted.  Of course, I notice this and know it, but to me it is like observing the rain falling. Yes, yes, of course.... I take note, and hurry on---- but something happened tonight that spurred me to write about this.  

Pray for everyone you know who is in this perpetually unlucky category, pray for them to let go of their past --- which may be present in the form of anger, or despair or self-abuse or hopelessness.  Pray for them to be protected and upheld.   Pray for them to release their past.  Pronounce them innocent.  Hold up all that you know about them that is good about them: acts of generosity, acts of compassion, good intentions.  Whatever you can think of. 

This is the time to repent and to search your own hearts and to release your  burdens, which most of us are quietly doing; but it is also the time to pray for others less fortunate, those who need a friend, those who need an Intercessor, a Defender, someone who will stand in the way of the demons and declare the victim innocent.  

"Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be washed white as wool...." 

This washing is accomplished by tears of repentance and compassion. 

At this time, I wish to bring everyone's attention to The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.  

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted--- those words should stand out like a homing beacon in your minds and be a life raft for your souls. 

This is, indeed, a most difficult time--- but stand fast and unleash your hearts.  Declare each other innocent and stand like a shield between the demons and their prey.  

Those who mourn now and who repent and who release their sins and tears, will inherit the Beatitudes.     

This is the time to shed yourselves of your sins and your regrets, your griefs and your failures.  This is the time to open the floodgates of your soul and release all of that.  Let it go.  Let the misery of it all wash through you, until you are clean. 

We are at the end of that time and the grief of the death of our innocence.  A new time is come.  It is only right and natural for us to go through this cleansing, so that we, too, can be made new.  


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  1. In Christ's true Church we accomplish this with a good and sincere confession of our sins, and a firm purpose of amendment, which includes a heartfelt and sincere sorrow.

    Our sorrow for sin must have certain qualities.

    It must be Interior, Supernatural, Universal, Supreme, and Intense.

  2. Paul, yes indeed. All that. Plus as Jesus told the woman at the well that he forgave her BUT now to 'go and sin NO more'. That too is part of that sorrowful meaningful sincere from-the-bottom-of-the-heart repentance.

    I was just reminded this morning of two pastors I used to know who were of the false opinion that they were ''once saved, always saved''. And so they proceeded to do pretty much as they pleased thinking they could in no way lose their salvation. (wrong! one can throw it away)

    Each of them did a stint in prison for criminal acts. One of them was for conning a woman out of a very large sum of money, then worse, trying to justify it. The other one was a different matter. In fact both of them together made a flimsy attempt to weedle 25 grand out of me, putting on as if it was what God would have them do. But this ole gal is much wiser than that and telling them some of my choice abby words, lol. For which I got shunned afterwards, which was just fine with me.

    After all that, God proceeded to reduce them down to the size they so justly deserved. (and no it was not jim bakker)

    Anna here is mixing some truth she has heard or read in scripture, but has mixed it with a good bit of ''her other source junk'. Its time to be straightforward and to the point. Time is running out, and fast.

    Time for people to make up their minds once and for all time. Either get all on the side of God, or dont. But flip flopping wont do, and 'going to church' wont do it, and pretending wont do it. Its 'all-or-nothing' time.
    Straight to the point, as Jesus said in Luke 13:3 and 5 'repent or perish'. Those are the only two choices there are. Not a whole lot to debate about, not a whole long list to choose from, its a no-brainer, guys.
    I had a dear guy friend, old guy, who had his very tearful sorrowful repentance in the mens restroom at the factory he worked in, in Detroit.
    I had a dear lady friend from NYC, italian, raised in RCC, who was walking down Wall St. one day, cutting across to go someplace else, got handed a flyer there on that street, took it home, read it, and OMG she had been taught wrong, got saved, and that was all it took. Became a big studier of the bible, and got it right. We were study partners for a dozen years then.
    It does NOT take 'church' at all. In fact neither of these friends of mine got saved in their church. And neither did I. All of us that I know of are not even church goers. I AM 'the church' (part of it)

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 19, 2019 at 7:25 AM

      I don't know of any time that God had tears.
      Jesus did.

      For us to pronounce other people innocent has no effect.
      They are still guilty.

      If they did something directly to YOU, you can forgive them if you so choose, and in doing so, remove the burdens of their penalty to YOU -- like if someone stole from you, you could forgive them and tell them they don't have to pay you back if you want.

      But to start pronouncing people innocent is not within our power and other than to make us feel self- important, has no effect...

      You might as well try to spin gold from straw as to pronounce a guilty man innocent or an innocent man guilty.
      It reminds me of PSALMS 94:20 & 21: [paraphrased]
      *Is the one who sits on the throne of the universe friends with the ones who write their own laws excusing criminals after he condemned them?* and [20] They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

      In other words, our puny pronouncements of good upon what creator says is evil or vice versa never takes effect.
      Verse 23 says:
      "And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity."

      I agree with Paul S. and Abby, you have to go to creator yourself. Man can't save you! However, we should be encouraging each other to seek that forgiveness from creator.

    2. goodboots, you are absolutely correct, and I thought the same thing of Anna's article..........again, showing she is in grave errors, as she so often is. This is another very misleading of people, and it must be corrected here and now.

      People such as Anna just willy nilly going around forgiving everybody is ludicrous. It just does not work that way. Each person has to fully realize their own sins, take full responsibility for them and Repent of their sinfulNESS across the board, and then Ask God to forgive them. In that Order.

      It must be fully acknowledged, pointedly, by the person themselves, and that ought to make one feel very uncomfortable and cause them to repent. But what I see these days is people making all kinds of excuses for their behavior, their lying, their agreeing with corruption of all kinds, and deflecting their own guilt any way they can, throwing the blame on others etc.
      That, folks, is what has the masses on the road that leads to their own destruction. Not a good place to be, and the hour is really really late.

      It is really a good thing to bring out on the table, ALL the overwhelming amount of problems in this world, and showing the depth of this bottomless rabbit hole, as it shows a thinking person just how truly insurmountable it really is. And that ought to bring people to seek the only One who has the power to take it all down, which is what he is going to do. It is written and there is no way for mankind to change it now.
      That should naturally leave one with the question then, which side of the fence is that going to leave 'us' on, then. Are we going to get caught up on the side of destruction, or on the side of escaping it. And then Who is able to make that way of escape.
      So it comes down to either being smack in the middle of the literal armageddon that is on the horizon, or deciding to repent and serve the One True God of Heaven, acknowledging Him in all our Ways, living it 24/7.
      The heavenly Father is not just gonna do people a favor; there is a price to be paid; it is tit-for-tat. We repent and determine we want to live His ways and in exchange for that, we receive everlasting life which is the escape from His Wrath to Come.

      So, otherwise......what, then: Well go open a bible to the last book, Revelation, and you will see the real Seven Seals opened, telling us right there exactly what is next on the agenda to come upon this earth. Chapter 6. Its right there; these are all judgements and will be ongoing for 7 long years, or for as long as one manages to stay alive. (continue thru the rest of the book, to the end. Dont need to understand it all, but the jist of it is there and should be sufficient.

  3. At the risk of sounding "ignorant" on this as Charles might opine, I remember hearing about a Playboy model a long time ago who said "why cut down a tree to build a church when you can just worship the tree" which speaks a little bit to what Abby said about not needing a church necessarily.

    Churches can be places where the imagery and the formality might lend itself to the intensity of the experience. Well unless you are RC, then the formal church is a given requirement.

    It was a bit ironic given her occupation BUT anyone can have periods of enlightenment, you don't have to possess any given pedigree. And don't forget, I am just the messenger here LOL!

    1. Will, well I dont know if that playboy model meant that there was not a whole lot of difference between today's false churches full of false preaching and worshipping a tree - - if she did, then she was right.
      But if she was saying worshipping a tree was a good thing, then she was wrong, so who knows what she meant......?

      Oh, during one of my NYC nights out on the town, we went to a Playboy Club, was back in the late 60's. They were called bunny clubs and the ''models' were called bunnies. Dont know how it is today, but back then it was a very nice place to go, not lewd but really very dignified and clean. So was Greenwich Village at that time, with some really great dining places.

      Times have changed, even today's churches are not worth a plug nickel, as they have turned into watered down entertainment centers catering to the world. But I tend to think that people get dealt with 'out here outside those walls' as what goes on inside them is really a big distraction.
      How could anyone come to the place of sorrowful repentance in the midst of a rock band and a bunch of loud bouncy singing that sounds more like a nightclub at some place they call a 'church', lol.

    2. In case anyone thinks the Playboy Club is some strip club, it is not, or was not when I was there back then. The bunnies are just waitresses who serve drinks to people sitting at tables, thats all. And they are dressed like bunnies, with black full body costumes, with a white bunny tail, a white collar on their costume up high on the neck like a shirt, and a hat that is like rabbit ears.
      Just sayin' for those who are unfamiliar, lol.

      And since it was back in late 60's that was back when I was still ''in the world, a worldly person'' and hardly knew what a bible was. So no dont get the idea you can frequent Playboy Clubs AND bible at the same time. That would be hypocritical.

  4. Yes, and not just for this week - pray at all times, whenever you become aware of the "Accuser."

  5. Hear Hear Anna! Yes We are at the end of this system of things.
    Stand fast hold true to Gods Word
    Love one another!

    1. Annie, yes, this world is at the end of 'this system' and the Finale is about to begin. To see what is next you will find it all written beginning in the book of revelation chapter 6 on to the last page. It depicts what the 'next' 7 years are gonna be like - - that is, as soon as God decides to let it rip, then for 7 yrs.


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