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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Good News--

By Anna Von Reitz

I met with Senior Chief Marshall Haywood for several hours after arrival last night.  She gave me a preliminary run down and progress report on the organizational development and status. They have come a long way in terms of establishing standards, training, departments, badges, paperwork, and all the rest of it.  It is clear that she and the other Marshals involved have put in a tremendous amount of thought and work into building a modern and well-documented peacekeeping force we can all be proud of.  In the course of the discussions Senior Chief Haywood demonstrated an unusually good knowledge of how law works now versus the way Public Law is supposed to operate, the underlying reasons that our peacekeeping forces are being lied to and misdirected--- and what we can all do to change that and make our country and communities safer places to be. 

She made me aware of a couple new programs akin to Neighborhood Watch and relationship building that has been going on in which the Marshals are taking the lead to educate and support Law Enforcement Officers about Public Law and all the many topics that relate to Public Duty. 

Education of local law enforcement and Agency Personnel remains a high priority going forward and The Continental Marshals Service is well on its way organizationally to becoming  an integral and vital --and prior to this, missing link in the total law enforcement community nationwide. 

Our Marshals are taking the high road and keeping their focus exactly where I and everyone else reading this, needs it to be: protecting private persons and property and enforcing the Constitutional guarantees we are all heir to. 

I couldn't be more pleased with the dedication, understanding, focus, and just plain hard work of these unpaid volunteers.  It is very humbling to consider the sacrifices each and every one of these Americans are making. 

For those who don't know, the Marshals Service was re-commissioned in 2015 as a result of being de-funded by the corporate Municipal Congress.

Bruce Doucette was given the task of organizing the Marshals. He admitted that the task was too much on top of everything else and nominated Tresa Haywood about a year later. 

He never gave her copies of the foundation documents and there were other issues with the transfer of command that have now either been ironed out or soon will be now that I have been made aware of them. 

I also want to assure people who have heard ugly rumors to the effect that Senior Chief Marshall Haywood had anything to do with the arrest and conviction of the Colorado Nine that this gossip is totally unfounded. 

Bruce and the others got in trouble because they were confused and would not listen to me nor to Chief Haywood.  They crossed over the jurisdictional lines, which predictably has the same result as turning the wrong way on a one way street. 

Anyone who is interested in what happened can read the at-the-time description and account of it that I provided everyone -- I believe it's Article 485 on my website. 

Both Chief Haywood and myself have been blamed for what happened to the Colorado Nine. The fact is that we both did all that we could short of standing on our heads in a public restroom to keep these good men on track.  

They thought they knew better the whole time that Chief Haywood and I were pointing at the street signs. 

And, I will note, they still think they know better even now, when they are in prison.  They still don't grasp the fact that they transgressed into a foreign jurisdiction.  

I carefully explained it all again and wrote to each one of them and asked them to sign paperwork acknowledging the facts and that they made a simple mistake and should receive a Presidential Pardon.  I told them to stop filing any motions with any courts and to handle everything from then on as a private matter. 

President Trump could have and I believe, would have, just pardoned them, if they could have demonstrated their new-found grasp of how all this works and promised not to cross jurisdictions again. 

But once again, they ignored my instructions, kept filing motions into foreign courts, and thereby provided evidence that no, they were still confused and therefore still likely to commit similar offenses again. 

In all of this, these men have been their own enemies and their refusal to listen is what has gotten them into unnecessary trouble--- not failure of any duty that I or Chief Haywood had to warn them or assist them. 

So we have struggled on without their assistance and the effort to get the Colorado Assembly organized was made harder by this epic loss, but on the other hand, the leadership that remains is leadership that learns and listens and which can succeed in navigating the maze of Rights and Responsibilities.  

At the end of the day, we are called to do our Public Duty, in peace, and in honor.  

The Continental Marshals are doing more than their fair share.


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  1. Great New...Thanks!

    More Great News...If you receive a Jury Summons in the mail please read the following link...

    1. I went through it many years ago after about 5 years of perpetual letters to fill out the forms, then they tried to get more serious and I had the head of the department on the phone to provide me with the law obligating me to sign the jury contract, real simple if I am truly obligated I do not have to sign anything, they finally sent a Court Subpoena notice to appear which I returned unopened "Return to Sender- Mistaken Identity" this now enters the domain of Federal mail fraud,have not heard a peep since. Key is also to revoke Voters registration the main benefit/right of being a private political citizen is the voting franchise.This was the key feature of the 17th amendment to now put the people in direct contact receiving benefits(voting)from the federal government instead of the State Legislatures this created the tax shift from the States to the people, 16th and 17th and Federal Reserve act passed same year *HINT*, essential the new Federal Reserve commercial citizen slave class was created.

    2. I understand about"Return to Sender- Mistaken Identity" and I am prepared to do it. Plus I have revoked my Voters registration. Thanks for your input...

  2. Зарегистрировано в НРПА РБ 31 мая 1999 г. N 2/36

    Принят Палатой представителей 28 апреля 1999 года
    Одобрен Советом Республики 21 мая 1999 года

    Статья 1. В случае отсутствия законодательства Республики Беларусь, регулирующего соответствующие общественные отношения, на территории Республики Беларусь применяются акты законодательства СССР, регламентирующие данные отношения и не противоречащие законодательству Республики Беларусь.

    Статья 2. В связи с принятием настоящего Закона признать утратившими силу:

    Закон Республики Беларусь от 27 февраля 1991 года "Об основных принципах народовластия в Республике Беларусь" (Ведамасцi Вярхоўнага Савета Беларускай ССР, 1991 г., N 12 (14), ст. 129);

    Постановление Верховного Совета Республики Беларусь от 27 февраля 1991 года "О порядке введения в действие Закона Республики Беларусь "Об основных принципах народовластия в Республике Беларусь" (Ведамасцi Вярхоўнага Савета Беларускай ССР, 1991 г., N 12 (14), ст. 130);

    Закон Республики Беларусь от 20 сентября 1991 года "О внесении изменения в статью 14 Закона Республики Беларусь "Об основных принципах народовластия в Республике Беларусь" (Ведамасцi Вярхоўнага Савета Рэспублiкi Беларусь, 1991 г., N 30, ст. 494);

    Закон Республики Беларусь от 14 ноября 1991 года "О внесении дополнений и изменений в Закон Республики Беларусь "Об основных принципах народовластия в Республике Беларусь" (Ведамасцi Вярхоўнага Савета Рэспублiкi Беларусь, 1991 г., N 33, ст. 603).

    Статья 3. Настоящий Закон вступает в силу со дня его опубликования.

    Президент Республики Беларусь А.ЛУКАШЕНКО

    Подписи президента нет!!!! Но, законы СССР действуют!!!
    Как ловко произошла подмена... Но, пока, не понимаю, как этим оперировать. Проблема.

    1. Good Lord, could you recognize we all don't speak that language and translate your message if you want to be heard????

    2. Is there a translater in the house ?

  3. This is wonderful progress! Good job! Let us know how we can bring this to our home towns!
    Here is interesting article if you are not allowed to sign any document with " All rights Reserved" etc....and you are under duress....

    1. anna has told us about the V.C. before the name.

  4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 11:53 AM

    What was done was all FRAUD.

    The STOLEN PROPERTY never stopped belonging to the living man or woman from whom it was STOLEN.

    Why would anyone agree to become another version of a Legal Fiction?

    Don't be duped.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 4:22 PM

      Claiming the Declaration of Independence and staying under it is what I'm doing; we have absolutely NO idea what is going on behind the scenes with any of this other.

    2. Reading the "Declaration of Independence" you may have to firstly obtain authority? Authority as "representative" of the good people.

      It says "by authority of the good people of these colonies (which colonies the signers seemingly named "the United States of America?")

      "by the authority of the good people of these colonies...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      And you would have do so as a "representative" of those "good people" of "the colonies."

      And perhaps secondly you must "pledge" to each other (signers and good people)your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor."

      "We, therefore, the representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by the authority of the good people of these colonies, solemnly publish and declare, that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

      The verbiage above describes what the subscribers seemingly "intend" and "ought" to do.

      And so, those subscribers to the DOI embarked to do what they intended and "ought," on the date of September 9, 1976. yes? no?

      And, are not Anna Von Reitz and the good people (not of colonies but of our similar "state" of mind" and state of geographic (jurisdictional boundrys) doing what we "ought" to do?

      Or, is "goodboots:troll-verified Truth Teller" and some others (colonists?) promoting something which is somewhat in-between?

      ...In-between what the DOI subscribers published and Declared, in their appeal to Divine Providence, on behalf of the good people?

      In-between the "declaration" and what they next "ought.

      The declaration was an appeal to what ought to be, along with all else stated therein.

      Your thoughts?

  5. Paul, this is a translation from above (Russian-Eng):

    I is registered in NRPA RB on May 31, 1999 N 2/36
    Adopted by the House of Representatives on April 28, 1999
    Approved by the Council of the Republic on May 21, 1999
    Article 1. In the absence of legislation of the Republic of Belarus regulating the relevant social relations, acts of the legislation of the USSR shall be applied on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, regulating these relations and not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
    Article 2. In connection with the adoption of this Law, the following shall be repealed:
    The Law of the Republic of Belarus of February 27, 1991 "On the Basic Principles of Democracy in the Republic of Belarus" (Vedamasci Värkönaga Savet Belaruskay SSR, 1991, N 12 (14), Article 129);
    Decree of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus of February 27, 1991 "On the Procedure for Enactment of the Law of the Republic of Belarus" On the Basic Principles of Democracy in the Republic of Belarus "(Vedamastsi Värkönaga Savet Belaruskay SSR, 1991, N 12 (14), Article 130);
    The Law of the Republic of Belarus of September 20, 1991 "On Amending Article 14 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus" On the Basic Principles of Democracy in the Republic of Belarus "(Vedamastsi Värkönaga Saveta Respubliki Belarus, 1991, N 30, Article 494);
    The Law of the Republic of Belarus dated November 14, 1991 "On Amendments and Changes to the Law of the Republic of Belarus" On the Basic Principles of Democracy in the Republic of Belarus "(Vedamastsi Värkönaga Saveta Respubliki Belarus, 1991, N 33, Article 603).

    Section 3. This Law shall enter into force on the day of its publication.
    President of the Republic of Belarus A. LUKASHENKO
    No signature of the president !!!! But, the laws of the USSR are valid !!!
    How cleverly the change took place ... But, for now, I don’t understand how to handle it. Problem.

  6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 12:17 PM

    Since the previous LEGAL FICTIONS ARE FRAUD/based in FRAUD, why do you want someone to bring another version of Legal Fiction to your town doonst?

    Do you believe people leaving their natural status out and becoming a Legal Fiction instead of a living man/wo is beneficial to your town?

    Do you think people understand that FRAUD is a crime?

    Do you believe your town would accept committing crimes; or not being given a clear offer with full disclosure; or not giving their own clear acceptance: if someone offers them the promise of an "account" with a million dollars in "Credit" in it?... credit that belongs to them in the first place, which was STOLEN from them and would be/ might be construed by some to be: committing the crime of "extortion"?


    1. The maxims of commerce include "let he who will be deceived, be deceived" which I believe in their twisted minds gives them cover to commit fraud. They also want it both ways by violating the accepted rules for contractual obligation including disclosure, just making it up as they go to give cover to their actions and make it seem that they are in honor.

    2. Commerce is said to be adversarial in nature, which is why a government services corporation gets away with duping the people. They have been converted to legal fictions of vessels in commerce also, thus the justify it to themselves that it is just commerce between two corporations. It is diabolical as Anna said and far from honorable.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 2:52 PM

      We the living people are not *IN* Commerce.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 3:37 PM

      The government services corporation cannot get away with duping the people by unlawfully converting us to SHIPS!!!!
      That's the most stupid, low-IQ excuse for committing crimes imaginable!... on the same caliber as the dog ate my homework. Talk about Dumb Criminals...but then I guess maybe the "serf caste/class" was never to find out!!!?:)
      We should be laughing in their faces for coming up with something so stupid at the same time were arresting them in our American common law authority for their crimes.

      What they did is not lawful business; they don't have a lawful contract with us.
      What they did is just plain old-fashioned "criminal FRAUD".

      Changed us into SHIPS!
      Gaaaawd! [Eyeroll]
      To me thats the same nonsense as saying that the squirrel eating walnuts in my front yard is my FedEx driver.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 4:15 PM

      What part of "It's FRAUD. It's all criminal. Nothing is they did is lawful." are people missing?

      Its FRAUD.
      Fraud is a crime.
      Nothing they did "took"!

      They are trying to pull more FICTION on people when they act like what they did wasn't criminal.

    6. goodboots, yes I know that the people are not IN commerce, I realize that. People have no business being kidnapped and sent to a parallel universe called commerce, yet it happened. The result of the birth certificate with the all caps name.

      If you look up the meaning of an all caps name it is a dead man or a warship or a sea vessel. No accidents using legal fictions and legalese to describe it, this is deadly serious.

      That is the terminology that I have seen used many times of vessels in commerce, actually they called it in the stream of commerce. That is why you can be cited for driving too slowly because you are impeding the stream of commerce for the other vessels that are driving "commercially" it really is a word game. And in the air, why do you think they call it the "jet stream" from west to east across the north? It's all about streams to them. They have revenue streams, it goes on and on.

      Look I think your instincts on this stuff are correct. Fraud is supposed to terminate a contract, and in any contract between corporations it would. Should? Again they are trying to have it both ways by giving themselves a back door, a "get of of jail free" card to find any way to not call it fraud as you said.

      Winston Shrout talked about this all the time before he was silenced, heck his company was called Solutions in Commerce until he was visited by the Men in Black.

    7. Another guy that is on Youtube is Bill Foust, I have seen most of his videos. Very informative, he was a private attorney general in Arizona I think, similar to Rod Class. They killed Bill Foust to silence him in a scuffle with a local cop.

    8. Bill Foust was awesome, may he rest in peace
      His work still lives on though
      According to his work, your birth certificate is actually a death certificate, that is why your name in all caps in put on a TOMBstone
      Which I have oftened wondered why people are claiming the certificate of death??

    9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 8:26 PM

      I've been trying to comment about your comments and its not coming out right!

      My present conclusion:
      EVIL is the shit-on-a-silver-platter were being served.
      Commerce is just the table "setting" for its service.

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 8:34 PM

      Also, very interesting:

      "If you look up the meaning of an all caps name it is a dead man or a warship or a sea vessel. No accidents using legal fictions and legalese to describe it, this is deadly serious."

      There must be a common thread between the three in their mini-minds... I don't see the thread, except between warships and dead men.

    11. Now I'm just throwing this out there

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 8:07 AM

      I noticed that too Shelby.

      Singing at church:
      "O Heavenly Father, creator of all nations, we WARship yoooou"??!!
      Or maybe it would be:
      "O Heavenly Father, creator of all nations, receive our [WARship]:DEAD MEN now"??!!
      Or how about:
      "O Heavenly Father ["Lucifer"?]creator of all nations, receive our [Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 25-29?] sea-going vessles now"??!!



    13. All the headstones in a cemetery have the name in all caps, which signifies a corpse. All corporations (corpses, legal fictions) have all caps names. They also operate on the water. War ships are all caps USS NIMITZ etc., since they all operate on the sea in Maritime jurisdiction which has its own rules regarding engagement, salvage rights, etc. All commercial ships on the sea also have all caps names and they operate in commerce. Thus by logical inference, if you respond to an all caps name, then you must also be operating in this parallel scheme called commerce. That is how we get dragged into the game of commerce which as goodboots said is evil for mankind to be operating in a purely commercial capacity. It is an unnatural state.

      Romley Stewart's videos are great on this topic, Anna mentioned it before, dog-latin or glossa which is the all caps words. That is why they try to treat everyone as incompetent since we don't even know our own names. The all caps name that is used by any official correspondence should be a signal to us but we don't know it, that has been bred out of us by government education.

      Your berth (i.e., birth) certificate is in all caps because the baby is in water until berthed hence hijacked from the land to the sea with the all caps name.

      It was an ingenious but sick and diabolical way to pretend that people are a commodity. If you the living man/woman create joinder with the all caps name, you then inadvertently become the surety for the debts of your mirror image all caps name. Winston Shrout discussed the issue of surety all the time, he made the connection.

      The Pope seizes onto the placenta which as Anna has mentioned through Kurt Kallenbach, is genetically similar to baby and also the mother I believe since mother created both the placenta and baby, then her DNA is there also. I assume this is what is meant by the Dead Baby Scam that the Pope lays claim to the soul of the second birth which is the placenta.

      Warship and worship? Not sure I will have to let that gel for a bit to see what comes out. But yes Bill Foust seemed like one of the coolest guys you could meet. That was a damn travesty.

    14. Will, my BC happens to be in ordinary type, like Abby J. Bigmouth lol. So what about that?

      Also, I think the placenta has just about as much importance as the bags we bring our groceries home in from the store. I think it is some more crazy folks who are lately making a big deal out of it, and IMO its BS.

      No pope or any other person can lay claim to souls.

      To be a birth, there needs to be a heart beat, and there is no such thing in a placenta, so it cant be considered a 'birth' of any kind. IMO its nothing more than a container of some sort, at best.

      I gotta say, there is just no way I could even begin to wrap my mind around any of this stuff. It is just totally foreign to my mindset, in every way. This includes all the stuff anna talks about.

      The only thing I can agree with is that I cannot think of one single thing in this life or in this world or in our country, that is Right. Its all totally tainted now IMO; needs to all be scrapped and start all over.

      Oh and as for mothers DNA being in the placenta, well so is her spit, and spit is of no value either, so.............I just dont see what all the placenta talk has been about, which weve been seeing on the net lately. ?

    15. Abby,first of all. Just the messenger, I never in my wildest dreams could have ever invented or imagined something as depraved and sick as this.

      Also...the pope already has laid claim to your soul, your body and the world with the papal bull Unam Sanctam that was proclaimed by Pope Boniface III in 1302AD. Bulls themselves are pretty sick sounding being written on flesh to give them authority, I haven't researched the details of that too much.

      That supposedly was the first express trust, there were a couple of more. Many folks think that Unam Sanctam is a big cause of our trouble, especially when you add the Jesuit influence to the mix.

      Unam Sanctam was blowback apparently against the King of France at the time for some action and Boniface was roughed up pretty good and locked up and apparently died not too long thereafter.

    16. Go to to find out more about the dead baby scam that Anna has been talking about, I found this out years ago.

      Just the messenger...

    17. Abby I do recall reading about other folks on this blog saying that their BC is not all caps. I believe the speculation was that the rats are trying to cover their tracks a bit.

      Any other official correspondence you get by mail, or the drivers license, bills, bank statements, utility bills etc., should be all caps. They can't address the living they can only send a bill to the all caps fiction. And the living have been railroaded into being the surety for their mirror evil twin. Apparently...I wasn't there when this was all done so I can only speak to what information I can find. It's all any of us can do.

      Think of government as a black box system. You put some information in the front end and you can only tell by what you get OUT of that system in the form of paper how it all works. And then you can draw conclusions with regard to how the system works by what you get out of it. Or don't get out.

    18. goodboots,where did you look up the meaning of all CAPS?

      To me, CAPS just means emphasizing a word, or saying it loudly so everybody ''gets it''.

      If somebody speaks Abby or ABBY it all sounds the same and as far as Im concerned it is all the same, lol

    19. Abby, you probably didn't notice when even Anna talked about dog-latin and glossa as being the all caps deception. Go to Romley Stewart on Youtube, his channel is Justinian Deception and I think he has a web site of the same name. Anna has mentioned Justinian Deception too, it's easy to find, check it out.

    20. Abby, goodboots go here for fun and frolic with words:

    21. Abby,

      "If somebody speaks Abby or ABBY it all sounds the same and as far as Im concerned it is all the same, lol"

      You just made the case for how Babylonian word-majick tries to deceive and it worked just now.

    22. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 1:45 PM

      Your 9:14 am post is very interesting. Am still absorbing it.
      Haven't read the rest yet.

    23. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 1:53 PM

      "Dead Baby Scam that the Pope lays claim to the soul of the second birth which is the placenta."

      Song -- Jesus: "...born to give us second birth..."???

      All I keep thinking about all this is 'Yuck'... Especially since the Pope always claimed to be Jesus on earth and now says he's Lucifer, if true. ???????

    24. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 1:59 PM

      "goodboots,where did you look up the meaning of all CAPS?"

      I didn't.
      It was Will.
      Will did it. :):):)

    25. goodboots and Abby, look I can be off on some of the absolute details of some things, we are talking about years of research I can't keep everything right at the top of my brain. But I have been at this for years and have absorbed a heck of a lot of information and there is correlation between sources to take into account. Just the messenger over here as I said, I only know what I have come across. But I am actively trying to figure it all out.

    26. Will, no problem,lol, I was just curious.

    27. goodboots, well if thats what the pope said, then he just proves how ignorant he is about 'second birth'.
      And so I will lay it out: It is called ''being born again' as the bible says ''you must be born again or you will not see the kingdom of God''.

      Ok. So what that really means, and is biblically correct, is:

      When one truly repents with sincere sorrow over living a sinful life style, they are forgiven by God,and the Holy Spirit goes to work on that person, literally, and quickly begins throwing out everything in them and about them, and then replaces those vacant places with all NEW STUFF, new attitude, new eyes to see, new ways to live, removing their old desires of those things that are bad for them, thus .........making them a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST.

      THAT and that all in itself IS the New Birth, the Second Birth, because they literally become a whole New kind of person, and its quite Real. Just as we've often heard people say.....''you then hate the things you used to love, and begin to love the things you used to hate''
      (this is a miracle of God that cannot be explained to anyone, but if it happens to you, then you will know it.)

      So anyone else gives any other silly explanation, they dont know what the hell they are talking about, lol. It sure doesnt have anything to do with placenta, tell ya that !

    28. Will, my point was that I dont acknowledge the CAPS bullschitt they think they can use. Yes, Ive read all the stuff about CAPS but Im saying it doesnt change anything as far as Im concerned. Its their demented collective minds that like to think IF that suddenly turns people dead. To me I just view all that as childish nonsense.

    29. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 6:45 PM

      I was kidding with Abby!

      You're a walking encyclopedia :).

    30. my best Elvis impersonation

      Thank you...thank you vurry much. :)

      I wasn't being coy or offended by anybody, Abby said her BC was mixed case and that came up not long ago that they might be trying to jiggle with their exposure and steer people off the scent. Like squirting a bloodhound with perfume.

      Ultimately however the BC is the evidence of the act of unlawful identity theft with intent to commit fraud.

      You can be sure that presentments and fines and other ordinary bills and statements will be addressed to the all caps fiction name.

      Abby has made it clear that she rejects all these word games, and there is some merit to it if it goes away. That nonsense should really be rejected at face value.

    31. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 8:09 PM


      " my best Elvis impersonation

      Thank you...thank you vurry much. :)"

      :):):) I could "hear" it in my mind and "see you" with your hair in your eyes, your upper lip curled and one hip cocked up in the air :):):):):)! Too funny!

      Glad you weren't insulted.:)

    32. No worries my dear, just tryna help with whatever part of the heavy lifting I can manage.

      Elvis was a one in a million RIP, he was cool before cool knew what cool was supposed to be LOL :) The Jailhouse Rock days were king.

    33. Abby yeah, you know you do have a point about ignoring all this delirious thinking from these folks about fictional everything. Like a big game of pretend. And extend until it all breaks, and there is logic in the position that the onus should be on the perpetrator to reverse course instead of the victims jumping hoops.

      It's not that different than a fast food chain (corporation) trying to say that everyone is obligated to come eat at their stores every week because they sent a flyer to your house and you didn't refute their offer so now you are on the hook to eat there. Actually that does happen with services that you currently are subscribed to it's calling negative billing that if you don't notice them with your objection to their offer then silence is consent. Everyone individually has to respond, but the hook is you are already in an adhesion contract with something else usually. Anna has covered that with magazine subscriptions and the like, previously.

  7. QUOTE President Trump could have and I believe, would have, just pardoned them
    where's the evidence for this? as misguided as many people may be, witness the recent UN speech, we are all just "human capital"

    exactly along the lines of "perestroika deception" "new lies for old". a pseudo-"nationalist" image/appearances, while the content/substance is all "state socialism"

    prometheus offering bones wrapped in fat to zeus. same old. at some point, zeus will catch on and the "natural law" or "goddess" will kick in. hell hath no fury like pagan mother earth goddesses scorned.

    as long as everyone at "home" and "abroad" is "human capital" it's quite irrelevant whether people live in a "socialist" or "capitalist" state. exact same thing.

    meet the "new plan" same as the old plan: the whole world and everyone in it is their personal property. whether they call themselves "socialist" or "capitalist" is quite irrelevant.

    1. trump told us his definition of "protect private property" at the un speech: it is just referring to everyone is the property of the us military aka a united nations front. human capital.

      that's it. just more martial law, law merchant, roman civil law, anything but actual law, actual courts, a real treasury, etc.

      still no american state national or state citizen passports for anyone.

      just another "codeword" "private property" -- refers to people. human capital. livestock. cattle.

      "forging" a new path. same old witchcraft. alchemy. everything is relative, there is no truth, there is only hegelian 'mergers' from here on out.

      trump's un speech gave the whole plan away, for anyone with ears to listen.

      should also not go unnoticed we all must respect deniers of christ, and sexual orientation.

      farbeit for me to "judge" anyone on this, kind of pointless during an apocalypse anyhow, but these are "liberal"/"democratic"/"socialist" ideas wrapped in "evangelical" trappings.

      looks like the "evangelicals" fell for it.

      sorry anna, the world and everyone in it is just human capital. if you disagree, you are not meeting your "potential" the bureacrats have decided for you, and we are all very disappointed in you.

      may lucifer have pity on your soul.

    2. trump gave his plan away at the un speech anna. it works quite beautifully. climate change/environmentalists is just a "socialist front" (which many times is likely true)

      after this hegelian brainwashing shot is fired, and everyone is supposed to be deceived, full speed ahead on everyone is "human capital" aka "socialism"

      add in some faux support for "women" (who don't officially exist) and wham bam thank you ma'am.

      in reality, there are no men or women in masonic/illuminist inquisition "civil" law. just human capital.

    3. who is trump's shining star, micron? promoters of pavlovian dog-based learning.

      despite (eric?) trump feigning opposition to "socialist" teachers, that is their game plan.

      this is the "conservative" "business" model nowadays. the soviet russia plan.

      that's what they mean "reach your potential".
      Facilitating mastery based learning experiences with Idaho Teen GameLab, ULeadIdaho and EdReady.
      if trump and all the rest of the phony "patriots" and pretend "conservatives" respected "private property" everyone would have state national or state citizen passports.

      there is enough "money" (stolen credit from human capital) to fund every country except america. that's what "america first" means in practice.

      after near 30 years of "perestroika" and "china cheating", the genius idea of "conservatives" like reagan and the bushes, orrin hatch "project democracy" etc. -- that doesn't work any more.

      full speed ahead on more globalism, but this time wrapped in "nationalist" imagery and play clothes. the plan all along. just more "perestroika"

      pretend that "russia" and "china" are not connected. exactly along the lines of the "perestroika deception" and 'new lies for old'

      more of the same garbage from the bankers.

      the gentleman from the state of rothschild was half asleep at the speech. says it all really.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 4:03 PM

      Great overview yakir.
      Really appreciate you sharing your perspective and insights on the speech.

      I remember when "Trump" announced he was running, an "average-joe" man who works at a retail store here said to me, "Who better to put in to make the switch to their new economonic system?" I think people have known/suspected what was likely to happen.

      Summing up what you said from the way I took it, it looks like: we are basically just on our own.
      But isnt that just where we are supposed to be?
      Having that monstrosity attached to us has been like having a serious, breath-sucking deformity.

    5. Like I have said, this stuff is everywhere
      Have a look at what they have done to education for their globalist goals
      This stuff is absolutely sickening.
      On top of a shit education they teach them nothing but lies to fit their narrative
      Goes along with their green global serf narrative and their planned economies (if you have one at all)

    6. what's the punishment for promoting and partaking in slavery anna? how about spying for the un?

      do you tie trump to an electric chair?

      now that we have a confirmed UN spy pretending to be "president" what will america do?

      what part of the american "public law" is this "human capital" thing?

    7. looks like trump is spying for the clintons.

      all real men and women with hands and feet are "human capital"

      what is the punishment for UN spies trying to overthrow america anna?

    8. They're all in on it, I've said it from the start
      They are all in on it

    9. Shelby I have heard Hillary and TRUMP are COU-SINS

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 8:09 AM

      Me too skully.

  8. Last comments censored guess Marsha Haword is pro zionesti have seen her on Jewish websites yuckin it up. So is Anna again trashing the men in prison lies judge Ducette.and judge Hamilton helped everyone teaching bill Thornton nitty gritty law school info all powerful but the defacto ignored everything. This criminal Hayward is trouble like Anna attrack attack slander slander be a communist take down from within giving choice chosen controls not for me militias and local common law I trust not this group

  9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 26, 2019 at 8:43 PM

    Thanks for the info bubba.

    Its really important to know what is going on behind the scenes when we don't know the people.
    Like starting to find out what has gone on in some of these megachurches...
    All of this duping and lying and grifting.

    You said, "militias and local common law I trust [not this group]"
    THAT'S our, the living peoples', government!

    The sharia people have their own govts up and running already... Right HERE, so I guess it's okay for everybody?????? :):)

    1. Yep Goodboots its a mess the sharia shit. wish I could talk to you sometime. My youtube is 4skully its cause I use to have a harley not a skullz n bones. I am really appreciating your comments and Shelbys too. peace to you both

    2. Funny you bring up sharia - these guys here are talking about sharia having to do with the tiers of the law
      goodboots I know you don't get you tube but throughout their talks they talk about how they have added layers of stuff to our three pillars of law
      These are the guys that say SMU - shit made up and word salad
      Kirks Law Corner on you tube
      They talk about declaration of independence all the time
      Anyone ever hear of the Uniform Law Commission
      Unelected lawyers of a private commission making the rules as they go to suit their purpose
      These lawyers are appointed by their 'state' governments to sit on this commission
      Did you guys read that the 70 NATIONS is now to become the United Nations? Hmm I wonder who made that decision

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 9:03 AM

      Thanks skully! So happy to hear that the info about OUR DofI is being favorably received.

      Those who choose it can have their Sharia Law;
      The English can have their MagnaChartabased-baron-controlled-white-slavery-feudal-system "common law" and King's Bench Equity, FINE!;
      The Romans can impose their Roman Municipal cCivil
      /cCivilian Law and Maritime and Admiralty upon themselves if they want to;
      The "jews" can groan their own Talmudic Law and Noahide Law if they wish;
      All FINE... For *THEM*!!
      Its *THEIR* Law Form, it's THEIR "Law/s", let them ALL freely use them on them **SELVES**!!

      But, *we*, have our own chosen law, too.
      We are private.
      We are free.
      We are sovereign.
      We are independent.
      We are alive/living, not DEAD MEN.
      We are natural born, not constructed by men.
      We are men women sons and daughters.

      They have to recognize and receive that about us when we declare it, just the same as we have to recognize and receive/ "acknowledge and accept" what they declare about themselves or else they are committing CRIMES against us and they ARE "LIABLE"!

      Next time I go to the library I will definitely look up your YouTube 4skully. Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

      Maybe I'll try to set up email again.
      Every time I set one up, it gets "interrupted".

      But like what Shelby is saying, above (and other), its really important that we understand what is actually being done and start this move from the people, to push that other stuff back where it came from...
      That is to say that people who do not want to be recognized and received to be in their naturalborn status being private, free, sovereign, and independent living men and women,... FINE!... They should be able to peacefully make that choice for themSELVES!... but not for US!!

      Do either of you know how to set up and manage one of those free HD conference calls?
      We could select a topic, make sure we stay on point, and give people 2-5 minutes each to talk depending on participation level.

      It definitely would be a good idea to be able to live-discuss some of these things. IMO.

    4. Goodboots have you heard of discord? i just found out about it from a couple of real heart men. its pretty good. i m just learning it.

    5. goodboots my email is

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 8:46 AM

      Sherry, no, I haven't. Its a group?
      Do they have a website? ...sounds interesting.

      Thanks for your email.
      Have put it in my notebook.
      If I get another email account, will let you know.

  10. Does thos mean we all get our money back for the badges we all paid for ? How about Dylan Stampers , Randy Townsend and the others Haywire sent to New Mexico to get knucklehead out of jail ? How about Dominick 's intellectual lroperty ( Badhe design) being stolen and copyrighted by Haywire and you Ritz Cracker glossing it over and making excuses for ms sticky fingers... If I could be in Austin to embarass you and make you squirm I would....consider yourself called out.

    What about form 56...are you ever going to answet the direct questions or call me a woman hater or some such other sophmoric name calling nonesense.
    Can I have my money nack since you committed fraud ? Its $400 in $100 donations..on my paypal.

    1. From Anna:

      Well, we all know who you are and we all know what you have done and also what you haven't done, Kevin.
      The badge design was never adopted, the badge manufacturer who dropped the contract was the one who got the "missing" money, and if you did one tenth of what Marshal Haywood has done to get the Marshal's program off the ground, we'd all be a lot better off.
      Instead, you run around making baseless accusations and gossiping and causing the people who are working and staying on track trouble that doesn't need to exist. I suppose that is your "contribution" to the effort?

      I have it on very good authority that it was Michael R. Hamilton who testified against Bruce Doucette and the others, I checked the "missing money" claim out myself and spoke with the manufacturer, so that's a dead end for your gossip, and anyone who cares can look at the badge design and see that although it may have started out with elements of the initial idea, it progressed into quite a substantially different end product that was finally voted on. I also want to point out that without copyright protection and trademarking and other efforts to secure the identity of the organization and its emblems, anyone could call him or herself a "Continental Marshal" and impersonation of peacekeeping officials would be rampant. The Marshals would be blamed for all the rogues and renegades and untrained imposters ---some of whom just want the excuse to wave guns around--- and it would be impossible for people to tell who was who and what was what----again, which is how things got so screwed up in the first place.

      In my opinion, Marshal Haywood has done an incredible job against incredible odds. And it was a job that was certainly made MORE DIFFICULT by you and your gossip-mongering, refusal to accept plainly evidenced facts, and other disruptive behavior. If you want the program to succeed, you have to make up your mind to work with people, build with what you have, and most importantly, work together, instead of bickering over BS.

      So for the last time, Kevin --- stow it.

  11. Common law supports commercial law. We need natural law.