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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Understanding Britain and the British "Crisis"

By Anna Von Reitz

If you are watching television today you are hearing a lot of scratching and squawking about the Queen suspending Parliament.  You are also hearing a lot of very queer verbiage about "our unwritten and flexible constitution...."  

Say what?  An "unwritten" and "flexible" constitution?  

That's the equivalent of saying--- an unwritten and flexible contract to buy your home, or secure your services to paint a house.  It's a sort of wink and nod arrangement, in which you are "presumed" to approve of and trust whatever the legislature does "in your name".  

Sound familiar?  It's the same exact schtick that the British Crown Corporation employed here.  We are not the only ones waking up.  It's just too bad that the British Parliament is as ignorant, apparently, as the "US" Congress. 

It's complete, obvious, nonsensical blather to talk about or accept an unwritten "flexible" contract of any kind,  yet otherwise perfectly sane people are spewing this out of their mouths on the BBC and broadcasting it.  Something that isn't written down and which is "flexible"--- to be defined however one Party or another wishes to define it at any given time, is worthless.  

So they are admitting, apparently without realizing it, that their "constitution" is worthless. 

They are also describing Britain as a "constitutional democracy".  No, no, no, no..... Britain is not and has never been a "constitutional democracy".  It is a limited constitutional monarchy.  

Notice the difference: constitutional democracy versus constitutional monarchy. 

See? It's the same kind of game that has been played here. 

America isn't a "democracy" either.  

America is governed by fifty independent self-governing state republics.  

Internationally, these republics are operating as States.  These States act through a Federation of States known as The United States of America.

You see?  It's the same claptrap about "democracy" in Britain as it is here.  It's the same bunch of lies and the same game plan of criminals usurping against the lawful government in Britain as it is here and elsewhere.  

We are in the presence of a global commercial conspiracy, which has used the "Territorial" which means "Commonwealth" Governments to implement their schemes, and which has arbitrarily defined all those territorial governments as "democracies".  

So what is a democracy?  It's a Greek (Helles) institution of Mob Rule.  

If 51% out of 100 such "citizens" want to eat your liver, they consider it perfectly legal to do so, though it will never be lawful.  

Acting upon their principal of Mob Rule, they disrespect everyone and everything, including the property rights of others, and they behave as pirates and parasites on land and sea.

Most alarmingly, if 51% of their population wants to sit on their butts and receive everything for free, they think they are well-within their rights to rob and enslave the remaining 49% to accomplish their desired end.  

The problem for all these secretive self-proclaimed democracies is that they are all organized as corporations and have no natural right to exist.  

The further problem for them is that they have never in the history of any of these countries that they claim to rule over ever faced a Public Plebiscite or received a Public Mandate --- that is, they've never proven to have a 51% majority in favor of anything they have proposed.  

So even as self-proclaimed democracies all of their actions have been completely illegitimate and criminal in nature, and even a government by Mob Rule cannot be asserted.  

So what do we have in control of Britain?  The same kind of criminal corporate government that has usurped against the lawful government in America.  

If you look around, you find the same thing in France, in Germany, in Sweden, in Japan.....all over the world, all these countries proudly and ignorantly claiming to be democracies haven't got a clue what it means and their governments don't have a mandate to rule as a democracy, either.    

Japan is supposed to function as a constitutional monarchy, not a constitutional democracy.  

Find me a record anywhere showing that the general population of any of these countries was fully informed about what a democracy is,  and given a straight up opportunity to adopt democracy as their form of government?  Show me proof that any of them have done so via a fully disclosed General Plebiscite Election. 

You won't find any such record, because democracy is a crappy form of government that allows the strong to act as predators against the weak, and naturally the predators didn't want to give the victims an honest choice in the matter. 

The Creeping Rot of the corporate criminals is everywhere, powered by banks drunk with digits and delusions.  

And now, all over the world, the proverbial cows of this situation are coming home.  

This has all been engineered behind the scenes by Papists and Freemasons; and, the Popes and the Roman Curia --- who are the ones responsible under Ecclesiastical Law for oversight of all corporations on Earth and the Air Jurisdiction governing intellectual property in general --- have obviously failed in their duty to liquidate corporations operating as crime syndicates.  

This is how the Popes and the Roman Curia and the Holy See are involved in all of this.  It's their responsibility to make sure that such things never happen, and yet, we wake up one morning and --- "What, ho!"  

Smell the English Breakfast Tea steaming in your cup.  

There isn't a legitimate democracy anywhere on Earth.  There are just a bunch of filthy dirty commercial corporations running their internal affairs "as" democracies, but even internally, they don't have a mandate and are nothing but lawless mercenary pirate organizations.  

The "UK Parliament" is the Board of Directors for the Territorial Government running the "United Kingdom" as a parliamentary democracy.  

The fact is, that all that they really have any right to control are their own officers and employees, but they have usurped upon the government of the people of Britain in the same way as their counterparts in America, Germany, and elsewhere have usurped upon the rest of us.  

They have pretended to be the government over the people of Britain and they have used the people and their assets as chattels backing their corporate debts in the same way that the "US" Congress has abused its employers.  

And it is all nothing but crime.  It's all Bushwah.  Constructive fraud.  Probate fraud.  False claims in commerce. 

It has all been funded by criminal bankers and securities brokers and implemented and enforced by employee-owned and operated crime syndicates engaged in everything from commodity rigging, monopoly interests, human trafficking, drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, securities fraud, counterfeiting, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, treason, murder, money laundering, and more.

These quote-unquote corporate "democracies" don't represent us, don't represent the Brits, don't represent the Germans, don't represent the Japanese....all they represent are territorial corporations, corporate officials and corporate employees.

And forget the similarly constructed "municipal corporations" that serve municipal employees, which are plenary oligarchies --- organizations of members of Parliaments and Congresses that claim to have the right to boss their employers around, enslave them, take their private property, and abuse them at will.  They are even worse, more criminal, and even less justifiable. 

Yes, you read that right and if you have been following along, you are now realizing that the UK Parliament has been functioning in precisely the same way and status as the "US" Congress and the United Kingdom Parliament has been functioning in the same way and territorial status as the United States Parliament.  

Both these entities are nothing but government employee corporations, run by government employees, for government employees. 

Was it your intention to give your body, soul, land, home, businesses and everything else to your employees?  

Did you knowingly let them declare you "legally dead" and allow them to work a probate fraud against your interests, so that they could better control you and offer your assets --- all of them including your children --- as chattel belonging to their corporations, available to support their spending?    

Did you ever knowingly agree to that?  

Did you elect to participate in a corporation acting as a government, operated as a democracy?  

Did you knowingly consent and agree to "gift" these organizations with your private property?  

Are you sick of this criminality, promoted by people on your payroll? 

So, what do we do?  Looks like the Queen just made her first move as the Pope's Regent by "suspending" Parliament.  And which "Parliament" did she suspend?  The Territorial Parliament. 

Most of the people participating in this fiasco are blissfully ignorant of what they are doing.  They believe that they are part of a legitimate Parliament elected by the People of Great Britain, representing their respective land jurisdiction counties.  

Their first clue that this is not true is the word "district" being attached to everything, as in the preposterous misnomer and oxymoron, "County District Court" .  

Get a clue, folks, any "County" that is in a "District" is not a County by definition. 

It's time to educate everyone and put an end to this archaic and nasty system of Commercial Feudalism, beginning with the conversion of all government corporations to Non-Profit Corporations, the conversion of all C-Corps to B-Corps, and the return of all titles and land patents to the counties and people of each country, plus the profits and credit they are owed. 

After that, following a transition period needed to re-educate everyone, let me suggest that no government corporation ever be allowed to operate for any purpose to profit itself, and no corporation traded on a public stock exchange  ever again be issued a "for profit only" charter, nor given bankruptcy protection out of public funds.    

It's time for mammoth reform of all these operations on a worldwide basis. 

As we begin the necessary changes, yes, hold onto your hats, but don't be afraid.  These are your employees.  It's time you reminded them of the facts. 


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  1. Anna can you please share where to locate the info regarding the county district court info? I have a claim served on FRANKLIN DISTRICT COURT and also served my 928 paper work to the court and the county commissioners. The judge vactaed his false judgment and recused himself and sent me a order if this vacating and then 4 days later he went and made a motion to have it re set!! violating his own order of vacating the judgment and violating his own self recusal. I served a second claim to the county based on all this second shenaigan and so far no one is answering the affidavit of claim. any advice would sure be welcomed. thanks very much sherry elizabeth

    1. I think that if they are not responsive then you send a notice of default to them if they are silent. In commerce that constitutes agreement if there is no rebuttal. Good luck settling the claim I think, but this matter should go away.

      They can't respond to your affidavit without exposing the fraud, and in common law I guess they can't "hear you" either. Actually you could try finding Winston Shrout videos he did with the Goldfish Report awhile back. I remember a video discussing vacated judgement, try entering all that in the search.

      Not an expert at all here, but defaulting them should be your next step if I understand what you have done.

  2. Anna, I have researched the case number for a Federal District Court and found the CUSIP number and the details of where and how much the case has been trading. Unbeknownst to me! But I am not sure if or what to do with the information. Could you point me in the right direction?

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 4:08 PM

      "The States have been called to Assemble and conduct business by The United States of America formed September 9, 1776 and by the Hereditary Head of State under whose Great Seals the International Ship of State sails. ..."

      [The comments section for the article entitled "Clarification for All" has been closed so I will post this over here.]

      Please read that statement in quotes very, very carefully. It unlocks what is being done, IMO:

      1. ... It tells you that we, the living peoples', lawful consent has been ignored, greatly minimized or left out of this "plan" altogether.

      2. Yet a(nother) BUSINESS, calling itself 'The United States of America' is being claimed;

      3. with not a word about the 'CONSENT FROM THE *people*' having been obtained:

      4. that is absolutely necessary before any such an Assembly can lawfully be called for the Union.

      5. Notice that it only goes back to the date of the first Continental Congress, SEPTEMBER, 1776

      6. NOT back to the actual date that the
      united *CON*-FEDERATION
      *confederate* means= WITH/(con-)
      With their sovereign rights intact
      for each of the (sever-al, separate, sovereign, [pertaining to each other and to other nations])
      States of America that was formed!!!
      July 2/3, 1776...
      the Declaration of Independence.
      YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!! :):):)

      7. And look right here >>>>> the "Ship"/vessel of "State",...the United States entity being referenced there, it's just another "Ship", another business, and is not the u/Union of the States created by the living people and established from the consent of the people, in their and our Declaration of Independence, July 2/3, 1776.
      [Again, that is an American traditional common law trust containing YOUR rights, statuses, and property, among other things.]

      8. And last of all, please note that the Assembly is not only *NOT* called by the *people*, but it *IS* called, by the claimed "Hereditary Head of State".

      Again, that is a TITLE, and we do not have TITLES in the true united States of America.

      American state nationals,
      There is NO indication that this is referring to *your* 'the united States of America' formed by our fathers on July 2/3, 1776.

      This is a whole different entity.
      Using our name again?
      I believe perhaps so.

      This entity has a claimed "Hereditary Head of State" that is involved in calling its claimed vessel/Ship/BUSINESS to Assemble.... AND THAT CLAIMED HEREDITARY HEAD OF STATE ALSO CLAIMS TO BE A LAND AND SOIL (common law) State "Judge".
      Totally impossible to be both a TITLED person and "a commoner" in their system, especially not both at the same time.

      This looks perhaps like an undisclosed/not clearly and fully disclosed attempt to establish a "Constitutional Monarchy" like England has...??? JMO, but just in case:

      (((((Be awake!! Heads UP!)))))

    2. I wish you would hasre that info here Jim I would love to see how much FRANKLIN DISTRICT COURT really made off the
      "civil" traffic infraction. peace

    3. Reply from Anna:

      If it is a Federal Case and you are not a Federal Citizen, you need to "Sue the Jurisdiction" and say, wait a minute, there has been a mistake. I am not the Defendant in this case. I am here as the Donor of the Original Grantor Trust and only Share Holder of the Public Transmitting Utility to collect the receipts and bonds; I wish you to eliminate the case from the record and bar all further proceedings with prejudice and I wish you to render the Prosecutor's Bond to me for trespass against me, the American Inheritor, and my Persons.

    4. Its a local county in traffic court. I have the 928s recorded and just recorded my reconveyance of my property.

      THANK YOU Anna and Paul I will be getting things going...

  3. It is an orchestrated 'crisis' to launch the world federation currency
    East India Trading Company, trading in slaves for centuries in plain sight
    And it is no coincidence that the World Parliament is situated and meetings galore taking place in India and the building in shaped like the all seeing eye
    Check out the Constitution for The Federation of Earth
    The Pledge of Allegiance
    The Federation Currency
    The Earth Federation Currency Authorization
    Check out the World Legislative Act to launch the new world federation currency
    And if anyone thinks that Queeny is setting aside parliament for some good deed think again
    They all working the stage and the plan which is being carried out in the BRICS 'nations' while they build their human settlements at break neck speed for us here
    Anyone who thinks anyone in the political arena is not involved in this, old or new party, is sadly mistaken, it's all to keep the sheep busy while they work their hidden hand in the 'nations' they already impoverished to the point of no return
    Just some links for those who wish to review

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 8:59 AM

      Exactly right.

      **Stellar** summary.

      And watch everybody:

      The next thing were going to wake up to is that 90% of the people saying they are "Patriot Group" leaders most certainly ARE.... But.... not for our States of America under authority of the DeclarofIndep, July 2/3,1776!!!!

      We will begin noticing that MOST of the "Patriot Groups" were:
      1. Started 20-25 years ago or so or about 10-13 years ago.
      2. They have often put a true Good Guy/s up as the "front", like the Masons who go gather up some truly good men in the neighborhoods and have them to be the "face" of the Masons, out actually doing good works.

      3. Nearly all of the "Patriot Groups" follow the same pattern of being self-supporting or they ask for donations so that then YOU are funding your own demise, if any. They are laughing, perhaps, as usual, that they can trick the "goyim sheeple" into paying for their own abuse.
      And again.
      And again... For as long as they can recycle the fraud schemes.
      They count this as "consent", although it is most definitely NOT.
      And, they think that by tricking us into what they label as consent, that that clears them of their premeditated wrongdoing and crimes when, in nature, in law, and in fact: American traditional common law :), it absolutely does NOT.

      THEY are guilty and
      I SAY they are guilty and
      WE say they are guilty and
      they STAND guilty and
      they remain STANDING guilty until every man and woman and son and daughter have received back what was stolen from them; and we all, and the earth itself, is/are completely restored: at THEIR expense, using THEIR inherent portion of the natural resources, and using THEM to be the laborforce: or until creator sets fire to the whole thing:
      and so it is established.

      We will also be wakening up to the facts that these groups were established, as many of us realize, as controlled opposition.... To gain our trust by being our friend ("perfidy"=backstabber); and then FLIP it suddenly back on us, revealing their "trick".

      This has the potent element of surprise.
      And also of the heartache caused by being betrayed by someone you truly believed was your friend. Especially in your time of "need".

      They want to break our hearts.

      Both are very reliable elements almost always (I am discovering) used in the down-grading and demoralization of those they work evil/fraud/abuse/theft/lying upon.
      The demoralization factor is extremely, *extremely* important in getting the good people to just sit there in shock, feeling defeated, hurt, angry, helpless and hopeless; if they can make us feel hungry, lonely, physically cold, thirsty, physically uncomfortable, alone, can physically injure us, and break our bones or our skin, as well as our hearts and freewill, well then, the wrong notion that there is nowhere to escape from evil is developed, in accord with their plan, if any, inside the mind of the one the betrayal has been worked upon.

      This is the foundation, I'm recognizing, of satanic ritual abuse, so one could say that to do this to a whole body of people is perhaps just satanic ritual abuse on a grand scale...

      ...the point is, it looks like it is All designed to demoralize, isolate, and create paralyzing fear along with broken hearts, and the loss of faith and hope. If they can do that, they have parasited your energy out of you and you just sit there waiting for evil to overcome you when, in actual fact, you have NOT been defeated at all, just attacked with fraudulent constructs/"paradigms"/frames of reference!!!!

      You have just accepted the CONSTRUCT of defeat that has been played out upon you so that YOU decide you are defeated and that it is no use to try to escape.

      That is counted as your consent by them too.

      But it isn't consent at all.

    2. And here is a prefect example of that
      This is the outfit claiming to help WE BUILD THE WALL and soliciting public funds to do it
      Now why would the guy who runs this outfit who knows all about the fraud be working with the very agencies working to protect the other ones?????????
      Think big bang folks, we build the wall, math, science, history, unraveling the mystery it all started with a big bang which tells me their agenda is 2021 (also known as un agenda to one government) after they stage the next election
      The world stage
      You can read the articles or not, your choice
      Agree or disagree, your choice

    3. Even have a you tube channel of them working day and night to get that wall up - hmmm - pretty amazing the coordination of these off the cuff groups to build the wall in record time and the coordination of their groups- and the wall is complete with 5G sensors, security cameras all around, the exact same walls they built around the Plestinians
      Go check it out on you tube, private public partnerships to buld that wall - hmmmm
      More green new deals for those in the know

    4. Very insightful and eloquently stated, you have observed much of the tactics and method of operation. Nice...

    5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 11:43 AM

      Your 10:20 am response above (shelby) lays out exacting the type of use of deception and subtle trickery I am referencing.

      These deviants know that OUR, the peoples', law is simple, and is based on trust and being honorable and truthful.
      And that we generally, unless we have been "burned" really badly, accept others to BE honorable, trustworthy, and lawful...
      So these human-defects-on-legs come at us with a big smile and a handshake and offer us swinesh*t as a "gift", and try to pass it off to us as a pan of brownies.
      That big ole so-called "s**t-eating grin" on their face being the frosting intended to cover the contents of their gift. (For Example see: Birth Certificate:):):) ).

      Its really too bad for them that so many of their "captures" woke up and escaped before our date with their intended end for us!!... Haha!

      Now they are left openly holding their own and each others ticking-time-bomms while pointing the finger at each other. Not knowing which of their "'brothas' in crime" has already chucked them under the bus to save his own hide.

      IMO, they are hyperventilating, not sleeping well, and getting confused.
      Watch 'em ALL:
      They are scattered.
      They are thinking spastically. If they can't lie, there is nothing in their head for them to say. Its empty.
      They are doing their "reveals" ahead of schedule.
      They don't know what each other is doing.... Meaning there are gaps in their tracking of the progress of "The Plan". :):):)

      IMO, THIS IS WHEN THEY GET DANGEROUS!! Think: cornered racoon with rabies.


    6. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 12:02 PM

      That is "it".


      The definitions I have found of FASCISM is the Corporations taking over the "Public" sector.

      Look at the fasces on Lincoln's chair/throne!!!

      Oh yes, this was all planned out centuries ago.

      I guess they are trying to convince us that we can take our pick between FASCISM or COMMUNISM, hoping we will forget that we already KNOW we are the free, sovereign (freewilled), and independent living, ORIGINAL-ISSUE people, fashioned and formed by our creators loving hands.

      We haven't forgotten. With all the CHEMTRAILS and fluorides and EMFs and tainted foods, we still remember.

      That is a biiiiiiig problem for them. :)

    7. They are beyond dangerous and always have been
      Already rolled out here in 3 locations in the Dallas area and believe me we are feeling the reprecussions of it
      AT & T is dirty and I mean dirty same with Verizon, Sprint, all the telecoms
      This is very dangerous stuff people

    8. I've been shouting it and posting this for a long time folks
      It's their green new deals, green as in their green eyed monster, money.
      Has absolutely nothing to do with the health of the planetor anything on it, period

  4. The AMAZON elephant in the room

  5. TO ALL OF FLORIDA - weather warfare

      7/18/2019 The City of Pensacola receives 12 million dollars from the Dept of the Treasury to build and aerospace hanger???

      Responsible land management

      While they steer hurricanes right in to the land mass for total destruction

      NASA creating SPACE on the ground

    2. 5G military deployment and hot spots
      Silicon Valley and the people who control their puppets

    3. And you bet your ass they selling everything out of those home depots, lowes, walmarts, gas stations, pharmacies, pet stores, everything knowing full well they creating this hurricane dorian
      Climate stock exchanges anyone - CO2 scam anyone
      ALERT ALERT ALERT - do not go to any of their stadiums or other facilities
      First hand account of what they did after Andrew

    4. Disaster capitalism in plain sight - target Florida

    5. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina looking for destruction in all these states with this hurricane
      Look in to the NAFTA super highway
      Used to be another video up about the bridge explosion that happened in Georgia that linked to the death of a lawyer
      Immediately after that bridge was blown up Trump gave 10 billion dollars or something like that to Georgia had the police and first responders at the white house whole big deal about that bridge
      They cleaned that bridge up and kept everyone away no pictures nothing was permitted
      This is how you destroy things in plain sight and pass it off as a crack head under a bridge setting the fire
      Millions of dollars of fiber optic or some kind of material that they said they stored under the bridge that's why it was such a big fire
      Now ask yourself when have you ever seen materials like that stored under a bridge or underpass on a major highway???
      They are working to take all the beach front property, they want it all, no more vacations or beaches for the slaves as this blogger put it
      I'm telling you this guys blog is spot on with everything they are doing and have been doing

    6. Look at the map at the 57:30 marker in the video below
      That's all NAFTA super highway and they are working to destroy the land and property of the current owners to take it all over
      The people will never return to the land
      They will impose agenda 21 sustainable development building codes, people won't be able to afford insurance or not get it at all because the bank owned insurance companies will refuse to insure them, etc etc etc by design to get people off the land
      They will release dams or produce the storms whatever to get the land through deceit and lies but will report it on their news stations as biblical
      The alignment all along the east coast also lines up with world trade centers, recent school events, more than likely the monuments etc etc etc
      This guy does some alignment stuff in here pertaining to Eggstein and alignments with st james island, zorro ranch and so on
      Many fish and many fishers does some good stuff too

  6. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 10:22 AM

    I wanted to comment on the 'Clarification for All' article, but "M Darling's" comment questioning some information that has been given has been removed from the blog And I (again!) was unable to post a comment!!

    Paul S.!!! You're not doing that, are you??
    I don't think you are.
    I am suspecting that you are being told which comments to remove.

    Anyway, my comment is that the living people's inherent authority that we are held under are only these two:

    1. The laws of nature and
    2. The laws of the one who created it.

    There is an old case in their Corporate criminal courts where even *they* recognized that. I can't cite it but
    I love the phrase they used, it was something like this:

    A man retains his unalienable rights to his life, his freedom, and the right to pursue happiness any way he desires

    Even that Judge/"Judge" was reaffirming that a man does NOT *HAVE* to be in/join ANY society, EVER.... and especially not in order to secure his/her UN-, not "in-" alienable, natural and God-, not man-given rights.

    The first paragraph of the DeclofIndep recognizes and receives the establishment of the rights, statuses, and property of a man to be from God/creator only.

    The second paragraph begins to establish the Society of mankind that will, together, guard one another's rights, property and statuses given to them by creator, who are:
    Those who hold the truths that: all men are free, have freewill (a.k.a. sovereign) and independent of the undue control of others, to be self-evident... Meaning recognized to be readily and easily inherently known, without someone having to explain it to them.


    We, living people are not and truly cannot even be IN commerce!! Its slavery.
    We have to have an interface, and that interface is our States!
    They can enter commerce, not us.

    We are, and must remain, outside of contracts because we are not "things"/"res" to be bought and sold and warehoused and salvaged like they are criminally doing.

    We can:
    Exchange: equal for equal
    Trade: equal for equal
    Give/receive Gifts: a "present".
    Promises accepted.

    In all these, there are no debits or credits, no debt, no accounts, no interest, no accruals, nothing like that.
    The exchange trade or gifting is done and once its done, its over. There are no loose ends, either its agreed upon or it isn't. The trade exchange or gift is accomplished or it is not.
    It either happened and its concluded right then and there or it did not take place at all.
    That's American traditional common law. What were in, being the living people.

    That's why/part of why moreagora said that on GUNSMOKE Jodie Foster gave an IOU to someone and when they accepted it *as* payment, IN COMMON LAW: it was counted *as* paid in full.

    The people could have refused her IOU and kept their beans and coffee or whatever she was trying to "buy",
    But when they gave her the beans and coffee in exchange for her piece of paper with a promise written on it, they were counted as having been Paid in Full since they could have said NO and kept their beans and coffee and sold them to someone else with something of substance to trade or exchange for, instead of accepting a little girls promise written on piece of paper.

    Everything is straightforward and 'true'/square/squared up in ATCLaw.

  7. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 1:08 PM

    Oh no, now that Timothy Holmseth case is looking a little odd perhaps. Maybe its just coincidence.

    But that Daniel Lee who went to the trial in Minnesota on Monday and met there with Field McConnell who drives a black funeral hearst with a picture of a vintage-looking, Catholic-looking screenprinted "Jesus" in the back window: has video up of meeting Timothy's parents and they blew the shofar/rams horn...!!! Just like at the BUNDY TRIAL!!!! It had a hundred or so people milling around too!... they were Mormons though, but they blew the rams horn too! Odd.
    Now, oddly enough, Timothys family and Daniel are Jewish-hebrew- messianic- christians. I'm not commenting on that, its none of my business. Just laying it out for background...
    What I'm commenting on is how oddly, STRIKINGLY similar to the BUNDY TRIAL this seems.
    Maybe its just coincidence. That does happen.

    But Timothy's parents attend Jonathan Cahn's church!! What an unusal coincidence all this seems perhaps to be.

    1. I told you something was up with that whole able danger thing

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 4:35 PM

      Shelby or anyone who is interested, there was one of the most interesting comments I saw on Infowars the other day, I wondered when I was reading it "I wonder what Shelby would think about this" and also wondered what Bo-Ma would think about the esoteric parts. Which were many.
      I'm going to go try to find it-- needle in a haystack!

    3. Shelby, I agree that something has been off with Field McConnell, he is becoming increasingly harder to listen to. He missed a few calls like the IRS disappearing at the beginning of August this year. Anna said they pulled out of Puerto Rico to the Northern Marianas? Something like that. He missed a big call that Trump was going to trot out JFK Jr. back from the dead on July 4th and they were going to run on a Republican ticket for 2020. He had a spat with his beloved wife that turned a bit dark, I don't know how that played out. He was fighting a foreclosure too.

      Gobsmack (sp?) has fallen off the globe, they were tight over a year ago and seems to have been thrown overboard now.

      Not his finest hour...

    4. Don't do infowars
      Alex is a Stratford agent out of Austin Texas
      Like on Anna's last video conference she explains that they are going to have a land marshall meeting in Autin Texas???
      Why Autin Texas? Austin is a new world order mega center????
      Red flags everywhere folks??

    5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 4:58 PM

      Found it, the article is from yesterday, 29th, on InfoWars: about Julian Assange-- "His Psychological Torture is unabated..."
      There are 46 comments, this is made by PEDOHUNTER and is around 27 comments backwards from the current one on top now.

      About half way down he starts listing dozens and dozens of names; that's actually where I started wondering if you would agree that you had read stuff about those names, etc.

      If you get a chance, get bored...

    6. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 5:05 PM

      Oh. Got it.

      Where does a land marshall fit into the picture?
      (I have only heard about Fed and Continental marshalls.)

      Heading for truthernews :)

    7. All the worlds a stage and RT and Julian are part of the entire plan
      All news media is owned by the same companies

      Julian is just like Eppstein, more bullshit to keep the masses engaged in their media

    8. May have the land marshall thing off a little not sure what they referred to them as
      Anyway on the past Mondays video call they say that these men are contacting them and they are working to restore their political status or have and they are supposed to meet up in Austin Texas with Anna, I would guess, in September?
      Review the video call from this past week on the main page

    9. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 6:29 PM

      Personally, I haven't given up on Field. We know that anytime someone does good they are attacked.
      His wife was with him, all seemed well.
      I noticed he was acting like someone who was getting hit possibly with Directed Energy. Phones, WiFi, smart meters, cell towers, now 5/ easy for them to do.
      I feel like I can spot when it might be happening-- not for sure:
      They normally pick highly principled people with exceptionally highly developed good moral and ethical character that they can't get sufficiently compromised to control them, for the first thing!
      If you know of someone being gangstalked, harassed, attacked etc., they are likely an exceptional man or woman that has to be "destroyed" by this loser-class!
      Also they seem to be extremely jealous of high IQ people, andor the talented; the independent; those actually doing good works... Everything they are not and can never be...; oh, and highly spiritual people seem to be at the top of the list.

      They know all of this before we're in second grade...They have had "markers" for a long time.
      First they make good "offers" to the people they want in their own "brain trusts"... And keep making offers until the person they want accepts.
      If they never do accept or never will, its because they realize they have to give up something of themselves that they want to keep.
      At some point, (it looks like perhaps) they try to completely destroy what they wanted but could not get. They don't always get the job done though.

      With the present tech, they try to disrupt their Rebuffer's thought patterns and or biological patterns..., they disrupt the life, happiness, CREDIBILITY -- that's a biggie.... because at some point the conditioning breaks and the people put the missing pieces together and they want the person who said "No" to them to NOT be believed. (Like the child sex trafficking children...)
      Its all the same greed, jealousy, abuse, and lies.
      So, what is left for them but to Destroy the one they are jealous and afraid of's reputation, financial base, ability to support self, and or have a place to live. They really try to make them homeless, with job losses, lies about them made by "the authorities" in their community, bringing indiscriminant, unlawful Foreclosures on paid off homes??? Yep.

      Fields home in foreclosure?
      Where is Annamaria?
      Hasn't he done the paperwork yet?
      I think she was just interviewing with him in June wasn't she?
      That's odd.

      So he reminded me of all that when he was reading from the bible Monday because he was getting distracted a lot and that is what it looks like sometimes... Like something is "wrong".
      Especially with a very high IQ person like we all know Field is.
      Two other people I listen to, (high IQ good guys) are acting similarly.
      I'm praying for them. For us all. If were "good", they apparently don't have any use for us in their coming kingdoms :).

      The 'mcallistertv bitchute' video where she gives the info that *they* consider themselves to be portals of hell, tells more about the technology, fairly credibly, than anything I've heard so far. The physical technology is, of course, blended in with incantations, spells, death rituals, blood sacrifices, cannibalism to "up" the power "wattage" against the people doing good. Its just plain old fashioned conjuring demons and calling them in... Demonic possession. I guess some people just load up on them til they do a full blown blow-out of a mental gasket.
      It says that in the bible.
      Isaiah 44:25:
      "[He] that frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad;"

      So they ARE headed for insanity and their attempts to gain things that don't belong to them by LYING will be frustrated and those demons are THEIRS!!!! THEY called them up... Let the conjurers be their demons' "host", not me!
      And so it is established.

    10. It is a shame to see the troubles that Field is having, I have tried to keep up with him for some time now, and his instincts are spot on. He may well be compromised in some way as you said, he isn't on his game as keenly as he was, which could be external influence as you say. I would like to know what happened to Gobsmak he just vanished.

  8. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 6:37 PM

    And now I'm wondering if this Timothy Holmsted case is being utilized to be a part of the "reveal" of what has been going on....not that what he was reporting on didn't actually happen... I think it DID.

  9. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 30, 2019 at 6:52 PM

    It does though seem like at least 90+% of the ones "allowed" to have a channel, or have public exposure anyway, ARE "linked or connected" in some way to NWO. :)
    Seems. :):)

    1. 5G is the big threat, if that and the IoT gets implemented it's not going to be good
      It is a military weapon being deployed all around the people
      It is a death sentence to anyone and everything on this planet blanketing us 24/7 with microwave radiation
      Many many people will start dying and getting cancer and many other ailments from this technology and they know it
      This is blantant outright criminal with the intent to harm technology
      And if anyone thinks the antichrist pope is going to do a thing to collapse these companies they are sadly mistaken
      This is going to take force and I mean a massive force to stop this lunacy
      No reason on Gods green earth this should ever be rolled out upon the earth - NONE NONE NONE

  10. yeah Shelby I agree with you 100% we all must be in continual prayer against the evil spewbots and these walkins pretending to be the (G33)=government I have had all I m going to take and I am all out of bubblegum prayers up!! sherry elizabeth

  11. Yeah, these "flexible" so called laws of theirs. Like a lot of their claims tossing around authority that in many cases was not given to them by anyone since no one has it be able to give for use by those offering to serve, like confetti at weddings, no worries just rice, toss it everywhere, just the peoples labor, nothing of importanoce???
    So was just gonna say what is that they put like on the bottom of the legislation that is specific until the end "and for other purposes" Like what other purposes? Can't say?? Yeah, flexible and that is why I have never voted for these Boris and Natasha cartoon characters pretending actors afraid to be free and just be themselves.

  12. good boots and others go have a look at this video and read the comments
    Very knowledgebale man, in my opinion

    1. See how easy it is for the free masons to fool the world
      How about fake a$$ israel and their moon landing
      $100 million dollars for some microsoft cheesy graphics and throw in some helliwood kabala (cabal) magic of a control room full of actwhores and ahh they failed have to bilk the public for another $100 million to create some new graphics refresh the set and maybe this time they will make it?
      Wake up world we are being lied to on a grand grand grand scale and have been for a very very long time
      You can view or not, your choice, you can make your own determinations
      Now they gonna bilk the public for a space farce??

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 10:55 AM

      Can't get on YT. Is it on bitchute? Other?
      Or, who is the guy? Maybe I can look him up.

      AmazingPollys new video ends up being about them GASLIGHTING us and how they do the 'Alice in Wonderland' construction on the people.

      People are sooo much more wake and are about to get so much more disgusted with what has gone on.

      We need to get moving on getting back to the way the grandparents set things up with:
      Elected Justices of the Peace
      AMERICAN traditional common law court proceedings
      State and county militias.

      It is such a simple solution.

    3. Don't know if you can get them other than you tube
      crackerwv is the first one
      Free masons liar
      Zecharia Sitchin and Niburu/Planet X (SATURN)
      The second one is from Naughty Beaver on you tube about how israel just faked trying to go to the moon but the 'space craft' blew up
      And ole free mason nutunyahoo says if at first you don't succeed try again bilking the public for another $100 million fiat dollars
      crackerwv does very few videos but when he does they are spot on

    4. So glad that you all mentioned the FAKE MOON LANDING cause it was 100% faked and there is sooo much evidence to anyone who really looks at what it is they tried to pull off. All those heavy ass moon vehicles LOL there is no way they could even get off the ground with all that extra weight.

  13. Interesting note
    Tesla is an anagram for steal, now how about that
    We have to look at everything, unside down, backwards, inside out
    They been manipulating HIStory FOREVER

    1. good boots the other day I mentioned Olsteen
      Have a look at this
      You should be able to bring this up as it is just a link not a you tube page
      Telling you this is huge and every last firggin one of them are liars
      Pandora's box the tell lie vision
      Rewriting history is what the crooks do and have been doing for decades

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 4:20 PM

      Yes, Was able to get on xdisciple. Will be returning. Another website was coming up too about JO.... storm something .. Will have to check it out too.

      The rewriting history thing... Omgosh what a dam nightmare. They've even ADMITTED now that Google and others are doing so....they don't care about the truth, they think they can force a change in reality just by wanting it and then beating everyone else on the planet into submission. Too stupid to look up from their own navel-gazing and see the raging storm called "NO" building force against them.
      They need to stop now while they can salvage themselves, like Liz did [supposedly] :). IMO.

    3. Oh I think they going full blown insane at this point
      Florid had mass military drill going on on top of so called hurricane
      North Carolina Jade Helm 19 going on too while this hurricane is supposed to go right up the coast for the NAFTA super highway
      Not to mention they now have an active drill going on in Texas as well
      Not reporting that they still dumping huge amounts of rain all over the midwest farms, this too is all part of of the NAFTA Super highway land they need to steal in order to make it happen
      People need to wake the hell up
      As these storms go throuhg and they do these drills they are disarming is my guess

    4. My guess is they are foreign troops either disarming or killing as they make their sweeps
      Like I said I talked to guy here that works in oil fields that said there are foreign troops here and they are waiting on word to deploy all over the united states
      UN plan to disarm has been in the making for decades and Kennedy was in on it
      According to what I have read Gorbachev is in on the shit too
      If anyone thinks these bastards are going to give up their new world order plans that they have been scheming for and working on for decades because of paperwork, they're nuts
      They're all a bunch of damned criminals IMO

    5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 6:05 PM

      I can and will vouch for what you are saying about the midwest shelby.... I am sitting right square in the midwest grain-growing fields!
      We generally just literally sweat it out through about 4-6 weeks of intense heat, the Dog Days of Summer, with very little relief (you adjust).
      But all month its been 20-30° below normal! Not just one day.
      Before I started writing this, I stepped out the door to look and its only 68°. It has been cool to very cool, rainy and overcast, except for a very few sunny days where it never got over the lower eighty °s. The grain needs 100° temp to develop.
      It is more like the first week in October.

      Farmers have an advantage though of knowing from many experiences that even crop failures dont happen except that God allows it. (grandpa and grandma's wisdom).

      So these CRIMINALS, they just *think*, they just WISH, they just DREAM ABOUT running the earth. It doesn't belong to them. They're just grabby,...and no, they won't stop.
      What else have they got?


    6. Goodboots, I assure you ''they'' are not gonna ever run the whole earth. What they have hold of today, is about as good as it will ever get for them, until they get their ''sudden unexpected wakeup call from above'and find out they are being 'put out of biz'.

    7. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 10:22 PM

      Absolutely right Abby, and the sooner the better.

      I was getting back on here to post these favorite scriptures I've been being prompted to pray this afternoon and evening... Your comment goes right along with them....if you or anyone cares to join me....and we can bump up our spiritual wattage. :)

      PSALM 35
      5. Let them be as chaff before the wind:



      Is that the kind of being 'put out of biz' you were talking about? :):):)

    8. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 11:30 AM

      Somebody's praying... Could tell from around about an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half after I posted the comment above last night... So at about/10:45 pm last night by the blog's clock.

      I wasn't praying it particularly for myself, but just like God! he gives us **exceeding** abundantly above all we can ask or think.
      Mmmmmmmmwah! to our creator and father and to all who have been praying this together.

    9. Yup, lol. Totally put out of 'that kind of biz'. In fact they will have no say in any matter for all of eternity; just outer darkness and torment. I think its called 'reap what ya sow' tee hee.

  14. This is how they steal fresh water
    This is how they depopulate in plain sight
    Telling you folks this is absolute insanity

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 8:18 PM

      There are clips of video where a man is using the, I guess, government weather map/vids of the Dorian hurricane to show how they are spraying the CHEMTRAILS out in front of it to "guide" this thing where they want it to hit.

      ...But he says it's not working!... Something is throwing it off... Instead of it going to the west, its being (his and her strong suggestion): "counterdirected" to go backwards, first north, then east, lose power, and go back into the Atlantic as a Cat 1.

      Its a less than 20 minute video on sept 1 2019
      "mcallistertv, bitchute".

      There was a video awhile back talking about the hurricane that was supposed to hit Hawaii awhile back that it sounded like was kind of "dissipated" or "energetically disintegrated" as it was about to hit. I cant recall, but I think it was kind of "exploded" out in the ocean.

      I don't know if the guy making the video knows what he is talking about, but it sounded plausible enough that I thought I'd let you know, if you want to take a look.

      Mcallister/Linda paris also says some of the CHEMTRAIL sprayers are a flight service owned by the CIA: named "Evergreen", Hillary Clinton's secret service code name; and that Kris-tan Guillibrand, congress, tweeted a single-word-tweet: "Evergreen", prior to all this hurricane business starting up; but that now the TWEET has now GONE MISSING. But said something about DJT had responded and that his response tweet is still up.

      At this time, there's alot of conjecture in all this, I realize, but to me now, I wouldn't put anything past them.

      This video seemed to hint that the GoodGuys may have gotten ahold of the Weather Warfare tech now.
      We shall soon see.

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 9:55 PM

      Oh, forgot to mention, earlier, I think it was william mount who I catch occasionally and have found to be correct only some of the time, HE (I think) was saying that the whole hurricane thing is a psyop; and that they took down the cameras and surveillance equipment that could monitor the incoming hurricane, but left one or two cameras up because they like to show the.people how they have tricked them and are controlling them.
      And that their cameras they left show there ISNT a hurricane at ALL, it was just a horrible hoax again.

      That would fit in with the sudden "dissipation", if any, of the "hurricane", if any :):).... So they can put out videos from the natl weather service showing "chemtrailing" guiding a manmade hurricane...., how its bending backwards,....yeh, and dissipating too... That would be a good idea,.... especially if there was no hurricane to begin with! :)

      So now we have:
      1. A hurricane
      2. A man-made hurricane
      3. No hurricane, a psyop.

      What are they trying to do?
      My guess is FATIGUE us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, & more.

      Like Operation Gladio... was played out upon the people in Italy after "Ww"2 when they were trying to bring communism in like they are trying to do here now, apparently.
      They supposedly murdered the man who was leading the country... Steve Piezcenik brags that he was on the council that decided that... (Look closely at the artwork behind him in his old vids on Infowars... who is now advertising (?) that they are FAKE news!????)
      Gladio had these same three basic elements:
      1. CONFUSE the people so they NEVER know what is really going on and can't find out =
      FAKE NEWS.
      2. SCARE the people, make them feel unsafe "edgy, on the edge" day and night = covert EMOTIONAL ATTACKS.
      3. HARM or make the people physically uncomfortable. Covert or overt PHYSICAL ASSAULTS AND ATTACKS.
      Poisons, community disruptors threatening people, etc.

      They have a NAME for it.
      They know what they're doing.

      It makes us more pliable.
      Easier to lead.
      But we're on to it, and were not following the CRIMINALS.

  15. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 10:09 PM

    All the same?:
    Italian (*not* the good people); Rome; civil; civilian; Municipal; Roman; fascist; corporation; incorporations; entities; Vatic-an (def: seer, madman); Trusts; artificial persons; civilly dead entities; probating living sons and daughters as dead; paper genocide; false claims; criminals pretending to be in lawful, ethical, LawMerchant/commerce; slavery; lying; birth certificates; FAKE vessles; FAKE "countries"; harmful "gifts"; claiming consent, others' property, the world and everything in it; claiming to be god; claiming to be "lucifer" (the loser).

    Do Not Allow FEAR.
    It's a SPIRIT:
    "for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of love (righteousness), and of a SOUND MIND."

    The objective of SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse seems to be the injection of demonic entities into the people so the demons can control the peoples' bodies. (python girl, seven sons of Sceva, witch at endor, etcetcetc.)

    Confusion is there to make us doubt what is true, so we can be led by *them* instead of thinking and figuring the truth out for ourselves.

    The lying, false constructs.they are convinced will come to pass and they will receive what they have said. That's how they build their constructs.

    And then when they can get you to "see" their world and participate in it, well, that makes them the King or Queen of what they constructed.
    This is big.
    Because the creator always retains possession of what was created.

    See how they do that?

    You "joined", you're a "member"?... Well then, according to their incest-damaged brains, you belong to them.
    It's not true.

  16. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 12:26 AM

    A seemingly-credible report from a man living in Fort Myers Fla.:

    He's saying there is NO HURRICANE.
    Winds up to 60 mph is all.
    He's supposedly been sending video from his home all day.

    His present conclusion: its a PSYOP.



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