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Friday, August 9, 2019

Red Flag Laws are a Declaration of War Against the American People by Government

Found here: 

Read the corresponding article here:

"It’s all a scam, folks! It’s a huge, Deep State, gun-grabbing scam. And Donald Trump is neck-deep in it. "


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    1. No power? been in middle east about 20 years now reeking havoc but no power? If your a registered voter you elected to be a slave by contract, if you've resisted your property you've elected to be a Communist by contract.
      Funny thing is people think the gun issue is huge like your little low caliber bb guns have any impact on what the military can unload and thats not even getting into biological and chemical warfare where they can bombard entire populations, the real reality is they dont have to do shit but turn off the power no electricity no banking commercial transactions sit back and let the savages devour themselves them come in later to clean up the mess.
      Everyone in major cities are total dependent slaves , if say 10 major cities were massively targeted most of the population would be the biggest bunch of subservient slaves overnight, and hell they would just blame terrorists and still be the saviors at the end of the day. Domestic cyber terrorists shut down the power grids so now we need to seize and control all electronic communication to protect you.
      So no power???

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    4. Simple test of power, how do you conduct your daily affairs, with Federal Reserve currency like most every else?
      The current face of Caesar is not on your currency and the accepted quasi-contract of "In God we Trust" yet no definition of whose God? People like to bounce the word Sovereign around, the controller of your money is your Sovereign and King its that simple. And who holds the purse strings that pays all the Agencies Police and Military that control everyone's life.. that same Sovereign.
      they can end the Monopoly game and collect back all the pieces whenever because its theirs simply seize all bank accounts and outlaw cash or just turn the juice off. But it wouldn't effect anyone because they have No Power? And like "The Walking Dead" allegory the hordes will track down all the survivors holding onto humanity until the Elite resurface like saviors and reset the whole game, Like HGWells "Things to Come".
      Thinking they have no power is a totally deluded reality! The true power elite are tucked away on mountains in Switzerland and remote islands etc far from the useless eaters, and those who people assume are in power are nothing but pawns themselves the agent actors in their political dramas they orchestrate.
      America sorry is NOT special never was but a commercial conquest to produce revenue for the elite, as Britain was established as a Roman commercial outpost, if read the early Roman laws and development of the republic etc etc and how it evolved, we are nothing but the resurrection of the New Rome, the District of Columbia birthed in the womb of Virginia and Maryland on land once called Rome.

    5. Sir. Its still all an illusion. Have a blessed night.

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    Published genocide rates of four nations that are on their chopping bloc

    That is why they herding everyone in to FEMA Regions and installing the 5G open air prison grid

    Their plans are to confiscate weapons within regions 5 states at a time

    And if you registered that gun they know where they are they know how much ammo you have etc etc etc

    These so called red flag laws will include anyone stockpiling ammunition
    72 FEMA criteria that puts you on their list


    The Medici family netting all these profits for killing our kids

  4. I recall about 1/2 the reserve troops getting out after Katrina. They said they would not go after their own people of their home. Only a corp total brainwashed unthinking mercenary force would act in such fashion attacking the very people they have been working for ( and done a real real real bad job) take orders to kill even if you mom.

    1. Katrina was a man made storm and the army corp of engineers blew those levies and flooded out and killed all those people
      Gulf oil spill was the same thing planned and carried out to get the people off the gulf coast and take over the land and resources
      Exxon mobile moves in to gulf coast

      They are in the gulf on those 'oil' platforms helping to create the weather disasters to get the people off the land and depopulate

      Everyone will be moved to FEMA Regions

      Of course they are following the bible script so everyone will think this is gods will when in reality these evil bastards are doing it

      Bunch of brainwashed masses, satan, god, blah blah blah while a bunch of inbred criminals destroy everything in their path

    2. ... and nothing new the Revolutionary War was fraught mostly by mercenaries on both sides Red team vs Blue team, LOL the Blue team mercenaries had to threaten the new US government because they didnt get paid most their money after the war SO the federal government has been a bunch of dead beats since the beginning.
      The Wars in the middle east has mostly been military training against civilian populations, the police forces have been militarized and well equipped for decades to fight the drug wars ? against who but civilian populations, its been a gradual merging of the two, while civil unrest has been exacerbated at every opportunity. If your fighting for a paycheck your a mercenary! Most ethnic groups from depressed areas have limited opportunity but join the military when of age for a check and benefits LOL so there is no immigration problem for the government!

  5. I'm telling everyone these are ruthless criminals

    Their agenda is global genocide

    If you read the blog 'Trump' was groomed for the starring role - not his real name either

    1/2 the reserve troops left because they knew what was going on that's why
    They have since then replaced these troops with brainwashed minions who will think nothing of it

    First hand account of what happened after hurricane Andrew

    I suggest you read about the oath keepers that has been pushed on this blog many many times

    The article above is dated but very relevant

    Texas is a target and Beto and Abbott are all in on the game
    No doubt about it

    1. Every mall, stadium, school, large box stores will be used for camps

      From this blog

  6. Rubio is an fraud
    Ted Cruz, fraud
    Around the world they are staging all of this shit and the brainwashed soldiers all around the world are carrying out their agenda
    Disney and the CIA - well it helps when the actor playing hitler became disney
    Seems far fetched but you read the stuff and you will see that these 'actwhores' are who is driving this world to the brink of world war
    The illuminated families and their inbred offsprings performing magic through their pandoras box
    Sick ass shit is what it is

  7. Anyone out there like the guy from gas monkey on tell lie vision
    Well have a look at the role he played in the Vegas 'event'
    How about Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prarie - her role in an 'event'
    Harrison Ford?
    All of them are in on the deception but they get paid to be in on it
    Tell lie vision - turn it off
    And if Truman was not a true man then who in the hell is really running this show
    This blogger says it is non other than this guy
    Their grand master
    WalMart and the disney connections and some of the actors playing roles as their board of directors and other related roles
    They want violence and death - don't give it to them
    Meanwhile we have to figure out how to bust this UN agenda 21 shit wide open for the fraud that the whole thing is
    And 5G needs to be STOPPED - this orweillan hell they have planned for all of us is beyond bullshit
    You think the fake ass pope Jonathan Price or the fake ass queen Lucille Ball are going to give you remedy?

  8. ALERT everyone see the below video and then look at the articles
    Gorbachev set up right where this event is taking place on August 9-11
    Gorbachev set up in this location by Nancy Pelosi long ago and the gorbachev foundation has been tasked with disarmament and decommissioning military bases throughout the united states
    Bottom right of the article below read about grorbachev
    1941 map
    UN map
    Communist command all around the world under direction of the Vatican
    Anyone in California needs to get the word out, it is urgent that you do

  9. Funny how this video posted 'declaration of war' at this precise time
    Lots have been indicating that they going to do something huge on that bridge or at that music festival
    Everyone on alert no matter where you are

  10. Read this story and make note of the organization at the beginning of the article
    And the united nations says ????
    Part of the deception the united nations and their agenda 21 plan for iraq will most like build them tiny 4'x4' shack stack and packs while the crooks steal the water, oil and all the minerals from the area

  11. Too funny just saw article in NY paper dingbat reporter linking pot smoking to proven mental illness and connecting it to the recent mass shootings LOL!!! failed to mention any use of chemical Dr prescribed mind altering pharmaceutical drugs as potential links when every other case for years the shooter was under Dr care and on some drugs??? Not to mention no case I've heard of where the "maniac" was high on pot LOL the government wants people high on pot your less of a threat, the only single issue with pot use is loss of revenue to Big Pharma that is the conflict all legislation was pushed through by big Pharma there was never an issue until they defined it and promoted it, yet their over prescribed toxic crap are the #1 killer in America.
    So while people think it was some recent victory with legalization of pot you dont get anything without sacrificing more down the road, its not a far leap to link the mega Drug War with the gun control measures and that a simple drug use accusation will get your Guns seized based on a blood test since any drug use will be classified as a form of mental illness and a Red Flag!

    1. Not to mention that big pharma is behind the legalization of it to begin with - they gentically modifying the strains
      Rockefeller family behind the AMA in fact they set the whole medical cartel up to begin with
      Their 'science' about our cannabanoid receptors blah blah blah is more bullshit
      CBD oil, snake oil salesmen - now it may help in some regards but no one knows what the hell is in the stuff they selling
      Funny how it opened up a whole new market for the crooks in the know - can you say green new deal
      That's why they advertised it to all the veterans for PTSD - so they can disarm the veterans
      Returning veterans are even on the FEMA list for detainment