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Friday, April 12, 2019

Chalkboard Lesson: Chicago Marxists are Pulling the Strings on the Attack on our Border

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  1. This is uncanny, I get up this morning and flip on youtube to check out the video from InPower Movement i saved to watch later, which was posted here from either Paul or one of Anna's letters' and the first thing that popped up was this video by Glenn Beck, then I go to check emails and see this from Paul referencing the very video I just watched...go figure. Now I'm not the biggest Glenn Beck fan,I was at one time but I've seen and heard him say and do things I highly disagree with however I do tune into these chalk board classes, he does a great job of laying things out in these. I watched the one he did with G. Edward Griffin and his book "Creature from Jekyll Island",a book I have read at least three times now and made my 15 year old daughter read,he did a great job with that interview. If anyone has not read that book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, in all honesty I believe that book should be high school text book and required reading for EVERY American, be they national or US citizen.

    I'm finding it quite intriguing seeing Anna mention people I have been listening to for some time and also seeing them mention Anna in their videos. For instance Kelby Smith from Hisadvocates, and another great source is Yusef El from High Frequency Radio who posts many great videos with screen shots of all the laws and documents, not opinion but whats actually on the books.

    Keep up the great work.

    :Mark-eric: Wilson
    Lakeland florida

    1. careful with yusef el, jonah bey is much more accurate and kelby is good too

    2. also google john birch society i think beck got the idea from them they have pointed communists for some time

  2. Amazing how they knew to set up a Climate Stock Exchange and started trading weather derivitives
    When you own the weather modification patents it's pretty easy to predict the future wouldn't you say
    See or
    Chemtrails and culling the useless eaters starting in the US
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. i have not watched the video, but have a long list of books/rant why blaming "marxists" is counterproductive, and plays right into their hands. "what would satan do?" is the question to ask.

    whether people agree or disagree with me, i see the same "patterns" over and over, and gramsci's ideas seems to have succeeded re: "control of consciousnesss" "control of thought at the start"

    good news is once you truly comprehend the "marxists" just make it up as they go, and all that matters is long-term results, and like illuminists they wear any disguise as it suits them, or trick people into wearing suitable disguises to prop up false images, things get much simpler, and you will certainly agree my theories are VERY possible, even if you dispute they are actually occuring/occurred.
    password: enlightenment

    "new lies for old" paraphrase: once it is realized that licensed anti-sovietism can in fact yield long-term benefits for world communist policy, it is easy to realize the anti-sovietism of leading dissidents outside the USSR is artificially contrived to serve the ends of long-term communist policy. (history doesnt repeat, but it often rhymes. mark twain. for "marxism" everything is "inevitable" so such (reversed, subjective appearances and objective reality likely swapped here in the west versus the east) "rhymes" are guaranteed, proof of deception even)

    "perestroika deception" paraphrase: it is not necessary to enumerate golitsyn's many accurate predictions to prove he is reveleaing the truth; all that is necessary is an understanding of the leninist dialectic. once the observer grasps the continuity of strategy, he possesses the key to understanding communist policy post-soviet union; the skeptical critic is capable of achieving a record as accurate as golitsyn's.

    my opinion: beck is an ex-mormon (strike one, see hangs around fox news "fake right" crowd, strike two. see eustace mullins "the world order" re: heritage foundation and other phony "right" foundations founded by fabian socialists and similar. "bottom up" is strike three. he knows nothing of "marxism". perhaps he explains this is just "image" but it is counter-productive IMO.

    he may not be trying to spread disinformation ,doesnt make him a bad guy, but utterly clueless, a little knowledge is dangerous. i classify him as "useful idiot" (leninist phrase). "shill for the fake right" etc.


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