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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Cost of Freedom

By Anna Von Reitz

First, everyone must resist the Snooze Button long enough to realize that the THINGS in Washington, DC, are not and have never been the American Government.
Those THINGS comprising what is left of the Federal Government operating out of the District of Columbia, are foreign, for-profit, commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services under contract. A full one-third of the "Federal Government" is missing, and it happens to be the third that belongs to us.
The American Government is and always has been vested entirely in the living people and their Lawful Persons and their geographically-defined States.
If you want to be free and live as an American, then you have to step up to the plate and accept the responsibility of self-governance. You have to explicitly declare your political status and operate as a Lawful Person.
If you want to be harassed and bossed around and "Nanny-stated" then you can just stay where you are, as a "presumed" Ward of the "State of State" and you can operate as a "Legal Person" and as a "US Citizen" of some kind.
But be aware that "US Citizens" are not free, cannot own land in this country, and are required to pay for all the services they demand by armed thugs.
The key PERSONS responsible for recognizing your political status are: (1) the District (as in District of Columbia) Attorneys, and (2) the US Secretary of State. This is because these Officers and Departments are particularly responsible for keeping track of who is in their jurisdiction and who is "without" it.
It is your responsibility to keep them fully informed.
It is also your responsibility to put form to function by assembling your State of the Union once you decide to act as an adult American and to not "accept" the political status of an "infant decedent".
Americans have long paid the other costs of freedom in both blood and sweat, but the one cost that is most important, indeed, crucial to all the rest, we neglect. We have earned the right to self-govern, and then, fail to do so.
Run, don't walk, to get your political status corrected and evidence of the correction placed as Notice on the land recording district records, then boot up your State Assembly.
Claim your identity as an American State Citizen and do the one crucial duty left to perform: self-govern, so that you are not "presumed" to be any THING or anyone, but who you truly are: an American.
It should be self-evident that US Citizens are not acting as Americans, and vice versa; otherwise, why would these different designations exist?
It should be self-evident that our States of the Union are our Nations and that these are sovereign entities, while any greater group effort that binds them together as a Union, a Federation, or a Confederation is not sovereign, but is instead an Agent, either unincorporated or incorporated, of the sovereign States.
We are Wisconsinites, Texans, Vermonters, Floridians, and New Yorkers. We are Californians and Oregonians and Montanans and Iowans. We are Minnesotans and Tennesseans and Kentuckians. We are all the faces and place of fifty actual States of the Union.
We are not corporate employees acting under contract to provide governmental services. That is, we are not "US Citizens" nor are we "Citizens of the United States".
We are the actual, factual, living and breathing People of this country and We, are the Employers-in-Fact, of all those foreign governmental service providers operating as "US Citizens".
I recently saw another slam piece of Yellow Journalism accusing me of leading you into "captivity".
I have news for you, you are already being held captive by your own employees, and forced to pay whatever they want you to pay for whatever services these "US Citizens" want to provide.
And it's all because you have not paid the final Cost of Freedom ---- you have failed to act in your proper capacity as an American, failed to operate as a Lawful Person, failed to assemble your State of the Union, and failed to self-govern.
So, in your "absence" your employees are governing you and picking your pockets and telling you when to stand up and when to sit down and what services you will receive and what services won't be available and when to blow your noses. You live in fear of your own employees.
And whose fault is that?


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  1. As I have been writing in another comment, I am a German (Prussian),
    writing from German soil.

    In 1990 they (our Gov.) have all made us to "US Citizens" or
    "Citizens of the US" and nobody had a clue what is going on;
    we all became "Bundesb├╝rger"and that means employees for the Gov.
    Now, almost 29 years later, there are no institutions for
    recording the political status and there are no real countries.
    Most boundaries are not the real country- borders.
    We are litterally in a trap without the opportunity to leave it.
    By reading of Annas articles, I have learnt, that all courts we have
    since 1990, are only see-law-courts for Legal Persons.
    I see no chance to re-convey the Legal- to the Lawful Person.

    I know that our Gov. is obligated to heed the law of occupation
    which is still valid and which determines for us land-law-courts,
    but nobody of the Gov. is interested in a proper conversion
    of this law.
    Now my question:
    When there is absolut officially no chance to get rid of the
    Legal Person ..... what can we do ??
    By the way:
    The law of occupation involves US military law, too.

    1. Response from Anna Von Reitz:

      It's not a matter of getting rid of the Legal Person, it is a matter of regaining your Lawful Person.

      The bastards never really gave Europe back to the Europeans nor Japan back to Japan-- and it is all 100% the fault of the British Government and the Holy Roman Empire that this has been so.

      Very shortly, they will no longer be able to hide their deceits. They will most likely flood the world with "money" of some kind to keep the peace, because the alternative would be their certain demise.

      All very distressing. But Germany is together again and after a tough but hopefully brief effort to educate Germans what "politics" has cost them, it should be good to be a German again and your country should be itself again and living according to its own government.

  2. the word 'person' has a definition, just like the words 'legal' and 'lawful'. If either of these words are put in front of 'person' an agent is required, simply because a 'person' has no life, it is a fictional entity. it needs a man/woman to act as its agent, so 'person' just doesn't differentiate, without doubt, the true difference between 'legal' and lawful. Legal person(s) and lawful people (fellow man) defines clearly the difference.

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