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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cattywumpus, Catawumpus, and Kittywimpus

By Anna Von Reitz

Cattywumpus was always one of my Mother's favorite words.  It brings to mind balls of yarn tangled by a cat, or the way my coffee table looks after Rover and Felix knock it sideways and spill magazines in every direction like a mini-earthquake.  

There's always a lingering impression of force having shifted things around into a new and disjointed order, maybe diagonal to what existed in the first place. 

That's what the American Government has been since 1860: cattywumpus.  

The American -chartered Federal-level States of States have been missing in action ever since, and without the right parts in place, the engine of our Government labors along on two cylinders instead of eight.  

Of course, I am from the Upper Midwest, where "cattywumpus" is the recognized and standard word and spelling.  

If you drift east or south of us, you will start finding "catawumpus" in use, and people will argue with you about  which word is correct, "cattywumpus" or "catawumpus".  

We could keep the same basic meaning and from now on, call it "kittywimpus"?  But that is a slippery slope.  Next week, we would have people coming up with their own ideas: cattawhompus, pussywompus, and so on. 

There is a lot of conjecture that all the above could have derived from a long out-of-use English word, "coddiwomple", which means "moving with purpose toward an unknown destination".  

That sounds like what the Jural Assemblies have been doing: marching along thinking that they were going to assemble their American State, only to find out that if they keep going in their current direction, they are going to assemble a foreign commercial corporation merely calling itself a "State" instead. 

It helps to know for sure where you are going and why. 

My efforts and the efforts of The Living Law Firm support assembling the actual States of the Union, and then assisting each of the State Assemblies to re-charter their own Federal States of States, thereby putting an end to "the Reconstruction" that should have happened at the end of the Civil War. 

To do that, people must willingly declare and record their political status as "American State Citizens".   

Why?  Because you can't dig a ditch while you are twenty miles out at sea.  

Now, our brethren in Michigan want to argue about it, but as you can see, the land and the sea are separated and there is no way for anyone claiming "US Citizenship" to do the work that is set before us. 

All "US Citizens" are operating in Federal Jurisdictions which are all foreign to and outside of the land and soil of this country.  

Other than that absolute and unavoidable fact, we are just quibbling about the difference between "cattywumpus" and "catawumpus". 

Facing up to the necessity of declaring ourselves Americans now means that we won't have our efforts co-opted and led to an "unknown destination" -- a situation the English long ago recognized as a "coddiwomple". 


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  1. Kittywompus is what my mama from Chickasha, Oklahoma raised me saying. Dagnabbit, was I taught ANY "truth"?

  2. Danika, who learnt you to spoke? (lol)

  3. You cannot run without first learning how to crawl...if you have been floating around lost at sea how can you possibly know anything about being on land ?


    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    This is how.
    Correct your status...pretty soon you will look back with a new sense of self and comprehension of something that most of your life was unfathomable.

    I for one am looking forward to the day when it will be appropriate and proper to proudly without hesitation to give the 1 finger salute to my errant employees along with an epic ass chewing that will yield alert and cowering in their urine soaked pants, falling over one another while they obey my commands .
    It os sad that it has come down to this. It is a result of " bad parenting " , fail to discipline the child and they will run the show. Instead of leading and acting as the mentor/teacher/leader , the little animals got let loose and went feral...time to pull up the cowboy pants and cowboy boots , round up the stragglers and get those branding irons ready to brand some asses.
    Perhaps some of you do not share the sentimentmy of the analogy....make up your own.
    Whatever works, just do it.

    1. to Patriot58....
      Sundays at 8pm Pacific
      is this still correct?

    2. (1) Are those calls accessible AFTER they are completed? .... We have trac phones and don't have minutes to use,....
      (2) Also, Anna wrote in a recent post that there would be an ability to "Record" our correction documents using an independent "Service".... Is that still in the 'works'?!? thank you....