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Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Philippines, MacArthur, and Our Gold - International Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

This will be a very brief foray into a very complex subject, but it will suffice to clue you into the vastness and point sources of the corruption we wrestle with today. 

As my Readers know, following the Civil War, the British Monarch pulled a little Cuckoo Bird fraud trick on us, and substituted their Territorial States of States for our own American-chartered Federal States of States.  

That left the Federal Branch of our intended Federal Government incapacitated pending "Reconstruction".  

Once the Territorial States of States were in place, it was easy for people to totally miss or overlook the difference between "The State of Maine" that existed before the conflict and "the" State of Maine that came into being after the conflict.  

The British Monarchs settled down to quietly reign over this new kingdom built on fraud and deceit, and the American People thought that the "Reconstruction" was finished instead of left dangling and still waiting for their States to complete. 

To pull this fraud off, the Scottish Government chartered a new commercial corporation called "The United States of America"---Incorporated, in 1868. 

By 1898, they had run up unimaginable amounts of debt against us and against our States of the Union and were running scared and looking for ways to finish bilking us and run.  

So they bought the Philippine Islands --- the actual land mass of the Islands -- with our money, and took over the Philippines, literally.  This happened in 1898 and we have the proof.  

They then began building bunkers and shipping our gold to the Philippines, where it remained in storage while the "government' --- that is, the Scottish commercial corporation went bankrupt in 1907.  

The next interloper, "the" United States of America, Inc., sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church as a "religious non-profit" in 1925, had a Hit and Run program of its own, designed to collapse the American Stock Market, which happened in 1929 and which left us to sort out the bankruptcy of this second Usurper in 1933. 

In 1934, to keep the scent off the gold in the Philippines, the "Municipal Congress" voted to create an "independent government" for the Philippines.  This was done so that the Philippines "Government" could act as the Trustee over the American gold in storage there and the Creditors of the second fake USA couldn't attach it. 

Enter World War II, and the Japanese took the Philippines.  

They discovered the American gold stashed there and began distributing it to Hellandgone all around the Pacific and even to Nazi Germany and Switzerland. 

This is what General Douglas MacArthur was on the spit for, and why he was so desperate to regain the Philippines and also why he was later murdered by the Cabal.  Ditto George S. Patton, who also knew what was going on. 

This is also how we wound up with Ferdinand Marcos and the Green Hilton Agreements and the Bilateral Minefields Agreements and JFK trying to clean this unholy Mess up. 

And this is still part of what we have to clean up.  

Not all of the gold stored in the Philippines is American, but a great deal of it is and always was.  It's not "abandoned" though certain people and institutions have claimed and wished that it was.  

The Scottish Government and the British Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is liable for it being there, the Municipal United States Congress is liable for it being there, the Popes and the Holy Roman Empire are responsible for it being there, the Philippine Government is responsible for not sorting this out a long time ago, the US Military is responsible for being corrupt and expediting and covering up for all of this.  

The actual American People and the States who are owed back their purloined gold, plus all the interest on it, are still here.  

Just one more reason to jettison the phony British and Municipal "US Citizen" statuses and reclaim your "American State Citizen" status.  

It's not that we are greedy.  It's not that we want to hold the rest of the world feet first to any fire.  We want the truth to be known and for us to be at the table and making decisions about our own assets and future.  

We want our lawful government fully restored.  

We want the criminal elements that have been running these out-of-control commercial corporations removed from power.  And no, we are not allowing any more commercial mercenary "wars" to take place on our shores.  So just re-pack your 30,000 guillotines and shut down your 800 camps and your billions upon billions of rounds of live ammo in the hands of  Federal Agency Personnel (that is, Federal Subcontractors being used as Mercenaries) ----and everyone prepare instead to "decamp".  

This is your International Notice, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, from the Lawful Government of this country, which has been at peace since 1814, that any such action promoting Civil War on our soil, precipitated by agents of the Queen or France or any Benelux country or any foreigner at all, including any United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, will result in the perpetrators, their employers, and the respective commercial corporations responsible being held commercially liable, individually, jointly, and severally, and that we shall set the value of all losses down to the hairs on single heads.


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  1. Here is how we do it
    Get off your duffs and correct your status, you are a subject of no man

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    8pm eastern standard time Sundays

    Kevin Cote' LS
    845 987 0084

  2. Waiting on the links for those who can get paperwork filed for a fee
    I would like to help with this as soon as my paperwork is filed and completed
    No job vurrently do nothing I would rather be doing than to help others
    Once I get this done I plan to visit every friggin ranch in Texas to get this done ASAP
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby,

      Paying someone to do this work , in my opinion , is of "0" value .
      If you truly want to be free, you must learn what it is, how you got there and every step to freedom and why. It is not an easy task . We have all been dumbed down , poisoned , brainwashed lied to and bullied.
      Get the idea that you have money to pay someone to do anything for you completely out of your head...there is no money , there is only hard work, de learning and searching, finding and embracing the truth.
      You are no beginner here . I have been aware of you for sometime.
      One of the few lies you were told was " hard work and perserverence will bring you success" . Time to refocus on what we know to be right and cast away all the lies.

      Kevin Cote'
      845 987 0084

      Sunday evenings at 8pm eastern standard time
      Participant Instructions
      Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
      Enter the access code: 443602

      Correct your group
      We support each other with our own experience amd knowledge.

    2. Have you ever asked yourself, if everything else we have been told and taught is one big fat huge lie, what makes you think the CONstitution is not one big ass CON too?
      What would make anyone think that if these same families have been conning the world for centuries is just gonna say ok we got caught here you go we will leave the world in peace now?
      They have to have WWIII so Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, Big Pharma, Big Oil can make money (you know that stuff that has no value) If there are no wars they don't make any money
      They have set the people up in every nation for this very purpose
      And of course with war they get to watch as the slaves kill each other working it all right in with their UN Agenda 21 initiatives to depopulate and kill off the useless eaters
      And filing suit for any of this is moot because guess what they own and direct all that shit too - this ain't their first rodeo -they've been perfecting their game one flattened and killed off nation at a time - ring around the rosies
      You have to kill this beast at the source period
      At this moment in time that means shut everything and I mean everything down, turn it all off
      And from what I have read the little state over in the middle east that is full of people who are not who they say they are have a kill switch for all of it (pretty convenient wouldn't you say considering the people who set that little state up over there is the Head of the Beast)
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. You have a problem.
    The Scottish Government was prorogued in 1707 due to "The Treaty of Union", it was only reconstituted in 1998 due to The Devolution settlement.
    Ipso facto you have a significant error in your story and is a smear against the Scottish Government and people.

    1. Answer by Anna Von Reitz:

      The British were responsible for it, no doubt, and just used the Scottish Government as an instrument and excuse, trying to say that the Scottish Government did the dirty work, so the Queen didn't actually Breach our Trust, but for all the reasons you enumerate, she was in fact in control. And that is the tack I have officially taken on it --- going after the Queen and the Privy Council and not just the Scottish Government per se, and certainly not the Scottish People.

    2. Paul the point is there was NO Scottish Government in 1868 therefore they cannot be responsible. There was a United Kingdom Government which was the result of the English corrupting forcing a merger of the two Parliaments. We are still living with the consequences today.

      By all means go after the Queen and the Privy council and the UK Government, but the Scottish Government did not exist at the time. That does not of course mean that Scots were not involved in the criminality, just not the Scottish Government.

      I looked for this article on Anna's site to comment there but could not find it. Can you link it for me please.

      @Animallover Sarcastic comments are not helpful.

  4. That would be awesome.i will definitely pay someone for assistance.i work 12 hours a day. I'm 35 and I want to secure my God given rights as state national,a Floridian,a land owner!

    1. You do not own anything
      You are livestock

      Correct it .

      No one will do it for you.
      Participant Instructions
      Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
      Enter the access code: 443602
      Sunday evenings 8pm est

    2. "You do not own anything
      You are livestock"
      So i ask you, after we correct it,
      what do we own, that we did not own before?
      Do we still die?
      Can we take it with us?
      Is there Gold, can we take that with us also?
      If there is no money, why does Anna seek it?
      If there is no money why does it cost money to gain all of the benefits you say we need?
      If there is no money, why does Anna , AND Trump think this is the way to seek Justice and to teach others a lesson?
      How many millions is a punch in the face worth? Trumps speech was a lie and a deception?
      Where has the thought the knowledge the directive of "Turn the other cheek gone?
      What Book are these "leaders following?
      Why when people ask and point out these common simple Truths do you and others go Ballistic?

    3. Unknown: Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job a nightmare.

  5. Saw something last night that ‘Hit’ home.
    i watched as a president suggested suing everybody, and their mother was the answer and that justice is served in this way, should we be punched in the face? And told this young man, that he was going to be very wealthy.
    Now in the thought of Keep it simple, What does our Guide book tell us? How does our Master recommend we proceed in the same situation?

    1. to a follower....

      We are our own Masters!
      Your devotion to be controlled is obvious.

      "Learn to swim to land or drown in the deceit."

  6. 30,000 guillotines, 800 camps and your billions upon billions of rounds of live ammo in the hands of Federal Agency Personnel (that is, Federal Subcontractors being used as Mercenaries)
    AH HELL THEY DONT NEED THESE NOW THEY HAVE 5G so they tell us who knows humpty dumpty was raving about 6G maybe it's 6 not 5, you know another slight of hand
    I'm living in between 3 different areas in one state lined with this and you can feel it
    They have to limit the slaves power so they can use the electric grid to run their massive spy data centers and continue with their world wide weather modification/destruction
    Where are those galactics when you need them?
    In God We Trust
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Found this to be very informative - Head of the Beast
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved