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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Predatory Lending at it's Finest, in Montana no less.

Can anyone in the Living Law Firm help get these people their house back?

Found here:

If you can help, contact Jim White at Northwest Liberty News.


  1. you have to read every word of every paper you sign. You have to know every statute involving negotiable notes and foreclosure processes in your state. You have to know RESP and TILA and your consumer protection laws. Every paper they send you have to answer. You have to file charges against them in civil court to get in front of the Judge. Every paper you send them has to be certified. If you get in front of the Judge you have to have a recording of what is said. The lawyers and Judges will not help you. You have to help yourself. If you are ready to start and it is not too late. Find something you can file against them. Study all the statutes and find out if they followed procedure. It will consume your life. I've been fighting for 10 years. The deck is stacked against you. Sorry for your situation.

  2. The way these banks bundled up all the "NOTES" into complicated derivatives, called CDO's , and unlawfully Securitized them on Wall Street, which required separating the "NOTE" from the "mortgage agreement", which should never be done, but at least trying to match up the NOTE again before they sold these instraments, the banks legally cannot even "modify" anyone's mortgage, because there is no longer any "Real Party of Interest" anymore...thats why they want all these homes back even if the owner offers more than what they can sell it for, because it's the only way they can get original NOTES again from a new buyer....between the Banks and Mortgage Comp. , they have effectively destroyed 400 years of real estate law...!! It will take them years to correct it...!!

    Once they start a foreclosure on you, forget it...there are so many parties involved in the 2008 collapse that you will have to sue dozens of people Calif. it isn't worth it...!! I doubt it's worth it anywhere...!!

    I'm speaking from experiance....!!

  3. Read the 'Jean Keating Transcript- Securitization 1'. This contains specific factual information that will be very helpful for your situation.

  4. Lein the shit out of the property the minute you get involved in it...every expense, the down payment, the bills, the improvements, common law...

    1. That sounds very interesting. Where could I look for an intro on this concept?

  5. DBS, They have read, that's why they signed. The Problem is not at the signers, but at the crooks calling themselves as Lenders. We are supposed to do something to wake the crooks up that 1) they violated a host of fed law including Trust Law, 15 usc 1 & 2, subject to $100M penalty, etc.. 2) their fake jurisdiction should be challenged, these can get people property back, by recognizing their fabricated notes, Bifurcation, and incompetent Commercial Judges unperformed duties. They are not to work with their Bar attorneys to scam the people by pretending and rushing to steal people homes, against the 7th Amendment. We have uneducated police and judges working for foreign power, as Commercial Judges and Police. As Deriverants, they are supposed to have their Public Hazard Bond to back their acts. The fed law requires them so. You can’t rely on the prosecutors, they help the thieves. Yes America is in big trouble with crooks.


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