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Monday, September 10, 2018

The Intent of Evil

By Anna Von Reitz

Look around. Think. Everyone.
When we started our work, the Evil in High Places was very well advanced.

Only a very small handful of nations on Earth were still operating as sovereign unincorporated governments --- the Holy See, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya, a handful of Pacific Island Kingdoms --- and The United States of America [Unincorporated]--- but nobody counted us, because we'd been asleep so long.
You think it's a mistake that the "US" has been constantly involved in efforts to pick fights with and undermine these exact same governments?
Iraq was attacked under false pretenses.
Then Libya fell and their leader was murdered by American Troops who were unknowingly being used as cheap mercenaries to do the dirty work of the Cabal.
And what have we had ever since? Still more threats against North Korea and who else? Oh, Iran.... and what other sovereign government has been taking it in the shorts lately? The Holy See.
You still think that is all just "coincidence"?
It's not. It's pre-meditated and criminal.
And it's not coming from "America"---it's coming from the "United States"--- the British-backed Territorial United States.
What was the purpose of all this? The establishment of the "New World Order" --- a world without land or soil rights at all, a world governed by and for corporations instead of people, a vast, totalitarian oligarchy controlled by bankers dictating everything behind the scenes.
This "new" world would be run entirely in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
The old Land Law and private property rights would be permanently obliterated, the Constitutions of all countries rendered moot.
This is an assault against national sovereignty worldwide--against every country and every people.
Keep your attention focused on which one of the remaining sovereign land jurisdiction governments is being attacked this week--- North Korea? Iran? The Holy See? The United States of America [Unincorporated]? Some little Pacific Island? --- and judge for yourselves the importance to asserting your own birthright political status and occupying your own land jurisdiction.


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  1. Corperation status vs state nationalist .
    Poor dumb masses don't understand the consequences or being under a corperation .
    The hoodlums can railroad you under corporate
    must get you to agree first.

    1. Ppl who know how a corperation functions keep a cork in it .
      Making waves is bad !

  2. What "you" do is in a corporate venue. Other than what you do with, "personally," with you family and friends, is under corporate control. Outside of what you do with another natural-person, you are doing it through/with/by/for, a corporation.

    1. my understanding: corpus == body. e.g. "body of law" "habeus corpus"

      thus, natural person(s) are "corporate" already, hence do not need to be incorporated. vide "body politic" "body corporate". just means one or more natural persons acting "as one body" e.g. "the people of xyz assembled, came to a joint resolution, that the sky is blue"

      "incorporate" means to give a body to (provide people) representing something that does not physically exist, e.g. an idea or a business or a non-profit, needs natural persons to "represent" it "i'm CEO of superhypermetaglobalmegacorp"

      likewise with a "trust" or other "legal fictions"

      likewise, per vatican scheme of air/land/sea, i believe all "spirits" need a "body" of a natural person to manifest. (unless we are talking metaphysical magnetism, or horror movie chairs moving around, etc. in which case that still holds, just the "spirits" manifest by inhabiting/moving inanimate "bodies" (physical things that are not natural persons)

      so, i basically agree, except a natural person(s) are corporate already, hence they dont need to incorporate.

      only legally dead things (ideas), or spirits without a body, need to be "incorporated" (to provide a body to)

      dictionary says "in" (not) "corporate", but then also "made one body, united in one body" "combined" "embodied"

      thus, natural persons already have bodies. non-natural pesons must be "embodied" (provided body/bodies)

      i mention this, because e.g. i found an old "the informer" article, who seemed confused "the states were always corporate" but to me that just means "group of people, body politic" -- unincorporated common law "states" composed of living people. doesnt imply they were always crown temple/knights templar/bar attorney incorporated "states" as he insinuates. there may be other reasons for that, but "corporate" alone just means "body".

    2. "spirit" also means "alcohol" (implication being, you were demon possessed, as if the booze was a magical potion)

      thus, alcoholic behavior could be "forgiven" in the sense you "werent yourself" (assuming you just accidentally drank too much)

      point being, "spirits" need a body to manifest. else, it is just a bottle of jack daniels sitting there nonchalantly, staring at you. it cant do anything unless you agree to "incorporate" it into your body.

      so, that is an ancient example of another type of "incorporation" -- merger of alchohol (spirits) + natural person's body.

      if we have natural persons, acting as representatives of xyz corp., and they are sloshed, then there are 3 layers of "corporate things" going on.

      thus, i believe technically an incorporation, because it at some point needs a natural person body "representing it", really means "add another body to a natural person" "add this natural person to another group of people" "put another hat on this natural person".

      just my opinion, but it depends on what angle you are coming from. "incorporate" to me is from the angle of the spirit/idea "i need a body" that is why it means "embody"...

      but from the natural person POV, you are adding another "body" or "hat" to wear. "im joe smith, arizonan, and i also represent jack daniels corporation" (thus, the spirit of joe smith, has 2 bodies)

      makes sense to me, just "embody" is a little backwards to natural people, because we already have bodies. but from the angle of a "spirit" or "idea" it makes sense.

    3. ive said it before, "think like a mason"

      it can also be said "incorporate" means "add another spirit to" as well

      because it means some type of spirit/idea, which needs one or more natural persons/bodies to attach to.

      and every natural person already has one or more spirits attached to them.

      thus, if you add "i now also represent xyz corp." that means to add that person to another group of "bodies" (the other employees), but also will inevitably shape his "spirit" just by taking on this new "role"

      "incorporation" in practice, seems to also always imply a merger of "spirits"

      e.g. i drank jack daniels today, incorporating it into my body, and my spirit merged with the delicious spirit of mr. daniels, and besides being "joe from new york" i was now "drunk joe from new york" and joined the body/group of "drunk people".

      so, from natural person POV, i would say it means adding a hat/body/group your spirit is a member of, but also adds/merges a "spirit" into your natural body i.e. the body your spirit is domiciled in.

      thus (unless we allow "astral projection") a natural person has one spirit and one body by default.

      but incorporation allows mixing in more spirits with your spirit, and letting your spirit also inhabit other bodies (secondary/tertiary/etc. residences, primary residence/domicile is always your own body).

      "drunken history" might be a joke tv show, but "drunken law" is probably the only way to understand certain things.

      q: "what would a sorceror do? what would satan do? what would the beer want me to do?"

      a: write a gramarye/grimoire; try to merge spirits; he wants me to drink him.

      "he winked at me" (christmas story turkey)

  3. force of law , is in corporate statutes but firstly you must agree much like arraignment judge ask you do you (waive )your right. To a trial by jury.

  4. One thing @ a time...

    James Corsi Subpoenaed by Mueller; Infowars on Mossad Payroll
    6 Sep 2018 - 6:08:46 PM
    6 Sep 2018 - 5:22:54 PM

    >There is a lot more to this than you realize.
    >Think 'collective' attacks v. 'Q'

    They 'attack' AJ to give him fake credibility amongst POTUS supporting Patriots, thus poisoning the water and directing narrative of the 'opposition' through a MOS supported asset aka AJ.
    All team effort, coordinated 'collective' attacks with pawns and actors serving black hat agenda and attempting to control/divide the Patriots.

    >Attacks will come from ALL sides.
    Control & Divide.
    Think Mueller.
    Who is testifying before Mueller tomorrow?
    Forensic data analysis on phone(s) and/or computers?
    This is not about Guccifer 2.0.
    What happens if Mueller 'proves' 'Free Speech Systems LLC' aka 'InfoWars' is linked to a Foreign Intel Agency or other Non_Domestic entity?
    How can the 'LEFT' use that information to DIVIDE and CENSOR the RIGHT?
    Why are affiliates of InfoWars constantly attacking 'Q'?
    Who is pulling the strings?
    [           ]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]
    Q ]

  5. I have corrected my birthright political status.

    But one thing everybody better remember, God is in control and he is the one that is allowing the one world political system to go into place to fulfill his prophecies! If you try and get in his way and stop him, I feel sorry for you.

    1. Fruit, as I have come to realize over many long years, all the prophecies are things already known by God and scriptures are just foretelling us those things. It is as though God did ''fast forwarding' and foresaw ahead of Time what was actually going to happen; God is not arranging anything to make the bible true.

      So keep that in mind; it really clears up the mindset, and causes us to then realize that if the bible says thus and thus in the end times or ?...well then you can count on it going to happen.

      Remember too God said he knows the all from the beginning to the end. So in view of all that, we can know that God is not trying to make anything happen, it just IS (as foreseen in advance and the bible reports that to us in scripture.)

      One scripture that is good for proof of this is......knowing scripture was written thousands of years ago, finished about 1900 years ago - look how it has foretold this way back then:

      2 Tim 4:3 and 4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts they shall heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears
      4 And they shall turn away their ears from Truth and shall be turned to fables (false preaching, teaching, gospel)

      And Wow can we sure see this happening in the past few decades and its at its worst today........

      Now THAT is a foretelling that should be beyond doubt that the Bible is absolutely true.

    2. Is Anna being advised to not show too much to us? Does she think we have years to study this like she did? If a “citizen’s” time is short, why not show a step by step?
      We must all remember that there is also a proper format to use to submit certain legal-type paperwork. That is another issue in itself altogether.

    3. Everything is presented in a rather broad generalization.

      Have any of you joined the SEDM or family guardian website as a paying member?

    4. Fruit, exactly what Ive been saying. Everything is given in very broad terms, not precisely, which is necessary. So I concur; you are correct there.

      There does exist, certain types of people that relish is seeing people scurry around, pulling their hair out, and fretting; and have the mindset that nothing should come easy.

      Well, I've found that generally what amts. to a mountain to climb usually is a waste of time as there is nothing on the other side of it. Wasted effort. And what has been worthwhile and rewarding, always came easy.

      I've had many experiences where I just found myself where I never intended to be, which had very beneficial results. That is an indication to me, that is the way to go.

      Ive also had experiences where there was much strong resistance; that indicates a closed door, not the way to go.

      As I write this, the verse ''God will make me a plain path, he will direct our footsteps, he guides us with his eyes'.

      Keep these things in mind, in all 'our' endeavors.

  6. Recently you Anna, have been speaking about the snakes attacking "The Church" Well how do you think Yahweh and His Son would feel about a corrupt and wealth based institution such as the vatican being refereed to as the Holy See.
    Would you not think these 'many'falsehoods would be viewed as an attack on the True assembly?
    The New covenant was geared towards the individual people not group.

  7. followed by followed by proves which entities want the New World Order/One World Government

  8. Those of you, who are looking for freedom without cost or labor, seem to be in the same category as those who do not believe in a supreme being. Over the last ten years I have swallowed enough insults to Christians and now refuse to just ignore it. If you cannot accept the fact that Anna has a superior intellect (a gift from God) than you are welcome to go straight to hell. Zip your lip fools!

  9. Anna is quite a smart lady in the legal fraud area "old dog" imo. Perhaps Joan of Arc like if u will...

    However, Old dog doing the Abby nonsensical trip of sending "straight to hell" her critics in particular of her arcane, but interesting interpretation of Christian Bible thoughts/beliefs....well, that's another side trip I care not to make fun of @ the moment since anyone suggesting those notions probably will visit there, too, for a short re-education spell perhaps, too, as well in the afterlife imo♩


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