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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My Bad Attitude

By Anna Von Reitz

First point-- this can be an ugly world. And I have seen plenty of that ugliness. I have seen how every nasty, prurient, self-serving, lousy aspect of human nature gets "employed" by the Satanists among us and how every virtue can be twisted to serve the Devil, too.
Some people call this a "Bad Attitude". Others recognize it as wisdom.
There is, in fact, a Bad Attitude that is required, if you don't want to be taken in and messed with and abused. You have to be skeptical. You have to be hard. And sometimes, you have to be rude, too.
Second point --- we are dealing with Satanists, whether we wake up and realize it or not. Satanists and their flunkies make up around thirty percent of the population.
And Satanists worship the Father of All Lies.
They lie about anything and everything. They lie for money. They lie for amusement. They lie for political advantage. They lie simply to lie.
Third point --
- think about what you are being asked to believe.
Normal children who are harmed by predators go to their parents and tell them that they have been hurt. Why? Because they trust their parents to protect them and help them feel better.
The parents then report the abuse to the police.
The police investigate. Reports and complaints are generated. All sorts of interviews take place, including mental health interviews, medical examinations, and so on.
If there is sufficient evidence, charges are brought.
So what kind of child doesn't report abuse?
The children of Satanists don't, because their own parents abuse them the same way.
If Uncle Marty rapes you, it's no big deal because Daddy already did the same.
And there is nowhere to go in the mind of such a child, because if they go directly to the police, all they will get is more abuse, or, they will wind up dead.
So, enter Professor Ford and all the people coming forward with claims of rape and sexual molestation and attacks from thirty years ago.
The Big Question in my mind is, and has to be: "Why am I just hearing about this now?"
This question is rapidly followed by: "Why didn't you tell your parents?" and if they were old enough, like Professor Ford -- "Why didn't you report it to the police?"
I have to be hard-boiled. I have to ask these questions. And so should you.
Bearing False Witness is part of the Satanist's religion. They think its a great when when they tell a Whopper and garner some advantage for themselves.
Their law is: "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."
You get no points for being gullible.
If they can't get someone into a compromised position, that inconvenience doesn't necessarily stop them. They will lie and say they did anyhow.
Satanists use lies as tools to accomplish goals and make money, and once you understand that, your innocent Bleeding Heart impulses get seriously curtailed. For example:
There is an entire industry that lures young girls into lives of prostitution. It works like this. They look for and target girls that are dissatisfied with their family for some reason: they have to share a room with an obnoxious younger sister, they don't get an allowance, their parents expect them to work during the summer, they don't have a car, parents won't let them party, and blah, blah, blah.
Then the sympathetic Recruiter tells them how easy it is to be "emancipated"--- set free from all the disciplines and hardships of life at home. All you have to do is tell a school nurse or some other ready ear that your Father molested you, and the court will set you free.
Just say it, whether he did anything or not. Lie.
They don't mention all the nastiness the victim will endure once they do it. Nobody tells them that their family will be destroyed, that their parents will most likely divorce even if the Big Lie is exposed, and how their younger siblings will be thrown into the Foster Care System.
Nobody mentions the double-bind these girls put themselves in--- how they will be shamed and pitied no matter what they do.
And most of all, the Silver-Tongued Devils never tell these young ladies that after you are "emancipated" at the tender age of fifteen or sixteen, there is still a need to find a place to live, to earn your keep and make a life without the support and love and network of a family---- because guess what?
You destroyed all that.
After the dust dies down and the social workers move on to the next case, the Recruiters befriend the victim. They take her out and show her a good time and they suggest the "lifestyle" she can have as a whore.... all she has to do is lay on her back, spread her legs, and make plenty of money.
And since she is too young to have any other skills.....
This has been going on non-stop for decades in America, and with all the billions of dollars spent on police protection and investigation, nothing gets done about it. And no matter how often the social workers hear the same story and see the same results, they never report it, never put two and two together.
Their story--- and they are sticking to it --- is that millions of American Fathers diddle their daughters, and that the girls are so "damaged" by this, that they gravitate into lives as prostitutes.
Fourth point --- all this is BS.
These girls are being misled and coached, deliberately, to make false accusations against their Fathers and other male caregivers. They are being sold a bill of goods for the purpose of recruiting them as whores.
And that is just one particularly nasty example of how the Satanists among us work to destroy lives, create victims, and then prey upon them for profit ---- and all via the simple vehicle of a Lie.
Did Kavanaugh get drunk as a teenager and paw over Ms. Ford?
Here's my Bad Attitude:
If it didn't matter enough to Ms. Ford to report it when it happened thirty years ago, it surely doesn't matter to me now.


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  1. Ucadia, and unknown if they show up today?
    Do make good points, even when we do not care for their mannerisms.
    Anna is from Annas view.
    Why are not young men included in this scenario? Do women do the same thing? Look at the female teachers. Look at the males and females who are corrupt, look at the ones who say nothing to gain advantage.
    The conversation can take place in a respectable manner. Looking for ways to stab and back stab each other is a benefit to whom?

    You people who are simply here to attack as childishness, should look for a way to find peace amongst ourselves. Look for the common ground and build on it.
    Please consider, we cannot call bull shit on 'everything' Anna writes because she blends it with truths. Then we see those who reply in such a fawning response as "OH Anna you can do and say no wrong." paraphrasing.
    These people are also their own worst enemy. Calling them names will not convince them to do their own research.
    Same as those who follow and worship Trump, thinking he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Another point i would make is, Those liars of the world hurt not only themselves, they hurt the real victims of rape, the real victims of abuse.

    1. Some unscrupulous attorneys finally found a crime that is almost impossible to defend, and really making it difficult to work with the opposite sex , because all it takes is an alligation.....Maybe there are some people like Harvey Weinstein who have positions of power that they misuse...But now the pendulum has swung way to far to the left and woman are using these allegations for nefarious purposes themselves...Women are using sexual harassment laws to destroy lives or to gain political advantage over their competitors as a weapon...Because unlike other crimes, this one only needs an accusation of abuse to have legal consequences....!! This law has to go...grow up ladies and stand up for yourselves , but don't use those laws to destroy good people, just because you don't like them or some other reason....!! All your doing is adding to the "deep states" agenda....!!

    2. good statement James.. my family is a victim of this- a false allegation and a corrupt prosecutor doomed my son. yes my son.

    3. James, and AJ, you are so right. I am very much a female and I am fed up with all these women using this to try to destroy people. IF there is a genuine complaint, it would have to be nearly rape which I find questionable in many of these circumstances. It cannot all be life threatening. A pat on the behind is not something most women can't set a person straight about, pronto, then that should end it.

      We have a large population of promiscuous women these days; and if they are known to be promiscuous, then they open themselves up to such 'unwanted advances'. Are they really unwanted? Who knows, but its time to stop making a mountain out of a molehill !
      About Kavanaugh and the good doctor, I have no idea, but why didn't she speak up back then; why wait till he is up for a top job? Is this 'good doctor' a demorat? A deep state set up, who was hunted down by them and how did they persuade her to testify and bring up decades old shit?

      What ever happened to the old 'frivolous lawsuit' thing? There should be a hefty penalty for bringing such suits. I believer there are some legitimate cases, but meanwhile this sure puts guys in a very tough position. Best I know is to always have a witness nearby.
      Women need to realize they might just get a Case won; but God SEES YOU and knows if you are a LIAR and there is a very harsh penalty for Liars that you won't like.

    4. Yep, Abby! Recarnation is God's ancient plan for ALL SOULS to work off their once devious ways if not in this life - certainly in some other future life - when that Soul has had enough of these at times miserable lower realities of pain, suffering & treachery♩

      There r no coincidences in life🎶

  2. Aw man! Paul, did you delete ucadia's comment? That was prima facie evidence of a leftist's inability to reason. I had the best response ready and now I have nothing to respond to.

  3. I did delete him. He is a troll and I will not allow his comments. I will be deleting all his comments. I have reserved the right to delete comments for any reason that I deem necessary on this blog, so don't bother answering his comments.


    ROBERT STEELE: I’m going to put my name on this comment because I am sick and tired of rogue elements of the CIA and the FBI and NSA playing politics….I also feel very strongly that we need to get out of covert operations including regime change, assassination, mind-control, and blackmail. I would remind everyone that we went to war in Kuwait based in part of the daughter of the Kuwait Ambassador to DC being trained by Hill & Knowlton to lie to Congress (Congress was surely complicit, there must have been more than one Member who had met the daughter at a social function).We went to war in Iraq the second time based on 935 lies. I assess this woman’s accusation as lies based on both the passage of time (there is a good reason there are statutes of limitations) and her association with the CIA (and Stanford, like Yale, a fully vested left wing liberal arm of the CIA). While it is alleged that she told these stories years ago to her husband and therapist, Justice Kavanaugh has always been a rising star and known right of center judge target, and it is very likely that he did not fall prey to the standard pedophilia blackmail and outright bribery approaches normally used by the Deep State to control judges and prosecutors across the USA, hence the Deep State element of CIA “salted” stories about Kavanaugh as an advance poison pill to be used in extremis. If I were on the Committee — or in a jury — I would dismiss this woman’s accusations out of hand. Kavanaugh has every right to sue her for defamation and use the legal discovery process to take a deep dive into every single cell call and every single email and every single CIA-related contact she has had in the last decade. There is absolutely no question in my mind, as a former clandestine operations officer, that this woman is “dirty” in every possible sense of the word, and she — and her handlers — should fry. I hope the President will announce some of the high-level Democratic pedophilia arrests soon — I dare to hope that both the Clintons, both the Obamas, and Joe Biden will be the first to be charged as elite pedophiles, presuming grand jury indictments based on marshalled evidence. This last minute endeavor to derail the nomination will not end well for the Democrats — or the CIA.

    UPDATE 1:

    The male classmate she named as a witness has categorically stated in writing that he does not remember any such incident and such behavior is totally inconsistent with the Kavanaugh he knew."

  5. I aagree also, he sounds like some sort of Government operative. Thanks, Mike

  6. Unknown, We have had problems with anonymous comments using the handle Unknown so we don't allow this handle. You need to get an identifying handle that is unique to you as others use this handle to troll and disrupt our blog, therefore every comment using "unkown" as a handle will be summarily deleted without being read by the admin.

  7. The head of he NSA, a military high rank officer, embroiled previously in child molestation using public money child programs, the case moved due to "National Security" then later he shows up as head of the NSA. Admittedly on a talk show earlier ( he has little curled eyebrows like a curled mustache) he answered the Satanist Church he was also a founder and particpant in did not actually do any of the violent rituals, but they were still in the books. I personally witnessed an entire book shelf with large hardbound books with Satan organized religion clearly the subject of the bible like books. The bigger picture is it is spread everywhere, everyday. It is up to us to spot it and fight, avoid, correct, prevent or whatever necessary to keep it from spreading. Sorcery is a kind of Satanism in past history two parties, one a spell caster and one the receiver participant. Both must believe in the created "spell" to make it real, bring it into reality here amongst us. How is it any different today to attend and appointment in a small room with a "professional" psychiatrist who is trained in getting you to think some mysterious thing is wrong with you? Modern innnocent terms are used like Bi-Polar or Multiple Personality disorder and around 350 more such "things" that you have no control over. Like a demon in you that you cannot control. We as Christians or others who love god know this kind of imagined thing can be rejected, Gods counsel sought and finding the root of our problem. Blaming behavior on unseen merely described scientific disorders in a kind of modern day Satanism completely unknown to most involved in it. See the myth of mental illness book and do some research to find out the horrors around this "religion" and that is only one thing going on around us everyday. Just cause the world looks "sterile" and normal does not mean it is not Satanism as you recall it must be disguised since anyone in their right mind would not participate if it were put to them exactly what it is they are doing. Ever see a car going around with people wearing black, Satan painted on the side and handing out leaflets to increase members? Do not stray from the shepard's flock lest the wolves find you alone and easy prey.

  8. I was a child that didn't tell anyone about it until I was 27, as It was suppressed it came out When I got close to 30 years of age. The abusers were my brother, my father's cousins and a few women babysitters. When I told my parents about it they said they were sorry, when he got out of jail recently I found out that my parents let him live in their house and let him be alone with his daughter. I told them if they did not get him out of their house and away from his daughter I would go to the police and his parole officer. I guess this was my fault for not reporting it as a child. My father blamed me the same way that Anna is saying "what child doesn't report it" I can't cosign that blanket statement at all. This will be my last time on this site. I wish you the best Ms. Anna.

    1. Sorry for your sufferings Anonymous....Everyone has a breaking point. Sad that this abuse saga found yours😶

  9. Abby has posted this very same type of comment to me in Paul's older blogs! I even have proof!

    [In one instance, Mrs. Kavanaugh was sent an email which reads, “May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell.”]


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