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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ignorance as a Defense --- A Reply for "Eeyore 2.0"

By Anna Von Reitz

You have been told repeatedly that "Ignorance of the Law is no defense." --- but studiously left uninformed of the fact that "Ignorance caused by non-disclosure is an adequate defense." 

So, listen up, Campers.  

Our ignorance about Satan and Satanism was deliberately enforced.  It was decided by the Learned Church Doctors a thousand years ago that the less we knew about Satanism the better --- for us, and most pointedly, for the Church. 

They figured that if the Church was the only option that people knew about, the Church would be enabled to save all souls.  And corner the religious market. 

To some extent, of course, they were right.  

Their more or less successful suppression of Satanism followed the same pattern as the Roman efforts to the same end: the average people were gradually encased in a nice cocoon of ignorance about any such nasty subjects, but the elite and the most educated members of society were taught --- on the theory that it was necessary for Rulers to know.

So the Rulers were taught Babylonian necromancy and Phoenician aphrodisiacs, Egyptian, Persian, and Enochian Magic, Tarot and seances and all manner of things that are otherwise forbidden.  

What inevitably happened in Rome and, as it turns out, in modern Europe, was that the leaders and the elite became corrupted by their knowledge of Satan and Satanism.  They were lured by their lust for power and riches and sex and all the other "goodies" that Satan has on offer,  and so Nero and Caligula fiddled and slaughtered while Rome burned, and Queen Victoria sold her kingdom in a vain attempt to permanently subjugate the entire Sub-Continent of India. 

And here we are.  

The reverse side of the argument concerning our ignorance/innocence is that not knowing our Enemy leaves us sitting ducks, totally unaware and unprepared, unable to recognize the nature and cause of all the Evil besetting us on every side and unable to trace the growth of its corruption until it erupts in full stinking bloom. 

It's really quite simple. 

Just take everything you have ever been taught about virtue and redefine virtue as vice and vice as virtue.  

Now lying is prayerful, and every form of adultery, prostitution, and perversion is sacred and good.  Bearing false witness is a religious duty and deceit in all things is an obligation.  If it is considered good in normal society to protect and care for children, then under the boot of Satanism, endangering and harming children is the rule of the day.  Usury, bondage, enslavement, and purposeful murder are also applauded, practiced, and elevated as "art".  

If communion with the dead is forbidden, then the Satanists will find a way to do it in broad daylight.  And make a profit from it, too.  

Most of all, Satanism is about death.  It is a Death Cult.  Its followers rejoice in destruction, misery, terror, and death.  

Just think of those "Isis" cage-burning and crucifixion videos coming out of the Middle East.  

All they needed was a giant cast iron furnace in the shape of an owl and we would have been witnessing a repeat of Sumeria in 10,000 B.C. 

You think it can't happen here, now, in the modern world? 

It already is.  Abortion worldwide is already claiming more lives than disease and will soon out-strip the death toll attributable to war.  

Killing babies is one of the most venerable and hallmarked practices of Satanism and the closet Satanists among us have sold three generations of Americans the idea that legalized age-dependent murder is a good thing.  

Listen closely to all those screaming Banshees wailing shamelessly about their "sacred" right to abortion during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Sacred? Really?  

The rise of this Ancient Evil is taking place right under our noses, and though we can smell the rot, too many of us still can't give it a name: Satanism. 

There are those who claim that the Gospels are a farce promoted by the Romans to intellectually enslave us. There are those who say no such person as Yeshuah ever existed.  Even very good friends from my youth roll their eyes toward the ceiling.  

How could I be so naive as to believe this obvious bastardization of the Egyptian Isis Myth?  

The essence of the truth is that you must believe things because they are worth believing in, and no other reason.  

You choose life instead of death.  You choose right instead of wrong.  You choose compassion instead of contempt.  These are choices about what is worth believing in and nurturing, never mind all the nastiness that exists. 

As for the rest, I realize that I am part of the One Life that was and is and always will be, and that is enough for me to lift up my head and shine, shine, shine.

Eeyore --- and you know who you are ---  I hear you. 

"What's the use?  People never learn.... You teach one generation and by the next generation, they forget. I don't see the point in it anymore. I'm tired, Chief.  Let's go home." 

 And I see your stooped shoulders like a mountain shuffling westward to the sea, old and cold and dark, but you can't fool me.  

There's still a volcano deep inside of you.  There's still a heart that cares.  You are still in love with this beautiful creation.  And in your way, you keep faith with it.  

Even so.   

In this War of the Spirit the battle doesn't belong to the young and the innocent and the brave.  This is our war, Eeyore, and the battle is ours --- the old and the cold and the sharpest blades.  This is our day.  Sharpen your teeth and get ready. 


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  1. What the world needs now are the three cardinal virtues. They are Faith, Hope, and Charity.

    1. charity is a word they have inserted.
      Faith, Hope, Love.

    2. So, Patriot,
      Do you see anything wrong with this exchange of ideas?
      How about you Paul?

      doonstrSeptember 15, 2018 at 4:28 AM
      Paul You said no more comments allowed from "unknown". Why are they still here? Sound like his new medication isn't doing the job...hopefully the side effects make him commit suicide


      Wirkin DawgSeptember 15, 2018 at 4:59 AM
      Actually doonstr, you nailed it but, in reverse.
      His medication is working! That's how criminals are created in the 1st place. And he is committing suicide. Perhaps not as quickly as we would like to see. However, certainly slow enough to absorb & relish all the misery possible that he is able to create for himself.
      i would let him go. Folks that can't help cannot be helped either. They can only be isolated.
      i'm sure Paul will handle the "comments" when he sees them...

      Patriot58September 15, 2018 at 6:03 AM
      doonstr...we are working on it....threaten the jesuit pos, post his name and address...I dont have it can find it on thus blog a few weeks back..and his phone number...maybe we should all call him incessantly...fear is a great motivator

      Fear is a great motivator yet so is ignorance!
      And thank you paul for not shutting off comments.

    3. a follower, I have been deleting the comments from "Unknown" and it seems new people are coming in as unknown and don't know of our policy yet to delete all comments posted by "unknown" users. This blog moderation is a real chore, and it takes time for people to catch on. What we want is for people to stick to the issues, and treat each other as you would want to be treated. No foul language. It will be deleted. No personal attacks. Those to come in here just to create hate and discontent will be deleted.
      I do that about 5 times during the day, so don't bother to reply to people who abuse this comment section because their comments and your replies will be deleted. That just the way blogger has the program set up. And yes Blogger is a Google program. I use it because it gets Anna's work found much better than other programs. This new and original content that all of you are adding every day really helps us get ranked higher on Google and other search engines. That is why I do this chore each day.

    4. On the subject of Charity. What is it? Is it the same as Love?

    5. Paul
      You see i disagree, why should we not respond to those who are abusive. Isn't it obvious that they are in fear? They need patience , they need some peace, they need to be reached out too? Is that not also why we are here? And then look at the responses hurled at them. More name calling and wishes they would commit suicide? Is every one just plain mad? How are they any better?
      i have been reading here for a number of years. my wife discovered the site. One of the sites i used to go to closed and shut down all comments,(No discussions, no rebuttal, no rebuking, 'no point.')
      because of much the same.Pure hate, much worse than here. There are a lot of people do a humbling. And yes i know many will not listen or take good advice.
      I have to question why would any one wish as some have said, Just shut them down(comments.) Every one has a choice read them or not.
      Thank you for continuing. It seems we (the church) are to reach out to those in need. Others here could make an attempt to become the ambassadors of peace we have read and heard about.

      On the subject of Love:i would half to say Love covers and includes the word charity.
      What do you think of when you think of charity? Most people think of works and donations.
      How does that differ from what you think of as Love?

    6. There are several points here.

      1. There is only so much time in the day, and I am only one man who does this without any pay and in between trying to make a living. I just don't have to time to "cast pearls before the swine" to quote our lord. When someone proves themselves to be a dire enemy by continuing to hurl profanity and personally attack others then they have chosen their path.

      2. To rebut error is required, but these are not just plain error. They seem to be trolls whose purpose seems to be simply to disrupt the comments and cause us hours of work, and confuse the issues with hate.

      3. On what Charity is read this:

  2. The book of Enoch, CHAPTER LXIX, 12. And the fifth was named Kâsdejâ: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away, and [the smitings of the soul] the bites of the serpent, and the smitings which befall through the noontide heat, the son of the serpent named Tabââ‘ĕt.

  3. To me this is a very shallow and wobbly article that most folks will take in whatever way they themselves choose to take it, which will amount to almost nothing indelible.

    Truth is NOT whatever one thinks is 'worth believing in'. Truth is Truth, period! And it doesn't even matter whether people think real Truth is worth believing in or is still Truth. In fact the majority of mankind does not believe in real Truth, in fact they hate it.

    The bible does not even speak about satanism, tho such a thing exists. What it does speak of is Evil. Good vs. Evil. Not all evil is satanism, as is a satanic religious practice, however all wrong doing is evil, such as merely lying.
    Lying is a dangerous evil because it is the foundation of more lies upon more lies, until now we have our entire society built on a house of lies. One cannot be labeled a satanist just because they lie, but they certainly are Evil.

    This entire article was so scattered and loose that it will be of little effect. All that was needed here is Good vs. Evil. Simply put, and there are no gray areas. Anyone that doesn't know the different between those two, well, they are in for a real eye opener.

    But for sure, it most certainly isnt ''just whatever you think is worth believing in''. That is leading folks down into the ditch for sure. No wonder our World in now IN the Ditch; That IS their mentality.

    Anna, best you stick to Law, and leave the spiritual stuff to those who know.

    1. You are like stepping in dog crap, everytime you post something. Why are you here ?

    2. And Patriot58 you are deceived and taken in. What I said is totally biblical and I can prove it and I Stand on The Word of God. If you want to call that dog crap, you just go right ahead; you can answer to God for that. You just go right ahead and tell him that ''You will decide whatever You think is worth believing in, is the truth'' and that Abby here is FOS. Please do that and do it ASAP. I am not one bit moved by the dogcrap that you post against me.
      You see I KNOW who My Redeemer is.

  4. I respect your views here Anna. But, from personal experience, I have to say that 98% of Christians I've met are rabid dogs. They are the first to anger, the first to land a blow, and the first to call names. I've lost respect for all religions, not just those that are supposed to be Christian. The teachings of Yeshua were of love and charity and I have found little to none from those calling themselves Christians. All I can do is keep to my own path which will always be to help those less fortunate than myself, spread love where I can, and hope that others remember what goodness is.

    1. Baspreena, you don't know if you have ever even met any Christians. How do you decide they are christians? You should know by now that most are wolves in sheeps clothing. And what are they being ''rabid' about? What you say here is a very broad statement because you can never size up what a person is by one or two of their actions.
      First you would have to know what the bible says a true Christian even is - - not what the world has told you it is. The world paints a picture of christians as being all nice, and kind, and sweet, and sugary, and benevolent, and humble, and are supposed to go around acting like some 'mother theresa' LOL.

      You'd have to study for yourself to know what is christian, but I can tell you it is NOT any of the above, nor is it about being a self-made Welfare kiosk looking for the less fortunate and to spread love. There is NO scripture that says that is what our job is.
      What is our job then? To ''go out into the world and preach to sinners to repent'. Thats scripture in the book of Mark I believe. And in other places as well. But worldly people need to get over the idea that we are here to throw pity parties for the wicked.

  5. Baspreena.....unfortuneately I have experienced the same thing...!! Appearantly, just calling yourself a "Christian" these days means you are dealing with a person you can TRUST and believe in....!! People in business are evennputting logos of the "fish" on their ads and on their Service trucks, to give the impression that we are a company you can Trust....!! I don't think Jesus would be happy using his copywrite of the fish without his permission...!! No one can truly be a Christian as long as money has to be used to transact business...!!

    1. James, yeah, and how about when businesses put a scripture along with their Ads. But as for money, we have no choice but to use for money what we are given to use for money. What I think counts is our attitude about money. Myself, I view it as a necessary means of getting the necessities of life. If it is something ''dirty' I will take it anyhow because as soon as it gets into my hands, it quickly becomes clean, Lol.
      What is evil about money is ''the LOVE of money'...not money itself.

  6. Just a couple of thoughts: If there were no Loving God as described in the Holy Bible then there would be NO GOOD in our world. Given to our own selves we would all be in survival mode without regard of any kind for others. And because of the REBELION of LUCIFER (Satan) we have EVIL to contend with. Abby said that "not all evil is satanism". I firmly disagree. ALL that is not of LOVE is satanism. Satan is a lier and the father of lies. All that is not good, honest and kind is satanic. It's just that we have become too accustomed to less than Christlike agape love. Christ is waiting for a people to develope 'agape love' characters. When enough have He will return and gather them together with Himself at His second coming. He is only waiting on us.

    1. tommy, God waits for no man. He is in charge, and nobody keeps Him waiting. Jesus said he does not even pray for the world, but he prays only ''for them that His Father has given to Him''. So God already knows Who and how many. I believe he has already 'reached that full number'......IMO.
      I would just like to point out that His Return is greatly misunderstood: First of all Jesus is going to come only as close to the Clouds and call his Children UP to meet him In The Air.
      That is the Rapture; but it is not his second coming. You can find that in 1 Thess. 4:16 and 17.

      To see the difference between that and the 2nd Coming, you can look in Zech 14 (for one place, off the top of my head) verse 4, ''and his feet shall stand in that day ON the mount of Olives.
      v. 5 'and the Lord my God shall come and all the Saints with Him.

      Do you see the contrast there? The Zech. scripture shows his actual Coming, his actual Return which is all the way TO we know thats where the mt. of olives is located.

      And as you must surmise the Saints could not be coming with Him at his Return, unless they were raptured as stated in the 1 Thess. 4 verses.....right?

      Note too, these two events are 7 yrs. apart from one another, which you can discover by an overall study of the bible, the Epistles, the New testament.

      Jesus' bride has been chosen, and she is warned to 'BE ready'. That is on us. He is not waiting around for anyone to go dilly dallying at their own pleasure, as he warned us ''TODAY is the day of salvation'. That means do not dilly dally. And no, he is not'waiting for people to develop any agape love''. Please stop listening to those silly sermons.

      (Geesh, if you are at the airport taking a flight, that flight has a set departure time, and if you think it will wait for YOU to go pee and get a cup of coffee, then guess what? Even Man's scheduled flights are NOT gonna wait on dilly dally-ers. You will just be left to watch it fly off into the wild blue yonder without your dilly dally Self, Lol. Now do you think God is lax, waiting around? So that is a notion that one better get over, wake up and just plain BE ready, like we were told to do.)

  7. When Anna uses the words "the Church",in my mind "the Church" can only and always be meant for the Catholic Church, the Papacy, the Vatican, which also in my mind means the Synagogus 0f Satan. All these evils that Anna has listed have been the teachings and policy of the internal workings of "the Church" for hundreds of years. It seems that now they are coming out into the light and are being outwardly played against all of us. The devil is working with extra effort because he knows that his time is short.

    1. tommy, you are absolutely correct, the devil who is satan is hard at work now, he is in high gear because he knows his time is growing short.
      But let me get my megaphone and scream at the top of my lungs....the RCC is NOT ''THE CHURCH''. Anna should know that by now, but she goes right back to her flip flopping and giving credence that satanic black entity, which is satan's church.

      THE CHURCH is actually a group of People that consists of those who are the Born Again Believers; those who are repented and Converted by God already. They have been Changed in their ways and in their thinking and in their beliefs.

      So The Church cannot be found because it is a very scatter bunch of people from all over the world. Neither can it be numbered. But it is referred to as the Bride of Christ. No building or organization can be a Bride for the Husband which is Christ.

      Anna continues to dig herself into a hole deeper and deeper as she portrays the vatican the RCC , rome, as 'the church' her words go out all over the world, supposedly.
      When anyone posts publicly like this, we take on a greater responsibility for making sure we speak correctly. And after we have been corrected and shown right reasoning, then to continue in that error, comes with grave consequences.

  8. My opinion Abby is get rid of all religion and people will start to love one another again. Christianity isn't nothing more than all the mind control vises used on and in the developed nations prior to Christianity on their people. Then comes Christianity plucked and pieced together to accommodate their views and understanding. Just another shit show for real. I don't need anyone to teach me to be decent it comes natural. I don't need to stew onpany misfortune I can do the math and see we're I went wrong. 2+2=4 and their is only one way to get their. Amen, I believe Anna is on point especially considering our status. As long as ur current status is chattel or slave then it's fitting. And she does a fine job of helping the ones that need it spelled out. So, Abby don't be so critical when it doesn't pertain to u directly. U direct as if she was speaking to you. She wasn't she wasn't speaking to me she was speaking to all. Amen.

    1. Hey, I absolutely believe that Anna is leading in the right direction. I have done all the paperwork that she has recomended in the last 2 yrs or so but have not had opportunity to prove or test any yet. But, I am thankful to have found Anna when I did. For several years I bought a lot of Winston S. teachings and spent hours listening but got nothing of benefit from it all. With Anna I may have to read something more than a few times and compare some here with some there but in the end I have an understanding of something useful and valuable. Thank you , Anna.

      But, Sean, if I believed about Christianity the way you do, I would just kill myself. There is no good in this world but that comes from God the Father and the Son Jesus the Christ and those that still follow Him. God is the source of all that is good.

    2. Sean, I know where you are coming from; I've heard it dozens of times before. However, the bible is not about 'religion' - - its a history book of past, present and future. It deals with morality and I am all for morality. And you should be,too.

      In fact the reason people are dealing with paperwork is all because of all the Immorality of mankind. But paper work is not going to cure any of the gross Immorality of the world.

      In fact I hope you realize that filing papers is not going to force anyone in this tyrannical system, to make you automatically ''free'' of their nooses and snares. You will then have to learn how to use it, and hope that you don't screw it up; which you can do simply by one wrong word or one wrong move. The reason for all the mess than can still be ahead, is because there is no Card being issued to show your 'new status'. So, you will have to still fight to prove everything. That does not sound good enough to me.

      My Status is not dependent upon mans paperwork. My Name is written in the Book of Life, and I have a heavenly Father who has taken on the responsibility of seeing to my well being, now and in the future.
      Im afraid you have shaped your view of God and 'religion' from listening and watching other people; that is how you have reached your misunderstanding.


  10. When I hear the word Church, I think of my version that is 24/7 everywhere that I am and that exists and does not exist, all that is. God's Kingdom is everywhere. I do not think that it is possible to take actions of any kind anywhere and say "Oh this is not counted since it is not in God's Kingdom" like you can have two lives, one serving the Kingdom and each other as family and one where you can commit harms and crimes and claim it is something else, even thought it may represent death on the dark side it is you doing it if you are. All things done on Earth are also done in the heavens. So I see just one big infinite Church that we are creating by our thinking and actions be it for God and the Kingdom and our beautiful Universe or our petty little selfish twiddlings or far worse attacking the Kingdom in destructive ways with intent.

    1. Air, since you lock your doors to your house, your car, everything that can be locked, then you must surely know this is not the Kingdom of God, but is the devils playhouse, as he is ''the god of this world'. 2 Cor. 4:4


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