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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bella Dodd -- How Communists Subverted the Catholic Church

Some history that the people who comment on this blog need to read.

Be sure that you don't fall for the idea that what calls itself the Catholic Church after the Vatican II council in 1963-4, is the real Catholic Church. It's not. It's name is Novus Ordo.

New Order?  God does not change. His Church does not change in what it believes and teaches on a fundamental level.


  1. This is all so easy. There is no need at all for ANY of these Names of ''the church'. NONE of these Names are The Church. Nada. People make this all so complicated that no wonder the masses are so damned confused.

    It is ALL very very very simple: ALL that is needed to understand christianity is read the Epistles, all those Teachings that the Apostles went out and taught The Church which was scattered all over the place.

    At Corinth - read 1 and 2 Books of Corinthians. What they preached to the people AT Ephesus, AT Galatia, etc. The Epistles are all the Books after the Book of Acts.
    There is NO Church with a Name! In all their preaching, where did the Apostles teach that there was a catholic church, a methodist church, a baptist church, a lutheran church???

    There is ONLY ONE CHURCH, and it aint any of these you hear about today!
    The ONLY CHURCH is that Group of PEOPLE who are referred to as Believers; Saints; Brethren; Bride of Christ. And they/it is ALL IN ONE ACCORD WITH ALL THE TEACHINGS IN THE EPISTLES AS TAUGHT BY THE APOSTLES, TO THE CHURCH FOLKS.
    Stop with the defence of ANY of these so-called 'church Names'. They ALL went off in their own WAYS with each having their OWN beliefs. That makes ALL of them wrong, as there is ONLY ONE GOSPEL and people cannot run off and make up their OWN gospel.
    There is NO 'universal church'. God did not give us the universe. The universe is where all the stars, moon, sun and all that other crap exists. God gave Man dominion of the EARTH. Time to get all yer feet back on the ground and stop with this damned universal church shit. The church body of believers are ALL right here on this ball of dirt; not in the universe. Its referred to as the World, in the bible. So try to settle for that.

    Sorry, but Im am just sick to 'death' of people and their ''my church is better than your church; my church is the only right church, and yours is not''.
    Nobody owns the TRuth. It is there for anyone ''whosoever believeth''. And nobody own The True Church; all its members belong to God. There is NO ''my church'' or ''your church'.

    All these Name 'churches' are ALL a part of REBELLION of some part of The Truth of the Word which was preached BY the Apostles, as they were assigned to do BY CHRIST !

    Rev. 22:18 ......if any man shall ADD unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are in this book.....
    19 AND if any man shall TAKE AWAY from the words of this book, God shall TAKE AWAY his part out of the book of Life

    NOTICE: It says ......from the WORDS OF THIS BOOK. See? Its the WORDS of this Book that are to be the focus.....NOT ''your church or my church'' bullshit.

    1. The Apostles went about teaching the Gospel. All the Epistles are the Gospel. The Epistles are the Instructions to the body of Christ, those who are the true believers. As is stated in Galatians 1:9 ..if any man preach any other Gospel than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

      So we can see there all the Epistles are the Gospel which what is to be preached.

      Paul, what do you think the Apostles taught; what is it that you are questioning? How else would believers know what to believe if we didn't have the Gospel, which was given to them by the Holy Spirit to speak/teach?

    2. You just said it. The Gospel was spoken and taught. It was not written. In fact if it were not for the Catholic Church the world would not have the bible as we know it. What is the bible? Here is the answer.

      The real Bible:

    3. Jesus spoke, and had scribes write. The apostles preached and Scribes took dictation. Ultimately the bible was written and completed by the year 100 A.D. So no, the 'catholic church' did not have anything to do with the written Word. And it was written, and needed to be put in writing, for obvious reasons. And during that first 100 years A.D. there were NO denominations at all.
      Paul, there comes a Time when you ought to realize certainly by NOW,that the catholic church is to be shunned, and to just get with the Word of God which is this old bible, and quit being joined at the hip of ANY of these man made churchES. Catholics had nothing to do with any of it, because God has nothing to do with catholics. Sorry if that bites, but its the truth.
      I do not ever get my information from ANY websites. So there is no need for you to give us websites.

      I notice too that your websites are the ONLY ones you allow to be clicked on and go directly to. But I do not go to any of them and never will. I already have The Truth directly from the Source. All your websites are just websites made by Man, and would probably be opinions OF Men.

    4. Actually Jesus taught the word as being the audible sound current, but the Abby's of the world r currently making a STRONG case against the ridiculous Catholic Church☇

  2. Do your own research did Peter Simon go to Rome Or was he commissioned to the Jews?
    There was a deceiver and sorcerer named Simon magus who many believe started the false church of Rome and was the first pope.
    Paul went to Rome not Peter (to the gentiles.)

    1. Pretty 'funny' that the RCC decided to claim peter as their first pope when there is no proof of Peter ever even being in Rome.
      We could say ''gotcha' on that one, to the pope.
      And of course the Word of God shows absolutely NO appointment by God or by Jesus, of any 'replacement vicar while they claim Jesus is absent from Earth''. So this 'pope' stuff is yet another made up instrument to deceive and control the ignorant among the masses. The entire RCC/rome/vatican thing is a farce.

    2. Tu es Petrus and super hanc Petrum.

      Though art Peter and upon this Rock.

    3. thou art Peter (petros, little stones) and upon this Petra (huge stone) I will build my Church. The Petra was Christ himself. He did in no way indicate that His Church would be established on a mere mortal; a weak, sinful man who would a short time deny that he even knew Jesus. That would be absurd. Isaiah 28:16 a Messianic prophecy, Therefore thus says the Lord "Behold I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation, A tried stone, A precious cornerstone, a sure foundation....Acts 4:11, speaking of Jesus to the priests and Sadducees, "This is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone'. And the catholic church has rejected Jesus again and put a MAN of their own chosing in His place.

    4. Jesus Christ is the only founder/foundation of the church/believers. If not then why is it called CHRISTianity?
      Whose blood was shed to make a way of Salvation for 'whosoever believeth' and made it possible for us to reach God; it surely was not Peter. Who was it that sent us the Holy Spirit of God; it was not Peter. Who is it that sits at the Right Hand of the Father; it is not Peter. Why is it that God tells us that '' all judgement is left to the Son'. Why is it that Jesus will Return and reign as King, not Peter.
      So we can easily see the near insignificance of Peter in all this.

    5. Yes,
      Tommy and Abby there is a clear division in these moments in time.
      A stone and stumbling stones.1 Peter 2:8
      The Living Stone
      …7To you who believe, then, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” 8and, “A stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” They stumble because they disobey the message — and to this they were appointed. 9But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, to proclaim the virtues of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.…

  3. It matters not a whit if the communists got into the cathloic church because the catholic church has been an abomination from its inception and is no better or worse because of the communists.

  4. Replies
    1. Well, Paul, as I started reading through the first link I began formulating my arguments but then as I got on close to the end I realized that at 9 points of very clever language with many smooth words the writer had used not one single "thus sayeth the Lord" Bible text. If I were trying to convince someone of my faith in God and my stand on Holy Scriptures I would use numerous verses for support because the bible is the only basis we can safely stand on. I have not yet read the other link and may not even bother.

    2. You just admitted what the other link talks about.

      If the Bible is the only basis ve can safely stand on, then how do you explain the many versions out there that conflict with each other, and what about the verses that seem to contradict each other?

      The Church came before the Bible, and MUST always come before the Bible. You should read that second link, even if the title seems to contradict what you have been taught all your life.

      There is such a thing as reading the bible to one's own destruction. It's called Private Interpretation.

      Here is the Bible I read, and you should also, paying special attention to the footnotes.

    3. There is no private interpretation. 2 Peter 1:20
      Is in regards to the Holy Spirit being involved in the revealing of Truth and lies.
      not men, not a pope. Hence just because an individual or a group of self or college ordained individuals say it is so , in fact does not make it so.

    4. Paul, there are many different versions of the bible simply because Men decided to make changes to suit themselves and the to print them up. Anyone who has a printing company or can hire one can easily create new Versions of their own liking; whose to stop them? And that is what has happened. In fact the catholic church has done some of that themselves.

      As for contradictions in the bible, there are none; None. You see there are different Time periods to be taken into consideration. For instance we all know in the OT that Abraham is said to have ''been saved by faith'. And back at that Time in history that was sufficient, simply because Jesus had not yet died and shed his blood by which WE now today, are saved through; His shed blood.
      Now that has changed SINCE we are all living in post-Cross Times. Therefore, the only means to salvation is thru the shed blood of Christ.
      So right there you can see why one was true for Abraham; but that won't work for us, today.

      Yet, I've heard many 'christians' say they are saved by faith, saying that Abraham was. I ask them, well then what did they do to prove their faith as Abraham did, by being willing to sacrifice his own son. That should dispel that notion of ''easy saving by simple faith' having done NOTHING to prove their faith.

      As for other contradictions, one must look at just who is being addressed in the scripture one is reading. Not all scripture is addressed to everybody. Some is addressed to Nations, some to the Jews, some to the Brethren, and some scriptures refer only to the unsaved.
      Even preaching is not the same to the Believers as it is to the Unbelievers. Unbelievers cannot slap scriptures on themselves that are addressed to brethren, saints, or church. People cannot just insert themselves into scriptures that are not directed to them.
      It all comes down to 'rightly dividing the word'.

    5. Reposted from Ben Fulford's blog of 9/17/2018 comment section🎶

      [Leland Roth
      September 21, 2018 at 2:48 pm | Reply
      Never underestimate Netanyahu’s Israel & his hateful minions to derail the ongoing ‘disclosure’ naratives as it unfolds. (Q’s ‘ Israel is last!’ )

      Perhaps Christianity, too, as we have known it will fall as well.

      Know that God is ultimately ALL about love in these wonderful & exciting times as the bigger & long suppressed truths continue to reveal themselves one way or another (in NeonRevolt latest ) ]

  5. It seems that many folks have made their 'church' their God, and that should be very carefully pondered; do self examination and ask yourself, Who do you really look to for ultimate guidance. What or who is really in your Number One position in your life.

  6. And as far as Pre 1963? What being the good church? Have we all forgotten why the people originally came here to the Americas? Have we forgotten that the catholics will hunt you down?
    If you search you can find warnings from many of the " founding fathers" of this country about the catholics. The Catholic church has always planned to bring this country down. Well they will also bring themselves down in this process.
    And yes quite possibly yet again we deserve it.

    Dissident Catholic Clergy Break from Church of Rome with Global Declaration, as New Exposures of Ninth Circle Cult Emerge
    Posted on September 23, 2018 by Kevin

    The following Declaration was received by our Office on Friday from a network of disaffected clergy within the Church of Rome. It was accompanied by a second, confidential message containing a massive file of documents and evidence from a previously-unknown Vatican archive. Its contents are shocking, and are being analyzed by the ITCCS and its technical staff. They indicate extensive child sacrificial networks operating within the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) and warn of an upcoming coven of the Ninth Circle cult at the CCCB conference at the NAV Center in Cornwall, Ontario between September 24-28, 2018. A more complete report on this material will be forthcoming and will be reported on Here We Stand,, on Sunday September 23 and 30 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT. (See the attached Cease and Desist Order issued on 21 September to the CCCB officers, following)
    Cease and Desist order to church


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