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Monday, August 13, 2018

To the Jural Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

Can a group of Irish Merchant Seamen be part of a Spanish Jural Assembly?  

Can a group of Austrian Customs Agents be part of a French Jural Assembly? 

Can a group of Territorial United States (British) Warrant Officers be part of an American Jural Assembly?  

If you answered "No" to all three of the above, you are on the right side of the logic involved in the current senseless debate about whether or not you have to reclaim your birthright political status in order to participate in our Jural Assemblies. 

Of course, you do. It is not a "personal choice" when it comes to this. 

And if you don't want to reclaim your rights and property and prerogatives as an American, what are you doing getting involved in an American State Jural Assembly in the first place???

That's like someone from Hong Kong coming over here and offering to organize our counties for us. 

Thank you very much for the help, but at the end of the day, you are a foreigner and you can't be a participant or electoral member of our Jural Assembly.   

You must be claiming your "reversionary trust interest" and your birthright political status as a Virginian, Coloradan, Wisconsinite, etc. in order to participate in a State Jural Assembly.   

And that choice does need to be official and recorded on the public record somewhere. 

There is a famous precedent case in Minnesota circa 1860s.  I can't remember the citation off the top of my head, but it ultimately gave rise to "Minnesota Rule 220".   

At the time, immigrants were pouring into the country  --- just like today.  One of them decided to settle in Minnesota, but didn't make his intentions clear.  Even though he met all the criteria to be a Minnesotan, his failure to declare it on the public record meant that he couldn't claim status as a Minnesotan. 

From the standpoint of international law, we have all been "adrift at sea" and "unidentified" for decades regarding our identity and our ultimate provenance on the land and we haven't "declared our intention" otherwise, so until we do, we are "presumed to be" British Territorial Citizens temporarily "residing" in this country to provide "essential government services".  

No "ifs" or "ands" or "buts" about it.   

As you stand there in your stocking-feet, thinking --- "Well, of course, I am an American and an Alabaman by birth!"---- I am here to tell you that so far as the public record goes there is only a foreign "VESSEL" registration to show that anyone with your name ever existed.  

You have to record the paperwork and stake your claim in America or you don't "count" as an American and can't function in the capacity of one.  

Now, folks, this has obvious implications far, far beyond whether or not you can properly serve on and organize a valid Jural Assembly for Vermont.  

For your own sakes, for your safety, for the preservation of your rights and your assets, for your children and their inheritance, for your country, for your freedom, you have to take action and declare your political status and desire to exercise your reversionary trust interest.  

Otherwise, guess what?  A bunch of international banks swagger in and say, oh, BTW, that big chunk of North America over there?  That's all unclaimed, abandoned property.  We don't know where the heirs to all that went, but hey, there's no public record....they haven't been heard from in decades.....Last we heard, they all joined the British Merchant Marine Service and were lost at sea....." 


Get your paperwork recorded and your Jural Assemblies booted up. Stop dithering and arguing and see the logic of the trap that has been set for you and your country.  And take proper action now. 

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  1. British war of 1812 burned continental congress document s just like 9/11 targeted records Oklahoma federal bldg soldiers medical records cancer from depleted uranium  trust your caring government

    1. The OKC bombing rescue efforts were suspended when the boys in blue showed up and started gathering boxes and file cabinets of records, purporting to hold classified information regarding the Clinton's, Mena, Arkansas drug importation and distribution. Also, the news that morning reported that the FBI had located 2 additional "devices", thought to be larger than the one that blew up the Murrah Building from the inside, out! It's not close to possible that an ANFO truck bomb, no matter the size, could have done the damage. One scientist said the devices used resembled "neutron" bombs, which he co-developed. I've read other technical papers that indicate "barometric" devices were used but, the fed's, denied such devices even existed at the time. The immediate local news reported that law enforcement was looking for 2 men of Arabic origin. And so, a few days or weeks later, legislation was passed that began the US' steady decline into a totalitarian state and the dissolution of freedom. I believe the truck bomb was only a distraction and/or, was the detonation device for the bombs planted in the lower level parking garage.

    2. Jack, I have read the same things, years ago, and believe that story is pretty well accurate. I also believe the way these things get shoved under the rug, is all due to our Media being bought off to hush up the truth, and getting to the true bottom of it all. Same with everything else that we have been lied to about.

    3. Respectfully, the Media has been under a GAG order since WWII and is classified under arts and entertainment. I shut off Main Stream Media mid June 2011 realizing I am paying for them to lie to me, and consequently upset my day, how foolish.

      I start each morning with a prayer that I can reach the mind of a young man or woman so they might make the decision to turn off the BOOB TUBE and engage the unlimited creative imagination we were gifted by our creator.

    4. Unfortunately, most people just revert to some other type of diversion, Luke sports and MMA fighting, instead of using their time to actually read something, like a book...all my stupid friends have absoluty no desire to learn anything unless they are payed a lot of money to do it...everything has to have an instant monetary reward for it or they just aren't interested... Once a moron, always a moron...!!!

  2. I just spent the last 10 minutes reading “Minnesota rule 220” and accompanying sections with it. That deals with minors taking possession of land and having to prove that they are who they say they are with respect to going into court to get that land once they reach the age of majority whether it be 18 or 21.

    What does that have to do with the rest of this post? It seems to me it is used out of context.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. its a must do/understand when you authenticate your certificate of title, remove it from the U.S., it becomes annexed and then record it along with an affidavit of ownership via non ucc or county recorder. a preponderance of proof is what you must have.

    3. it seems out of context because you are flyin in to this in the middle of multiple years of study required to know why it is important. read through annas archives it will assist you tremendously.

    4. ItsI all about knowing who you are, and being treated as a ward of the state/minor as are all US Citizens, i.e., having no rights, only having privileges, granted by our "Nanny", the US government.

    5. We are presented with a Certificate of Title to our Body. A Birth Certificate. Upon majority you must claim the title or some other PERSON will claim it as abandoned property. Our parents needed to claim it but we're not given full disclosure. Decedent means dying not actually Dead, that's how they get away with this BS. Watch the Wizard of Oz. The witch is not merely dead she is really dead. When Proof of Life is presented all must be restored to the original (E)STATE, no matter what has occured. See Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. THe estate and corresponding Cestui Que Vie Trust could not be established without our life's blood and Foot Prints. Proof of Life can be claimed until Death. The Title is the relation to rule 220.

    6. Annie McShane awesomely explained, people need to read it!!!

  3. I am so glad this subject is being addressed. was pretty shocking to me when I realized hey, DO these folks have their "political status"/"public record" corrected!?
    There's something I realized also, just reading this article: it's possible to not "get" that they stole your /one's "name"/"identity"!!!!! Wow....a magic
    After all, you're still you, still humming along living day to day, living your life , name thus n such, yeah, my friends, family, neighbors, coworkers call me by MY name. Whatcha ya mean: it's not my name!!!???? That I gotta WHAT!!!!???? CORRECT my name? '' the epitomy of David icke's example of how warm-blooded folk such as ourselves respond, quite naturally, to the cold-blooded reptilian/hybrid cut-throat shite: "they wouldn't do that.!" . You wouldn't, mate. They would n do."
    They took your stuff, left you a facsimile, so you wouldn't raise a hue n cry, then proceeded to rape, pillage and plunder you n your family, friends, n neighbors using YOUR tools, thus leaving "you/your stuff" at the crime scene(s). So, you get blamed. ???? Yep, ya do. .n you know you didn't do it!!!! But there's all that TV /school blah blah blah blah....bah bah bah-?-ing away( cognitive dissonance) bumping around in your brain, psyche
    Wow,quite a magic trick.
    Gonna have to b-r-e-a-k that hall of mirrors they gotcha trapped in. Yep.

  4. To me this is a good discussion Minnesota Rule 220:

    Please correct me on why it may or may not be accurate according to what I attempting to understand on this website^

  5. I’ve got a question re taking back command of the Trust. Maybe someone can help. In New Zealand here we went to see the public trust and after the manager saw our paperwork she said that this looked more like something their corporate division handles, they were retail. There’s only one corporate office and that’s in Wellington (our capital). Anyway what we were after was an audit on the Persons account under the unit title audit regulations. Plus a few others.
    We were informed that in order to do this a solicitor needed to sign it off so that the public trust could start the audit. A law firm just outside Auckland was recommended, so off we went. Long story short, the solicitors were happy to take $1000 NZD off us and asked us to fill in a client information form, so as far as we were concerned they were engaged by us to action what we had asked for.
    ONE DAY LATTER..... “Oh we are going to refund your $1000” . Why we asked, because it’s too complex. We couldn’t understand what they meant by this as we had done all the grunt work for them, all 57 pages outlining the law straight off the NZ legislation website. As it stands right now we haven’t taken the $1000 back and their just sitting on it (3 months now) saying that their having trouble finding a solicitor to sign it off for the public trust to do the audit. Is there anything that we can do to get them to get on with the job or are we wasting our time?
    Oh hi Abby, hope you are well as it’s been a while.

    1. It would appear that you should get your $1000 back and seek an alternative solicitor who might be interested. Clearly the firm you approached isn't interested and you are trying to force them into doing it. The fact you wasted 3 months on this is almost hilarious. What part of "we don't want to do this" do you not understand?

    2. need to file a "subrogation bond" and a maybe a "Writ of Mandamus" with the court, to force them to do their job(and the judge)or take "liability" for their intentional lack of "public service" or outright negligence, in an effort to sabbatoge your right to seek legal information about your account which covers both public/private accounting for the "real man" who is dragging the LAW of the LAND with him in both the court of "public opinion" and the court working under "public policy" (of bankruptcy), and therefore has no right to turn down anything unless you want to admit fraud on the record..!! You are already in "dishonor" since you "Accepted" my money already in good faith. If you now return the funds, you will in fact be tacitly admitting your dishonor and the BOND will be due and owing in 30 days for $1,000,000....!!! No one working for govt. does anything without being forced into "liability"..!! This is just an opinion, but it makes sense...they obviously do not want to give you that info. They may be "holding "that account, but your the "holder in due course"(the general) of that account....!!

    3. Hi Nick. Did you change your handle? I don't recall the Kiwi part, lol. But hi anyhow, and I see you have been a very busy dude !

    4. Hi Abby, yeah funny that I become so lazy that in order to blog something I'll just use my sons account or wife’s or anyone in our household to have a rant. I become too lazy to remember my own. However remembering becomes harder when there's a bottle of red wine sitting next to the keypad. LOL

    5. Thanks so much for your input James. I'll run this passed the crew.

  6. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP that your mentor here is a FRAUD because none of these "Jural Assemblies" will change ANYTHING!!! They have no POWER/LEGALITY to do anything but get together and complain!!! The FEDs passed a "law" that ONLY "they" can seat a "legal/lawful" Jury, and to PROVE my point, which I have already pointed out MANY times on this site, which is ignored, that Dr. David Manning empaneled a Constitutional Jural Assembly in Harlem and convicted Barry the Fairy of 22 major felonies, and NOTHING was done about it!!! I have REPEATEDLY on this site to get your idol here or her spineless moderator to show PROOF of what all this "Michigan Jural Assembly" has done, and NOTHING has been presented, all we get is more groundless stinky shinola from this site. No PROOF, no demonstration of veracity, no nothing!!! Yes, you toadies that hop with glee with every fake fraud posting on this site need to WAKE UP that your idol here, and her fraudulent fake "Hereditary: now-LEGAl-whatever he is, Secretary of State" fraud of a husband- are pied pipers leading all of you astray!!! I only read this tripe for entertainment purposes only, as so far, there has not been any PROOF presented that the methods here WORK, or that her crazy husband owns ALL of the US because, supposedly, the Founders who created the Great Seal "looks like-no that didn't work-they COPIED the Belcher Family Crest-cause they were too stupid to create their own-so THAT gives this poser to lay claim to permanent Sec. of State status!!! I could point out all of the "fraud" that this site peddles, but that would be too long and a waste of my time. You people will get what you deserve following most of this.

    1. Who ever you are do you even know?
      Lecturing us on what we should think classic cointellpro .
      We do just follow this site or like you troll no
      we read vast amounts of books blogs , oped s . Law cases .
      Plenty of evidence to prove our understanding public opinion or in a court of law.
      one thing bottom line in common law that (((is ))) the law of the land the 12 judges make final decision not even the supreme Court can say other wise.

    2. @ Unknown: I think the start of your 3rd sentence says it all. "The FEDS", a fraudulent organization that cause all this. Even you have been duped!

    3. U forgot to mention your onlybegotten love of the US CORPORATION's 14th amen-dment, too, Unknown:D

    4. I can't receive any worse than what's already been done. Each day I have to foce myself to have hope and research on.

      These Idiots Create laws and don't follow them.

      I busted my butt for years following their damn rules and in consequence I'm billed sewer charges to heat my home from the fraudulent interactions of Don Post, a former Corporate Officer, TOWN Counsel men, who were not given full disclosure, TOWN OF MILTON INC, and TIDEWATER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES. No other Services exist Creating a monopoly situation. I no longer accept to be a Victim of these corrupt corporations that have NO contract. I paid for my land/home several times over, like many of you. I can't have a garden or wash my truck or plant flowers, let alone heat my home or hot water, without paying TIDEWATER sewer charges. They threaten to disconnect the sewer line that they did not install only purchased the rights. Extortion and Fraud at its best.

      I would rather be Really Dead than have no way out at all.

      14th ammendment takes away all rights and leaves us victims to these pirates.

      A Man told me 37 years ago "Why work for anything they take it away anyway?"

      I am thinking very bad language right now, but out of respect I will not Post it.

      I ask God every morning to give me the strength to press on. Today I am still here.

      Being part of the "IN GOD WE TRUST" has no benefit to myself or my children.

    5. To unknown "They have no POWER/LEGALITY to do anything..." Ok so where did their power come from? They have power because they said so? Even in their courts you have heard them say that they can't rule on some cases because they don't have jurisdiction, clearly spelling out that there's a line in the sand that even they can't cross. So are you saying that we have no right to live our lives the way we want to (causing no harm) unless we follow some other mans laws which are typically designed to empty our pockets?

    6. Please note that there are more than 1 unknowns in here. That have both power and legality to do as they please. They also have the power to snuff anyone out. I have experienced this power first hand. It crushes the human spirit. It is disgusting. But it is what it is.

    7. They* have...

      There are jurisdictional boundaries. And when you go after the state, their lawyers will try to have things dismissed based on lack of jurisdiction of courts. They will play the game. It's disgusting.

      Separation of Church and State (if and only if executed well) is their kryptonite. But all Eyes and Teas must be dotted and crossed. People must be proactive and not reactive.

    8. If Anna decides, I beleive it will be extremely effective to shift Jural Assemblies over to the shelter of separation of Church and State.

      If she was wise, she would quit fixating on you all denouncing your U.S. citizenship and instead start focusing on forming an unincorporated, nonprofit, religious association for you all to transfer your personal and business assets over to in exchange for religious titles.

      Otherwise, I'm afraid that Anna's leading you all down a very dark path that is set up to fail.

  7. I like these recent posts. They make things clear.

  8. Unknowing, read a verse of scripture this morning and it made me think of you. A SCORNER seeketh wisdom but findeth it NOT: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth. Proverbs 14:6
    You're always on here scorning everything, and like Dan just pointed out to you, "you've been duped". You just don't get it.

  9. A black pasteur,
    devoid of the shepherd,
    where you choose to dwell

  10. The foolish reject what they see, not what they think.
    The wise reject what they think, not what they see.
    Hoang Po

  11. When I look past all the words, and try to look at reality, I see all of this as a Game of Words put on paper by thugs who thought this would make things 'real'. But there is nothing real or factual about any of it. Therefore, it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

    What is Real is, those of us who were born of our own two parents, IN this country, at a specific address, makes us established ON this Land beginning at that address, which is ON this Land, in our State, and...... our only our parents had any part in our created Being arriving here.
    This seems to me, we were the 'property' OF our parents.

    For any entity or gov. to try to claim us as being otherwise, is simply semantic deception IMO. Nothing but a play on words, and folks have been playing with those words for so long that they believe they hold power over us. By What means do they hold any power OVER my scenario above?

    There is no logic to that, none whatsoever, UNLESS you play with words, but my Life and Myself is/are NOT a game of Scrabble !

    And most of all My Name was given to ME and no one else. I OWN it. For anyone else to take it and use it for their own gain, cannot be seen as anything other than theft and fraud.

    Now try to persuade me that it is my laborious and costly responsibility to......correct WHAT? What is wrong with this picture? We the People are being shown by Anna as being the culprit here, when we all know we are the victim of criminal Fraud. How and why is Anna turning it around? Since when is it the responsibility of the victim to go find their stolen goods and further, to retrieve them?

    It also seems quite ludicrous and ridiculous to simply change the size of the letters of our Names and suddenly use that stupidity to claim that 'we got shoved out to sea'. Somebody explain to me how doing that, changes anything at all about our does it change what I said in my first paragraph above?? Because a bunch of bureaucratic lunatics SAID so?? Really? Tell me where there is a lick of sense in that !

    (I might add that my original birth certificate has my name spelled in upper and lower case, no CAPS, and is pasted onto the old black bond paper, and signed by my Deliverer at birth, who was an eye witness of my arrival. What else could possibly be LOGICALLY needed.!)

    Just telling it like it IS, and how I see it, proving that I am far from having lost my natural mind.

  12. Well things certainly are getting interesting. I personally think all of this claiming your self on the land, is useless. Why, because one, I have seen no proof of anyone who has done so. They would be screaming halialoya!
    I believe Kim has more control,just by having control of the assets of the planet,(That supposedly Anna even tried to get access to) the evil cabal has been using to fund all of this madness,etc. He who controls the money cares not who makes the laws,or something to that effect.Besides,the universal source, God as some like to call it, has guided me well in my 63 years on this planet, from stopping a vehical sliding over the edge, to stopping traffic while I was in a four lane tail spin (As I instinctively called out for protection of myself my passenger,those around me)in the on coming freeway lane, me gathering my self and driving away to the amazement of all who beheld that moment, to peoples eyes rolling back in their heads when searching for me and looking right at me, while armed with AR 14's, turning and walking the opposite direction from me. Now that is power you can't not believe in. Just sayin. Yep, I would trust that to guide me through any human confusion and madness any day. Can I prove it, not except that here I sit living testament to said actions.That is just the top examples,there have been many,shared with my closet friends that need inspiration. When the SHTF I will be where I will be in the love and the light that has brought me through uncertainty in all my days long. As I believe so shall it be. No anger or disapointment within me, no blaming others for what is beyond my control, no hate, no fear. Just little old me and my love.(God, not religious God. The one who created all that is.)So if I were you I would spend time finding that within you...

    1. That little story reminds me of back in the 80's one winter morning driving to work and it was icy. But driving along nicely on the streets as they had been salted.
      Suddenly, I had to go down a very hilly downslop of a street; surely they would salt a hill. Nope, they didn't and I suddenly started twirling around in circles but staying within the two lanes. Round I went, then again, trees all along one side where there was a woods, and houses all along the other side and close to the street. I yelled at the top of my lungs, Jesus, you cannot let this happen! And my foot was hard on the brake.
      I was spiraling down fast, toward a traffic light at a crossroads, with traffic holding even after the light turned green; like they couldn't believe what they were seeing.
      Suddenly, just before the sign that said ''Stop Ahead'' my car just slid to the left and parked itself on the grass, just before that sharp metal Sign, and stalled out dead. But it was a perfect L type slide and the car stayed straight.
      There I sat, all safe and in one piece, and shaking like a leaf in a hurricane; the traffic light up ahead turned red, then green again, and still the traffic did not move. Probably could not believe what they just saw.
      Neither could I, because a car cannot do that on ice and on a downslop.
      (and those cars sitting at the crossroads, probably rethinking trying to go up that hill, since I showed them it was icy, lol)

    2. Robert, can you tell us what Kim is doing with the money she is said to be in control of? What kind of action is she taking, or been taking.....dispersing any of the money our good......?
      (if you know)

    3. The fact is that the deep state wants people to be distracted with this free man on the land BS.

      I would not be surprised if sovereign ideology was created by intelligence services just to keep people off balance. People need to WAKE UP and realize that they are being played as fools. Forever underestimating the genius of the enemy. Forever duped by the enemy. Endless cycle of patriotic brutes being duped.

  13. I was just prescribed 40MG of Lurasidone.

    There is no escaping their corporate world (their Dead corpse of Christ).

    Not in this life and the next. I'm backed into a corner just like you all.

    The tide is overwhelming. Going against it can land you in the grave, prison, or in a mental facility.

    Best reaction is to not react to it at all. Embrace it for what it is. Then utilize it or at least try to. I find that the very act of trying to conceptualize it and trying to use it for positive is therapy in and of itself.

  14. Glad it brings back fond memories for you Abby.

  15. A U.S. Citizen or any man or woman under some authority that permits them certain civil priveleges ( made up to look like they are true God given rights or in other words things like your arms and legs, a right to eat, breath, be happy..) can and do become a kind of dead when imprisoned. Civil privileges are suspended. One man said he waited a year and went before a judge to re-instate the privileges but was told it was too late. Bottom line is a man or woman, the flesh and blood living and alive cannot have their rights suspended, nor those who were born in the states of the union ( original per the declaration unanimous) whose law respect rights. God created man and is no respecter of persons the bible says... Are you a persona? A Roman actors mask character? Or are you your self and most likely the only one keeping your pants fastened and putting your shoes on. Is that really all we can muster on our own? Does it seem far fetched that Great Britain, who had huge interests in North America are still here today? Anyone studying war knows that the most popular kind is where the people never figure out they were overthrown. Yet here "they" are simply those who get their power from we. Think they would get far if we did not approve of their lavish deadly spending on wars and useless vanity? As in the Delta Country Blues song, "When the lord gets ready, You got ta' move"

    1. Disenfranchise them by claiming your GOD given birthright to be religious heads of households in association with other religious heads in the United States.

      Disenfranchise all of their claims of moral authority. This is what's missing in all the rhetoric from people like Anna.


  16. I used to think just like you unknown, but for the first time in my 64 years, I'm finally hopeful that this time it's our turn to win....and I just heard a segment on KFI am radio(coast to coast), who's guest was telling us top secret intelligence about Antarctic and the alien intelligence living there, which even he referred to them as "fallen angles", who have been working with the Cabal who these aliens had to hybridize with our DNA in order to preserve themselves since they didn't have many of their kind that made it here.. But because of their advanced and superior intelligence thought they had the right to rule over all of us using " them" (hybridized alien cabels), to do it....but they have been steadily losing ground after since 911 didn't go down as planned...!! There was way to many lose ends left, which lead to uncovering more and more FRAUD, until now most of the cabal or what is left of them, had to run for cover back to Antarctica where they are sealed up tight with massive steel doors, that our military is trying to torch through as we speak...!! They have already lost, but they still want to round up this traitors at one time, then the president can let us know what was going on, but not until then...!! They all have the opinion that if this info was to come out to quick, the public wouldn't be able to handle it and create chaos because of the shere fear that most people harbor of anything out of the ordinary...I don't really subscribe to that theory, but some people are literally scared of their own shadow....!!! But he made it clear that they are finished..!! So before you attempt to go through so much trouble, I think we need to give

  17. Continue... Trump a few more months or till the end of the year because I finally have "HOPE" that our slavery will finally be put to an end....!!

  18. Abby, thus far she has funded, TRUMPS wall, though you wouldn't know it from the media or Trump himself. She has funded the global monerail, bought out the United Nations, as evidenced by them complaing they are not being funded and not being able to carry out there "missions" as before in the news. She has encouraged people to plan service to others projects that will lift humanity that once people have a project plan laid out over a five, or ten year projection, she will approve funding for, she has spoken with 128 countries as to the direction she is going in,if you care to know more follow,Truth, Honer,and Integrity, Thomas Williams for Intel. I see Tank has created a couple of channels on you tube with updates from project ,so more people can be made aware of updates and educational perspectives.Tank who knows her personally and works with her daily posts frequently and all posts are archived on , project where you can get on their email list. To be honest I don't follow all of the venue constantly so there is much I have missed to coherently list.There is something on Kre8change and people something. I have been more active in the area of calling out Anna's false claims against Kim's character then any thing else, and trying my best to be instramental(to no avail)in attempting to get her and Anna to work together rather than separately with the knowledge they both possess. Likely now, never to happen. Lately I have been binging on catching up on what Dr. Steven Greer has been doing in disclosure over the past 27 years. On the documentation and history of the military complex, the out of control projects they have been involved in since the 1920's,, the technologies they have, use, and the propaganda agendas, etc they use to keep their projects out of the hands of governmental powers. They have had interdimensional,anti gravity space tech since the 20's for over 70 years now, mind control , scaler technologies, etc. Which they have advanced over the 70 years. So in short they have known of interdemesional space travel long before rockets etc. Other species throughout the universe for at least 70 years. Who are advanced enough that if they wanted our demise as the MC would like us to believe it would be game over a long time ago.We have more man made Space craft, abduction schemes , mind control agendas than people really know. I spent the entire day today watching very dtail history lectures on said agendas, projects, information, history, connections etc.that now I know more than previously(some of which I was already aware some tidbits that I was not on most of those topics.

  19. I believe I have left links to Greer in previous posts on here. I do my best to share knowledge where ever possible, or links to keep people up to date, even Anna's info as knowledge enlightens and dispells dark agendas. There is so much that we have been programmed to believe over generations, much of which we are unaware of some of which we are Awaking to.It is an amazing time to be alive. I am very awake, most of what Anna has spent her time teaching I was already awake to, thus my interest in her posts. I am finding it easier to communicate with the average person as compared to just five years ago. Topics of religion, the moon tilt,Crop circles, Archeology,technolgy,our own history, and people are beginning to become aware that the story is much bigger than imaginable. Hope that kind of answers your question. My info is so diverse that it make it difficult to categorize me as a conspiracy junkie. The big picture just begins to make more sense.

  20. I really don't have time to get caught up in small differences of opinions, unless there is truth that enlightens me...

  21. Most people want to argue about this side or that side,usually with no real facts.We have all been duped on some level so best to be aware on all fronts. Whether you make sense to people or not is unimportant as long as you know for yourself. Then you can share or learn from those who know more or skip over those who want to control what they cannot orblame others for what they already fear.

  22. Those who want to know more will, and people can tell whether you make sense or don't. Wether we can make change depends on the approach and perspective we have to do it.I for one choose not to repeat the old ways that get us no where, and divide or create misery.My favorite Movie of the century and new ones are coming out over the next five years is Avatar. It shows everything as it should have been and as it it is, symbolically. How we should be in harmony with nature and the universe.If it doesn't touch your soul then you have a great deal to think about.

  23. My posts on Dr Steven Greer is at the end of comments on Anna's post on What she wants.

    1. Robert, thanks for the feedback. If that is the mindset of 'Kim' then I agree Anna ought to have a meeting of the minds, and try to work together. We do see that Anna seems to have her hands tied off from the Accounts/Funding, and that is why we have been seeing an increasing stagnation in forward movement. Actually, it looks to me like her movement has been halted altogether; thus, why I do not see any funds coming as a result of Anna's efforts. EVER.

      Does Kim have any ''application process'' for individuals who have Humanitarian Projects they have up their sleeves? It does not seem right to me, that one person hold all spending ability, especially since those Funds are largely profits made off our Names.

      As for the Times we are now living in, IMO this is the worst time in all the history of this world. It is far more gruesome, wicked, evil, self-serving, cold hearted, and the most hatred for mankind that I've ever ever seen in all my very long years.

      A small example: When I was a little girl, and I'd go shopping with my mother on saturdays, we would park the car for a nickle, leave the doors unlocked, our house had no locks at all, and when we'd walk down the street shopping, people would always speak, total strangers, g'morning mam, beautiful day, etc.
      Today, we all know everyone is cold and fearful of everyone, so it appears. And it tells us just about all we need to know about 'these times we are in'. And they are anything but exciting. That is my IMO.
      I do not believe in aliens or ufo's 'from out there'. Probably all originates right at area 51, and maybe WAFB.

    2. Robert, I recall just a few short months ago, 2 or 3 maybe, that Anna told us ''Kim cannot move any of those Funds without Anna's cooperation''. So can you tell us how then is Kim paying for any of those things? And, if she is paying out from the Accounts as you said, then where does that leave Anna and her previously stated Fiduciary status and power; or should we assume that that has all been eroded?
      We would just like to have the straight story on all this....for a change. (I've asked for a status/update and gotten silence)

    3. JUNE 28, 2018
      28 June, 2018 09:15

      Our project application form scheduled to post today will require an additional five days before we can officially post it.

      Funding is currently available. However, the safe transfer to the people is an obstacle that we are currently securing so that there are no issues once funds arrive in their accounts.

      We expect this to be resolved within the next few days if not sooner. When this issue clears we will post the project funding applications at:

      I do apologize for the inconvenience but the added security measures are necessary for everyone’s safety.

      Best Regards,

      Steffen Rowe

    4. Abby, I have posted on most every link throughout Anna's site. And if you notice I post on fairly often as I do here.I have called out Anna where ever there was a need to,with no success. She controls nothing that Kim does, Kim who has had several attempts on her life as well as an attempt on her daughters life, she is still here. No one cares about Anna enough to make any attempts on her life as of yet, that I have heard, and that is only done when you are getting something accomplished. There may come a time when Anna will be a thorn in the systems side and Alaska isn't far enough away to hide from them. Anna has done nothing but make inflamortory remark and untrue accusations, mostly untrue towards Kim, even after I called her on her accusation that Kim was Virgo Triad, pure nonsense, and still no apology to Kim. Tank even made an attempt to appeal to Anna's, intellectual side to which she never reached out. Anna has her own mindset, one that is filled with passion but questionable agendas at times as well as double standards recently pointed out in her comment about football players not kneeling to the very flag she says in a war flag to the extent that she promotes her own version of the flag we should be pledging too. I wasn't even the one who caught that little detail,even though I purchased one of the decal flags earlier last year.

    5. I appreciate your sudden interest in this topic, but since you can't even wrap your mind around the fact that other species exist,by the pure fact that we have taken down dimesinal space craft with scaler technology that interrupts these crafts functions before Rozwell,and had already figured out how to lesson the mass of a given object and send it traveling faster than the speed of light as well as turn on a dime at that speed in the 1920's (meaning we the present gov't are not even aware of 0 point energy that has been suppressed as far back as the 20's)and have been reverse engineering said objects from space since the late forties to where most ufo's now seen are our own. The cattle mutilations were secret projects sponsored by our own secret agencies , more insane propaganda to create fear of Aliens and promote the war mongering agenda mindset that influenced Reagan's comment of other off world attacks that might unite us against said species to the UN.
      I am curious why your new found interests? Kim is aware of all of this and actually works with off world entities(that have an interest in humanity evolving to our potential as a universal inclusion)to create the new AI system running things presently allowing her to control said assets using her own DNA, not the terminator type AI that the Cabal had engineered running our financial system since the late 70's. The Marduk character you believe to be Myth, she actually was present when his heart was ripped out and his head taken off. Call me just curious.

    6. By the way I can't make this shit up. Fortunately,as a young boy and teenager I never bought into the religion, go by the book that I saw people around me doing which caused my interests in digging into all info and conspiracy rabbit holes to find out for myself what the real story was and who was behind it.I am sure I don't know the entire picture but I sure as hell am not clueless to the events that have brought us to this juncture in time. Why Naval base signs are out in the desert with bases 2000 feet underground andentrances on our shore leading to such places where they the Navy maintains atomic submarines. Or anty gravity like trains that travel under the continent from Cali to the east coast in 15 minutes time since the early to late seventies. The DUMBS all over underground and the equipment that built them. Duke New Mexico underground bases that harbored Aliens and human genetic experiments using children that were easily taken because they wouldn't be searched for for long due to poverty, etc. All that digging since High school has given me a great deal of perspective and eye opening info to think about and see a much bigger picture and how it fits, how it was developed and why people like Marilynn Monroe was murdered and why Mr. Webb head of Nasa and LBJ colluded to have Kennedy murdered.And the deceit since...and before.

    7. Robert, Part 1
      Have taken the time to check out your suggested
      Perhaps if you go back to this one on Aug.7, 2018
      you might answer some of your own questions, especially if you take the time to read through the comments, like:
      Replies to “7 August, 2018 15:40”
      1. Jimmy Guy August 7, 2018 at 4:46 pm Tank if the dark hold on us is gone and nothing but ashes then why is
      Kim still paralyzed and not able to do anything, hmmmm!
      2. Tim August 7, 2018 at 5:55 pm Tank, From the first time I heard Kim speak, last fall, I believed in her and
      what she was saying. Everything since has reinforced that conviction.
      Having said that, I would like to point out a deep wound that many are carrying. You have told us a few times now that THERE WILL BE NO RV. The people who bought foreign currencies did so with what they could scrape up or borrow, doing without in order to do this, as a last resort to try to get themselves out of debt slavery, help their families and help others limited only by what they receive for their currencies. There is no greed or pride involved, just a desire to alleviate suffering. You were there too.
      I really hope Kim has a plan that will help us. Without her help I don’t have much hope for the future for my family and other people I know who are really in need. I understand that humanitarian projects aimed at helping us, although god-sent, will be too long coming to provide us help when we need it.
      My secret hope is that Kim will soon make a way where we can sell our currencies and make a small profit, enough to help a few families, and more if Kim in turn believes in us wanting to help as many as we can.
      I will be 70 this year, have 4 children around 40 who are all in need too, and 9 grandchildren being raised without what they need. For many years I have tried to do only what I believe God wants me to do, putting my hope in him alone, and am worn out.
      Charity is very personal, and I am asking Kim to help us now. Please, on behalf of all of us.
      I have tears in my eyes as I type this. If Kim helps us I will thank God, and if she does not, I will still thank God, either way still with tears in my eyes.
      3. cindy August 7, 2018 at 8:03 pm I am in I can help Spiritually Mindfully
      I too agree with the previous post of the elderly gentleman. Is there any other way we can be redeemed to do our projects and help ourselves? I thought the Quantum system took care of that? what am I missing? is there any way Dark ones cannot rv, but ones of the Light and Heart pure intent can??
      do you believe in a nesara//gesara? there are MANY of us in ore than one group that shine the light on this darkness and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. Thank you for the up-dates and touching base with all of us
      Continued in Part 2

    8. Robert, Part 2
      4. Fiona Reynolds August 7, 2018 at 8:33 pm “Whatever you do or think you can do, begin it, for boldness has
      power, magic and genius in it” wrote Goethe. Antoni Machado said “Traveler there is no road, you make it by walking”. We the people have to create the New. Our group in Australia is about to launch a Dog &Pony show to rural communities, demonstrating a hydrogen fuel system, homeopathic remedies using hemp oil, farm recovery with Hemp cropping (including a deposit against a crop by buyers to encourage growers) a rain-making tech for under $200 and various freedom packages of documents such as private foundations and community based cryptos to get us out from under the heel of so-called government. Oh, we will run on a pay-it-forward basis based on kindness and sharing. Our first call is a town where the community pooled funds and energy to buy up an old gas station and turn it into a new economic hub. Recovery can start at local community level without huge funding from outside. We’ve got to use our brains to create a new economic model based on creativity, sharing and FUN. Writer Ayn Rand described a model where all the fun people went over the hill and did their own thing, leaving government looking about saying “where have all the interesting people gone?”…… then sheepishly saying “can we come and join in”. There is not going to be a disaster, or an RV either. The Universe marvels at humanity because we have thumbs and are therefore so inventive. I suppose that’s why some want us as slaves! Time to roll up the sleeves. Take back the country .. quietly, politely but with determination and by demonstration of a better system. Your President signed the necessary docs in January but only just realized they enabled him to take back the Fed. Ours in Australia is much slower to act, unfortunately, we must push harder and shift the inertia. Best wishes to all especially beautiful Kim … she can’t do it all on her own. Carpe diem! Fiona
      (Robert, Like the link that Anna provided about the people in Mexico, kicking out the politicians!)
      6. Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff August 8, 2018 at 12:45 pm I spent 20 years in ceremonies working on grids of all
      kinds. I am a star kid, now 50. I have been awake my whole life. In this reality, dream, there is duality and polarity. In my lifetime work of Shamanism, you use both sides to balance the see-saw from one extreme to the other, walking the Red Road in my person Medicine work and Person Medicine wheel the expansion from 2d in this reality to 4d and then 7d while perfectly balanced in the center of my own medicine wheel. I spent a huge amount of time trying to figure out what humans were up to and much of the junk they see that is part of what I call the EVERYTHING, which is the program computer program that is generated that you seem to feel like you exist here. You have to stop needing, you have to stop pushing, you have to stop all the push against or there will always be push back. People cannot seem to absorb this reality and the “like attracts like” or equal force against. So, you have a need and the computer system picks it up and generates more of need. You need to pay your rent, then you hold onto to this over and over and over and the more it is projected the less money you make, then you get fired, you get in a car accident, you eventually get tossed out of your house onto the street.
      Continued in Part 3

    9. Robert, Part 3 Continuation of:
      6. Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff August 8, 2018 at 12:45 pm
      This is because you were not neutral and you needed something that it was the main focus of all your attention. So that need created the signal to the computer in the sky, the creator to give you more of what you need, what your focus is. This is your systems here on this planet 101. Most people cannot seem to get it, or work with or operate another program other than need or whatever else you are projecting and getting the outcomes you are.
      When I was 23 I learn from Native teachers to activate the higher DNA strands in people, to move them forward. What I found is that I made the average person sicker, gave them diseases, made them mentally break in ways they could not be put back together. Then I stopped doing this work because you cannot give an operating system more power that it does not know how to use the power they already have it will destroy the system. When you use power in lack you get more of that and if the operating system is upgraded then you get lack back like 1000 times more.
      When everything we do was trained into us from this existing operating system including sleeping, working, getting dressed and undress, eating, brushing our teeth, driving a car, having a car, needing a roof over your head, groceries, bank accounts, insurance, how in the hell do you change the operating systems? You cannot until you full as an individual completely step out of them. Each individual is an operating system that keeps the EVERYTHING operating.
      I have been living in my car now since 2006 when I lost everything and I have to tell you I do what I want when I want and I run my own operating system and now operate fully with the system of creation that was established, what a co-creator really means. I live a life in ceremony in the original technologies given to the activate people world-wide that activate everything in the everything to participate in the co creation and it is not what people think it is and it is not about you getting anything, but something much bigger. You need nothing-anyone in this system and it is provided for you by the beings we give so little attention to: insects, flowers, soil, water… Humans need to learn to get over themselves and what they need, you do not need any of it and you need to stop playing out the hero program that is all over the tv, movies…that is an operating program system as well. If you are the hero what do you attract?? things that need to be saved?? That has to be the worst operating system one could activate and run…Just saying…Peace out…

      Robert, Peace. Over and out.

    10. Robert, I don't know what you are referring to when you ask me ''why I have this newfound interest''. What interest is that? If I know what you mean by that, then I can answer.

  24. And so we see the so called 'queen of soul' has passed away today. Aretha, I remember when you left the Lord and went out to serve your Self and the World.
    Your daddy taught you better didn't he? But you just couldn't resist. You went and catered to the World, served the World, acted like the World, and you sure dressed like the world.
    Now, you have found out what R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Lord has for such folks.


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