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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thank You

By Anna Von Reitz

I got a card yesterday that made my day.  It was from a lady in Florida, a Senior who sent me $10.  It was all she felt she could afford given her very limited retirement income, but she sent it anyway, and she observed that with 10,000 seniors doing as much every month, we'd be on our way. 

And she's absolutely right.  Most of what we have been able to accomplish in terms of supporting our researchers and legal staff in the field has been accomplished because Americans from all walks of life and all stages of life have contributed what they could.  And given the way this country has been mishandled, robbed, and abused -- that might not be very much. 

The Living Law Firm is alive and kicking because Seniors realize that their income and the future of their grandchildren are both tied to a bankrupt corporation -- a sinking ship.  

Without extraordinary efforts, millions of American Seniors would already be facing the fate of other Seniors in other countries --- poof!  Their "Social Security" checks, mischaracterized as "welfare benefits" after the victims paid for everything themselves --- are being terminated in places like Israel. 

After all, "welfare benefits" are freebies. The "government" doesn't owe anyone "welfare benefits".  Old age pension insurance paid for by workers and employers is a totally different matter.  That's a contractual obligation that takes priority in a corporate bankruptcy. 

And exactly who or what is fighting for American Seniors in this rat fight?  

Who or what is standing in the doorway and advancing the claims of the actual States against the assets of the "States of States"?  

Who regained and reclaimed their own "standing" and put those claims in place to protect every State and every American? 

What Superheroes are stomping flat all attempts to similarly evade payment of military veteran's benefits?  

Hey, folks, it isn't AARP.  

We are doing it, and we are doing it alone against odds that would make any odds-maker gleeful. 

I just want to say to that retiree in Florida --- thank you.  Thank you to all those who send what they can, because we need it.  We need it for postage stamps.  We need it for office supplies.  We need it for travel expenses.  We need it for hotel rooms.  We need it for meeting space rentals.  We need it for audio-visual equipment.  We need it for court fees.  We need it for certified copies of documents.  We need it to carry on.  We can't do it alone. 

And I also want to say that I am a Great-Grandma myself.  My retirement and my book sales would give me a very comfortable living, if I just sat back and lapped up the cream.  I am not dependent on Social Security, but in the course of my life, I have experienced what it is to be very, very poor.  So that tells me that I can survive and pick !@$@ with the chickens if I have to.  It tells me I am free. And it tells me what a "Widow's Mite" is really worth.  

Thank you.  

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