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Thursday, August 2, 2018

To All White Hats Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz

Our effort to restore our lawful government is being interfered with by low-level minions of bankrupt "states of states" who are still trying to prey upon Americans using their old mis-characterization and identity theft routine.  It is also being tampered with by "Homeland Security" and the British "Taskforce on Money Laundering" --- both of which are trying to extort money from us and control our access to our own money and also trying to censor us using German affiliates. 

It is well past the time for these impediments to go away.  Please make sure that this message goes viral and is forwarded to President Trump. 

Destry Payne has been arrested again by "COUNTY OF" officials who have absolutely no authority to even address him.  

They need to be informed by the Governor and the President that their "County" is a corporate franchise of a failed governmental services corporation and that they have no cause and no authority to arrest any American for regulatory infractions that do not apply to them.  

85% of all the Acts of Congress do not apply to Americans or extend to the States of the Union and they are not published in the Federal Register as a result.  

Neither Territorial nor  Municipal franchises operating as "States of States" nor "STATES OF STATES" have any separate or greater or different authority than their parent corporations. 

So if you are not a Federal Employee or Dependent and you are not "knowingly and willfully" accepting enfranchisement as a Territorial or Municipal corporation, you are owed immediate statutory exemption. 

What we have here are the equivalent of Dairy Queen employees attacking and arresting Americans off our streets under the false presumption that the victims are also Dairy Queen employees who are out of uniform or guilty of some other "infraction" against company policy.   Oh, and add that the "Dairy Queen" in question is bankrupt. 

This is an unconscionable violation against Destry Payne's Natural Person and against his guaranteed rights and freedoms and it doesn't matter whether you address it as a constitutional issue under Article IV freedom from unlawful arrest and attainder, or under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions or under the conventions of Law Merchant. 

Identity theft and the utilization of false legal presumptions as a result of identity theft is a crime in all venues and all jurisdictions. Period.  So the meatheads need to understand that and stop doing it.  


We are well-aware of the false "dossiers" that have been concocted by the IRS under the guidance of the IMF, which are made-up-out-of-thin-air totally fictional "stories" about each and every American.  According to these grossly falsified "Master Files" I am or have been employed as the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband has been selling guns in South America --- all without leaving our kitchen table in Big Lake, Alaska. 

These criminal practices seeking to provide an excuse for false prosecutions and false presumptions against Americans have to stop. The whole damned "system" needs to be thrown out in the dung heap of history and replaced by the actual government we are owed without delay and any employee that doesn't agree needs to be fired. 

That includes both Territorial and Municipal employees, agency personnel and departmental personnel, State of State and County Of personnel, too.  

We are restoring and "reconstructing" the Federal level of our Federal Government, a task that is long overdue.  If anyone doesn't like it, they can find the nearest river and jump.  Mr. Trump knows what has to be done and the Queen has been given her marching orders. 

We expect: (1) all interference with our communications and attempts to censor our communications to stop; (2) all interference in our banking transactions and transfers of actual assets as well as credit owed to us to cease; (3) all "Company" personnel at the State of State, STATE OF STATE and "county" levels of all government service organizations to be fully informed and kept within the bounds of their limited jurisdiction. This includes "County of" Sheriffs and Patrol Officers and Judges. 

All Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  We have acknowledged and accepted the return of those Powers. Any 
other exercise of those Powers is extended on a month-by-month basis to President Trump and his Administration only.  

Proper communications are necessary to expedite progress and cessation of any infantile notion that we are "the enemy" must cease. We are the employers, owners, operators, underwriters, shareholders, and sovereigns and we are sick and tired of our employees being misdirected, misinformed, and allowed to run rampant. 

Please pass the word to the rank and file and up and down the food chain in both directions--- and make sure that everyone is informed and understanding --- or fired. 

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  1. Destry on Michigan assembly ? Probably they target individual's who are a danger to them .This thuggery has to stop . courts are the only way like 1920's. Ireland boycott the English courts we need our courts

  2. more importantly have these people done what is necessary for themselves? did they correct their political status? NOT SPC crackpot process. change name? get court orders from them to recognize what theyve done? if they havent its all hot air.

  3. Me as employer! V me as squashed! That turned a light on!

  4. Ah, so it sounds like even after one has 'returned themselves back to the Land' ...that if they land in court over something, they will Still have to fight and jump thru hoops and prove that they are not under their tyrannical hand......IF they are able to act as their own 'lawyer' In court.
    So I don't really see any of this as being much freedom. Just like jamespansini said, 'we just want something that will make them just leave us the hell alone'.
    I don't see that yet. (All that paperwork ought to warrant a person a New ID Card, so it can just be shown, so we can just go on about our way without any more shit.) Sorry, but this is just not good enough; seems very primitive.

  5. If they suspect you of committing a crime, then lawyer up. There is this thing called due process. But you will not get far trying to avoid it.

  6. Thank you, again and again, for your clarity and hard work.

  7. The solution is to exercise your full birthright under the 14th Amendment however while claiming the status of a head of a religious household (Bishop) in fellowship (unincorporated religious association) with other Bishops of religious households. This means appointing amongst you a Supreme Head to be the registered agent of said unincorporated religious association (possibly Anna, if she's interested, since she has so much social capital).

    You would then transfer property to said unincorporated religious association in exchange for franchisee rights to use the trademark of said unincorporated religious association under the religious goods and services USPTO class, as well as in exchange for Agency of a Corporation Sole (Incorporated Religious Title) that would administer said property transferred to said Unincorporated Religious Association to further a nonprofit mission.

    “The Pope's approach in publishing Rerum novarum gave the Church "citizenship status" as it were, amid the changing realities of public life, and this standing would be more fully confirmed later on. In effect, to teach and to spread her social doctrine pertains to the Church's
    evangelizing mission and is an essential part of the Christian message, since this doctrine points out the direct consequences of that message in the life of society and situates daily work and struggles for justice in the context of bearing witness to Christ the Saviour. This doctrine is likewise a source of unity and peace in dealing with the conflicts which inevitably arise in social and economic life. Thus it is possible to meet these new situations without degrading the human person's transcendent dignity, either in oneself or in one's adversaries, and to direct those
    situations towards just solutions.”

    JOHN PAUL II. (1991). CENTESIMUS ANNUS. Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Retrieved February 1, 2015, from

  8. "As in the days of Pope Leo XIII, this doctrine is still suitable for indicating the right way to respond to the great challenges of today, when ideologies are being increasingly discredited. Now, as then, we need to repeat that there can be no genuine solution of the "social question" apart from the Gospel, and that the "new things" can find in the Gospel the context for their correct understanding and the proper moral perspective for
    judgment on them."

    JOHN PAUL II. (1991). CENTESIMUS ANNUS. Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Retrieved February 1, 2015, from

  9. Try very good site and no I make nothing for this info(shameless plug) owe it to your self.look at subrogate/subrogee..blacks law 10th edition,pg.1665. When you receive court docs in all caps name they are trying to subrogate you to stand tall,pay up, for the "straw man" you are now the subrogee. Also Anna has written about legal language here's a site that goes a little deeper;

  10. So in the process of trying to get all this mess straightened out -- I started a very small S-Corp business several years ago just to cover myself so I wouldn't be "doing business w/o a license". I have made little to no money in all my efforts, but am still required to have a business to take advantage of a self-directed IRA. It doesn't have to be a corporation. Is there a solution to this? I'm sure there is, but I'm still trying to figure out how to correctly fill out Form 56 (hint, Paul, did you get my e-mail on this?) so I don't have to do it over again. Thanks for any advice, preferable with some proof attached.

    1. Also, if anyone here has successfully filled out and gotten correct results with Form 56, Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship, could you answer these questions for me please? 1) Is our address, city, state, zip code required? 2) Do we submit just one copy of our authenticated B/C with this form, or do we submit both of them and if so, do we fill out a separate Form 56 for each one? I couldn't find these answers anywhere in Anna's instructions. Thank you for any help.

  11. 13TH ORIGINAL AMENDMENT ratified in 1819 makes US CORPORATION's amendments illegal in general...Suggesting otherwise probably makes one appears as solicitors☇


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