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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trying not to lose my property

By Anna Von Reitz

Anna answers the following question from one of our readers.

"Howdy Paul , I was trying to offset some debts. Had some luck with an A4V, offset 39k of student loans. But have had no success otherwise. Trying not to lose my property. What do you know about the BC and Indemnity bonds? I really appreciate your time and I would like Anna to know the same. I am very much grateful. Respectfully, (Name Withheld) "

Answer from Anna:

Paul-- I am in a location with very poor internet reception.  You will probably want to post this as a separate article as everyone needs to wrap their head around this situation. 

Any debt that is from a public lender --that is, an incorporated business- is subject to discharge.  Private debts are not. 

The vermin responsible seized upon your private property- your name-- and created unauthorized franchises named after you.  This use of your name was unconscionable and non-consensual.  In order to make it legal they had to indemnify you against loss or damage --that is, insure you against loss or damage resulting from their use of your property.  Also, if they confiscate any of your assets they have to pay you fair market value.  All that is required and set in cement by the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions and spelled out in Army Regulations AR 27-20.

They just never told you and never made it possible for you to claim your Indemnity.  

So when they force you to pay off their mortgage you have the right to discharge it via the Federal Treasury Window but instead you are misled into assuming that it's your mortgage-- you are deceived and defrauded into paying off the government corporation's debts for them and the guilty banks facilitating this gross fraud don't even bother to report all this "Gift Income" to the IRS. 

Here is what is supposed to happen: 

They bring you the Bill, you approve the charge, they take the signed Bill to the TTL Officer at their bank, he sends it by certified or registered mail to the Treasury attention Steven Terner Mnuchin or his Successor with a Return Receipt Requested Green card. Sixteen days after the date received shown on the return receipt (the green card that comes back to the TTL Officer)  the local bank is authorized to deposit credit into the Billing Party's account equal to the charge they presented.

You are put in the middle to keep the Billing honest-- you are NOT required to pay the Bill. 

But since absolutely nobody ever told you any of this you have gone on slogging along paying bills that you are insured against and that were never actually yours to pay since the governmental services corporations claimed to own everything --including your Trade Name and they are in truth and in fact accountable for every charge they have made against you and your assets. 

All this is handled by the Billing Party's bank and the US Treasury. All you have to do is check the bill over and authorize payment . 

Anything that can be bought with credit can be paid for in this way with credit. 

And this, legally, is what the banks and the corporations have been obligated to do all along and the way this system was supposed to be working all along. 

This service department within the US Treasury is called the Seventh Department of Extraordinary Finance, but because you were never told how to access this means of indemnifying yourself against loss as a result of their use of the government franchise's NAME on your paperwork and never informed that you were paying off a government mortgage taken against your property-- you assumed that it was your own mortgage you were paying. 

Not so. The bank shifted the entire weight of the government's debts off onto our shoulders and never said a word.  The government kept mum, too.  But the truth of the matter is that the filthy buggers in Congress told outrageous lies about you and their relationship with you.  They borrowed huge sums of money against your assets, never told you, and never told you that you were supposed to be indemnified against the harm of these venal practices via "mutual offset credit exchange" and deposit of credit from the US Treasury to pay all the Bills addressed to YOU. 

So Congress had you suckered into paying all their whims and you didn't have a clue and the banks were not doing their job and not informing you, either.  

It's nothing but a giant identity theft and Ponzi Scheme with you targeted as the Fall Guy, being foisted off on you by the members of "a" "US" Congress that also conveniently did not reveal that it was acting in behalf of the Territorial United States and not the "United States" that you naturally assumed-- a foreign British-backed "Congress" that did nothing but serve itself at your expense for 150 years. 

And the Kings and the Queens and the Popes acted in Gross Breach Of Trust, sat on their asses and raked in the profits from all this guile and fraud. 

Generations of people worldwide have been hoodwinked and enslaved by these hidden commercial interests operating under color of law for the profit of a very few. And now it is time for "the System" to work the way it is legally mandated to work and for the guilty parties and banks to pay up or be liquidated. 

Mnuchin needs to bulk up his staff and vastly reorganize his mailroom. 

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. I'm wondering if a tax foreclosure sale of private property can be recovered after the fact. Two of us in Llano County, Texas, are on the auction block August 7. We challenged plaintiffs jurisdiction, and they could NEVER ANSWER. They do not have any prosecutorial jurisdiction for ad valorem in Texas. The court was NULLIFIED. The Judge was nullified - but he over-ruled and put judgments against us. It is void judgments. When I see a way to recover, I will apply it. I would go for a couple million in damages. Dave in Austin Thx, or drroylyn at the dot com for your yoohoo to me Thx

    1. If the property has been re-sold to someone else, then no, it is highly unlikely you can get it back. But, if it is still in the hands of an agent, unoccupied or otherwise uncommitted, then possibly.
      JMHO - YMMV

      Rene Powers go to court on 7/30/18 in LA to get her home back. Check it out.

    3. Did you receive a verified notarized tax bill signed under penalty of purgery, if dont refute the bill it goes through commercial process then is considered accepted and valid and then goes through a default judgment.
      While conditionally accepting and asking for a verified signed bill, also include in the purgery statement, how was this tax bill computed using what method based on what standard of value and how is this bill to be paid for exactly using what?
      The only answer is Federal Reserve Notes/US Currency aka United States Obligations, stated as such right on the Treasury Website as Obligations.
      Now see USC 31-3124 NO United States Obligation can be considered in computing a State/local tax, property taxes are exempt they do not fall under exceptions (1) or (2).

      FeRN's are US Obligations, please explain how you are computing and charging me a Tax based on US Obligations when the US Code clearly forbids this action or expressly exempts it on a property tax???
      Did you appeal to a higher court? this may stop proceeding until an appeal can be judged on?
      Property taxes are essentially a privilege tax on Residents, I would file an Affirmation Of Declared Domicile as Texas being your fixed home, you are not Domiciled in DC or a foreign Resident/US Citizen. I would also look at filing a Title of Prescription on your land give notice on public record it is yours through use unless somebody else has a higher title to it?
      You could also look to recover back taxes paid based on the above Code if they were paid by mistake and accessed under fraud against the US Code and US Obligations?

    4. The almost simple effort to refute the alleged tax bill early on is easy to forget about for months... it is never labeled a tax bill at top, either. And they use your default to firm it up as a valid debt on you, and win the court over this easily. All of these people will ignore all our efforts, anyway, so it appears to me. They know we are naive and unadept to fight them in any legal process. But I think MikeV has put it rather succinctly and correct.
      USC 31-3124 seems to only relate in the computing of interest. For awhile, after someone bullied its meaning at me, I was thinking there was NO form of payment allowed in law for charging taxes. No species that would work, period, and the gold and silver are taboo as well. But upon review, I see they can still require me to pay in the common forms listed, yes? Maybe the prohibited part is only the interest part. And again, they are not in fear of any punishment, they just do it anyway and foreclose on your property. The best way to make VOID stick to their judgment is what I am looking for. I don't think they worry when I point out Supreme Court rulings regarding lack of jurisdiction proven on the record by plaintiffs.
      And the judge denies me due process rights, simply goes on without a worry. Then the Clerk never notices you of the signed judgment in the file, so window for motion for new trial goes expired. What a den of __________ (add your favorite descriptor).

    5. All the court paperwork on this case is here:

  2. Please email to the group exact instructions or letter to forward to these institutions to conduct ones business properly.

  3. I was naive but knew a little about law, wells fargo tried a bill of detainer upon which I challenged their standing with a case on point from another state though, which the judge took three months to review and ended happily with northwest trustees getting caught for not properly protecting our interests as well as the bank. All it takes is one person to stand up against these thieves and yes, a good judge, which there are a few, thank God.

  4. I am the other man in Llano County, Texas, and have interest in this also ...

  5. While this is 100% true and correct, it must be done correctly. What would really help us out is to not just tell us that it is possible, but instruct us as to how to actually do it. I have been studying this stuff for many years, and while I know the fraud, the entire process has changed hundreds or possibly thousands of times and this bunch says that bunch's methods will get you a room at the graybar hotel, that bunch says this bunch's methods don't work. Early on, I started down this path using the older method which was an absolutely DAUNTING task to someone who has an aversion to paperwork like Kryptonite to Superman!

    I did part of that process, but then when I was in the middle of it, that bunch said their stuff about graybar hotel and I got scared to complete it. Then, along comes the stuff by Anna, Article 928 to be exact, which seems to severely simplify the process. But even after that article, there have been some more that came out that say that isn't all that is needed to do. For example Article 1144. It claims that UCC filings should be done. Once again, once I get ready to do the process, it changes. It is impossible to keep up with it since everything changes every time I get ready to stick my neck out and do it.

    What would be very nice, is one article, containing clear and concise instructions to do all that is required to set ourselves free from the clutches of the system.

    It is also sad in that if this were actually done (the clear concise instructions, that is), that some people would follow them sloppily, not get everything right and land themselves in that hotel and then try to come back and blame it on the writer(s) of the article(s), thereby shedding a bad light on things.

    I, myself, have studied and learned enough to know that whatever I do, even following someone else's instructions, is completely and totally my own doing and if I choose to do it wrong, it is me that is at fault, not the writers of the instructions.

    So, how about it, Anna? Think there is a way we could get a clear, concise set of complete instructions (possibly with sample documents included) telling us how to actually set ourselves free?

    I encourage everyone to read every single article at Anna's place before attempting to do anything and there is a lot of reading and much of it is repetitive. But, I predict that with most people, the "light will come on" approximately 1/3 of the way through them, and much sooner for those who are not extreme MSM addicts.

    When I first found Anna's site, I had been studying this stuff for approximately 7 years. when I started reading her articles, I found that she had just taken the 7 years I had spent all those years acquiring, gigabytes of data, and wrapped it all up in a nice, neat package and flushed it down the tube and handed me the same stuff in a clear, easy-to-read website and then I ordered the book. . . WHOA! Required reading for EVERYONE! "You Know Something Is Wrong When. . .An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"

    I have handed that book to no less than a dozen people, and most of them just didn't get it. Many of them are people I work with in a Public School. (yeah, but it pays the bills for now!) Educated people. One of them even is a teacher of History. . . Didn't change his mind a bit far as I can tell. . . He still lies to those kids every day!

    But I digress! Anna's work is WONDERFUL! I have given money on several occasions and still do when I can.

    Keep up the good work,people!

  6. OK, so we know the problem, how to "access" this "credit" we are owed!? Seems to be the recurring theme on this site, we go over "the problem/s" but no one poses a viable solution to all of this. And for all the toads on this site that want to hop on my post and tell me blah, blah blah about all if the information that has been posted here to educate us, WHERE is ONE example of anyone USING this information to ACTUALLY break free of this system and getting ALL of their properties and rights restored to them!!!??? So far...mums the word!!!

    1. I agree, we want to learn and we take chances in doing the stuff here to help yourself but it goes nowhere so, who is have success? So "WHERE is ONE example of anyone USING this information to ACTUALLY break free of this system and getting ALL of their properties and rights restored to them!"

    2. Unknown; I doubt anyone ever gets truly "free of the system", because the "Powers That Shouldn't Be", will try changing the rules and will fight you tooth and nail regardless of how correct you might be! My hope is that armed with the correct information, documents and recordings, we will be in a position to nullify claims made against ME & YOU. No one said it will be easy, fast or without continuing challenges but, what of anything of value is? Plus, if enough of us start using Anna's teachings, documents, etc., maybe the message will get out eventually, and things might start to change. I'm not holding my breath though, because these scum sucking parasites are accustomed to having a gravy train with biscuit wheels. I have friends who really disappointed me because they are fatalists, and tell themselves they can't do anything to change reality. With that attitude, they obviate the need to think and just willingly accept the plight we all find ourselves in. These same people will be the first ones to say, "I told you so", if/when things don't go as one hopes and also the first one's to claim they agreed with you & me all along and that they knew how to get out of the matrix if it becomes SOP. In other words, the typical, non-thinking, lazy hypocrites who we once all were, likely but, had the desire to understand the truth and know more than we were taught in government sponsored schools!

    3. For Abby? 1814 Joanna Southcott, a British virgin over 60 years old from Devon, England declared that she was the woman in Revelation (12:1-6) and that she would give birth to the second Jesus on Christmas day, signaling the end times. In a way she was correct, as, still unpregnant, she died on that day.


    4. SSN / SIN took our credit

      Return the SSN/ SIN card, it stole our credit when we were told we had to apply for ito/ card to get a job in country

    5. Best to get rid of all govt id - return for fraud
      Put people in slavery without full disclosure

    6. Unknown, use SC (Small Claims) court to start suing them for violations of not properly responding to your QWR. Use admin process to lock them in as follows:
      1. send QWR
      2. when they do not respond timely or in full, send them a notarized Affidavit of Non-Response and a Bill for Costs for violating FDCPA, FCRA, etc. ($1,000 each) plus an amount for your research, time and effort and give them 10 business days to pay. Be sure to keep the amount below the max for SC in your state.
      3. When they don't pay, send them a notarized Notice of Fault and 3 day Opportunity to Cure
      4. When they still don't pay, send them a notarized Final Notice of Default and Estoppel and file suit in SC court. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth.
      “Court of Appeals may not assume the truth of allegations in a pleading which are contradicted by affidavit.
      Where affidavits are directly conflicting on material points. It is not possible for the district judge to “weight” the affidavits in order to resolve disputed issues; except in those rare cases where the facts alleged in an affidavit are inherently incredible, and can be so characterized solely by a reading of the affidavit, the district judge has no basis for a determination of credibility.” Data Disc, Inc. v. Systems Tech. Assocs., Inc. 557 F.2d 1280 (9th Cir. 1977)
      Their attorney will call you to negotiate because they know that they will lose in SC court and have to cancel the sale date since there is ongoing litigation regarding the same property in an unrelated matter. Ask them what they are offering and tell them that you need them to release the lien, reconvey the property, and remove all negative entries on your credit. If they won't you winn judgement against them and file a quiet title action on the judgement. Or you keep sending them QWRs every month and keep this going as long as you like and make money doing it.

    7. Howdy, 1Freeman! Two questions:
      1) What is a QWR?
      2) If "you keep this going" and the total rises above small claims court limit, how does one collect?
      Thank you and blessings.

    8. Hey there, Genevieve. QWR is Qualified Written Request which you send to a mortgage servicer or bank to demand they validate, not verify, the debt. They must provide you a response in hand w/i 5 business days or you have a PRA (Private Right Action) to sue them. They are very sneaky and will print on the response letter a date that is the day after they receive your QWR eventhough they do not write it on that day. Then they will fool around with the postage meter machine backdating it to a date within the 5 day requirement while sending it much later. In the past there was no way to prove when you actually received it and usually 10 days later. TADA! USPS Informed Delivery to the rescue! This new postal service is free and when you sign up, they will send you an email every morning with scans of the mail you will receive in your mailbox later that day. So now you can prove which day you actually received it in your mailbox,
      Then they must answer your QWR w/i 30 business days which they never do. Oh, they will send you a bunch of photocopies but they will never answer your QWR in full. A partial response is a non-response which gives you another PRA to sue them. You collect by suing them in SC (small claims) court every time they violate the law. Keep each suit just under the max limit in your state. So if your state has a max limit of $3000 for SC, you would send them a bill for $1,000 FDCPA violation, $1,000 for defamation of character and slander on your credit report and $900 for your research, time and effort and another $50 for notary, postage, gas, paper, computer, etc. for a total bill of $2,950. You will also have to pay $40-$50 in court and service fees which the court will award you on top of your claim up to the $3k Max. Any amount above this you forfeit. Also, keep in mind that you can do the same QWR process and SC suit with every servicer that has ever touched your mortgage as long as they touched your mortgage within the statute of limitations in your state. My state is 6 years but you will have to look that up in your state on a site like

    9. 1Freeman: Thank you! And: I'd sure appreciate your take on my second question, "2) If "you keep this going" and the total rises above small claims court limit, how does one collect?

      Thanks, again!

    10. How could I have overlooked your 2nd question, Genevieve? Mea culpa. Well buckle your seatbelt and hold on to your hat because we are going for a wild ride!
      According to RESPA, there are 3 deadlines for a QWR:
      1. Within 5 business days they must "provide" a response acknowledging receipt of your QWR.
      2. Within 10 business days they must "provide" the note owner's name and address. Many will include this in the first response letter.
      3. Within 30 business days they must "provide" an answer to your QWR or within 45 business days but only if they notified you of such in writing.
      Go and sign up for free Informed Delivery from the Post Office at: Once signed up, every moring at around 9 AM you will recieve an email with scans of all the mail pieces that will appear in your mailbox later that day. Now you can prove when they actually "provided" you with a response by simply printing out the email.
      Now go to:
      and check your state's statutes of limitations.
      Question: how many servicers have touched your mortgage within that time period? Let's assume your had 3 different servicers with the last 6 years and that this is the SOL in your state.
      Send all 3 a QWR. Some will default #1 or #1 & #2, but all will default # 3 because none of them answer the QWR in full, point by point which is considered a non-response.
      Now go to:
      to determine the max claim you can submit in SC (Small Claims) court in your state.
      Let's say your state max in $5,000. Ready for this? That means that every month you could be collecting at least 3 x $5,000 = $15,000 per month. Now keep in mind that this amount does not include those servicers who default #1 & #2 as well. Ka-Ching!
      Each violation of RESPA is a separate claim and PRA (Private Right of Action) and you would file separate SC suits for each one but no more than the max allowed in your state.
      Now let me ask you this: how soon do you think a servicer would try to get rid of you by releasing your lien and reconveying your property back to you if they got hit by you several months in a row?
      As for the previous servicers, in your negotiations with them, you could say something like this: "Well, tell you what, if you will just send me a letter that you never owned my note and mortgage, I will withdraw my suit and we will call it a day? What do you say?"
      If they do, you take that letter and send it to your current servicer and tell them that if they do not withdraw their suit and the lien and reconvey the property to you, you will file suit for treble damages for fraud.

    11. PS: this process works if you are current on your mortgage or in default or in foreclosure. Under RESPA every mortgagor (you) has a right to send a QWR to their mortagee servicer to validate the debt.

  7. DOCTORS FROM HELL....You said it best. You were extremely lucky to find an honest judge...there is only one judge in a very small court,that looks more like a small restaurant in the corner of a strip mall, that handles all of Riverside county. She didn't even accept my filing which was sent registered mail. It came back REFUSED, and then moved up our eviction date one month ahead of time so I couldn't do anything else...
    After losing the house I went back to the county recorders office and looked up the judges name to see her property listings...Well wouldn't you know it, she had a foreclosure on her house which was a $400,000 house , with the exact same banks I was dealing with. She was behind by $80,000 and it went to auction twice. If it went one more time, she would have lost it to the banks..!! I guess by law in Calif. it has to go to auction 3 times before the bank takes it...Well just before it went to auction the third time, miracurately, she secured a loan with the bank I was fighting, HSBC, for $125,000 which $80,000 went to pay off her delinquent back payments and she was able to keep the house. But of course she probably made a deal with the banks to make sure no one else won a suit against them...!! A lot of these judges also had mortgage problems. It's not fair, but that is only part of the larger problem with the whole foreclosure process in all the states.. But it's funny how just about every agency of govt. , like the comptroller of currency and the state's attorney general's all sued the banks for fraudulent foreclosures and they all won, costing the banks billions. But it never trickled down to the homeowners. Funny how that happens..Finall, the banks had enough and threatened that if anymore govt. agencies or the courts sued them, they would just close all the banks and claim a "banking holiday", and cause a complete depression...!!! Hardly anyone after that can get REMEDY, especially if you don't have an attorney. These banks really don't even have the right to modify the loans because the original "NOTES" are all missing, so all the assignments, transfers, and sales are totally unlawful. That's why when the banks told a homeowner, they would try and give them a modification on their loan,the banks told homeowners that the only way they could modify the loan was to get behind at least 3 months of payment and the home went into foreclosure..but then it would take another 3 months before they would modify the loan, and by that time, they were evicted from the house..!! Outright liers..!! I could go on and on about "foreclosure fraud" , from the banks to the county recorders office and everyone in between, but the bottom line is if they want your home they are going to get it...period..!!

  8. We continue to hear problems and again here, is another very glib 'solution' being given.

    How long has it been now, that we still do not have a single viable Solution or Settling of ANY of the problems that have been mentioned on this Site?

    Just a Lonnnnng and Winnnnnnding Road. Nothing else that I see in here.

    1. Abby, I just posted a rock solid foreclosure solution above which can also be used for all other debts. Another rock solid solution to foreclosure is placing a mechanic's lien on the property after sending them a bill as the tenant, which is what they listed you as on the deed, i.e. tenants in common, tenants by the entirety, etc. and citing senate ruling No 63 that there is no private property and all property is in the state. So if they claim ownership, they can prove it by paying your bill. Make sure that the bill for your maintaining the property all these years, as you are required to do by contract which is the mortgage contract and tenant agreement, is larger than the total amount they are suing you for and give them 10 days to pay. When they don't, file the lien and notify the court to cancel the sale because no property can be sold with a mechanic's lien on it. Great company to use is zlien.con who will do all the filings for you so you don't have to deal with the county recorder to record your lien.
      But you are not in foreclosure so why are you even commenting?

  9. I am trying to save my home here in NJ, I have recorded all the docs Anna suggest but everything is ignored and they just keep going. Their was a so called sheriff sale on our home where Ditech a third party debt collector who I have never contracted with, bid was $100, 2 days later an RE posted a paper on my door saying that Fannie Mae was the owner. I sent the Re an invoice for trespass. I/we have lived in our home which we built for almost 18 years. We are still in our home, 18 years of taking care of our property comes out to be a huge amount which is our interest. So how do you protect your equity/interest, we did a Common Law Lien and went to record it but they will not record on the land part of the record which is where it needs to be for all to see, this would stop anyone from wanting to buy our home. So this tells me that that the county recorder is as crooked as everyone else. It seems like no matter what we do like Abby said no Solution. When we asked the clerk to show proof why they will not record, they can not and they do not care about you filing a complaint WHY? because they know no one will enforce the complaint. What can we do the living man and woman.

    1. Mikers, I too am in NJ. Once the sale has gone through, it is much harder to effectuate a remedy. But here a few ideas. First, secure your non citizen state national passport so if and when they come to evict you, they will not have jurisdiction to do so. I got mine through If you select the express option, start to finish should be 3 weeks from submission. Second, file a silver bond and use it in a right of redemption proceeding. has some excellent docs for this. Third, Do a deed acceptance. Check the video on YouTube called accept the deed and be the owner by Ron Ryder. If you post your email, I can send you some more ideas.

  10. Well now, if this indeed be the case, how is it that you are always asking for help with money? I've contributed as much as I could with my meager savings. Probably more than I ought to now that you have revealed this little gem.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Can you help me understand this little gem.....

  11. When you start waking up and see that everything you know and think you know is all lies and thievery, everything we were taught in the public school (fool) system, everything we see and here is all lies and theft by deception.

    I am 62 years old I think but I really do not know because I really don’t have firsthand knowledge right only what I was told Lol, but that many years of lies and now that I am waking up, looking for a way out, trying to save my family and save my life I run right smack into the freeing yourself quagmire which is also mind boggling because every day it is something different.

    Then you have the UCC, Secured Party Creditor, Being private, be the Beneficiary on and on and on, looters that are making huge profits off people who just want to learn how to be free in their own country. Our own people who could care less about us finding a solution as long as we pay with money they say is no good. Unfortunately I have been robbed several times by folks you guys know, getting the wrong info making matters worse.

    No disrespect to Anna because she has helped us to see things different but people on the private are taking advantage of us to.
    So when you were sleep you got robbed and now that you are awake you get robbed. Our homes continued to be stolen and as long as it’s not you we do nothing. We don’t here to many talking about saving our homes with real remedy ending this nightmare for the people. But everyone else can come to this country, get all kinds of good benefits, get all kinds of media attention, and steal our homes with the help of this Government.

    Foreclosure is one of the most horrible that could happen to anyone, it must stop, talk about separating families, this is happening to Americans every day and no one speaks for the separation of our families. Where is our voice?

    I want so much to find a way, a solution that works and more than anything I want to help those who need help without robbing them. Stop the Banks and the courts (banks). We hear all the time that all mortgages are fraud but that does not change a thing.
    What can we do, for real?

    1. Miker's I can't tell you how all of this describes what i've gone through over a year and a half now, you see all these looters youtube that supposedly have the answers but FIRST! you have to hand them money for the results?? it's down right sickening, I personally have received wonderful FREE assistance from beautiful souls here in this forum, and they know whom they are, although it has all been ignored, last year May of 2017 i followed all of annas instructions on the Indemnity bond, and many more.. and have heard nothing back from Steven Mnuchin, and i am now counting the days of eviction dated for 8/23/18, in my home of 14 years and 3 months to be exact, how in the world is it that an attorney can rule such a thing?? a yellow notice was placed on my door july 8th 2018 by 2 sheriffs, (as i watched from my window very anxious) stating FINAL EVICTION..
      I am simply overwhelmed and now have to pack up our home, i have done so much in this fight, and once i settle again, i will continue fighting, I've even become an interested party in the Rene Powers case, and continue following.

      We need REMEDY! we have to lock arms and lockup the supporting guilty parties, this system is destroying families, and theres no ending.
      removing ourselves from jurisdiction is the only last option i can think of.

      If and when you come across answere's, please keep me in mind, because
      i will never stop fighting not only for my home but all of my assets due to me.

  12. Use the notary presentment
    X3 NoTICE process in common law - thru notary judge ... liers cant respond in truth
    To discharge mortgage, car , student loans
    you become power of attorney ...
    Used for all kinds stuff
    Secret effective process of 21 days
    ***He who lies pays with everything they own***

    1. us a proper 'notary presentment'

    2. Life Coach, thanks but that again is information that is just way too vague, and many out here have no idea how to do it, with precise and succinct steps.
      And are you talking about ''government guaranteed student loans' thru the Dept. of Education (gov. agency)? Just how would one proceed to get rid of those once and for all? For Real ! !

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. From what I can see and understand, correct your birthright political status, revoke your election to Pay federal taxes which will include state taxes, don’t live above your means, use accepted for value and charge off what you can, get a non-citizen national passport, then keep your head down.

    I have done all of the paperwork except the birth certificate surrendering because I got the wrong thing. I did not get a state issued birth certificate, I ended up with a county issued certificate of live birth. I have already received the return receipt from filing my recorded papers with the secretary of state and I am now awaiting return receipt from the US District Court bankruptcy trustees. I will probably go ahead and do the birth certificate and surrendered to Mnuchin. I’m probably going to get a passport as well and an identification card and stop showing my state issued driving license. If my automobile was in my name and not in my wife’s name, I would probably look at getting a private property tag for this automobile and do away with registering it all together, but since it’s financed and in her name I don’t think I can do that.

    1. Fruit inspector - how do you get a private property tag for the automobile. Could you please share? Thank you.

  15. Replies
    1. Good question. I can only think of, "tag, title and license" but that doesn't seem to fit Anna's example

  16. They're is not one honorable criminal among them. We must get into the contract business by having a notary witness our contracts and also by recording/videotaping these fraudsters. When this is done, then we'll have them by the balls. It's not about the form, it's about your actions and that's so-called biblical to them. All corporations must come to an end now!!!

  17. Please provide specifics oh how to exactly "authorize the charge" with your signature and is a Cover Letter or "Notice to Principal" required when returning to the sender? Thank you.

  18. I am trying to save my only child. I spent most of my life heartbroken from several failed pregnancies. Then by the grace of God when I had pretty much given up, I managed to create, and carry this child long enough for him to be born, and breath the miraculous breath of life. An honor, gift, and responsiblity given by God. I worked very hard as a single Mom to give him the best care, so that he could grow strong. Watching him struggle with all the things we all took for granted as we all grew naturally, without the attack of forced vaccines, and the lifelong injuries they cause. To result in medical kidnapping, and God knows what kinds of testing and experiments on this innocent child. I did whatever they wanted me to do, and after all their tourcher on both of us they returned him. What a mess he was after all that, the road to healing took a long time, and just when we finally started onto that road, then he was taken again. This time for pulling another kids hair. The hospital overdosing Began again the first night they had seized him. After all their harm and dishonesty the first time, I was not about to play along a second time. I am a reasonable individual. But these people are criminals. They know right from wrong, and yet they choose to harm others, for their own gain. My Son has no voice, the vaccines stoled his words, Still he is intelligent. And he is everything to me. I tried to protect him by correcting my political status. Claiming him and every deviation of our Christian given names, motorized, and also witnessed, and recorded in the county land recorders office, and then filed in their fake court. All ignored, By those who daily abuse their positions. For 2 1/2 years he has been tourchered, and isolated in an institution, 2 hours from our rental, where we have lived peacefully for the first 14 years of his life. While being held their hostage there, he begged for me so much, that when the pharmaceuticals and assaults would not stop him from crying out for his Mom, and to go. That the heartless bastard's cut off all contact for nearly a year straight, before, during, and after his 18th birthday, while they placed him under the state office of gaurdianship. I now am allowed a highly supervised visit for 2 hours once a week. And with each new week he deteriorates a little more, as he longs and begs for me to take him home. This is so far past awful, that words can not begin to express how much we hurt every minute of everyday.

    1. Diana, attacks like this do not stop until you start attacking them. You cannot stay on the defensive and have to go on the offensive before they will suddenly withdraw. They do not care about you, but they do care about their own hide. I don't have a complete answer for you but maybe I can point you in the right direction. Checkout the Slam Dunk process on Many people have used this process in criminal matters and put the real criminals on the run. The concept is suing them even if just in SC (Small Claims) court as I outlined above. One variation would be to sue them for violating your Constitutional rights and charge them for it just under the max of your state's SC court. Lock them in through admin process and they will never show up to court to admit to violating the Constitution. So you win by default and use that judgement to file a MTD and to release him. Since he is 18, you could have him sign a general POA and let you file suits on his behalf and charge those who have kidnapped him and are holding him under arrest violating his Constitutional rights.


    Foreclosures,Banking,Attorney/Court Process, also Crypto protection

    Older video same guest

  20. Okay I have read this "Trying not to lose my property" post several times, my question is can we do this now? the post says "Here is what is supposed to happen" so can I get my last bill/statement from the Bank/servicer, sign it and then send it back to them as if you were sending in a payment?

    That being said what about all the other stuff I/we did like sending in the form 56, buying the red ink stamp and using that per Anna's instruction? I am confused. CAN we do this now? I am still in my home and have been unlawful foreclosed on so how about I get the last statement they sent to me and just sign it and return it? Please can someone or Anna answer. Is there anyone here that has or is doing this now?

  21. Do you have STANDING, STATUS, AUTHORITY & AGENCY to protest or are you a legal fiction, a fiction in law, a person, a moron, an idiot, a fool, an individual, resident, inhabitant, subject, slave, a peon, corporation, a human being, et al. doing business in, with a Trade Name, a Strawman that cannot be heard contrary to the Constitutions that say, you have a right to be head by yourself, by counsel or both. Note the Constitution DO NOT say ATTORNEY at Law in their for profit equity corporation courts. Come out from the beast - stand proud, be all you are intended to be, a (hu)man made in G-d's image. Get My I D CArd made in your proper given & family name so you can stand at arms length & control your Trade Name, the strawman, et al. & claim Aggravated Identity Theft, criminal conversion, mail fraud, et al.

  22. I would also like to know what "TTL" means. The use of acronyms with people who are unfamiliar with them is not helpful.

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