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Friday, July 20, 2018

Additional Explanation About 18 USC 911

By Anna Von Reitz

To explain to those who didn't understand what I was talking about when I referenced "More Ammo in the Territorial United States Code"-----here is what 18 USC 911 actually says: 

18 USC 911

Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 742Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994108 Stat. 2147.)

Now, as part of reclaiming your birthright status, you have to face the fact that you have made some mistakes.  You have claimed to be a "US citizen" more than once, and now that someone finally explained that they aren't talking about the same "US" that you are, you realize that you were never a "citizen" of the Territorial or Municipal United States, either. 

Now that the deceitful language is exposed, it's clear as day that you weren't born in and don't desire to be in the same political status as someone from Puerto Rico, right?  


So here you are in front of the Judge and you are saying, "Hey, look, there has been a mistake.  I have been mis-identified as a federal citizen and I'm not. This wasn't anything willful on my part. I was just misled as to which "United States" was being referenced and not told about the obligations of citizenship.  I wish the court to take Notice of my actual political status and desire to exercise my reversionary trust interest and my choice to correct the records and re-convey my given name to the land and soil of California (for example)." 

Okay, so you have said your whole spiel.  

What's the Judge going to say?  You can't make mistakes?  You can't correct them? 


And your admission that you made a mistake holds the court harmless, so now he has what he needs to be able to provide you with relief from the situation.

What's the final stone that has to turn?  

Well, you may have to "encourage" the Judge to do the right thing --- and this is where 18 USC 911 comes in.

You stand back and say, "And, your Honor, I can't help but notice that now that I know I am not a federal citizen---it would be a crime for me to pretend or allege otherwise according to Title 18, Section 911." 

What's he going to do?  Openly promote crime--and force you to commit crime-- from the bench? Openly breach federal code? 

You are just doing your duty.  You did not "willfully" pretend to be a federal citizen.  You didn't even know what that meant and according to your testimony, you weren't told, either.  

You just found out about all this stuff and now you are trying to correct that honest mistake. 

If the Judge in your case doesn't let you correct the mistake, he is aiding, abetting and enforcing the commission of a crime.  

And for that he can lose his job and his Bar Card. 

That's pretty good encouragement for him to do the right thing. 

But you still have to ask for relief..... "In view of this whole circumstance, your Honor, I wish that the registration of my Trade Name be stricken and that this present case be eliminated from the record." 

It can't be just "dismissed" because then there is a record of dirty laundry, and as part of the requirement to hold the court harmless, there can be no record held against them.  Thus, you ask for the "elimination" of the whole proceeding.  

Most judges will then issue a sealed Order to the Bureau of Vital Statistics telling them to get your Trade Name removed from their registration system---pronto.  After that, records concerning you will be kept in the State Secretary of State's Office, or the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.  

The Judge may hem and haw and want to chew on all this to gauge his options.  These guys have been operating as crooks under one set of mandates for a long, long time. They don't go down easily.  

He may even try to find an excuse to get up and leave the courtroom.  If he does that, you know that he is "switching up" and changing the jurisdiction of the court to a higher level.  When he comes back in and the proceedings resume you want to say: 

"I take notice that the court may have changed its jurisdiction.  May I inquire what jurisdiction of the law the court is now invoking?"  

It is at that point, or before, that 99% of judges will turn tail run for shelter.  Why?  

In the first instance, you've already beaten the dead horse.  If he continues to mess with you, he commits a crime or becomes accessory to one if he fails to recognize your actual political status. 

In the second case, where he has changed the jurisdiction by leaving the court room and re-entering, he has upped the ante for himself --and you -- and he has to dread that the next words out of your mouth are going to be: 

"As a living soul, your Honor, I beg leave to appeal." 

At that moment, he sees his entire career, his pension, everything sliding down the drain.  Even his brothers on the Circuit Court can't save him.  All will be revealed. He has to get rid of your case or "else".  

So you repeat your kind offer, "I wish for the registration of my Trade Name to be stricken and for the elimination of this case from the record."  

If you have a really obdurate judge, he may hem and haw some more.  Whatever he says at that point is immaterial.  

You have your request for appeal on the record and hanging over his head on one hand, and you have Option B --- the Get Out of Jail card for both of you in the other hand. 

What's he going to choose?  

If he hesitates, just repeat your offer. Three times is a charm. 

This is why 18 USC 911 and other "negative enactments" are so very, very useful: they are the Teeth of the Law.  

Negative enactments serve to keep judges honest ---  especially as regards this central issue of political status and citizenship.  

This is why 18 USC 911 is important. It is a fundamental tool that you can use to enforce recognition of your non-citizen status --and their lack of general jurisdiction over you. 

It is the same way with the IRS.  Once you realize that you are definitely not a "Withholding Agent" ---which is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service --- it is a crime of impersonating an officer for you to claim to be one.  And if you claim to be a Withholding Agent under penalty of perjury, another crime of perjury is added to your list. 

Obviously, the court cannot force you to commit a crime. 

"Your Honor, there has been a mistake...." 

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  1. Now this makes sense. Thank you, Anna, for going into this detailed explanation.

  2. The IRS forms say the same thing..But they intentionally take advantage of all the fraud already committed by accepting your 1040 form under penalties of pergery when they know damn well we are committing fraud by saying we are US come they let us get away with committing that crime without so much as a whipper...!!

  3. They don't see fraud; they see your political status as slave, the fictional you as indeed you are in their made up world. Yeah,from the real , live, living soul's viewpoint, they're playing fraud.
    It's like the perspective of the judge Anna reveals above

    The walk a mile in my shoes...take

    So, who's running your/our/my show?: Their point of view or the real, live people perspective.?

  4. C,

    If you read this, email me at

  5. Well it was good to meet you C.Johnson.
    i can appreciate your thoughts on coming home, yet in a different way.
    Coming home to God would seem more appropriate and of the number one to do list in these times. The rest will follow.

  6. C,

    I think you need a little clarity as to what we are up against here. I know you will work it out as you go, so, if you have questions about the real relation-ships are, the invitation is open any time. I was responding to your offer to chat at some point, not that I needed anything from you. The path is at your feet.

    Be well.

  7. Cube and CJ, coming home to God aka being born again, is the #1 priority, no doubt about that. But once you are, you are now a son and a soldier to do the works of Jesus as in John 14:12, Mark 16:17-18 and Matthew 28:18-20 and to destroy the works of the devil as in 1 John 3:8. Since Jesus came to restore dominion back to man, man must exercise and establish his delegated dominion and not surrender any part of it to the enemy. It is because man has been lax in recognizing that he even has dominion that we are in this mess. The church is asleep at the wheel and become a social club without power or authority and refuses to exercise dominion and prefers conformity over standing in its authority. Just look at their public confession. They all claim the status of 501(c)3 when under 501(a) they are already specifically tax exempt as a church w/o any further requirements. Why? Out of fear and greed. Fear of government and greed for government endorsed tax deductible donations. Rather than stand in faith on their God given authority, they choose the easy road and succumb to perceived authority and surrender to Luciferian government confessing in writing that they are in league with them filing the equivalent of 1040s under penalty of perjury. John Bunyon, the author of Pilgim's Progrees, refused to conform to the government's requirement that preachers must be licensed by the state and spent 10 years in jail for it where he penned his masterpiece. He would not surrender the church to submit to the government when the government should submit to the church.

    1. 1Freeman,
      i know it is also relevant that the church comes under judgement first. And yes much of the church is luke warm.
      This is one reason i and others had a major problem with Anna's take on the Roman Catholic Church.
      This idea that the RCC is the one True Church is repulsive. The mixture of it and government should be equally repulsive.
      Exonorated = Blameless ???
      Now one would think a Lutheran would understand and see that the Roman Catholic Church is hardly blameless in the world and the hiding of the Truth of the True Church.
      Thinking that false churches do not use a cloak of goodness to hide their deceptions is dangerous.
      "Doing unto others" is more than giving money. Warning them of lies and deception is also doing good works. Warning others may also contain the real possibility of laying once life down for another.
      It is said that faith without works is dead, yet also we are not saved by works. We are saved by His Grace.

    2. To clarify, it is not The Church that is asleep at the wheel, it is all these fake churches full of dead mens bones, white washed tombs......which are all man-made religious organizations; social clubs you might say.

      That is not what God refers to as The Church, as I'm sure you already know. Those are just church buildings. The Church consists of nothing but The People who are IN Christ, those who are born again, who are scattered all over the world.

      It is just too typical, that the majority of people think 'the church' is whoever is warming pews, which is not at all true. They are just church goers who have not been verified.

      The other mistake is the whole world seems to think the RCC is 'the church' which could not be further from the truth. It is not.

      (I post this, not to you 1Free, but to those all over the world who may be reading this forum.....merely adding to your comment.)

    3. a follower, you are so right! Giving the RCC any credence at all, in fact, is repulsive. A single 'good works' does not erase the huge amount of lies and misleading that the RCC has done - - making billions of people believe they are 'safe' with God by simply being a 'catholic' is one of the biggest deceptions of all time. And it must be exposed at every turn, even though we will get hated for doing so.

      In Gods eyes, our primary purpose and No.1 mission is to speak His Truths and expose false gospels wherever and whenever we see them. We are not to give the Floor to Liars to spread their lies. We are to refute them, even though it ticks people off. Then we just let them do what they do with that. Kick the dust if they reject it, mission accomplished.
      We are nothing more than mouthpieces; we are not enforcers.
      And we dont get furious with folks just because they reject Truths of His Word. The fury is on their part and it sounds worse than those herds of monkeys in India.

      All other 'missions' are secondary.

    4. Abby and follower, I will be the first to condem the RCC claim to being the one true church. As an institution they are quite the opposite. I came out of her myself years ago much to the shagrin of my father who had studied to be a Jesuit priest but never completed his studies. Thank the Lord or you would not be reading this! By the church in general I mean the everyday self professing establishments that claim they are Christians. However, the true church are the out-called which is what the Greek word actually means. These the ones called out of the world and into the fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God as ministers of the word w/o the need for any priest intermediary other than Jesus Himself. Just like I was once, there are many Catholics that believe they are saved. Boy was I wrong! They claim that there is no salvation outside the RCC but it is the exact opposite. I am not saying that no individual that is a Catholic cannot be saved but once they come to the knowledge of the truth, they too will come out of her if they want to be true to the word. If not, they will compromise their faith and be subject to seduction by doctrines of demons the NT warns us about. Regarding salvation by grace, this is obvious but remember who said I will show you my faith by my works?

    5. I believe our works are our Walk. We are to live what we speak, not just mere words, but put our feet to match our mouth. In other words, the way we conduct our own lives, so as to not be hypocrites.
      Yes, a catholic can be saved, upon hearing the Truth, but they must come out of that indoctrination and realize that no church organization can save anyone; being a member of a church does not make anyone saved. It has to be a one-on-one with God 'event'.
      This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to point out the many gross errors that are taught by man, by churches, and even by our own families.
      I live what I 'preach'.

      Good comment. Thanks.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. No, Daga, your domicile state is one of the Minor Outlying Islands to the US Corporation.

    9. 1FreeMAn thankl you for answering my "non existent" (in text at least) question LOL - I have to laugh, in old days it would seem as a miracle Lol ...every time I think I got it - there is more confusion :-) (for me)--- my domicile state is in one of USMOI ???

    10. 1Free Man - US minor outlying islands (plural only) - regions of the United States of America including American Samoa, Federal States of Micronesia, Guam, Mashall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Purto Rico and the US Virgin Islands .... what am I missings ? (besides my domicile state in US MOI)....

    11. Daga, read slowly... regions of the "United States of America including"....(all this other territories).
      You are in the United States of America which they are "including" as a Minor Outlying Island.

    12. 1Free Man: I did not include USMOI in my doc. Do you think it's necessary to re-do it?
      Thank you.

    13. Up to,you, Genevieve. I would if it were me.

  8. C Johnson, You can be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven or you can be a citizen of a state, but not both. A citizen of a state pledges allegiance to the state and its statutes. Better to be one of the free, independent and sovereign people under God.

  9. C. Johnson,
    i agree and can appreciate your testimony. We are all on our own individual paths.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Be blessed in your journey as well C. J.! May you always share the lessons you learn along your way, many thanks!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

  11. Hello All,
    Is there a way to have this conversation with a 'judge" proactively and have them issue a sealed Order to the Bureau of Vital Statistics telling them to get your Trade Name removed from their registration system.


  12. over here on australia, i can't find anything like the USC that u have, point is that all this is 'statute' anyway and 'statute' is an instrument, a financial instrument. So, am i obligated to be a 'citizen' or a 'withholding agent'? As anna says, no-one can force anyone to commit an act that causes harm, injury or loss to another, without liability.(Just another way to understand how the illusion is set up.)

  13. No thank you. I am proud to be a 14th Amendment United States citizen. I completely reject your extremist philosophy and I do not want to have anything to do with domestic terrorists.

    1. CJ, save your breath. Unknown is a known SoreAss paid troll on this blog. We have called him out numerous times. But lik an annoying zit, he keeps popping up at the most inappropriate times. He is like a straight guy walking into a gay bar, so obviousl that he sticks out out like a sore thumb, totally out of place and without a clue. But he needs to earn his keep and serve his paymasters. So we shall love our enemies and are patient, kind and tolerant to all. Who knows, maybe some of it will rub off on him some day?

  14. that's great. Now prove it by listing all the duties, responsibilities and obligations you have acting in that capacity. Don't forget any or you will be lacking understanding and highlighting just how wrong you are. This would make you one of those 'domestic terrorists' no doubt, because they obviously don't know the rules of citizenship of that society.

  15. it's a lot easier just being a fellow man, 'cos there is only one simple rule, easy to no harm..

  16. C,

    I know you are right, I have tested some of what you speak of with out success, not because it isn't true, just not enough awareness to become acted upon. I think had I appealed the rulings, the public law would prevail, I just could not justify the time and cost. All power is delegated is from the people to the state of being a union. The removal of land and money was not enough, so they removed the people and created an office/record of live birth, birth = space = Vatican = I can hold the record of the substance/mater/mother in loving memory/burial in an estate which will be abandoned for its unknown existence. The corporate State did not have the authority to create a plan, a devise to steal away our property/labor/products contrary to its own charter. The supreme Court has ruled, the power to tax is the power to destroy and yet, we find ourselves in-between worlds, living and dead. There is no doubt in my mind what you say is true about Superior Court rulings. Rod Class used the public law too. Our actions right now create the future.

    All Blessings.

  17. Well, as one who just got out of court, this is Ventura County, California, not known for its intellectuals in public employment, I recorded (filed) an Affidavit Of Truth, Revocation of power of attorney, All 10,000+ State of California employees, which spells out exactly what Judge Anna says here. On TOP of that, when the case was called today, it took a little doing because the rats insisted upon claiming that I was to speak through the appointed public pretender, one of the California employees I revoked power of attorney from, I said verbatim what Judge Anna wrote above, orally into the record. The most reaction I got was one of feigned contempt, that "oh brother, here's another one" look, and a deputy whom decided to stand next to me in the gallery.
    I was disappointed that the judge (executive administrator) just railroaded me onwards to set another date a week down the road for trial, over my objections of course.
    For all intents and purposes, I have done everything correct, and I know darned well it is correct based not only upon the research Anna has outlined upon her web site, but multiple other sources that confirm the same thing! It is simply frustrating me to no end, why there isn't a platoon of marines shutting down these criminals! The government itself may not be a fraud, but the rats running it are! I'm facing another 8 months here, running out of funds, and simply exasperated. I've filed multiple complaints with the DOJ, and nothing is being done! I hope you have better employees where you live, as for me, I want nothing more than to leave California and never come back! I honestly believe that the only reason Ventura County hasn't sunk into the ocean under Gods wrath is, like Lot from Sodom and Gammoraugh, I'm still here, and God is waiting for me to leave!

  18. Hey GM, you may be very well be right about your assessment! What were you in court for since you state that you are facing another 8 months here?


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