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Friday, July 20, 2018

A Brief Comment to "With All Due Respect", Kim et alia

By Anna Von Reitz

Of course, Kim thinks she is fine --- except in those dim moments of confusion when she notices that she is doing things that she doesn't actually want to do, and equally, can't do what she says she desires to do. 

The victims are never told.  They are left to think that they have been "sick"  or had an "accident" of some kind, and they were in the hospital, but everything is just fine now.  . 

She doesn't know she has been hijacked.  None of the victims know that they are victims.  If they did, they might--- conceivably --- seek help.  They are ultimately helpless, because they can be ordered to self-destruct, but their loved ones might even bring a criminal complaint or find a way to sue the complicit institutions (MIT, CIT, DARPA, IAG..... the list goes on) out of existence. 

Anyone who has been "modified" allows other entities to play them like a piano, to direct them to do things that are reprehensible and not do things that are in accord with their own verbally expressed desires. They are no longer in control. The computer interface is in control. 

The computer operator can tell the victim to self-destruct, or to take a gun into a restaurant and kill people.  It can tell the victim to eat dog crap, and despite how repulsive this is to every other nerve in their sensory array, even though they know better, they will do it and not be able to explain why.  

Any such act of debasement and depravity can be compelled by bypassing the neural condition network we associate with conscience and self.

The absence of such instruction in no way implies that the ability to give such instructions is impaired.  It simply isn't in line with the purposes of the perpetrators to give such instructions---but they could.  

The hospitals are turning out to be the nerve centers and points of genesis for the whole Kingdom of Evil. 

It is the Undeclared Uniformed Officers -- doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses -- conscripted under Title 37 of the Territorial United States Code who have been tasked to register babies as property, and it is the same crew tasked to install "chips" in our neural networks and expose us to nanobots which interfere with everything from nerve impulses and heartbeats to hormone balances.  

It's all there, on display, at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Or if it isn't, thanks to Serco's attempts to scrub the place, we already have copies and they are properly, they can all try to tell us another Whopper and try to explain the Observed Phenomena ----but it won't work. 

We have the goods. 

People like Kim are being used as human storefronts just like the vermin used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront.  Just like H.I.G. is using Compass, PLC, as a storefront.  Just as the Office of the United States Attorney General used the Wells Fargo Securities Division acting behind the storefront of the old "Wells Fargo Bank" trademark. 

The most innocent, kindest people alive can be turned into assassins and high order criminals for the cost of some silicon chips and a tricky, but far from impossible surgical procedure. 

And the victims take the blame if they get caught.  

Kim recently said that she was "blessed" ---- and that perhaps more than anything else displays the diabolical nature of the evil we are facing, when a blessing from Marduk, the King of Darkness, can be counted as anything but a curse.  

We are in the process of shutting down the AI operations that use human control interfaces, and finding medical centers and surgeons competent to remove the computer interface devices and also finding ways to disarm the harmful nanobots.  

This protection racket for evil in the name of science is coming to an end. 

Kim and others like her may never be completely themselves and completely healed.  It's too early to know, but we can hope and we can pray and we can extend love to her and other victims of this heinous transgression against us --- all of us.  

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  1. Are we to understand that this information has been derived from the Patent Office? IMO there ought to be concrete evidence of things of this serious nature.

  2. Has anybody looked at some of the research that Nikola Tesla was working on that the government of the United States went in and confiscated at the time of his death? I was watching a program that talked about his death ray. There are a few key pages that are missing from all of his documents. I think the government build his death ray. They call them microwave or cellular towers. If they would focus all that energy in one general direction from just a few areas at one time, it would kill a bunch of folks. There are YouTube videos that measure and show the output of these towers. They are 1,000 times stronger than our bodies can handle and 25 times stronger than what is needed for normal cellular phone service. 3G or 4G service does not demand the intesne, insanely high amount of wattage that these towers are capable of using. Think about the HARP array in Alaska and you will then see what they can do with these microwave (cell) towers that are almost everywhere. Next time you travel anywhere, start looking. You will notice these towers everywhere! There are a lot of things in that patent office that nobody will ever know about or ever see the light of day. At least the average man will never see these items, but they, nonetheless exist.

    1. U might find this old interview on the murderer of Tesla by Hitler's bodyguard (& supposedly explaining the Nazi ufos buzzing Washington DC later in 1952...)

    2. Yes, there is more here than meets the eye. In simple terms, bodies maintain there form by the power to keep that form by way of compression. Nature is always perfecting its bodies by becoming true spheres at maturity. After that point, bodies must give back what was borrowed by way of expansion/radiation which is what cell towers emissions promote. It's all about a silent way to help bodies radiate its mass back out to space which Tesla called the death principle in nature. Eating healthy foods help maintain mass by minimizing the rate of decay per second. This is why living foods promote life and food that are dead or dying are killing the host in the measure of increase of decay. I won't bother with the science, however, for those interested, Tesla was mentored by Russell who re-wrote the atomic chart as an artist, polymath.

    3. Fruit, here is an in-depth investigation into 5G and how if allowed to proceed will kill planet earth and all life on it. God said he would come back before we totally annihilate ourselves...this looks like it would fullfill that condition...

  3. I want to know just how does Anna know what was done to Kim, and the condition she says Kim is in. What is the verification of that.
    Sorry, but this is no time to be just taking someone's word for anything. This is how propaganda/deception spreads.

  4. Abby, I see that you are on Anna's blog a lot and generally do not understand what she is speaking of. To that, I can say that one's life work and understanding cannot be summed up and given to you in a few sentences, or even a full page. Neither is it anyone's responsibility to provide you with all the answers. It is your life, and as you have generally speaking, the same tools as the rest of us, it is time for me to gently suggest that you go in search of the answers for yourself. We never can grasp the full extent of any issue without some personal resolve and effort. There would not be enough room here to even begin to add links, documents, books and such that tell this story. But the story is there, and when we begin to search for ourselves, we find t hat information that is understandable, useful and that can be integrated into our belief system in a way that we grow with knowledge and change as we best need to in order to accommodate that learning. Asking Anna to sum up a life of learning is an impossible question and as such, does not get an answer. This is not disinformation and I believe that Anna presents what she has come to know as the truth...which may not match another's version as they have other information. It is a funny thing, but even if two people have all the exact same information, they won't necessarily interpret it the same, which is why we have discourse and conversation. To you I would say it sounds like you want to understand and simply, it is time for you to step on the yellow brick road for yourself. There is merit is walking one's own path to deeper understanding. So too, Spirit will guide you and protect you from that which is too harsh for your until you are ready for that level of understanding. I wish you well on your journey. Blessings.

    1. re:

      while i dont doubt there are multiple definitions, this many coincidences seem unlikely. perhaps they deliberately use other acronyms, or the "darpanet" was modelled on same acronyms? these terms exist in internetland.

      icann == registrar/registry for internet domain names.
      also iana. == domain. www = hostname.


      no one has to use the "official" icann "registry", so these are perfectly permissible.

      opendns and others. anyone run run their own "domain name server". it requires all internet users to update their hosts file (or equivalent) just to point to new "domain name servers"... or run your own "private" one on your own "local network" (intranet) (DNS server, domain Name Server) (email server)

      i am not accusing anna of being technically illiterate, but what is the connection here? assuming they are separate, then the "internet" people just "mirrored" the existing "legal" acronyms?

      while that may have been done as a "metaphor" to "mirror" existing physical "laws" for the "ether" net, it seems fishy they would reuse same acronyms and terms. that creates more confusion, not less.

      a "metaphor" is only good if it an be applied consistently, and there is no confusion a:b (a correspond to b), not a:sort of like a.

      it seems they have their own "100% secure network" and anna has found a way out.

      good work (no sarcasm). i still dont trust annas claims of "100% secure network" either.

      there are no "white hats" there are just corporate "schmucks" who go silent when you point out something that "doesnt compute" and are indistinguishable from "occultists"

      the sad truth is the corporate ever-lasting "Silence" is indistinguishable from satanism. they think they are "Gods"

      such is 99% of the "Tech world"

    2. now i am not accusing anna of being "Technically illterate" (not her field) but how can someone with a "100% secure network" not point this out to her?

      perhaps the "internet" people decided to "mirror" physical "domain" and "domicile" terminology?

      i have never heard a real estate person or stock broker etc. use the term "domain name" ... modern connotation is internet talk. same with "icann".

      so i dont doubt there are other prior uses of those terms, but the "city lots" and such, they never even use the term "domicile" anywhere. only "Resident".

      the one time, is the "news" will occasionally say "domestic violence" (in the home).

      and the "Feds" will accuse people of "domestic terrorism" (failing to note they are non-domestic to the several states)

      so, there are other "Domain names" and "registrars" with other "icanns" besides the "internet"?

      sounds like a recipe for confusion. "which type of law am i in?"

      if that is the case, looks like the "feds" deliberately obscure things and "mixed metaphors" on purpose.

    3. thats another question for the "100% secure internet replacement" claims ... what is the DNS system (or equivalent) ?

      please poke your "Tech people" with a long pointy stick if they failed to note "icann" and "domain name" have "internet" meanings too.

      again, if people would just run their own "internet", noone has to "register" with "icann"

      makes me think all "Registrations" are "voluntary, optional" . at least, anyone could just run their own "registry" of whatever kind.

    4. i will also point out re: blindness of "tech/business people"

      "they hacked our elections" (wrong elections, of course, wrong citizens, wrong congress, wrong treasury, etc.) ...whether "russia" did or not, the "hack" terminology seems to indicate media and intelligence people are full of technocrats (and/or, they thought "hack" sounded scary, would scare the non-tech people).

      "they" hacked the "Dept. of edu. and "dept. of labour" too, none of the "white hats" and "business people" even noticed.

      they were practically already "merged" but this "new" merger is final icing on the "planned economy" cake. "the arrogance of central planning."

      can you say hegelian dialectic? big scary russia is the enemy, but quietly we mirror them in our "economy", stalinism in the name of "america first".

      but that would never happen, because obama was the "marxist". he's gone. a "communist" would never dress like a "conservative business person"

      not a peep.

      the trotsky model or the stalin model. pick your "capitalism". always with the counterfeiting.

      "left wing communism (i.e. appearances) is an infantile disorder" -- vladimir lenin

      look forward to more "human resources", they seem to be trying to shift to a pseudo "nationalist" mirage, with all power remaining in international hands.

      looks like permanent "perestroika deception"

      anna knows hegel...yet when they merge dept. of edu. and "labour" not a peep. can it get more obvious?

      also known as the "look over there" tactic (antony sutton). look at big bad russia, ignore what the "banks" are quietly doing to the "education".

      look forward to more "pledges"

      google "fox news pledge of allegiance"

      looks like more of the same cia asset murdochs network.

      anna is much appreciated, but the trump worship i will never understand.

      if trump is "Rebooting" the "Economy" i dont see it. looks like more of the same.

      privately owned "schools" but publically funded. the 99% gets trapped "pledging" while the "private" people mooch forever and ever.

      would that we had some actual business people who werent permanent parasitic welfare queens. seem to all be deceased.

    5. the pseudo "america first" economy is the "synthesis" anna.

      witchcraft before your eyes.

      "creature from jekyll island" page 466
      "I was for an instant
      speechless!" wrote Glass who then explained how he reminded the
      President that the only backing for the new currency would be a
      small amount of gold, a large amount of government and commer-
      cial debt, and the private assets of the individual banks themselves.
      "It would be a pretense on its face," he said. "Was there ever a
      government note based primarily on the property of banking
      institutions? Was there ever a government issue not one dollar of
      which could be put out except by demand of a bank? The
      suggested government obligation is so remote it could never be
      To which the President replied: "Exactly so, Glass. Every word
      you say is true; the government liability is a mere thought. And so,
      if we can hold the substance of the thing and give the other fellow
      the shadow, why not do it, if thereby we may save our bill?"

    6. Tracy, you may have misunderstood what I was saying.
      I was asking here, for instance, just how does Anna know what has happened to Kim. There is no way for us to go search to find out how one knows what the are saying.

      I was also saying previously, and often, that things are mentioned, such as filing of papers, or meetings, or hearings, but never any follow up as to the progress or outcome of any of them.
      Its akin to the husband who went out one night for cigarettes .....20 years ago, and never came back. Lol

      Now, if one is reporting something, they have obviously already researched it and have more why leave them out, and making people go hunt it up themselves?
      This is not because we are lazy or because we want others to do all the work, but all the work has already been done, so why does it have to be people who already have busy lives as it is !

      When donations are sought 'to go before the world court' then is it asking too much to give those donors an update to what their money has bought them?

      And lastly, if there are only going to be hints given about a thing, then it should just not even be brought up in the first place.

      See what I mean?

    7. Abby,
      Was led to Exodus 22:18.
      If you will notice He does not separate good witches green witches etc. i take this to mean all. All sorcery. And no i do not think we are to put them to death as in the old ways.
      Yet this still remains a 'clear' warning.
      About the 'world court.' Wich court should we be concerned about? God's court or the world court? These are opposites.
      If we (the followers of Christ) are indeed brought into (in front) of assemblies, He Himself will guide us and fill us with His Words if it is His will and we trust upon Him.


    8. He Himself is our Living Law firm. This is nothing you receive from donations, or fees charged.
      This is exactly the mistake Simon the Sorcerer made.
      Human agency? Many will claim. And yet There is Daniel 8:25 to consider.

    9. a follower, I was simply making some logical statements, that results are never 'reported'. I am not 'anxiously awaiting' any results from any world court; as I tend to think this world is just way too out of control to ever be truly ''fixed''. I don't wish it,and I dont work against it, and if I'm wrong, thats fine with me.

      (true,there are no good witches)

    10. Abby,
      i saw your logic, i was simply adding on.

  5. "To which the President replied: "Exactly so, Glass. Every word
    you say is true; the government liability is a mere thought. And so,
    if we can hold the substance of the thing and give the other fellow
    the shadow, why not do it, if thereby we may save our bill?"

    Res-ident-thing identified. Born alive maternal tissue = sin/sign for the X =secret agency = Crown.

    Definition of writ of extent

    : a writ formerly used to recover debts of record to the British crown and under which the lands, goods, and person of the debtor might all be seized to secure payment.

    Definition of token

    1 a : a piece resembling a coin issued for use (as for fare on a bus) by a particular group on specified terms
    b : a piece resembling a coin issued as money by some person or body other than a de jure government
    c : a unit of a cryptocurrency Bitcoin tokens
    2 : an outward sign or expression his tears were tokens of his grief
    3 a : symbol, emblem a white flag is a token of surrender
    b : an instance of a linguistic expression
    4 a : souvenir, keepsake
    b : a small part representing the whole : indication this is only a token of what we hope to accomplish
    c : something given or shown as a guarantee (as of authority, right, or identity)
    5 : a member of a group (such as a minority) that is included within a larger group through tokenism; especially : a token employee
    6 : a distinguishing feature : characteristic
    — by the same token
    : for the same reason

  6. Response: Anna Von Reitz: Brief Comment to “With all due Respect”, Kim et alia
    Dear Ms. Von Reitz,

    Please find someone else to obsess over. This is my last comment to you and your agency friends who are feeding this load of false intel to you…. >
    “I am glad you have taken the bait, the whole MIT/Virgo Triad crap this lady is posting for you came directly from me as a counter-op for you to all run around the country looking for me and my server. I kept asking if she knew what it was because I guarantee you she doesn’t. How do I know? Because there is no such thing..I made it up and you ate it up. Ms. Von Reitz is only regurgitating for someone else. We know. I appreciate all of the snatch and grab attempts, but I too can play counter-intel. You made me laugh when I lead all of you ding dongs directly to your VERY OWN server, now that was funny. Didn’t you realize you were in your own facility? Did it not look familiar before you sent in the special ops team? You had the whole world laughing at that one, that video went EVERYWHERE. I ask all of you, not just Ms. Von Reitz, as she is just a widget in your scheme..What would you have done with “kilogram in Atlanta” anyway? This wild goose chase that you are all on that looks like something out of a video game or an Indiana Jones movie, “put the crystal in the black tree” crap was all designed to keep all of you busy. Ever wonder why of the hundreds of “missions” you have been on, not one of them has achieved the desired result??? Yet you keep doing it like a bunch of idiots. You do not understand you have been “PLAYED”. This is a “test”, you failed the test, you are the “chosen one, a relative of some biblical character, etc.”. That was all by design. See, I have seen the playbook, I know the game. I played against the best of the best and won, after all, “the one” is dead isn’t he?? The lists are long and sorted. Anagrams, ciphers.” Please stop listening to the “GODS” they are making fools of you, or don’t. Either way the world will continue to spin, and you will be left shaking your head wondering what happened. A good student always surpasses the teacher. There is a big difference between being SCHOOLED and SCHOOLING.” >
    And to you Ms. Von Reitz, please stick to helping people understand the legal systems, as this whole fake intel providing thing is not really your cup of tea. The message above is for your agency contacts who are feeding you. I know you are not aware you are being played, but you are. 1000%. Now I understand Ms. Von Reitz you will not in any way understand what I wrote above, but the parties who are following the fake intel will certainly catch on. Just because information comes from a trusted party doesn’t mean the party can be trusted. Further, you never know who “the real author” is of the orders you are following. Onyx Switzerland, Black Onyx, Black Star Onyx (not so rare not so immortal), Black Dragon, Blue Dragon anyone got an egg timer? >

    Kim “Possible

  7. Many thanks Xerces, Cube & Robert for these very insightful, timely contributions for ALL to consider.

    Deja vu? Hegelian dialect "playing out" once again. We've been "here" many times before, and we've "played our puppet roles" for these false "Money Masters" for their destructive self interests over, and over again! Wake Up and See this Now for what it truly Is.
    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  8. C. Johnson: Excellent! Thank you.

  9. Admittedly unrelated to the topic, but a dear friend of mine from south carolina just called me to tell me there is a 14 yr. old in her family who has divorced parents, who have shared custody of this child - - and neither of them really want him, treat him badly, make it known. Much much mental abuse.
    This child wants Emancipation but isn't sure what his rights are and his family on the outside are concerned he may reach his emotional breaking point if he is forced to stay with his parents shared custody as it is. They both use him as a pawn. He really wants to live with his grandparents.
    What a sad situation this is.

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