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Friday, June 29, 2018

Yaaaaay, Rhode Island! Fifty of Fifty!

By Anna Von Reitz

Very recently I put out a call to Rhode Island, explaining the situation--- that they were the only State in the Union that hadn't answered the call to assemble.

As soon as our brothers and sisters in Rhode Island got the message and were pointed to the right direction [ or] -----they got busy!

It's only been a couple days and I can report back that all fifty States are now present and accounted for in the National Assembly.  Let's hear (across the miles) a round of applause for Rhode Island!

We are on our way home, folks. 

The land and soil jurisdiction States are assembling and the people these states rightfully belong to are "coming home" and populating them in droves, overcoming the treasonous Breach of Trust and Fraud that has been perpetuated against us and against our lawful government for generations.

If you have ever wondered why the "tail" in this country was wagging "the dog" and why your public servants have been playing the role of your masters, wonder no more--- and don't waste a moment more -- come home and take care of your own business and reclaim your (e)states.

Join your State Assembly by contacting the National Assembly today. 


  1. Dam I love this... thanks Anna and a big hearty hello to Road Island... thanks

  2. One so utterly corrupt no one jedi. Worrier can change it too much money.
    the alternative is avoid giving jurisdiction and force matter into common law
    to stop the criminality we must reestablish common law courts.the other hat of assembly member is juror in common law they are the judge .

  3. Common Law jury judges both the facts and the law. Civil law tribunal judges instruct juries to judge only the facts and the judge tells them the law. Phony, and the supreme court said of the argument that court officers do not have to tell juries of this fact, both the facts and the law.
    Tribunals, territorial, military are not the same using forms like Roman Law, The ALL capitalized is a form of latin, dog latin and not English, various influence on common law, French Norman judges of King William not even speaking English only French Norman. Earlier Anglo-Dane common law was used to create States of America, created by that foundation, before the invasion of Roman French Civil Law, the code. Lately it is The United States of America being invaded and the people/nationals abused in the process of corruption.

  4. Well, so far, all of these "other States assembled" have not changed anything!!! The FEDS passed a Law that ONLY "they" can legally seat a grand jury to indict anyone, and only theirs will be recognized and have the power to FORCE everyone to do its bidding!!! All of the brain dead toads on this site can hoop and holler and hop around what this person posts but it will not change one thing!!! The touted Michigan Jural Assembly has not done one thing to change anything in Michigan and neither will anyone else. Until the present system collapses, and it is coming, Deutsche Bank is failing and will drag all of the other fraud banks in the world down with it, only then will we be able to start over. And even then we may not cause the book of Revelations states that a very evil person is going to seize control of the world's gov'ts and economies and this stuff posited here will be of none effect. Hate to rain on your parade here but what queen ann post is not going to change anything, not her so-called "liens" on everyone that has not worked, nor her "hereditary" and now "legal"-still waiting on who appointed him-Secretary of State hubby-is going to change anything!!! And I agree, what she posts of gov't may be true but her personal "definitions" and history per se' is from the mind of a crazy person and you'd know that if you were educated. So...enjoy!!!


    2. PS.... NO Thing WILL ever "change" for you in Fictitious Entity Puppet "World" except YOUR PUPPET MASTERS Assumptions to Fictitiously "CONTROL" the living Souls and our own unalienable Will, and Absolute power to Self govern. Peacefully and IN Peace. See ya!!!

    3. None are so absolutely ignorant as those who claim to be educated beyond others. A wise man understands how little he really knows and how much he still needs to learn.

    4. It is true that the book of Revelation speaks of a very evil Dictator called the Antichrist will be taking over and ruling this world. And many of the things that Anna and team are exposing here shows the leading up to that evil dictator.
      There are many many indications of that situation coming about, and when it does, all these current efforts will go by the wayside, along with most everything else.
      Still, we are to continue moving forward simply because nobody knows just when this Dictator will come on the scene and begin his 'reign'; however, when we look at the world wide picture, it is not far off. But when it does happen, it will be very very sudden and totally unexpected.

    5. Well said Abby...and forward we go.

  5. I think your great !! But the powers that be have control over the armed forces. I think they plan to use them.


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