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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Here Are the Smoking Guns, Mr. Trump....

By Anna Von Reitz

Well, folks, for all those who have pooh-poohed what I have been teaching about jurisdiction and the fact that the American People have been bamboozled and mistreated by their own employees--- the members of Congress and the military--- we now have the definitive proof in their own words: Pamphlet 27-161-1 from the War Department/Department of the Army.  

This "little" document, only 232 pages, was supposed to be widely distributed to the public and to the court system back in 1959 --- and wasn't.  Please notice the title, "The Law of Peace". 

This is what the dirty bastards have owed to the American states and people since 1860 and what they have deliberately withheld on false pretenses so that they could justify creating "public trusts" in our names and then raping and pillaging those public trusts. 

It's not just the filthy crooked Congress.  It's the filthy crooked military leadership as well.  This has not taken place in a vacuum.  They knew what they owed us.  They knew what they were supposed to be doing.  And here is the proof--- published and in their own words, with their own document numbers.

Read it and weep! 

And as for me, I am totally justified.  Everything I said.  Everything I told you.  The jurisdictions.  The citizens.  The nationals.  All of it.  Black and white.  Take that, Larry Becraft.  Take that, Bob Hurt.  Stuff it, American Bar Association.

The ABA has been nothing but a worthless self-perpetuating crime syndicate on our shores, a "professional" fellowship for pirates engaged by foreign governments for the express purpose of pillaging innocent people--and then using the ill-gotten gains to go pillage more innocent people throughout the world.   

All the "law" schools in this country might as well be burned down or turned into hospices. 

And all the military schools, too.  We have somehow perpetuated a military that speaks of honor and has none. 

Our own military has sunk lower than the worst kind of Third World junta, and they have less excuse, because they have had the trust and power and wealth and education and privilege to do things according to the actual law and according to their oaths and they have failed us.  They have failed the entire world.

When I read this document in their own words part of me wanted to explode with satisfaction: here at last, unequivocally, flatly, in the flesh, is the proof of all that I have said and proof that they knew it, too, tied up and wrapped with a bow.  

And the other part of me wanted to find a bathroom and retch, because what this also proves is the extent of the corruption that has infested not only the Congress, but the entire military infrastructure as well. 

The Judge Advocate Generals have known all along that the American people were owed the Law of Peace and they sat there on their velvet tuffets and imposed the Law of War instead.  They did this in the most venal self-interest imaginable.  They did this in gross disrespect of the Public Law, in gross disrespect of their Oaths and Obligations, and in gross disregard of international law as well.

Everyone who has occupied the office of Judge Advocate General since 1959 deserves to be court-martialed. According to the distribution page on PAM 27-161-1 every Legal Services unit in the Active Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve received a copy.

As if this was not enough to prove the complicity and the gross betrayal by Congress and the US military of their employers, we have this expose' from Forbes Magazine and the University of Michigan:

The amount of money mysteriously missing from these military budgets just happens to be roughly the same amount as the National Credit owed to the American states and people: $21 trillion.  Remember that the way this system is set up, their US National Debt always exactly equals the National Credit owed to the American states and people.   

"So where's the National Credit?" was the first question out of my mouth many years ago, and now we know. 

Read that--- our own military embezzled the National Credit owed to you and your family and sunk it off-shore somewhere for their own benefit.  Who is responsible for this outrage?  Members of Congress and the various Secretaries of Defense beginning with Donald Rumsfeld.

The vermin have borrowed against our assets under false pretenses--- our land and our labor--- until they could borrow no more. Then they have stolen the credit owed to us, and they are sitting there in Washington, DC, planning their excuses for imposing martial law--- which they have been imposing illegally for 150 years anyway.

The American states and people were always their Priority Creditors and they knew it and they stole your credit and lied about the entire circumstance to the American people and the rest of the world. 

These horrific liars and hypocrites have done this all to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy and quaint little books about George Washington and the Cherry Tree fed to school children to indoctrinate them into believing their Big Lies--- and continuing to go along and serve this monstrosity without question. 

Forget the Russians.  Forget the Muslims.  Forget the Zionists, too. 

The Evil is right here, right in your face, just as Edward Snowden told everyone it was. It's home-grown, not imported. 

It's right here in the run-amok federal agencies--- the "DOJ" that couldn't find Justice (or their butts) with both hands, the FBI, the BATF, the CIA, the DIA, the DARPA, the FEMA, the "Homeland Security", the NSA, the BLM, the IRS, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, the whole lying rotten pack of disgusting predatory vermin who can't seem to do their jobs or figure out who in the hell they actually work for.  It's the "departments" of the "government", too--- the "Department of the Treasury" that hasn't existed as part of our actual government since 1924---all of it so incredibly mucked-up and criminalized that it defies description. 

And let's not forget the "Federal Reserve"--- a bunch of nasty old European interests that never actually had a leg to stand on, a pot to piss in or a place to throw it out--- until Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal Democrats decided to give our country and the value of our labor and our gold and silver reserves to them in exchange for their support of the Democratic Party's quasi-communist agenda. 

And that isn't saying that the Republican Party is much better, either, because they have sat on the sidelines and sucked off the cream and wrangled to benefit their own corporate interests with complete disregard for this country and for the people who sent them to Washington, and without any more regard for law or honesty or honor than the filthy Democrats who have sought to enslave everyone on this continent.

Mr. Trump doesn't just have the job of draining the swamp, he's being forced to use alligators to do it. 

So now that you all have the facts and the proof, where are your mops and buckets?   Light up those switch boards.  Make those telephones ring.  Hit the "share" button until your finger bleeds.  Sit down and explain it to your wife: we've been betrayed from within by unimaginably corrupt and stupid members of the US Congress and even more corrupt members of the US military. 

Make the Bad News go viral--- because the first step toward solving a problem is knowing that you have a problem and defining what it is.  And then bringing pressure to bear against those responsible--- the Judge Advocate Generals, in particular, the members of Congress in general, the so-called Federal Reserve, the IMF, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the heads of the agencies and commissions, the cabinet members and department heads, all the politicians from here to breakfast. 

Print copies of this article and copies of the Law of Peace pamphlet and copies of the Forbes magazine article and dump millions of copies on the internet worldwide so that the truth can't be erased by another convenient book burning or computer failure.  Save copies to your hard drives and back them up. Make hard copies for your personal libraries.  Make a hard copy of the pamphlet and take it to court with you, ready to throw down in front of the judge.  Make them run screaming into the bushes, where they belong, cowering under a fence with a porcupine as their only friend.  

Start asking--hey, where is my $21 trillion dollar National Credit?  Why am I being mis-characterized as a "US citizen" when I'm not and don't want to be?  Who the hell is responsible for falsifying all these public documents?  Why am I being tried in a military tribunal under the Law of War when I am owed the Law of Peace?  What kind of fraud game is going on here?  Who do you people think you are?  How dare you put your filthy mitts in my pocket and think that I am obligated to pay your salaries for this kind of "service"? 

Just say "No".  Say it loud.  Say it clear.  Let it be heard from sea to shining sea.  And join the chorus. 

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  1. Another brilliant article of truth. I don't know who Judge Anna really is, but she is truly speaking from her heart. This lady knows more about life, law and freedom than anyone I have ever studied in the last 45 years. What a privilege it is to be on her mailing list! Dr. James Chappell

  2. Catherine Austin Fitts is the one who came up with the $21 Trillion of missing money. This is just from the Defense Department and HUD. If the other departments are audited more missing money will be identified. She believes they have used these funds to create an advanced economy using secret technology. Their goal is to steal it all and leave the rest of us to starve. They developed the advanced technology with our money and therefore owe it to us.

  3. Excellent rant!! I was honored to send it out on FB and Twitter, and to a friend who is representative of the average controlled, clueless American. My humble gratitude to you, Paul, and the Judge.

  4. I have never doubted Anna's publications, it is even obvious they are true. My 'problem' has been in doing all these things on an individual basis; as we know the 'legal' system has too many tricks up their sleeves for one to deal with them in that way. IMO.

    Thus, my reason for saying that something powerful has to be done at the top, or from the top; something that will knock their whole house down. It's quite a misunderstanding to say that we the People want somebody else to do it for us; the fact is, we know the deck is stacked against us. We've needed something more ''official' and this document is more like it, though I have not yet had the chance to read it.

  5. Ive never seen or heard of that document, but it doesnt surprize me they have been hiding it.. someonevin Rockefellers family must have been at a high level of the military way back during Linconl's time, who knows, maybe even conspired with him to get rid of all races, especially the black slaves, who despite what the MSM said , actually hated them and wanted them deported back to their own country. That was supposedly the real reason for the war. And he pretty much proved it by giving them their freedom back if they choose to voluntarily go back after the war. But hardly any of them wanted to. But he told them if they stayed you will never have "natural rights" which are paramount, you will only have secondary rights..."civil rights" and a new status...U.S. Citizen(a politically correct and deceptive word for slave still). And as far as militaries are concerned, when you give a group of people whos only job is to protect our borders, more money and power than GOD himself what do you think will happen. No other faction of govt was given a "blank checkbook" that could be drawn down on by just a signiture alone without begging for it like the rest of us..!! They always show how respectable, decent, loyal, and honest our military is on TV shows like...JAG(Judge Advocate General), NCIS, BLUE BLOODS, MAIMI VICE, Hogans Hero's(just kidding). But you know what i mean. Any organization that runs by a strick set of rules and "air tight" chain of command , without being able to question what and why they are doing something is going to be misused and greedy. After the "civil war" was over the Brittish(and banking cartel) could only make a deal(treaty) with the only group left with any power...the military... So they cut a deal with the devil to really increase their power structure to take anyone on from stopping their expansion, not only in this country but the world. No military in the world can be run without oversite. And yet that is exactly what Trump has done. He has told them straight out that you dont need my approval to straighten out this mess, because you all know how it started.. So you are the only ones that can fix it now..!! When you think about it, what are militarys good for anyway...only one thing..WAR!!! And congress and everyone else just went along with it. The militaries of the world are in control of every country, no matter how civil it appears on the surface. Military officers do not want "rebels".!! Unless they need them for special purposes. Otherwise, all they want to do is give an order and have it carried out ....period,without question. There has to be tons of our military men and woman who really know what is going on, but cannot or will not come foreward bevause of the rank and file mentality... Id say before we start writting to our own public officials and military, i think we should start a writting campaign to Russia's Putin, explaining how we had nothing to do with this travisty and have been lied to as much as you..!! And since they control the entire media and the "narritive" of current events, it took us 100 years to find out what happened to our country. And that only represents 1% of us. The other 99% are still asleep, and thats the way they live their lives.. All we are saying President Putin is that we owe you and the rest of the world an apology. And we are trying to change it from within, but the "CORPORATE STATE" has become to powerful for us alone to change it. If you can negotiate something between yourself and president Trump , we can correct the ills of the past between us, because Trump stands alone against a US Crime syndacate that is out of control and huge...!! He needs your help in cleaning up this swamp. The people are to fearful of this countrys executives and public servents. After that, we can turn our attention to the other corrupt nations of the world, until it finally is equitable for everyone and wars can be a thing of the past...!!

    1. Excellent response. You are correct. We need to let the world know that this may have been done on our watch, but certainly without our approval.

    2. The world "leaders" have already been noticed by Anna & Team of the very facts of the this matter and on many occasions for the record prior to this discovery. Now we have the proof to enforce our Will, and we have work to do individually and collectively to re establish and rise above this mess and start thinking and acting like real adults, that can think responsibly for ourselves, act responsibly/peacefully and honor each others will to live and prosper in peace moving forward. Their Game is now officially been called, and we can now start holding all these rats accountable from here on out with full knowledge and proof to stand on. Cheers!!!

    3. *** re establish by necessity and with urgency OUR proper status for standing and forming our Jural assemblies on all levels to enforce our lawful/natural rights and Will of the living people on the land.

  6. I share your outrage, Anna. I have already queried with the GAO on this matter, and have caught them in concealment of a material fact, punishable by 5 years in prison under Title 18 USC ss. 1001 -- and, that's just for starters. Let's all get them -- all these transgressing public servants who are guilty of Global larceny, murder, and all the worst crimes many times over -- over a barrel and in the stocks. Checkmate. Game over.

    1. I agree. How can we find out what part of our military will stand by their oath to we the people? Than, they can march right into con-gress and let every one of them know 'their services are no longer needed' after that march them straight to the nearest FEMA camp for a tribunal and re-education.

  7. Thank you Anna!

    I just added: "Forbes Magazine: 21 Trillion Missing from U.S. Treasury".
    To my Blog: "Money".

  8. . .OOOHH YEAAH -!!!


    Just think what George Washington would say?
    Personally I think they intentionally bled him to death.

    Just as with the body of Christ just who are these -
    "principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and hosts of wickedness in the evil day-???"
    Well somebody is quite clever and persuasive with it all for so many to bow down to "MAMMON" while manipulating America and the world.

  9. Nice Going, you guys! (Researcher team)
    The documents also prove that Criminals always want to get caught so that they can be stopped! That's why they leave clues at the scene of their crime.
    (i am actually looking forward to my next visit to "court" ;o)

  10. THIS IS PRICELESS!!! GAME ON people! No more excuses, no more whining and complaining....its time to get busy printing, copying and writing those letters, and sending them far and wide! Everyone can do this, as we've all witnessed ALL the mis- directed angry rants and complaints DAILY by so many on just this blog post alone. NOW direct those complaints to the source owed your anger and start demanding accountability NOW to those that OWE you accountability! No more doubts, NO MORE FEAR. Its time to move past that conditioned reaction/response and MOVE forward in TRUTH with renewed strength, courage, knowledge and wisdom to stand up on and prosper within! Much Love and Peace Always

  11. Again it was POTUS Andrew Jackson, the last president that was once involved with the 1st War for Independence((a hero in the 2nd)) -
    AND he fought the banking threat to a stand still as well as secession -
    ALL BY HIS FEARLESS RESOLVE and raw guts and saavy...
    Similar to POTUS TRUMP- tho a failed assasination almost stopped him with two piint blank misfires and he beat that man down with his cane
    Do pray for Trump/Pences safety as they represent the opposite of everything the Far-Left Globalist's are planning for you and us all...

  12. Again it was POTUS Andrew Jackson, the last president that was once involved with the 1st War for Independence((a hero in the 2nd)) -
    AND he fought the banking threat to a stand still as well as secession -
    ALL BY HIS FEARLESS RESOLVE and raw guts and saavy...
    Similar to POTUS TRUMP- tho a failed assasination almost stopped him with two piint blank misfires and he beat that man down with his cane
    Do pray for Trump/Pences safety as they represent the opposite of everything the Far-Left Globalist's are planning for you and us all...

  13. Hey all: Just copied all 232 pages....looks like a best seller. Here's what the INTRODUCTION tells me. It tells me that the purpose of this DA pamphlet (LAW OF PEACE Volume I DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PAMPHLET 27-161-1) is not to make its readers experts in the field of international law but to have a working knowledge of the subject matter. If you are not an expert( meaning that you know about 90% of a subject matter)then I don't know what else there is. This pamphlet gives you a More than working knowledge of international law. To me, it's beyond what any college course could give you. David Snieckus

  14. This time when there is a currency change, and we all know it is coming probably in the form of a "cryptocurrency", dont just take it for granted...Whatever bill vreates it, we should all demandva copy to see how it changes things, especially transactions in commerce..!! Because the form of currency we use will also affect the laws we will be under....and it wont be a constitution..!! Lets get past the "fake narritive" coming our way and start digging immediately into what changing our currency this time has on our "status" and law. Dont get excited until we know, understand, and agree or disagree with the new "CONTRACT". WE arent going to let another 100 years to find out what we agreed to..!! And we want our version in plain and simple English, not babbaling legalese..!! Give it to us straight or dont give it to us....Even Maxcine Waters should ne able to understand that......!!!

    1. James, right on ! I am not messing with all their play on words; we know they mean something totally different than we sane people take them to mean. They deliberately set up their jargon so People will not even know what 'they'are talking about. Well, as for me, I am not going to play that game, go on the run through their matrix, or jumping through their hoops.
      Gonna have to be a whole lot more simplified and cut to the chase; maybe Interpreters should be provided, and when the judges starts by asking if we 'understand the charges'....the
      Interpreter could say 'the judge is asking you if you are willing to ''Stand Under his Admirality Court' so he can wring you dry, LOL.
      But sane people all know that 'understand' means to 'comprehend'. See how they play with words and then keep it their own little secret as to what they mean? Totally unknown to us? Its all a stupid childish little game, that lands many innocent people in the slammer, just to ruin peoples lives.

  15. Dear Santa, please get rid of all the corruption before the New Year so we can start 2018 in peace and back on land again.

  16. Dear Santa, please get rid of all the corruption before the New Year so we can start 2018 in peace and back on land again.

  17. I have never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the box but I think I am pretty articulate. But I must be missing something when I am reading the pamphlet-27 of the war department and department of the army. I can't make the connection that said this is the proof we were looking for that has been hidden from us. I have read the first 50 pg. twice now. and though it uses the words state and citizens in it. It seems that all this courts and International laws they are operating under has to do with talking about the Country in whole and under what jurisdiction they operate under when in court dealing with other countries that are all a member of the United Nations. It seems they are discussing International law as it pertains to if a citizen from a particular country is harmed by the laws of another country and therefore go to court. That they would take it to An international Court and seems like this pamphlet is discussing International Laws and it falling under the jurisdiction or the Army of Article 38 of the United Nations. Please if I am off base or my pencil is too dull from racking my brain. Please in a kind manner please set me back on track. Because I would surely hate to read all 232 pages twice and still be off base.And before I send any info to all my contacts out their which are many. I first have to understand the issue. If not it would be like going into court with all these documents but have no idea of how to defend my own standing or their court procedure. So please let me know how this pertains to the individual. Thank You. Blessed be the meek. For they shall inherit the earth.

    1. In part it shows the order of which the law of war or peace is applicable , as such we have not been in any need to be at war status unless maybe it serves a purpose to suppress and take advantage of those misguided by banking fraud.Also just remember if all those powers are possible for states and or corporate and sovereignty then we as self determining free people we possess the same or more power ,even this article is really devoid of this type of true international spirit has always been really.Americans are not going to change consumerism at the global level because WE CREATED THE SPIRIT OF OVER CONSUMPTION AND DEBASING REAL CULTURES AND LOOKED THE OTHER WAY WHEN "WE.our" DESTROYED THE WORLD BY ALLOWING EACH OF OUR ESTATES TO GO UNCHECKED PERIOD !therefor corporate mandates will prevail to secure trade routes and shipping uniformity by large private companies that wont be overcome by bankruptcy charter companies because they are to solvent and capable of lobbying with no financial barriers to out mode local state or national referendums and such green initiatives that counter trade agreements of the rich merchant families and the like enterprises in short,most through out commercial societies westerners are sociopathic and have a dual mind that causes mental illnesses that are effectually why we are so deprived of self determination because each is really fighting our minds ,ignorance and consumerism and all that goes with being out of shape ,un holistic choices that create toxic minds,bodies,emotions,Hippocritical judgment derived from scarcity is epidemic ,and a lack of self identity in a present state for starters ..ouch ,for those working from abundance seeing only opportunities to be creative choosing a sense of well being have a head start , I am good for that any time of the day.But those suffering from malnourishment do come first even before this dilemma ! right ? bring me food prior to status and liberty ? if it could only be excused for blaring relevance to who did what to who and who is still doing it to those still hungry while AMERICANS DRINK THEIR GUT INTO OBLIVION With STARBUCKS at $5 a pop ! i am a realist and see what is obviously slanted in relation to true ORDER AND JUSTICE .

    2. Yes, precisely precise!!! This IS a personal battle that we have allowed this "state" of shallow mind (temporal/ego) to be the "rulers" we've been intentionally programmed/conditioned to "be". We have been programmed to "operate" so far away from and separated from our true self and pure divine nature on purpose. The "corporeal" graven image created for this separation allows/accepts this "ruler" to be the mastermind in control, within our own choosing unconsciously, and our own falling from grace. We are our own worst enemy. Yes, ouch! Indeed. The awakening that we are experiencing Is our spiritual self waking up and seeing/knowing the truth of who, what WE truly are and have been devinely created to be. Our "wholeness" Is an inside job, and as we become more aware of this consciously, we gain our true power, strength, divinity, love, peace uniting with our temporal, ego mind back into balance and harmony within ourselves. "Together we stand, divided we fall" the spiritual essence of this statement becomes more clear and true for your own peace, within. This spiritual awakening Is within each one of us to recognize and choose at this time. The free will choice has always been ours, however the small mindedness of ourselves have become so large and in charge, we effectively drowned out and diminished our own natural/peaceful potential. Fascinating to me how such a small part of ourselves (maybe 10%) we've allowed to overtake and seperate our devine heart/mind which Is and has ALWAYS been greater! Sound familiar??
      Yes, agreed "Mental illness" IS the condition that has been created by each and every one of us. Now its our responsibility to recognize and become increasingly, consciously aware of correcting and healing this illness/imbalance within.
      Much Love and Peace


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