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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What You Have Done

By Anna Von Reitz

Your donations have made many small miracles happen for me and my helpers and also for other people who simply needed help, asked for it, and got it.  

Almost immediately upon embarking on the life I have led for the past twenty-plus years, it became apparent that time spent mulling over, researching, and then testing the information I have shared with the world cuts into time spent doing many other things, including earning a living.  

I was luckier than most, because my life was my work and my work was my life and it all somehow managed to dove-tail.  I didn't have to meet a nine to five schedule.  I didn't have to worry constantly about basic expenses.  I was blessed with good health, a good mate, and a great education.  All the stars smiled on me and the blessings of God were warm on my shoulders.  

All I had to do was work and keep on trying and asking and looking and seeking and talking to other people on the same journey.  

Others have had a much harder road in one way or another.  A great many people were ensnared in federal traps and railroaded into prison terms and debilitating fines and fees. It has almost become a badge of honor to have a federal prison record.  Many have lost their families through divorce and rejection.  Many have suffered loss of jobs, homes, yes, even children. 

Most of us were blissfully unaware of what had happened and was happening to the land that we love when something pushed us into the fray. Most of us didn't know what a corrupt mockery the "American justice system" had become. And we certainly didn't know why.  

The search for answers and for justice isn't for sissies, but it is a search made infinitely harder when you are targeted and mischaracterized, when you have a young family to support, when you have a nine to five job, when you have a limited education, when you are sick, when you lose your employment, when accidents come to your door, when your mate decides that they have had enough of the work you've undertaken and its many privations and sacrifices, when your friends and your family think you have gone whack-job and desert you, when your employer lets you go because they are afraid that they will get in trouble for accepting a W8 BEN, when, when, when.... 

All these things and more have happened to people on my team and others I have known who have sacrificed large portions of their lives devoted to this work.

Your donations have bought a new computer system for Paul and made his work easier and less stressful, faster, and wider reaching.  It's a home run, right out of the ballpark.  You made it possible and he is leaping forward to do his part and make it count.  God bless you all! 

Your donations have paid light bills and filing fees and food and so many other things that have been needed by our team that we couldn't have done by ourselves.  

This winter one of our lead researchers had his water heater and his pressure tank go kaput, leaving his whole family without hot water and his wife on the verge of giving up.  Your donations made it possible for us to fix that problem and get things back on track. 

Your donations have funded travel to court dates and arbitration sessions, to the Library of Congress and other libraries and institutions to do research that couldn't be done any other way.  Someone had to go there in the flesh and dig.  You made that possible, because even with skilled volunteers, it costs gas and copy fees and sometimes hotels and train fare or an airline ticket.  

This past year has been like a slugging match.  I feel the "hits" on me and on our team, and then, I feel you all hitting back, renewing our will to go forward, filling our gas tanks, buying another ream of paper, keeping the lights on, sending us postage stamps (thanks, Stephanie!) and tiding us over the worst.

Sometimes it has been blow for blow, times when I was down to my last hundred dollars, left staring at a bill and thinking--- how can this ever be done?  One old woman and a few dozen skilled volunteers?  Lord? 

And then, a check would come, a smattering of cash donations would hit, and we would lift our heads and soldier on.  

It was like this in the First Revolution, too. The Continental Militia fed itself, made its own bullets, provided its own mounts, its own gun powder, its own uniforms, and as the British said, they stole the cannons. 

Our battle isn't a battle of arms, but a battle of wits and knowledge and media exposure, a battle of research and logic and historical records--- and yet, it is a battle nonetheless.  It wears us down.  It takes everything we've got.  It goes on and on and on, with breakthroughs, but also with disappointments.  We are closer to victory now than we have ever been. 

This week our claims are being heard.  

This week we have the absolute proof of the fraud and the mechanisms used to implement it.  Step by step, act of legislation by act of legislation. 

This week marks the end of the evils that have plagued our nation and kept it at constant war for more than 200 years.  

This week our Voice reaches 300 million people worldwide. 

We are not doing this alone, all by ourselves.  There is a silent majority behind us, voting with their prayers and their money for an America that has too-long been merely a dream, an America at peace with itself and with the rest of the world. 

Thank you all, and may you be richly blessed, just as you have blessed others. 

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  1. Please consider doing these posts as vlogs on YouTube.. you can still do the transcripts... But YouTube pays... 300,000 followers is well worth the effort...others that have a much less following are clearing $4k month ly

    1. YouTube would demonetize and terminate these truths on day one.

    2. There are now other platforms.. trumps platform may be good... not about the money as it is about freedom...

  2. Unite the right ,public opinion is manufactured on Madison Avenue . We are getting traction (public attention ) and so dirty tricks via. CIA gives media a fabricated event to put top page and all channels blast 24/7.trump supporters are all nazi's.yet all the hired thugs that were on the left.
    Civil war ?

  3. I just seen your response to other post. Thanks. Also MANY posts about reading levels and laziness. I understand you want professional level material. However, if you look at the YouTube video... Like off the grid with Doug and Stacy... You will find what can be done with a cell phone, no editing, very informative and they are pulling in about $4k a month. Start of small. I am sure you have someone that is charasmatic and we'll spoken to just read your emails at first.. when it produces some income, get the studio equipment. Many of these homestead people started with nothing and built up. Dirtpatch heaven makes a living for her family by you tubing.

    Most of all people don't like to read, and don't trust strange links... YouTube is trusted... I throw your website out there all day long to people, who have issues.. I tell them to read your material... Especially.. you know something is wrong when... An affadivit of probable cause... I read it for then it was free, I read the whole thing for you are hooked instantly. And gets you to want to know more... But that book could be offered free again if it was read on YouTube... Narrated so you pay attention to the spelling game and other decietful govt tactics. But you would still get paid, maybe more by the advertisers. Plus, a library gets built... Where people can sit back and listen and watch, learning by using multiple senses...

    I believe it would be an extremely useful tool, a profitable tool to reach People. The Continental marshal could maybe introduce themselves, and keep anonymous if need be. Lots can be done, it over with your team and tech people. Then try to get to Sean Hannity, radio host... He has the president's ear.i love to see you on Mark Levin... He is a Constitutional attorney, worked in white house during the Reagan years...and/or rush Limbaugh.... I don't fully understand what you do... But i doubt marketing is your expertise... Emails is only text, less than 7%of humun communication... With video it becomes real, you exist... State National becomes real... Right now... I mainly get blasted. What about that make believe judge...? Bruce done alot of damage... Along with the people who drive with no license as full fledged US citizens... And start mouthing off at the cop... Yup he going to jail and rightfully so..just for running his mouth... But by reading how to go through the procedure vs a skit . By say marshals, militia....on video.. on how to deal with the situation... Militia need to come forward to be recognized as good guys... Not as the freaks society percievesvthem as. Where are the militia in Boston, Phoenix, Charlottesville or Shelbyville Tn? We don't have them, but the Muslims have Sharia police in a multitude of cities... Just some thoughts.. thanks

    1. This appears to be reasonable and well worth looking into ... please give it some thought, Anna. A downside of appearing before YouTube's enormous audience might be the purposfully twisted comments it will engender from those who are viciously opposed to liberty. But, oh well. I must say, I love you dearly ... you are a treasure.

  4. THANK YOU Judge Anna and Paul and Belcher and your staff! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart from the WORLD! We Love You ALL !!!

  5. I appreciate more than I can say, the work you, Judge Anna, Paul, and the team, do for all of humanity. Once we clean up this country, it will return to being a beacon of truth and freedom!

  6. This week our voices reach 300,000 people....How!!! You never said how.. And where is this silent majority. Nobody can be silent anymore. The alt left has no problem voicing their obsurd insignificant ideas that help no one except themselves or getting rid of Trump. This week Trump did a 180 on Afganistan, saying that all his life people have been telling him that the view from the oval office is quite different that view as just one of the people.... I wonder why. Before you take the oval office, none of us have the whole truth. Even then im sure some things are even kept from him. Because the military industrial complex doesnt trust anyone outside their world. People in the military take orders unconditionally. There is a chain of command that can never be attained in civilian life, like it is in the military...!! Thats the one thing the military will always have over the lay public. In that sense, they do have an advantage. And always will. Honestly, when i look around and see people who insist on living on the street, never reading or learning about anything, just absolute defiance against any system of govt. except their own, thats when i think that all these people who have been lazy their entire lives should have been forced(yes forced) to go to military school to acquire some much needed discipline which they never got at home. Some of my friends lost their fathers when they were six years old and the mother was never strong enough to discipline boys, or ill equiped to deal with them. They immediately take advantage of the situation, and grow up thinking that no one can tell them or force them to do anything they dont want to do. What they all fail to see is that they have become selfish, disrespectful, irresponsible, uneducated brats that never achieve anything except how to roll the perfect "joint". If kids refuse to do any homework or chores around the house, then its time for military school where they will finally get the whooping they desperately needed from a strong father figure they never had. Some people just dont deserve "choices"..!! Because their stubborness usually winds up affecting all of us in the form of money or crimes they commit. Common courtesy to other people is non exsistant in most of these people. I know there are people who will disagree with me, but ive seen it up close and personal my entire life. I even offered one friend $25,000 to quit smoking cigerettes if he stopped cold turkey, and proved it for year. This is the same person who we have been helping him his entire life with money problems . Anyone with common sense would have taken the money immediately. But not him. He sat there in front of me like this is the hardest decision of my life. What decision. You have no money, 8 dogs, and everyone around you hates you smoking around them. He even thinks he has the right to smoke in everyones car without even asking. Ive meet former prision inmates with more respect and common decentcy than him. He absoluty refuses to sacrifice anything in the present, in order to achieve something better in the future, because all of his choices are about making #1, himself happy no matter who he hurts or disrespects. Needless to say he didnt take the money...his freedom to do as he pleases was more important than the money, which he constantly wants from people, but without strings.....thats the mentality of a child. He never grew up..!!

  7. 8 years later, when he had to go to the ER for breathing problems, the doctor told him you have to quit smoking or face an early death. Thats how far it has to get before he finally does the right thing. But now he said i want that $25,000 because i quit.. Yea you quit. But on your own terms, not mine. He thinks he can choose the time and place when he decides to quit, and still expect to be rewarded. Its this same mentality that govt. agencies are created to enforce laws that realy should be common sense. Thats why govt. had to step in, at the request of the non smokers themselves, and create laws that have litteraly made smoking cigs illegal just about everywhere except in your own home here in California. In fact some citys here have banned smoking at all anywhere in their city. People have a distorted understanding of freedom...!! You cant make an amendment to a contract(the constitution) that simply says you are free to do anything as long as you dont injure another person or property. What the hell does that mean....??? You cant convince me that our forefathers were any smarter or wiser than anyone before or after them. They just wanted people to believe it because of the way they spoke back in those days. But to create a document which proposses to create a "more perfect union" and actually have people obey in, is not only short sighted, but downright arrogant and "EVIL". How could anyone believe they were christians when God had already laid out a very simple law that anyone could understand and ordered that no one change it. How does someone define an "injury" when injuries can be actual or constructive. You dont hsve to be physically damaged to be injured. An "injury" can be defined as simple as disrespect for others feelings or their right not to like what you like. It should be a chargeable offence just like drug charges, murder, and rape. In fact stupidity, should be a chargeable think im kidding. We have been argueing about that stupid document for 200 years. Should we be argueing about it for the next 200..??? Get Real!!! Its time to accept an unpleasant thought....that man is simply incapable of creating "honest" and " workable contracts/constitutions of any sort, because humans are imperfect. It takes the perfection of God himself to lay out the way we should deal with each other in an imperfect world or demension. My mission now is to get rid of that document once and for all so it doesnt confuse anyone ever again. Im sick to death of living under it. You think our world or country will be any worse without it...Ha, ha!!!Tell me another good one!!!

  8. Thank you so much for all you do, may God bless you all, with all of his glory for doing his work. I sent in all of our paper work to Mr. Mnuchin, and the IRS today, I have been fretting over it for a month, I wanted it all to be perfect, and I am so glad it's done, using your advice and bonds my wife and I have claimed our Estate's. Wooohooo thank you again. We have a battle going on with the IRS that is several years old now and hoping this will end it as well. I will now be helping others do this work, as I have no other way to pay for what I have learned from you and your team, God bless.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Using that line of thinking, wouldn't the same thing apply to the bible? It is filled with many obvious inconsistencies regarding the nature of god. For example, is the god of the new testament the same as the god of the old testament, I mean exactly the same being. Because if not, a very destructive deceit has been sold to all who profess the Christian faith. The god of the old testament was and is obviously a being who did not love all of humanity equally. He in fact ordered his people (how can a god have his own favorite people), to routinely attack, murder and mutilate vast numbers of people who did not agree with his way of doing things. Frankly, this sounds exactly like the defacto entity we call the federal government. We have set our hearts AGAINST this heartless entity because we are easily able to identify it's fruit. Well, look at the fruit of the old testament god, and be honest about it. We would never let anyone who committed such atrocities into our homes or families let alone our own hearts. It's time for people to start thinking for themselves instead of what the deceit of religion throws at us in hopes of one faith or another taking us captive so our thinking is limited to one book, or document, or anything that detracts from our simply following love for our fellow natural living persons. Who says the god of the bile is truly god. Do we believe it simply because of the bible? Really now, who says the bible is anything of merit? The clergy? So they're better, more spiritual, more led, smarter with greater spiritual insight than you? I think not! The same line of thinking applied to the constitution in the above response should be applied to the bible and every other spiritual document written for the purpose of taking captive the mind of man. This is so obvious I cannot believe any could think other than this when all the proof is weighed in the balance of reason. For those holding on to the veracity of the bible based upon the fulfillment of bible prophecy, those who were responsible for the fulfillment of bible prophecy were the same bloodlines behind the scenes that created the concept of the book they called the bible. They then used force to insure only approved text was included in this so called 'holy book'. Thousands of heretical works were burned and many many people mercilessly murdered, burned at the stake, beheaded, hung, thrown to ravenous lions, by the false hierarchical structure created for the purpose of captivating the minds and entire lives of private natural persons. It appears the bible lays out exactly the necessary steps to force all into submission to the mark of the beast. It is time we call that book for what it is. A work of man with a bit of truth therein which managed somehow to escape removal from the book by a clergy totally under the control of the same elite we face today. There is nothing new under the sun!

  10. Anna as always you and your team Rock!
    I'm wearing my big girl panties now and dealing with these thieves the best way I know how..
    Thank you for all you've ever advised me outside of your blogs..
    I'll be in touch

  11. Keith Pierson.....if what you say is true, then why do you do you give congress and people in the white house the authority of Gods. You talk about religious lies, but you follow the biggest religious liers of all time....Congress, Federal and State agencies, local and municiple agencies, all made up of human beings that everyone obeys as if they are ordained gods....Prove it..!!! Then everyone pulls out their rendition of a bible....the Constitution for the united states of America. Which Article are you going to quote today as your sermon. Sorry, but i dont recognize your church. As far as the christian bible is concerned, it too has been intentionally corrupted , missing by some accounts up to 50 chapters. But im a pre med major and never needed any bible or religion to know the "Truth" and thats the only thing i go by. You will never see me quoting bible verse and chapter like everyone else. All the proof is in the human design, right in yours and everyones DNA, and you dont even know it... what!! You didnt think a God that could create the heavens and the earth, the universe and all its celistrial bodies, plus everything on earth including men and woman which inner workings are so complex you couldnt even comprehend unless you took all the classes i did, that he wouldnt have written his word right into our genetic code, proving we are all connected to the "SOURSE". Geneticsyst have totally mapped out the DNA double-helix molecule completely now, which is why DNA testing is admissable evidence in every court on the Land. It is 99.9% accurate. It is used consistantly to determine who the mother and father are. Its being used by attorneys to prove that people were innocently sent to prison...Now if you dont believe the bible...will you believe hard core scientific evidence. Undisputable evidence. Because if you cant, then you just made up your mind that there is no such thing as a creator. But then what do you believe..Evolution!! I got an A in that class and fully understand it. You cant hold God accountable for the lies, theft, and deception created by evil people whos only God is "MONEY". SO Keith, i goingto tell you what i tell everyone else with your opinion....there are 2, count them 2, andonly two theories about our exsistance...either we were created in Gods image, or somehow we evolved. And im sorry but dont try and use the "alien" theory, because ive heard them all. Even if that were true, you still have to come back to the same two conclusions...either they were created or they evolved.

  12. If you think that evolution is an easier pill to swollow, you dont have a clue about the theory of evolution, just like everyone else. So let me give you the short version....some several billion years ago(the earth has been carbon dated to be only 10,000 years already the theory is breaking down), something called "coaservates" (elements of unknown origin, probably from the "BIG BANG THEORY another ridigulous theory, but not for this discussion) came together in such a way and initiated by eletricity(from lightning), created spontaneous generation...a one-celled organism, like ameobas, bacteria and viruses...are you following this lodgic Keith..!! And of course over millions of years , again by spontaeous "mutations" created muticellular organisms, which kept mutating and mutating, until finally low life forms started appearing. Eventually, leading to higher life forms like amfibians, which in turn mutated into reptiles, which lead to the dinasours, which were wiped out by a comet hitting the earth, and life starting over again, eventually leading to apes and neandophil man and finaly man himself. Now if that really happened then there should be plenty of proof for it in the fossil record which has been ongoing for thousands of years now. Right!! And indeed we do have quite an assortment of fossils, mostly of the jurasic period. But from other periods to.. but out of the billions of years it took to create this diversity, we have yet to uncover "ONE" intermediate species giving rise to the next species. In other words, the fossile record only proves the creation theory rather than evolution, because it shows that every species is a separate and distinct species with a specific DNA that no other species has. In short, every living thing on the planet is separate and special which could only happen if they were created that way in the first place. There has never been any evolution nor is anything evolving now. People use the word evolution incorrectly saying that cars, planes, computers, phones, etc are evolving. No they arent. They are only becoming more technologically advantanced. Lets take a car as an example of evolution....we start with something on four wheels, then after thousands of years of mutations, start to grow wings, then even longer a fusealodge appears, then the wings sprout jet engines, until what you have is a jet, not a car. Something completely different than the original thing we started with. Thats evolution. Another lie. Its actually a "religion" in the guise of a science. It takes more faith to believe a theory like that, than accept the fact that no matter how the bible and every religion on earth has corrupted the truth, it still stands that jesus indeed did live and die, and resurrected to take away our sins(which are too numerous to mention).

  13. And if you want more proof, if you can handle the truth, then chew on this. Remember i said that all living things are built on the DNA moleacule...the moleicule of life. Now doesnt it make sense that if God does indeed exsist, and created us in his image, and that he never lies to his creations, that he would have trusted his truth to be in a book that could be corrupted, or lost, or destroyed, or even trust it to a church filled with idolitors and theives...i hardly think so. So quite looking for the truth in bibles or religions. Because he put his message right into every living man and woman in a place that could never be lost....right in your DNA. And everyone elses too. Rather than explain this complex molecule to you and the absoute complexity of the human body, chemical reactions taking place every nanosecond, the highest and most complex nervous system in the known animal kingdom(remember he created man last and gave him alone dominion over the earth and all animals), i am simply going to refer you to a utube that can explain it using animation along with the narration. If you still refuse to believe, than remember you had a choice. He told us before he returns that there would be a mutitude of info coming out so that no one had an excuse for not finding the truth, since it was all around you through the internet and now me...!! Heres the site

  14. Much Obliged Anna.
    i'll send another dono soon!


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