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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Judge Anna von Reitz on the Radio

Published on Mar 16, 2016
What all American Nationals need to know to reclaim the Law of the Land and re-inhabit government by the People. Common Law Judge, Anna von Reitz on Resurrect The Republic - Dirty Uncle Sam.

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  1. Anna-I am an ardent readers of all your writings. think you so much for what you are doing. I wrote a Signature Card and would like you to read it for legal would be so kind. I thought it might help in the facilitation of funds for everybody.

  2. You mean a signiture card for a bank. Did you use your "lawful demand" on it at 12USC411. If you did you would have found out that they wouldnt of have opened an account for you, because that demand means your account belongs to you and not the bank, and are not allowed to make money off your account or even notify taxing agencies because you just made your account "Private". You can still do it with a letter of undertaking that creates a "stipulation bond" that creates a liability for the bank. All you have to do is go to a banking site that only people working in banks are allowed to comment on because you need the banks password to log on...but you can see all the different issues they are dealing with and how they handle them. They know and talk about this new remedy and ask each other how they handle it. Its so funny to see how they talk about us. Most of them just simple tell the customer to try and open an account at some other bank..ha,ha!! They actually know we arent dealing with lawful sick are these people. They have no clue that they are handing their kids complete slavery and brainwashed into thinking we are the crazy ones...!!@

  3. I meant to say your "lawful money" demand at 12USC411. That was the remedy put in place when Nixon took away the last of the substance from our currency(gold), in 1971. But of course he never said anything. Up to that point both US NOTES and FRN were both being printed. Later, since no one was using enough US NOTES , they just removed US NOTES, because they said US NOTES don't serve any purpose that FRN don't already cover..! Yea, but only if you demand it. It doesn't matter if there are no real notes, because just your demand turns FRN into actual money. In other words most of our problem is that we are using the benefit of "elastic currency" which is their private script. This system is coming to an end....the fraud is too exposed, and there's just as much fighting amoung the "deep state" as there is with us, because of Trump. If he does the right things, he can turn this around. One can only hope...!!!


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