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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Warning About Swissindo and Any Similar Offers

Commerce works by implied contracts.  If you "accept" these offers, you don't know what you are "granting" in exchange.  Oh, there's a lot of hype and feel good crappola, but nothing specific, is there? 

So these vermin are left to define the "contract" you entered with them by accepting these payments from them.  Remember, all contracts have to be "equitable"---- so what are you giving up in "equitable exchange"?

Example --- you go to a restaurant and order dinner.  They bring the food.  Are you expected to pay for it?  Yes.  Will they call the cops and try to intercept you if you try to leave without paying?  Yes.  Did you enter into an "implied contract" with them by ordering the food?
  Yes, you did. 

Same thing here--- there is a hidden quid pro quo.  You are getting this money and that caps what you can ever ask or expect to get back-----and here's the kicker----- you don't know what these vermin owe you. 

You might rush to get that six million, and then find out that because you did that, you were "presumed" to sign away your right to have six trillion. 

Or, that you were "presumed" to "voluntarily donate" all the rest of what you were owed to "Swissindo"--- whatever to hell that really is, and whoever controls and owns it. 

Wake up and grow up, because these kinds of "offers" are going to be very common and very attractive and a lot of people will be dumb enough to fall right in line and set themselves up for perdition.

Anna Von Reitz

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  1. Two globalist agenda's at work is to make everyone 100% dependant on a cashless digital system then total control is at the press of a button, the other is the Carbon Tax scam so your very existence can be taxed for breathing, these accounts are all tied to the SS system as now almost 200 countries are involved in the system all Swiss banker run and the heart and soul of the NWO agenda a one world banking order.
    *** Child carbon tax may apply 1 million payable at birth***

  2. This time no "unilateral" contracts. Alright i accept your offer, but only under the following conditions....i have higher authority than anyone on earth, meaning courts, judges, law enforcement, and especially the banks, and including the Pope. The buck stops with me. On my word alone, i can arrest anyone for anything without recourse. This contract calls for two wet signitures and breach of contract will result in the death penalty of the breacher, whos name must be known....!! We have learned from the best of them, how to put together a contract.

    1. There is a lot more to the Treasury accounts these are not some new scheme as I sated before, these are your credits owed from the BC bonds etc the profits from your property owed etc, these simply revert back to them as unclaimed once your Death Certificate is registered I believe, as I mentioned before they had to create a remedy for taking everyone’s property through bankruptcy and HJR-192 , these accounts have been there presumably from the start.
      I am going through a ton of info on all this many hours of audio from a serious expert on all this, the layers of crap they schemed is ??? from the BC to when you turned 18 then 21 then 25 between different agencies etc and there are 3 different State trustees to your account, It's all banking and bankruptcy law at the core of everything going on, unless you commit an actual crime doing personal harm, otherwise we are in a giant banking matrix.

  3. That's exactly what they call it too. I went to the bank years ago because of a conflict about a check. The manger at the time said it's in the " banking matrix" right now, and will be available in a few days.

  4. You can bet there are more layers than any onion after 200 years, let alone 2000 years. They have left every country broke too, meaning we no longer have the resources to fight back or overcome their corp. standing army.

  5. Trump is being overwhelmed by the media, the elite bankers, his own cabinet and the entire liberal LGBT agenda. Meanwhile he's been arresting thousands under the radar for child trafficking and illegal immigration.

    The few Republicans on Trump's side are systematically being harassed until they finally can't handle the pressure anymore. It's not the same old Whitehouse it use to be now that an outsider has control of our nation and wants nothing to do with globalism.

    There's a quit war going on, on both sides behind the scenes. Trump needed someone from Goldman Sachs that knows how the International Bankers work. I think he's willing to help Trump because even he knows he's going to be trapped in this system if something isn't done soon. China owns the Goldman Sachs building now and has stopped using federal reserve notes as a few other countries have. Just because Judge Ann put a viable commercial lein on the IMF and others doesn't mean they can't get around it. I always said, the only way to fight corruption is with corruption, or at the point of a gun.



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